The Bad Kids Episode 6

Now that Zhu Chaoyang knows his mother is seeing her boss, how will he react? Or does he already know that there’s no hope for getting his parents back together? In the Bad Kids episode 6, we continue to see cracks in the relationship between mother and son.

The Bad Kids Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Zhu Chaoyang, Yan Liang and Pupu continue to extort the murderer for money
  • Zhu Chaoyang’s relationship with his father is not the same
  • Chen Guan Sheng finds a new way to get Yan Liang to meet him

Both Yan Liang and Pupu kept a secret so Zhu Chaoyang still has his dad. But seeing some of the interactions make me wonder if it’s worth it.

People aren’t perfect, they make mistakes. But maybe children believe adults don’t make mistakes?

Now that we’re halfway through the show, is this the calm before the storm?

Let’s discuss what happens in the Bad Kids episode 6!

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Parent and Child

At night, Chun Hong is deep in thought while she boils milk on the stove.

And she nearly burns the milk.

the bad kids episode 6, heating up milk

After pouring the milk into a cup, she brings it to Zhu Chaoyang. Who’s listening to something with his headphones.

While reading a book.

Chun Hong struggles to speak to her son about the past events (likely the incident with her announcing she’s seeing her boss).

So she diverts her attention to nagging her son about not drinking his milk when it’s warm.

Even going as far to yank the headphones from his ears and tossing his book away.

To exert her dominance. Then shifts the blame to his father for what happened.

the bad kids episode 6, parent's dominance

Instead of answering her, Zhu Chaoyang finishes his milk and passes the cup back to her with a glare.

The atmosphere is awkward again until Zhu Chaoyang comments that she could have told him.

But instead of apologizing, Chun Hong condescendingly tells him to stop poking around in her matters.

Because he’s just a child.

He should just focus on studying and nothing else.

She then orders him to wash up and get read for bed.

Ughhhh these asian parents…

Checking the ATM Card

On another day, Yan Liang and Pupu wait patiently for Zhu Chaoyang. Because they don’t know how to use an ATM machine.

But then Yan Liang gets a call from Chen Guan Sheng. Who lectures him for stealing his phone.

Yan Liang hangs up after promising to return the phone.

Zhu Chaoyang shows up so they can use the machine to check the balance.

And the balance is still the same.

No additional money has been added.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng returns home and sees that there’s a cat on the table inside of a cage. His wife, Xu Jing is on the phone and tells someone that she wants more time.

Xu Jing tells Dong Sheng that they need to talk and Dong Sheng wonders what’s the topic.

Before Xu Jing tells him that she’s already prepared the divorce papers.

So all he needs to do is just sign.

Dong Sheng tells her that he knows she didn’t go where she said she went. Then follows up by telling her that as long as she doesn’t leave him. He can accept anything.

But Xu Jing wonders if he could accept that she doesn’t love him anymore.

When Xu Jing goes to her usual swimming spot, Dong Sheng observes from a distance.

It looks like he’s made his mind about something.

Is another murder going to happen!???

Meanwhile, Pupu observes while Zhu Chaoyang and Yan Liang practice a script.

To threaten the murderer for more money.

Yan Liang sounds more threatening so it’s up to him.

But Dong Sheng refuses to give them any more money. Suggesting they go to the police with the camera instead.

the bad kids episode 6, refusing to give more moneey

While warning them that blackmail can send them to juvenile.

Then he hangs up.

Chun Hong’s Relationship

Chun Hong meets up with her lover at their usual location. But he keeps pushing out the date to bring her and Chaoyang to the circus.

So she realizes something is wrong.

The man looks uncomfortable and starts unpeeling an orange for Chun Hong. While commenting that his mother is setting him up with a potential wife.

So he believes he should settle down now (instead of playing push and pull with her!?).

the bad kids episode 6, break up

That night, Chun Hong secretly cries in her own room. And Zhu Chaoyang stands right outside of her door.

Before it was Zhu Chaoyang crying in secret and that’s because he’s learned from his mother that crying is something that should be done in secret.

Chen Guan Sheng gets an idea to get Yan Liang to meet up with him after hearing from his colleague that phone scams are up on the rise.

Wang Yao and Zhu Yong Ping (Zhu Chaoyang’s father) have their own ways of grieving for Jingjing.

When Zhu Yong Ping orders wontons from his favorite restaurant, the owner gives him three bowls like usual.

