The Bad Kids Episode 5

A mother’s intuition is scary. What makes Jingjing’s mother think that Zhu Chaoyang is involved!? In the Bad Kids episode 5, we see how far a mother will go to find the truth.

Even if she has to do it in the most shameful way.

The Bad Kids Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Jingjing’s mother takes things in her own hands when the investigation goes too slow
  • Zhu Chaoyang, Yan Liang and Pupu work together to get the camera back
  • Things escalate when Jingjing’s mother harasses Chun Hong at work

You know the saying “hell hath no woman scorned”?

Well this episode made me think of changing it to something that reflects how far a mother will go when her child was killed.

And these chain of events was inadvertently caused by the beginning. What happens next?

Let’s find out in the Bad Kids episode 5 recap!

A Mother’s Grief

Jingjing’s mother gets various comments of condolences as she stands numbly off to one side.

the bad kids episode 5 wang yao's grief

And then Zhu Chaoyang’s father shows up right beside her with the remains of their daughter.

Wang Yao, Jingjing’s mother looks up at the sky as if she has already made her decision.

She returns to the police station and wonders why they haven’t apprehended the individual she pointed out: Zhu Chaoyang.

While the police officers point out that they need evidence. Officer Ye shows up and believes it’s best if Wang Yao rests at home.

When they have new findings, they will tell her.

Officer Ye looks at the paused recording with Zhu Chaoyang’s face and sighs.

Chun Hong is making food for her son and asks him to take out the trash.

And buy some sauce while he’s outside.

When he’s dumping out the trash, Wang Yao shows up. She wants to know if he was there when Jingjing died.

Or if he knows anything.

When Zhu Chaoyang can’t look her in the eye as he replies, she believes something is wrong.

She presses him for answers and Zhu Chaoyang blurts out that it wasn’t him.

Causing her to chase after him for clarification.

A scuffle occurs and a nearby neighbor warns Chun Hong the situation.

Who comes to her son’s rescue.

the bad kids episode 5, accusations

Chun Hong defends her son while Wang Yao wonders if she was the one who instigated Zhu Chaoyang to kill her daughter.

While spitting out more hateful words.

Then a fight occurs between the two women.

Until other people help break up the fight.

At a nearby clinic, Chun Hong picks up some medication for her son’s wounds.

Rift Between Mother and Son

the bad kids episode 5, treating wounds

Just when I thought Zhu Chaoyang would speak up, his mother cuts him off and he loses the opportunity to tell her something important, sigh

Then Chun Hong tells her son that she plans on getting a different job so she can take care of him.

But Zhu Chaoyang tells his mother that he can take care of himself.

When they return home, they notice several flyers posted up on the walls. Pointing out Zhu Chaoyang as a murderer.

It’s EVERYWHERE. And Zhu Chaoyang feels psychologically impacted.

He heads back to his room and cries with the door closed.

Asian parents teach kids that it’s bad to cry out in the public so they need to cry behind closed doors, as if it’s shameful to cry

While his mother waits outside his room and decides to do something about this.

Meanwhile, Wang Yao tells her husband that she met up with Zhu Chaoyang. And notices that he was lying to her.

So she believes he’s involved somehow.

This must be a mother’s intuition…

Zhu Chaoyang’s father wonders what reason could his son have to murder his own sister?

And Wang Yao gives him one: jealousy.

Investigation Progress

Wang Yao continues to make trips to the police department.

Because she wants to have some closure on who killed her child. Officer Ye refuses to give her the results of the DNA test.

But his colleague lets it slip that the results were from a female. So Wang Yao believes it’s the mother.

Officer Ye meets up with his daughter and asks about Zhu Chaoyang.

Because she’s struggling with 9th grade math.

What grade is she currently in!???

Ye Min tells her father that no one in class bothers to speak with Zhu Chaoyang.

So she believes he has no friends.

Yan Liang and Pupu invite Zhu Chaoyang out to play so he can blow off some steam.

After Yan Liang and Zhu Chaoyang reconcile, they plan on getting back the camera.

