The Bad Kids Episode 10

Omigosh! Just two more episode to go until this show ends! In the Bad Kids episode 10, we see little hints of how the story may end.

Like in the tale of the fox and the three little chickens.

The Bad Kids Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Zhu Chaoyang lies to the police about how he got trapped at the fish factory
  • Dong Sheng allows Yan Liang and Pupu to stay at his house
  • The police start investigating Wang Li’s involvement with Chen Guan Sheng’s injury

If you looked carefully at the end of the tale, there are three skulls: two chicken skulls and a fox skull.

Does that mean one chicken remains alive? What does that mean? The shows contains a lot of symbolism and it’s like putting a puzzle together.

So far, I enjoy it a lot! Keep your eyes open for more details as we jump into the Bad Kids episode 10!

Officer Ye Questions Zhu Chaoyang

Chun Hong leads Officer Ye towards Zhu Chaoyang’s hospital room. And bumps into Zhu Yong Ping who’s waiting just outside.

Mother and father share a look.

There’s a faint hostility between Zhu Yong Ping and Chun Hong.

the bad kids episode 10 officer ye visits

Zhu Yong Ping tries to reassure Officer Ye that everything is fine now. But Officer Ye still wants to check on Zhu Chaoyang.

So he heads in with Chun Hong leading the way.

After Zhu Chaoyang greets the officers, his mother tells him to explain the details.

While giving him a certain look.

Zhu Yong Ping steps in to check on Zhu Chaoyang’s forehead temperature.

And now Zhu Chaoyang is caught in the middle, should he listen to his mother and tell the truth or lie and get into his dad’s good graces?

Officer Ye wants to know what happened the previous day. Zhu Chaoyang explains that his father took him to the fish factory and he accidentally locked himself in the storage.

While his father chimes in and says it was all his fault for leaving him alone.

Chun Hong tells her son that since the officers are here, he shouldn’t be afraid to tell the truth.

But Zhu Chaoyang continues with his story.

Officer Ye wonders if it was just him and his father and asks for more details.

So Zhu Chaoyang explains that when he was stuck in the storage, his father was checking the other storages.

Chun Hong can’t help hearing this and lectures her son for lying, lashing out at Zhu Yong Ping for teaching him this.

Officer Ye warns her that a kid is here and she shouldn’t lash out like his.

The father steps out of the room.

Zhu Chaoyang Remembers

And when Officer Ye warns Zhu Chaoyang not to lie to police officers, Zhu Chaoyang tells him he’s tired.

So Officer Ye asks Zhu Chaoyang to contact him when he’s ready to talk. And leaves.

Chun Hong is disappointed in her son.

After the officers leave, Chun Hong warns her son that his father is only caring now because Jingjing is dead.

Then complaining that his father was the one who left them.

But Zhu Chaoyang remembers.

the bad kids episode 10 zhu chaoyang remembers

It was HER who forced his father to sign the divorce papers.

Not the other way around.

Chun Hong looks at her son with surprise and shock.

When Zhu Yong Ping returns to his own place, he tells Wang Yao that his son lied for him.

And he comments that parents are sometimes ridiculous because they need children to lie for them.

Wang Yao murmurs a small thanks.

Yep, these so called “parents” are so selfish, no wonder the kids being raised have questionable personalities

Zhu Yong Ping asks his wife to contact Wang Li and explain what happened, otherwise he won’t let this off.

Before brushing her off and walking towards his own room.

Wang Yao texts her brother and Dong Sheng replies that “he” isn’t free right now because he has to go in hiding.

Wang Yao doesn’t think it’s strange that her brother isn’t answering the phone??

Then Dong Sheng checks on Yan Liang and Pupu who are camping out on his couches.

Pupu is fast asleep while Yan Liang keeps watch. When Dong Sheng wonders why Yan Liang isn’t asleep, Yan Liang tells him that it’s because he can’t sleep.

Meanwhile, Officer Ye and his daughter watch an episode of My Fair Princess together.

Chen Guan Sheng’s Testimony

Before Officer Ye gets a call from his colleague that Chen Guan Sheng is awake at the hospital.

So he reluctantly heads off to the hospital and apologizes to his daughter for interrupting their personal time.

I like how the show does parallels here. Officer Ye is also SUPER busy with his job but makes time for his daughter while Zhu Chaoyang and his mother? Not so much

At the hospital, Chen Guan Sheng makes comments about his assailant’s appearance.

The most identifying factor is the interesting tattoo.

the bad kids episode 10, tattoo

So Officer Ye and his colleague look into this.

His colleague comments that he has seen a tattoo like that before. When he was investigating a gang.

Officer Ye tells his colleague to look into it more.

Meanwhile, a debt collector comes over to Dong Sheng’s house to collect the monthly interest.

Since he hasn’t paid back the principal in full.

And they want his car because he doesn’t have the money.

Dong Sheng signs a supplementary agreement to pacify the debt collectors.

