The Bad Kids Episode 2

And we’re back for The Bad Kids episode 2! Episode 1 ended up on a dramatic cliffhanger that I had to come back for more. There are so many questions are yet to be answered.

The Bad Kids Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Zhu Chaoyang, Pupu and Yan Liang decide to search for the murderer in the recording and pass along a message
  • Chaoyang’s mother has a secret
  • Yan Liang’s acquaintance tries to capture him but another death occurs

Does anyone else think the OST is creepy? I can’t help think the black blob is the murderer and the white blobs are the children in the show.

Because the color white is synonymous with purity. And as the white blobs run away from the black blob, their color starts to become gray.

What does this mean?

Ready for another rollercoaster? Let’s jump into the Bad Kids episode 2 recap!

What to do with the Recording

Police officers and volunteers help search for the missing elderly couple and find their bodies at the bottom of the mountain.

And the police officers question Dong Sheng.

But he testifies that the couple slipped when he was getting ready to prepare the camera.

Oh jeez, this guy is a psycho. Didn’t even bat an eyelash to kill his in-laws just because his wife wanted to leave him!???

He blames himself but doesn’t look remorseful at all.

the bad kids episode 2, dong sheng's remorse

Meanwhile, Yan Liang, Zhu Chaoyang and Pupu think for a moment. After watching the recording of a murder.

They don’t believe anyone knows about this. And to put it another way, they’re the ONLY ones who knows about this.

So Zhu Chaoyang calls the police and comments that he wants to report a crime.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng’s wife shows up distraught. She slaps Dong Sheng for being unable to take care of her parents.

But he just takes it.

I wonder if Dong Sheng’s wife knows what he’s really like. Maybe that’s why she wants to leave him!???

As Zhu Chaoyang starts to narrate the details of the crime, Yan Liang terminates the call. Because he’s worried that Pupu and himself will get caught by the police.

And they cannot go back to the orphanage yet, they haven’t accomplished what they came here for.

Pupu reveals how she has a younger brother named Yue Xin who’s really sick.

Yue Xin has leukemia. The only way to cure her brother is to have surgery. But Yue Xin’s foster parents don’t have the money.

the bad kids episode 2, yue xin's sickness

So Pupu wanted to visit her brother while Yan Liang volunteered to help her raise the money.

Sheng Dong takes a shower and reveals that he wears a wig for appearances.

creepy much?

Writing a Letter to the Murderer

Zhu Chaoyang takes Yan Liang and Pupu outside for a meal.

Everyone is all quiet until Yan Liang speaks up.

Promising not to let the murderer get away. AFTER they take care of the issue with Yue Xin.

As they sip on some soup(?) Pupu wonders if they should reprimand the murderer.

To prevent him from doing any more bad things.

And proposes a letter. That goes like this:

“Hello Mr. Murderer,

Remember what you did? We saw it all. (Pupu)

Hope you turn over a new leaf and stop killing people. If you won’t, we will reveal the truth to the world. (Zhu Chaoyang)

And let your friends and family know that you are a murderer.” (Yan Liang)

All three of them agree that this will be the letter they write to the murderer.

After they find his car.

Oh naive, naive kids. You have NO idea what you’re dealing with! You’re better off giving the evidence to the police.

Kids get lectured by parents all the time for doing bad things and now they want to do the lecturing?

Except this isn’t a small thing. It’s M.U.R.D.E.R.

the bad kids episode 2, searching for the murderer's car

So they spend most of their day looking for the murderer’s car.

But without much luck.

When the three of them take a break and eat some congee (essentially porridge) together, Zhu Chaoyang proposes checking the nearby outlet mall next.

And then he gets a call from his mother.

This kid lies so easily but he believes it’s harmless to not tell his mother that he was out with his friends looking for the murderer!??

Who plans on returning home soon.

Pupu and Yan Liang look disappointed but this was inevitable.

Zhu Chaoyang’s Mother Returns

Who is that guy next to Zhu Chaoyang’s mum (wearing green)???

Zhu Chaoyang’s mother sits with a man while she waits for the boat ride home.

The man next to her asks about her schedule and suggests another meeting.

So the mother has a lover. But she hasn’t told her son probably. Is this guy also her boss maybe?

She agrees just before she gets on the boat.

Meanwhile, Yan Liang and Pupu head to the docks and inquires about labor and lodging.

The person hiring doesn’t accept child labor but doesn’t mind charging for a place to stay.

the bad kids episode 2, docks for labor

So Yan Liang and Pupu have somewhere to stay for the next few nights.

