The Bad Kids Episode 7

The wife’s death is probably intentional considering how Dong Sheng warned her. In the Bad Kids episode 7, Pupu and Yan Liang feel pressed for time because Yue Xin needs the surgery ASAP.

So they need to get the money fast.

The Bad Kids Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Zhu Chaoyang meets with Dong Sheng and demands the rest of the money
  • Dong Sheng comes up with a meticulous plan to deal with the kids
  • Yan Liang visits his father in person

Bodies are showing up and as the death count rises, who is to blame? Will the cops catch on before it’s too late?

Let’s discuss the Bad Kids episode 7 recap!

Time is Running Out


A kid pedals his bicycle in the narrow streets of a suburban part of town. And gets off quickly when he sees his father getting dragged away by the police officers.

The father, Yan Wenbin has nothing to say to his son before he enters the police car.

the bad kids episode 7, my father is not a bad person

But the son tries to run after him. However, a younger version of Chen Guan Sheng holds the son back.

Young Yan Liang yells that his father is not a bad person.

End Flashback

Zhu Chaoyang is at the pool again with his father. And they are having a great time.

Meanwhile, Yan Liang checks up on Pupu and sees that she’s clearly upset.

It turns out that her brother hasn’t been feeling the greatest lately. And has lost his voice.

If her brother doesn’t get the surgery ASAP, it may be too late.

So they decide to look for Zhu Chaoyang.

When they speak to Zhu Chaoyang at the pool, Zhu Chaoyang looks clearly uncomfortable.

Because he’s worried he will be caught being associated with them.

But they decide to meet up at Zhu Chaoyang’s house later.

Zhu Chaoyang gives Dong Sheng a call but the phone is disconnected.

So he decides to meet with him at school.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng is busy cleaning up his house.

As though possessed.

the bad kids episode 7, cleaning up house
It’s like the betrayal was so bad he wanted to erase any sign of her in this house

When Zhu Chaoyang goes to school, he sees that there’s a substitute teacher instead of Dong Sheng.

So he sneaks out to report to Yan Liang and Pupu.

If it was the old Zhu Chaoyang, I don’t think he would ever do this. Is he going to get in trouble for skipping school?

And they decide to pay Dong Sheng a visit in person.

Paying a Visit to Dong Sheng

Zhu Chaoyang goes up while he informs Yan Liang and Pupu to stay behind just in case.

As Dong Sheng continues to pack, Zhu Chaoyang takes a seat on the couch and asks if he could pay them in advance.

Otherwise they will report to the police.

But then someone else knocks on Dong Sheng’s door.

It’s Officer Ye and his daughter Ye Chimin.

Now it’s getting even more messy.

the bad kids episode 7, officer ye pays a visit

Officer Ye explains how his daughter wants to enroll in the Math Olympics program because she wants to improve her math skills.

And Dong Sheng agrees that the program is very helpful.

Zhu Chaoyang nods along.

Then Dong Sheng gets up to grab some water for his guests.

Leaving Zhu Chaoyang with Officer Ye and Ye Chimin.

Ye Chimin questions Zhu Chaoyang about his involvement with Dong Sheng and when it seems like he can’t handle her questioning, Dong Sheng calls out to him.

To help with bringing over the water.

It seems like Dong Sheng is just helping Zhu Chaoyang so he doesn’t get exposed. But not sure what Zhu Chaoyang is thinking.

As Zhu Chaoyang brings over the other glass of water, he hears Dong Sheng reply to Officer Ye that his wife died recently.

And he accidentally tips over the water cup.

But he cleans it up while Officer Ye offers his condolences.

The visit is brief and Officer Ye believes it’s time to go but Dong Sheng offers a practice book for Ye Chimin to develop her math skills.

After accepting the book, they leave. In the elevator, Officer Ye feels like something was off.

the bad kids episode 7, officer's intuition
Is it an officer’s intuition?

Meanwhile, Zhu Chaoyang asks Dong Sheng about his wife’s death. Wondering if it was an accident.