Yan Liang realizes the 300k yuan was borrowed. While Dong Sheng comments that they can no longer stay here.

Zhu Chaoyang helps his mother pack up the belongings. It looks like he’s ready to leave the hospital.

When she’s done, he offers to carry the bag.

Chun Hong faintly smiles at her son’s offer and lets him carry the bag.

When the two get home, Zhu Yong Ping has already arrived with his car.

And enters the house with them.

Zhu Yong Ping enters Zhu Chaoyang’s room and observes the awards littered around his room.

Then sees the wall that captures the history of Zhu Chaoyang’s growth. He recites the history behind each mark.

And the last one was when his son entered third grade.

Dong Sheng’s Humane Side

So he decides to mark his current height.

And then helps out Chun Hong with the leaky pipes.

Zhu Chaoyang opens his dad’s bag and pulls out the storage key for the fish factory.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng allows Pupu and Yan Liang to live at his in-law’s place.

As long as they don’t enter the other rooms.

the bad kids episode 10, dong sheng's humane side

After Dong Sheng gives the key to them, he leaves.

Pupu thanks him for all his help and Dong Sheng pauses for a bit before giving a faint nod in response.

Pupu tells Yan Liang that Uncle Zhang (Dong Sheng) may not be such a bad person after all.

And Yan Liang counters that they cannot let down their guard.

Pupu wonders if criminals are always criminals.

Later in the day, Yan Liang puts the cat away because Pupu is allegeric.

Back at the hospital, Chen Guan Sheng’s wife asks if he wants to eat beef noodles.

And he says no but changes his mind when he hears that a young man left it for him.

the bad kids episode 10 beef noodles

There’s a note from Yan Liang that tells him not to worry.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang meets up with Dong Sheng, Yan Liang and Pupu. He wonders why they are together.

While he wonders what is going on, Pupu nods with a smile.

Looks like Pupu has already warmed up to Dong Sheng. And Dong Sheng is treating Pupu like his daughter.

Dong Sheng tells the group that he’s taking them out for dinner.

At McDonald’s, Pupu debates on what happy meal toy to get. So Dong Sheng helps her pick a purple bear.

the bad kids episode 10 one happy meal toy

And promises her he will bring her back to get the other colors.

Each Other’s Wishes

While they are eating together, Pupu wonders what Yan Liang’s wish is. Yan Liang’s wish is Pupu’s wish.

Which is hoping her brother can recover quickly.

Zhu Chaoyang’s wish is to be the winner of the math olympics.

While Dong Sheng’s wish is to start over again.

In the bathroom, Zhu Chaoyang asks Yan Liang if he has the other memory card. And Yan Liang wonders why he’s asking.

Later, they find Dong Sheng washing his hands in the other room.

Did he overhear them???

Then back at the dining tables, Dong Sheng offers to put the money into the card. And Yan Liang can go with him.

Just in case.

the bad kids episode 10 offering to put money in card

But that day, Dong Sheng confronts Yan Liang about the other memory card.

While Pupu is stuck at home and hears the mewling kitty.

She feeds the cat but forgets to lock the cage and the kitty escapes.

So she chases after it.

Dong Sheng returns to his place and puts the memory card he got from Yan Liang into a camera.

And it’s blank. Which leads him to distrust the kids more.

Why is the card blank?? Did Zhu Chaoyang do this on purpose?

Pupu’s not home either. She returns with the kitty in her arms. And gets questioned about the card.

She knows nothing about that.

But she’s not feeling that well. Pupu falls to the ground and wants her medicine.

Dong Sheng doesn’t believe she’s actually sick until she struggles with breathing.

Noooo, not Pupu!

He finds the inhaler and tries to get Pupu to inhale the medicine. But she’s not responding.

So he calls the emergency line but hesitates on giving the address.

Meanwhile Yan Liang runs back to Dong Sheng’s place and finds Pupu missing.

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In The Bad Kids episode 10, we see the police officers get a lead on Chen Guan Sheng’s incident. Which may lead to them finding out Zhu Chaoyang’s involvement with Wang Li.

But at the rate they are investigating, many more people may die. I didn’t see Pupu’s death coming though! She was the naive, innocent one. And Dong Sheng was quite fond of her.

Even offering his place to her and Yan Liang. Okay, but if you argue that we didn’t really see her death, think about it.

Dong Sheng doesn’t know how to use an inhaler. And when he calling the emergency line, he HESITATED to report his address.

Every minute counts if someone can’t breathe.

So in my mind, Pupu died. RIP Pupu.

Zhu Chaoyang shocked me with his glaring expression. It looked like he was so bitter about his mother forcing his dad to sign the divorce papers. Yet she proclaims it was his dad who left them.

When it was actually her to initiated the breakup. And the issue with the memory card! Was it Zhu Chaoyang who did this on purpose?

Ugh, if that’s true then Zhu Chaoyang has gone dark. What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 10?

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