Getting Back the Camera

On the rooftops near Chen Guan Sheng’s home, Zhu Chaoyang and Yan Liang quietly observe when the wife goes out with the grandchild.

I get the feeling I’m watching kids from mission impossible LOL

Zhu Chaoyang has the bird whistle and Pupu is down on the ground.

Once the wife leaves the premises, he uses the whistle to tell Pupu to start the plan.

And Pupu walks up to Chen Guan Sheng’s home, pretending to be a lost child.

So Chen Guan Sheng decides to help this lost girl find her parents.

the bad kids episode 5, pupu's acting

I wonder who came up with this plan, was it Zhu Chaoyang? If they can get away with this, no wonder they think they can outsmart Dong Sheng.

With Chen Guan Sheng gone, Yan Liang comes down from the rooftop and enters the home.

Searching for the camera.

But he can’t find it.

Too much time is wasted and Chen Guan Sheng’s wife comes back with the grandchild.

However when she tries to coax the grandchild with a toy, Yan Liang finds the camera placed on a nearby corner.

After getting the camera, it’s mission accomplished.

the bad kids episode 5 mission accomplished

Wang Yao Changes Targets

At work, Chun Hong gets a visit from Wang Yao. Who now believes Chun Hong is the culprit.

Because the DNA was female’s. So she disturbs her at work until the boss steps in.

And he happens to be the same man who Chun Hong has been seeing at the hotel.

Oh man, this is going to get UGLY. In most work places, I think it’s frowned upon to be seeing your boss.

But Wang Yao doesn’t give up. On another day, she comes over and asks if Chun Hong worked on a Saturday (the day her daughter died).

And the other workers respond that Chun Hong hasn’t been working on any Saturday this month.

the bad kids episode 5 Chun Hong's alibi
So now Wang Yao believes Chun Hong is even more suspicious

Meanwhile, Yan Liang, Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang decide to go to Yifeng mountain to burn some incense.

Because Pupu’s been having nightmares lately. About the elderly couple and Jingjing.

So if they burn some incense, maybe they will stop bothering her.

Wang Yao’s Announcement

But then they hear an announcement over the speakers. It’s Wang Yao.

Telling everyone that Chun Hong murdered her daughter.

Zhu Chaoyang rushes over to the speaker room but his mother and other people are already on the way.

The door is locked but moments later, someone gets the keys to open the door.

And Chun Hong lets herself in to confront Wang Yao.

With no other ideas on how to rectify the situation, she takes the mic and announces that it was true.

She didn’t work on a Saturday.

But before Wang Yao can gloat in her victory, Chun Hong drops another bomb.

She met up with her boss at a hotel that day. And there are records to prove it.

But then her son shows up.

And he’s heard EVERYTHING.

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In the Bad Kids episode 5, we see just how DESPERATE Wang Yao is to find out who killed her daughter.

Because she firmly believes it’s a murder and she wants some closure.

A while back ago, Yan Liang warned his friend Zhu Chaoyang that things will get worse as time goes on.

If he decides to hide the truth. And behold.

Now Zhu Chaoyang finds out that his mother has been seeing her boss behind his back.

He’s old enough to feel shame for his mother’s actions so how will this affect the relationship between him and his mother?

Guess we’ll find out.

And the plan to take back the camera. I was so worried the kids would get caught and part of me was hoping they will.

So they can finally confess what they’ve been up to so there can be at least some adult intervention.

To help them out. Because at least Chen Guan Sheng wants to help out Yan Liang.

But nope, the kids succeed and now they can get back to blackmailing the murderer.

I wonder if Officer Ye still has suspicions about Zhu Chaoyang. He saw the three cups on the table, placed as if he had guests over.

Pretty sure he wouldn’t miss that since he leads the crime investigation unit.

And now knowing from his daughter that Zhu Chaoyang doesn’t have friends, maybe he has a hunch that Zhu Chaoyang has been involved in something not of his own will?

So many more questions! Arghhh this show makes me come back for more. What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 5?

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