The Bad Kids Episode 4

Oh f****, now Dong Sheng knows who they are. So much for trying to stay anonymous as they write the murderer a letter. In the Bad Kids episode 4, we start to see how the kids continue to make bad decisions.

The Bad Kids Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • The three kids decide to blackmail the murderer with the recorded footage
  • Zhu Chaoyang’s birthday approaches with friends and family helping him celebrate
  • Chen Guan Sheng takes Yan Liang to his home

The kids originally had good intentions but are easily swayed to make bad decisions by adults. So are children generally blank pieces of paper until they can affected by others?

Let’s discuss the details of the Bad Kids episode 4 to find out!

Blackmailing the Murderer

Before meeting Zhu Chaoyang and his group, Dong Sheng grades the tests from the other day’s math trial program.

While shaking his head on some of the answers.

Then he sees a white envelope and reads the contents.

the bad kids episode 4, dong sheng's letter

His expression doesn’t look good at all.

He takes a moment to think and it’s obvious that he’s angry.

Maybe because he thought his plan was fool-proof? I get the sense that this guy STRIVES for perfection.

After thinking about it, he examines the envelope carefully and sees some indentation.

So he takes a pencil and shades the paper. Then matches the text with one of the test papers.

Maybe this guy watched a lot of crime investigation shows too?

He pulls out Zhu Chaoyang’s test paper.

Getting back to the present situation, Yan Liang steps out from back and stands in front of Dong Sheng.

His body posture suggests that he’s protecting Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang.

Then tells Dong Sheng to stay back.

While Dong Sheng wonders if there’s some kind of misunderstanding.

the bad kids episode 4, misunderstandings

Dong Sheng thinks he’s dealing with regular kids, but Pupu surprises him by commenting that they have a recording.

Don’t tell him that! The more information he has, the more he can target your weaknesses!

So he tries a different approach. Asking the kids to go to a quiet location to discuss this.

Instead of out in the open. But Yan Liang tells him that they are fine right here.

Dong Sheng wonders why their parents don’t know about this and Zhu Chaoyang starts to reply before Yan Liang cuts in.

Telling him that it’s none of his business.

At least Yan Liang has some street smarts to know that they can’t reveal any more information to this guy.


Dong Sheng wants to know their motive.

Is it money?

Yan Liang wonders how much he can give them while Zhu Chaoyang and Pupu look surprised.

This wasn’t the original plan…..

But Dong Sheng wants to see the recording first so Zhu Chaoyang heads back home to retrieve the camera.

While the others wait.

After showing part of the clip to Dong Sheng, Yan Liang tells him that they want 300k (the exact amount for the surgery).

the bad kids episode 4, requesting 300k

Dong Sheng observes the facial expressions of Pupu, Zhu Chaoyang as those words sink in.

Then passes over his contact information to Yan Liang.

While commenting that Zhu Chaoyang was the only one who answered the last question.

But there’s a better way to solve it.

They can discuss it another time.

Xu Jing (Dong Sheng’s wife) prepares to go swimming but gets a call from Dong Sheng.

Reminding her to eat her medication.

the bad kids episode 4, harsh truth

Later that day, Zhu Chaoyang wonders if it’s a good idea to blackmail the murderer.

If the murderer gets the recording the truth about the elderly couple will never come to light.

But Yan Liang comments that the old couple won’t come back to life so might as well take this chance to save Pupu’s brother.

When Yan Liang says this, you can tell he’s not as sheltered as Zhu Chaoyang. Sigh…

At night, Yan Liang chats with Zhu Chaoyang after Pupu goes to bed. And he wonders if Zhu Chaoyang is scared.

If so, he doesn’t have to go with them.

Zhu Chaoyang worries about the next steps.

And Yan Liang thinks it’s as simple as getting the money and passing over the camera.

But Zhu Chaoyang reminds him that they are dealing with a murderer.

Zhu Chaoyang’s Birthday Celebration

When Dong Sheng heads out of his apartment (?) to take out the trash he sees his wife come home.

Being escorted by another man.

She wants more time to break it to “him” and the other man agrees.

Zhu Chaoyang’s mother tells him that his father invited him out for dinner.

To celebrate his birthday.

So Zhu Chaoyang wonders if she wants him to go. While his mother tells him that if he wants to go, he should just say so.

I’m getting flashbacks of my own childhood. You get yelled at when you don’t speak up then you get yelled at when you do. There’s just no pleasing them.

Meanwhile, Yan Liang and Pupu are in a store trying to pick out a birthday gift for Zhu Chaoyang.

Pupu suggests a pen but they don’t have enough money.

Yan Liang plans on stealing it until an opportunity allows him to exchange hard labor for the pen.

