The Bad Kids Episode 11

OMG, not another one! And why was it Pupu!!!! Since we are now on The Bad Kids episode 11, there’s just ONE more episode to go.

Can your heart handle it? T_T

My emotions are being tugged left and right.

The Bad Kids Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Yan Liang suspects Zhu Chaoyang of foul play
  • Wang Yao and Zhu Yong Ping enter the fish factory to find Wang Li
  • Dong Sheng decides to tie up loose ends

I knew this show wouldn’t have a happy ending…. Anyways, prepare for another episode where your emotions get tugged around.

Let’s jump into the Bad Kids episode 11 recap!

Yan Liang’s Distrust of Zhu Chaoyang

Zhu Chaoyang works on his homework but then hears the whistle from Yan Liang.

Who comes over to the balcony to speak to him.

Zhu Chaoyang double checks for his mom’s presence before heading over to Yan Liang.

Yan Liang asks Zhu Chaoyang about the blank memory card. And Zhu Chaoyang looks guilty while averting his eyes.

the bad kids episode 11, guilty look

Zhu Chaoyang admits that he never made a copy. So Yan Liang comments that he will go to Officer Chen and report this.

While mentioning that he will no longer trust Zhu Chaoyang.

Then Dong Sheng gets a call while he is on the road. It’s Zhu Chaoyang.

Who tells him that there is no other memory card. But Dong Sheng doesn’t believe him.

So Zhu Chaoyang tries a different approach. And mentions how Yan Liang plans on going to the police.

Yan Liang then gets a call from Dong Sheng. Telling him to meet at Yongping’s fish factory.

Oh please don’t tell me Zhu Chaoyang is doing this.

Yan Liang was just about to visit Chen Guan Sheng in the hospital and changes his mind.

At night, Zhu Chaoyang sneaks out of his house and heads outside.

To find Yan Liang.

Once he finds him, Yan Liang punches him in the face. Because he knows that it was him.

Who told Dong Sheng that he was going to the police. Zhu Chaoyang explains that he didn’t want his friend to get in trouble.

But Yan Liang sees through him.

However, they are willing to put aside their argument for now to save Pupu. Meanwhile, Officer Ye’s colleague has an update.

Wang Li is Wang Yao’s Brother

He visited the former gang members that are currently in jail and reports that one other gang member fled to Myanmar.

But has returned.

That person is named Wang Li and is Wang Yao’s brother.

So they make a visit to Zhu Yong Ping.

Wang Yao wonders if there’s news on Jingjing’s case. But Officer Ye tells them that they are here for another case.

And mentions Wang Li.

Wang Yao’s attitude changes and she wonders what has happened with her brother.

Officer Ye’s colleague inquires if Wang Li has contacted her recently.

the bad kids episode 11, questioning about wang li

Officer Ye observes their expressions and asks for verification if Wang Li truly didn’t contact them.

Wang Yao stresses that he didn’t.

Zhu Yong Ping promises to report Wang Li’s news to Officer Ye as soon as he gets it.

In her own room, Wang Yao tries to contact her brother but thinks there is something wrong.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang and Yan Liang take a bus to the fish factory. But Zhu Yong Ping and Wang Yao head over there first by car.

Zhu Yong Ping finds his spare key and unlocks the fish factory.

Ohhhh boy, is Dong Sheng already here!????

the bad kids episode 11, curiosity killed the cat

Zhu Yong Ping takes a look around and enters deeper into the factory. Eventually he comes across the storage area and it’s freezing cold.

He notices an arm stick out of box of frozen fish and screams out in shock.

As he tries to make a phone call, Dong Sheng comes up behind him.

Meanwhile, Wang Yao calls out for her husband and sees Dong Sheng come out. So she runs but Dong Sheng catches up to her and strangles her with a pipe.

She faints.

And that’s two more bodies…. T_T

Zhu Chaoyang and Dong Sheng

When Zhu Chaoyang arrives at the fish factory, he notices his father’s car.

So when he enters, he calls for his dad. But Dong Sheng shows up asking him about Yan Liang.

