The Bad Kids Episode 3

Oh jeez, these cliffhangers are going to test my self-control! In The Bad Kids episode 3, we learn that sometimes bad things happen. But how you handle it is very important.

What happens when kids have to do the same?

The Bad Kids Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Police show up to investigate Jingjing’s death and three children decide to keep it under wraps
  • Zhu Chaoyang gets questioned about the details of that day
  • The “wolf” meets the three little “pigs”

This show has my attention now and I can’t stop watching! If you’re back for more, maybe you feel the same!

Do you think the kids can outsmart the murderer? Or do you think they will eventually be swallowed up? I’m worried that they might become like him.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Bad Kids episode 3 recap!

Pupu Follows A little Girl

Pupu follows a young girl in white as she heads to class. The girl is Zhu Chaoyang’s stepsister.

Security cameras capture footage in black and white as Pupu makes her way into the building.

the bad kids episode 3, pupu follows a little girl

She continues to follow this girl from a distance until the girl enters a music classroom.

As she observes, she reminisces about her family. Everyone is dead except her brother Yue Xin.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang makes his way into the math classroom.

With Dong Sheng introducing himself as the teacher.

the bad kids episode 3, zhu chaoyang's interest

As the class begins, Zhu Chaoyang can’t help but connect with the teacher a little bit because they both like math and Decartes.

Uh-oh. Zhu Chaoyang don’t get pulled to the dark side! Remember, he’s a murderer! He’s so susceptible because he doesn’t have a father figure in his life who he can relate to?

Pupu continues to observe the little girl in the white dress and follows her out of the classroom.

When she excuses herself.

Dong Sheng administers a test and Zhu Chaoyang plays his role and takes it.

While the mother of Zhu Chaoyang’s stepsister is getting her hair done at a salon.

Pupu calls out to Zhu Jingjing (the little girl in the white dress) after she leaves the restroom.

She tells her to follow her because she needs her help to move books.

the bad kids episode 3, zhu jingjing

So Zhu Jingjing follows Pupu.

Zhu Chaoyang sees his stepsister follow Pupu from a distance and leaves the classroom.

After dropping off the test paper and the letter.

Meanwhile, Pupu and Jingjing end up on a storage floor. Jingjing wonders where the books are so Pupu admits that there are no books.

She just wanted to tell her to stop bullying someone.

Jingjing doesn’t understand who she’s referring to and tries to leave. But Pupu blocks her path.

An Accident

So Jingjing tries to threaten her with her mother.

But then Zhu Chaoyang shows up.

His stepsister believes he’s involved in this. Colluding with this other girl to bully her.

Zhu Chaoyang denies it but his stepsister refuses to believe him.

When she tries to leave again, Pupu blocks her so Jingjing bites her on the arm.

But Zhu Chaoyang comes to Pupu’s defense.

Jingjing then spouts hateful words how her father favors her over her brother.

And the atmosphere gets heated while Jingjing steps onto a chair that’s near the window.

Despite her stepbrother warning her not to do so.

Ignoring him, Jingjing steps one step higher and then slips off the broken desk.

And falls out the window.

Oh my god. That was truly unfortunate but man that little girl was vicious. She’s definitely spoiled rotten.

Stunned Zhu Chaoyang tunes everything out and Pupu snaps him out of it.

the bad kids episode 3, zhu chaoyang witnesses an accident

Down below, Chen Guang Sheng protects the scene of the crime and tells everyone to leave the premises.

Pupu tells Zhu Chaoyang that they MUST leave before they get in trouble.

While Chen Guang Sheng calls the police and reports the victim.

As the students in the building evacuate, Zhu Chaoyang leaves with them.

Outside, Pupu meets up with Yan Liang and apologizes.

Then Zhu Chaoyang encounters them and tells them they must leave.

Meanwhile, police officers arrive at the scene of the crime.

Chen Guan Sheng introduces himself and comments that he has yet to check out upstairs.

Explaining that the little girl fell from above.

So the other police officers (from the crime department) head upstairs to investigate.

They think it’s weird that the little girl came all the way up to the storage floor.

When her classroom is on the fourth floor.

Preserving a Secret

Back at the docks, Pupu explains how she only wanted to warn the little girl so she would stop bullying Zhu Chaoyang.

She didn’t mean for this to happen.

Yan Liang believes that since it was an accident, it’s not their fault. The sooner they explain it, the better off they will be.

But Zhu Chaoyang worries that his father won’t believe him.

Even if the police do.

And points out to Yan Liang that Pupu might be endangered too if he goes to the police.

Did he do this intentionally? He’s manipulating Yan Liang not to rat him out. Is this the beginning of something? Oh no….