He originally wants to toss the third bowl away but ends up eating it.

As tears come down his face.

Story of Descartes

Dong Sheng ends up substituting as a math teacher at Zhu Chaoyang’s school.

He draws the x and y coordinates with a heart in the middle. Explaining how there are multiple theories surrounding Descartes death.

One is based off of a romantic story of how Descartes was in love with a princess.

While the other talks about betrayal.

It’s your choice to believe the harsh truth or the fairytale…

While Zhu Chaoyang is at school, Yan Liang and Pupu wait for him outside.

And Yan Liang gets a call that’s meant for Chen Guan Sheng. That mentions how Yan Wenbin will be released either this month or next month.

But the documents need to be reviewed by him.

So Yan Liang decides to go meet up with this person.

On the other line is Chen Guan Sheng and his colleague conspiring to get Yan Liang to come out in the open.

Yan Liang gives Chen Guan Sheng a right hook when he finds out that he’s been tricked.

As they have a chat, Chen Guan Sheng explains how his dad is in rehab for his own good. And promises to arrange a meeting if he promises to go back to the orphanage.

Then Chen Guan Sheng gives him a phone to stay in contact. And tells him to eat.

Yan Liang meets back up with Pupu but they are late to meet up with Zhu Chaoyang.

So they rush back.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang confronts Dong Sheng about their situation. If the police asks about the money, he reveals how he plans to explain it.

So it looks like Dong Sheng is still at fault.

the bad kids episode 6, confrontation

Dong Sheng warns him that there is a price for trusting others.

And Zhu Chaoyang wonders which version of Descartes’ story he believes in.

Spending Time with his Father

Just as Zhu Chaoyang gets into his father’s car, he notices Yan Liang and Pupu just arrived.

But he has nothing to say to them and takes off.

His father treats him to some dessert. But then asks some hard questions as if he didn’t believe his side of the story.

So Zhu Chaoyang feels like he’s getting pampered before the slaughter.

the bad kids episode 6 interrogation

His expression is so dark as he feels the betrayal from his father.

When his father heads off to the bathroom to clean himself up, Zhu Chaoyang finds a recorder in the bag.

Moments later, his father returns and Zhu Chaoyang brings up the past.

How his father brought him here for the first time. After some rambling, Zhu Chaoyang comments that he wishes he could switch places with Jingjing.

Zhu Chaoyang was totally manipulating his dad’s feelings.

When the day is almost over, Zhu Chaoyang’s father promises to be a better dad from now on.

Zhu Yong Ping starts taking his son swimming because he feels like he hasn’t been a good father to Zhu Chaoyang.

the bad kids episode 6, going swimming

Tearful Farewell

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng helps his wife with the luggage and inspects her medication pills.

Did he swap them? But he’s holding just one pill though…

He tearfully says farewell and wishes her a safe drive.

Xu Jing faintly smiles in response before driving off.

Then Dong Sheng examines the pill in his hand.

At night, Zhu Chaoyang hangs out with Yan Liang and Pupu again on the docks.

Asking them which story they’d rather believe in for Descartes. Yan Liang doesn’t get it at all while Pupu comments she’d rather believe in the fairy tale.

Then they close their eyes and pretend they are floating on a boat out in the open sea.

Xu Jing’s body ends up on the shore and random passerby’s come over to check it out.

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Watching the moments of the parenting in the Bad Kids episode 6 gives me bad flashbacks to my own childhood. Barking orders, shaming, everything that chips away on your self esteem.

It’s not easy growing up with asian parents who grew up with this kind of parenting.

I’m sure Zhu Chaoyang feels suffocated too. In the scene with his mother nagging him to drink his milk quickly so she can wash the cup.

While he retorts that he can wash his own cup.

His mother is not around much but when she is, he feels like all she does is bark orders at him.

Instead of communicating properly with him. Or at least that’s how I’m interpreting it. He’s a “good” kid when he obeys and does what she asks.

I can’t believe another person is dead! We have our third victim! Well the second person was an accidental death.

But still, will more people continue to die? Did Dong Sheng kill his wife because he thought that if he can’t have her, no one should?

And I’m wondering how he killed her. Was it the medication?

I keep an eye out for subtle clues and details but I think I may have to watch this show more than once.

Either way, if Zhu Chaoyang, Yan Liang and Pupu think Dong Sheng is an easy person to deal with, boy are they in for a fight.

It’s not going to end well at this rate. What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 6?

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