When Zhu Chaoyang’s mother returns, she makes him a home-cooked meal.

Fish for the brain.

Zhu Chaoyang makes some small talk and asks about the elderly couple who fell from the cliff.

While his mother wonders what he’s been up to. And if he finished his homework.

When Zhu Chaoyang responds that he’s been reading a new book lately, his mother lectures him for spending time on leisure reading.

Because his studies are more important.

Until Zhu Chaoyang mentions that the book is about Decartes.

Zhu Chaoyang has learned how to pacify his mother. As long as it’s related to “studies” it’s fine.

A genius mathematician and philosopher.

So he describes the story to his mother.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng places some food on the table for his wife.

And comments how he’s handling everything.

Dong Sheng’s wife finally breaks down in tears and leans on him for support.

the bad kids episode 2, dong sheng comforts wife
It’s almost like he’s saying yesssss my wife is MINE

That night, Dong Sheng savors his victory with a grin on his face. As he happily munches on an apple.

Encountering the Murderer

At the docks, Pupu gets bullied by other boys and Yan Liang comes to her rescue.

But then Yan Liang is outnumbered so he’s beaten pretty badly.

After taking care of the bullies, the two of them head off to meet up with Zhu Chaoyang.

And Zhu Chaoyang secretly grabs some medicine and food while hiding it within a black bag.

Telling his mother that he’s taking out the trash.

He tells his mother that his dad didn’t give him an allowance but his dad tells his friends the opposite. How his son was raised so well for not taking his money.

Zhu Chaoyang’s mother gives him some spending money. And reminds him to keep a ledger.

Does she want to get paid back for this?

When Zhu Chaoyang meets up with Yan Liang and Pupu, he passes over the medicine.

And then suggest they hang out at a bookstore to stay cool.

the bad kids episode 2, checking out the bookstore

After browsing a math book for some time, Zhu Chaoyang bumps into Dong Sheng.

Who helps him with a math problem.

Before walking away. Zhu Chaoyang wasn’t aware until Pupu pointed him out.

She takes off after him and tries to get his personal information. Pretending to work for the bookstore that he bought books from.

However the approach doesn’t work. Then Yan Liang bumps into him and helps him pick up the books.

Then takes off with Pupu.

Yan Liang was able to steal the murderer’s phone.

They let the murderer call and speak to them but don’t respond.

Discovering that he works at an education facility.

So they plan on delivering the letter to him.

They are really going through a lot of effort to do this.

Delivering the Letter

Zhu Chaoyang plans on heading over to the education facility because they are having an event.

To allow parents to bring their children in to try out the programs.

He plans on being careful so the murderer won’t be able to recognize him.

But Yan Liang and Pupu end up following him there. However they split up when Yan Liang decides to buy some water for Pupu.

And Yan Liang encounters the cop who knows his father. He skillfully weaves in and out of the crowd to escape the cop.

Chen Guan Sheng is the cop chasing after Yan Liang, he plans on retiring soon

But ultimately ends up being captured by the cop in the restroom.

As the cop pulls Yan Liang with him to leave the facility, they chat for a bit.

Yan Liang struggles but cannot escape his captor.

However, during their conversation they hear a large thump.

A girl falls from the sky and crashes to the ground.

Yan Liang and Chen Guan Sheng look horrified as they realize this girl fell to her death.

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In the Bad Kids episode 2, the show points out to the audience that no matter how smart kids are, they are still kids.

They have not experienced enough in life to deal with difficult situations.

Or maybe sometimes they think they ARE smart enough, and have bitten off more than they can chew.

Yan Liang and Pupu are street smart, they’ve ran away from the orphanage and know enough ugliness in the world to not trust others so easily. While Zhu Chaoyang is more book smart.

He’s lonely and more than eager to help his friends (the only ones he has for now) with their situation.

Even though the right thing to do is to turn in the video recording to the police. Instead of hiding it with them.

Are they trying to play superheroes? How can they possibly think the murderer will do what they ask and change their ways??

But even before that, have they considered that meeting up with murderer or even trying to deliver the letter may be dangerous? Nope, these kids aren’t thinking about it at all.

It’s not going to go well at all. However, I didn’t expect a girl falling down from the sky.

Who is she!?? Where’s Pupu? And where is Zhu Chaoyang!??

This show is just TOO good at giving cliffhangers. I guess we’ll get some answers in the next episode.

What have Yan Liang and Pupu gone through that they must leave the orphanage to find Yan Liang’s father for help with the money?

But what I’m worried about is that Yan Liang’s father might not be able to help them. And they’ve come ALL this way.

What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 2?

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