Zhu Chaoyang leaves, telling Yan Liang he can report them if he wants.

Yan Liang knows his hands are tied.

At night, Pupu convinces Yan Liang not to go to the police because she doesn’t want Zhu Chaoyang to lose his father like them.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang gets a nosebleed and washes the blood off from his finger.

While thinking about what his stepsister said.

Then his mother shows up to bring him somewhere.

It’s the police department.

One of the officers recognizes Zhu Chaoyang’s mother because he’s the father of one of the students from school.

Zhu Chaoyang walks towards his father that is completely distraught. His father clings onto Zhu Chaoyang before sobbing his heart out.

Meanwhile Zhu Chaoyang’s mother walks over to the other woman and hands over a tissue for her tears.

Yan Liang and Pupu’s Decision

Yan Liang and Pupu impatiently wait for Zhu Chaoyang to return home and wonder if he got into trouble.

But moments later, the lights in the home turn on.

Zhu Chaoyang looks exhausted and his mother stops him for a moment. She wants him to be extremely careful when she’s not home.

This is a scary reminder that anything can happen if she’s not around.

Then he heads back to his room and hears the secret whistle from Yan Liang and Pupu.

Checking his window, there’s a message and it says “We’ll make sure you won’t lose your dad.”

And Zhu Chaoyang smiles.

Another decision that may lead to something terribly wrong. These kids keep making mistakes that will cost them! Arghhhh

In another part of town, one of the police officers returns home late at night. His daughter is asleep on the couch with the tv on.

As he places a blanket over her, he gets a call from his coworkers and it turns out the little girl had blood on her teeth.

That’s not hers.

So they believe it’s not an accident. They will run a DNA test to see who the little girl was involved with.

Oh no! Now the police officers will believe Pupu is the suspect after they run the tests.

The police start investigating other leads. Starting with any paperwork and CCTV footage.

There’s only footage on the first floor.

Then Officer Ye notices Zhu Chaoyang’s application to the school.

He believes he should start there.

Questioning Zhu Chaoyang

In the afternoon, Yan Liang tells Zhu Chaoyang that he and Pupu will be leaving to visit Yue Xin, Pupu’s brother.

And apologizes for getting Zhu Chaoyang involved in this mess.

Moments later, Zhu Chaoyang hears his mother and other adults coming up the stairs.

So he tells Yan Liang and Pupu to escape onto the balcony.

While he clears up the bowls, leaving the cups on the table.

Just as his mother enters with Officer Ye.

Officer Ye helps himself to a nearby couch and tells Zhu Chaoyang to relax as he asks some questions.

Like when was the last time he saw Jingjing.

And Zhu Chaoyang answers that he last saw her when he was buying sneakers with his dad.

Then Zhu Chaoyang lies about not seeing Jingjing’s fall. Because he left as soon as he participated in the math olympics trial.

In the balcony, something makes a sound and Zhu Chaoyang’s mother picks up a hanger that fell from the clothesline.

While Zhu Chaoyang becomes worried that his mother will find out.

Then Officer Ye informs Zhu Chaoyang that they will collect his DNA for investigation.

And leaves with his mother.

Before they leave though, Zhu Chaoyang’s mother warns him to not drink too much soda.

Did the officer notice that Zhu Chaoyang had visitors before they visited?

After they leave, Zhu Chaoyang lets out a big sigh of relief.

And tells Yan Liang and Pupu to come back down.

The Murderer Found Them

Zhu Chaoyang walks them outside while Yan Liang comments that they will leave tomorrow.

After packing their things.

Zhu Chaoyang gives Yan Liang some money on the road. While Pupu reminds him not to forget about them.

Then a voice calls out to Zhu Chaoyang.

As he turns his head to the voice, Zhu Chaoyang’s smile drops. Dong Sheng is standing right before them, smirking like a cheshire cat.

He’s found them.

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In the Bad Kids episode 3, we see Yan Liang, Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang make a bad decision. When they decide to not report the accident to the police.

What are the repercussions of this? Not sure yet, but it’s definitely not going to be good. Especially now that the murderer has found them.

Since Dong Sheng knows that he’s dealing with kids, does he believe he can silence them about his secret?

Or does he have other plans?

Gahh these feels here, this show tugs on so many emotions. It was purely an accident that Jingjing fell to her death but going to the police would mean the kids have to explain other things.

And Yan Liang and Pupu can’t risk that.

But it’s the RIGHT thing to do!

Because they’re kids and they can’t hand these difficult matters. However they’ve grown up knowing(?) they can’t rely on adults. Which is sooo sad.

Ugh, things will start to snowball, I just know it! What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 3?

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