The aunt even rewards them for helping her out.

Zhu Chaoyang’s mother heads off to meet with a man (the same one who waited with her for the boat).

They meet at a hotel and spend an intimate moment with each other.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang waits for his dad to get off the phone. But his dad has to take off to do something important.

He already ordered the food so Zhu Chaoyang can eat as much as he wants.

The father heads over to the hospital where Jingjing’s body is kept.

While Zhu Chaoyang invites Pupu and Yan Liang to the restaurant to celebrate with him.

Document to cremate Jingjing’s body

Zhu Chaoyang hope that everyday can be as happy as this day.

Money Exchange

The man Chun Hong (Zhu Chaoyang’s mother – we FINALLY get her name) meets up with wonders if they can take their relationship another step further.

Because he dislikes hiding their relationship as if it’s something wrong. But Chun Hong doesn’t mind.

She doesn’t want her son to find out.

Her son should just focus on studying and nothing else.

But the man thinks it’s better if she asks her son for his opinion.

When Zhu Chaoyang heads home, Pupu gives him his present. And he tells Yan Liang that he will join them.

To deal with the murderer.

Chun Hong welcomes her son when he returns and asks if he can still eat chang shou mien (aka longevity noodles).

In Chinese culture, you should eat noodles on your birthday to bless yourself a long life.

Zhu Chaoyang nods.

the bad kids episode 4, longevity noodles

So his mother eagerly starts making them.

Officer Ye and his colleagues share their findings but still no leads.

While Zhu Chaoyang and Pupu head off to meet up with Dong Sheng.

Zhu Chaoyang tells Yan Liang to squat in front of the police station just in case they don’t come back.

I can’t believe these kids went to the murderer’s house! As if they weren’t afraid of something happening to them.

Dong Sheng invites them to have a seat so they can discuss in detail. Because he doesn’t have the money.

These two look at each other like they wonder if this is a trap…

The conversation drags on with Dong Sheng leading it but it’s going nowhere.

Eventually Dong Sheng gives them an atm card that contains 30k (yuan aprox. 4.2k USD) and makes a verbal promise to add funds to it every week.

By the end of summer, they should receive 300k (yuan aprox. 42k USD).

Chen Guan Sheng and Yan Wenbin

So Zhu Chaoyang takes the card and leaves with Pupu.

Yan Liang sees time is up and looks for Chen Guan Sheng.

After he finds him, he tries to leave when he sees Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang are safe.

But the police officer has other plans and takes him home with him.

This cop treats Yan Liang pretty good considering how he’s acquainted with Yan Liang’s father. But too bad Yan Liang can’t see his good intentions.

Yan Liang gets treated to a meal and gets to shower at his house.

But he doesn’t stay long because Chen Guan Sheng plans on sending him back to the orphanage.

And the conversation gets heated when it touches upon the topic of Yan Wenbin (Yan Liang’s father).

Yan Liang takes off.

the bad kids episode 4 Yan Liang's thorn

When he returns to the docks, he plans on giving the camera to Zhu Chaoyang. But when Yan Liang checks his bag, the camera is gone.

He promises to get it back.

On a bright and sunny day, Chen Guan Sheng stops by a mental institute and visits Yan Wenbin.

Who’s clearly not in his right mind.

At the mention of Yan Liang, Yan Wenbin comments that he doesn’t want to see him.

Meanwhile, Jingjing’s mother is at the police station reviewing the security footage from the scene of the crime.

She asks them to pause it when she recognizes someone.

It’s Zhu Chaoyang.

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In the Bad Kids episode 4, we see the three kids making yet another bad decision.

Thinking that they are smart and capable enough to deal with the murderer. What was originally a noble intention becomes a bargaining chip to get money for Pupu’s brother.

Well, they wanted to redirect the murderer to the right path by exposing his deed. As if that was going to happen.

It tugged my heartstrings to hear that this birthday celebration was the best Zhu Chaoyang’s ever had. Because he must have been so lonely on each one of his birthdays.

When both his dad and mom disappoint him. It’s the little things that truly matter. And he doesn’t want much.

And I can’t help but think if Zhu Chaoyang’s upbringing was similar to Dong Sheng’s upbringing.

Is that why Dong Sheng is how he is today?

When we see Yan Wenbin at the mental institute, I felt pain for Yan Liang. Who has no idea that his father cannot help him.

He came all this way and if he sees his father like this, would he be devastated? Disappointed?

All the above? This show points out the many flaws of parenting and human nature.

It’s the cold harsh truth.

Then Jingjing’s mother sees Zhu Chaoyang on the footage. The way she pointed him is laced with accusation. Does she think he did it?

What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 4?

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