Backed into a Corner

And instead of answering, he tells Zhu Chaoyang that he will prepare the money in a few days.

Dong Sheng tries to sell his home but the prospective buyers want a lower price because they are worried his wife died in the home.

So Dong Sheng changes his mind.

Then as he watches a television drama, he gets a notification that money was withdrawn from his atm card.

The words on the tv screen match his sentiments exactly.

He didn’t want to hurt them but they forced his hand.

the bad kids episode 7, forced hand

So he gets the address of the atm machine and plans to deal with these kids.

Dong Sheng observes from a distance as he sees the three kids walk out of a bank with a black plastic bag.

When Yan Liang, Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang end up back at the boat, Yan Liang asks Pupu to hide the money in a safe spot.

Then Yan Liang and Zhu Chaoyang head outside to chat privately. Yan Liang wants Zhu Chaoyang to make a copy of the video so he can go to the cops with it.

Yan Liang will tell them everything but plans on taking the blame.

Zhu Chaoyang looks disturbed but comments that he trusts Yan Liang.

Does he though? As Dong Sheng has told him before trust has a price.

After Zhu Chaoyang leaves the boat, Dong Sheng is sitting at one of the tables near the beach.

Sipping on some soda.

That night, Zhu Chaoyang makes a copy of the video on another storage card but contemplates about something.

Chen Guan Sheng Retires

Chen Guan Sheng and his buddies celebrate his retirement.

One of them asks for a speech or words of wisdom to pass down to the younger cops.

Chen Guan Sheng doesn’t have much to say except that he did some things that make him regret.

His buddies comfort him and say that he did the best he could.

Afterwards, Chen Guan Sheng gives Yan Liang a call and plans on letting him meet his dad.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng wanders around at the docks and bumps into someone who looks like he works here.

He says he plans on buying a boat and offers a cigarette. But the worker refuses the cigarette, warning him that these old boats can easily catch on fire.

Since they are all made of old wood.

the bad kids episode 7, dong sheng's plan

Dong Sheng looks like he has an idea.

Oh sh*t, does he plan on burning the boat with the kids in it? That would be evil.

On another day, Chen Guan Sheng takes Yan Liang to see his dad.

While Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang hang out in the bookstore. She writes something secretly and doesn’t plan on telling Zhu Chaoyang until later.

Dong Sheng ends up finding their boat and finds the money underneath a matress.

So much for hiding it carefully. Well it’s a boat, where else would you hide it???

Yan Liang and Chen Guan Sheng arrive at the mental institute. Yan Liang is shocked to see his dad with his mind not in the right place.

When he calls out to him, his father bolts away. Muttering that he won’t see him.

Poor Yan Liang.

Small World

After visiting his father, Yan Liang tells Chen Guan Sheng he wants more time. Even though he promised that he would go back to the orphanage.

However he refuses to tell Chen Guan Sheng what the “important” issue he has to take care of first.

So he bolts for the public transportation.

Yan Liang is on his way to the beaches and Chen Guan Sheng overhears the stop name so he heads over there as well.

But Dong Sheng is already there.

Two people looking for the same children with different motives.

the bad kids episode 7, small world

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Ugh the feels! Yan Liang finds out that his dad is not in his right mind so any hope of his dad helping out is diminished.

Pupu seems desperate to save her brother but there’s only so much they can do.

In the Bad Kids episode 7, we see more people get involved very subtly. Officer Ye seems almost suspicious of Zhu Chaoyang’s behavior at the mention of Dong Sheng’s deceased wife.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

Dong Sheng feels pressured by the kids and wants to deal with them so they don’t bother him again.

I wonder if he feels remorse over killing his in-laws that snowballed into this.

Zhu Chaoyang’s hesitation after making a copy of the video makes me wonder if he’s changing slowly. Due to Dong Sheng’s influence?

What was the trigger or was he originally like this? Hmm…

What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 7? Leave a comment below!

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