As Zhu Chaoyang looks around, Dong Sheng closes the door.

the bad kids episode 11, Dong Sheng's life is ruined

Commenting that they have ruined his life.

So he doesn’t care if they call for the police. As Zhu Chaoyang tries to open the door, Dong Sheng wonders if Zhu Chaoyang wants to see his dad.

Meanwhile, Yan Liang enters the fish factory from ceiling pipes.

And starts searching for Pupu.

Then he hears some muffled sounds and sees a man tied up. Yan Liang tries to untie Zhu Yong Ping but leaves when he hears other sounds.

And pauses at a nearby corner to send a text to Chen Guan Sheng.

the bad kids episode 11, sending a text for help

Then Yan Liang hides while Dong Sheng brings Zhu Chaoyang to meet his dad.

Dong Sheng orders Zhu Chaoyang to reveal what he has done to his dad.

Zhu Yong Ping realizes that his son has gotten involved in something dangerous.

Chen Guan Sheng comes back from the bathroom and sees a text from Yan Liang.

So he calls him back.

At the fish factory, Yan Liang’s phone goes off and Zhu Chaoyang tells Yan Liang to run.

Dong Sheng goes after Yan Liang and tells him that Pupu is dead. So he should take revenge.

But he fails to find Yan Liang. Instead he returns back to Zhu Chaoyang and his father who are busy untying themselves.

Zhu Yong Ping lunges at Dong Sheng to grab the screw driver out of his hands.

And a struggle ensues.

the bad kids episode 11 zhu yong ping versus dong sheng

Zhu Chaoyang Confesses

It looks like Zhu Yong Ping has the upper hand. But Dong Sheng stabs him in the stomach with the weapon.

Zhu Chaoyang calls out to his dad and inches towards him.

While Yan Liang hollers for Dong Sheng.

Zhu Yong Ping helps his son untie his bindings. And Zhu Chaoyang tells his father that it’s all his fault.

As his father wheezes his last few breaths, he tells Zhu Chaoyang to start clean and forget about all this.

In return, Zhu Chaoyang tells his dad that he was there that day on Jingjing’s death. And screams in pain for his dad.

Apologizing for his mistakes.

T_T There’s never any medicine for regrets….

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng continues to look for Yan Liang and gets hit from the back.

Yan Liang continues to look for Pupu.

When Dong Sheng wakes up, he decides to burn the place down. Locking the storage area and pouring a ton of gasoline all over the floor.

Then locking the entrance to the fish factory before taking off.

Zhu Chaoyang finds the exit locked and looks for another way out. Through the ceiling pipes.

But he needs help to push a nearby shelf. So he calls out for Yan Liang.

Who suddenly shows up.

Where did he come from!??? I thought he went looking for Pupu in another section of the factory.

The two push and end up escaping.

While cops arrive on the scene to douse the fire.

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In The Bad Kids episode 11, Zhu Chaoyang loses someone very important to him.

His father. When Zhu Yong Ping accidentally gets involved. And all because of one video recording of Dong Sheng killing his in-laws.

Did Zhu Chaoyang think things would snowball like this? Probably not.

But there’s no medicine for regrets. And there’s no turning back.

Zhu Chaoyang confesses to his father about what he has done. While his father tells him to start with a clean slate.

I think Zhu Yong Ping blames himself for what Zhu Chaoyang has become. Because in the episode credits, we see Zhu Yong Ping listen to his recorder. On the day where he treated his son to dessert.

He hears the bag zipper open and close so his son knew about the recorder. And instead of confronting him about it, Zhu Chaoyang took him down memory lane.

Telling him things about the past. So Zhu Yong Ping would feel remorse over his lack of attention to his son.

He then realizes that his wife was right and his son might be more than he seems.

But he decides to delete the voice message. Before slapping himself.

So Zhu Yong Ping knew that his son was involved with something.

Look at these little details! This show is AMAZING! Now that Dong Sheng believes he’s gotten rid of everyone involved, can he live a normal life again?

What are your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 11? Leave a comment below!

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