The Bad Kids Episode 8

After a brief respite, we get introduced to a new character. Who’s affiliated with Wang Yao. In the Bad Kids episode 8, this character stirs up trouble when he realizes Jingjing is dead.

The Bad Kids Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Li, younger brother of Wang Yao, targets Zhu Chaoyang
  • Dong Sheng decides to borrow money from a loan shark for a few days
  • Chen Guan Sheng becomes Yan Liang’s guardian

How will Zhu Chaoyang deal with an adult who attacks differently? After all these experiences, how will it affect his character?

Let’s find out in the Bad Kids episode 8 recap!

Teaching Kids a Lesson

An adult male with a buzz cut gets off a boat and makes a call. But no one answers.

Who is this guy???

the bad kids episode 8, new character

Back at the beach, Chen Guan Sheng orders a soda from a nearby food stand and sips it.

He then takes out a photo and asks the stand worker if he has seen this kid. Before even taking a look at the picture, the worker says he hasn’t seen him.

And his reply doesn’t change even when he actually sees the picture. Dong Sheng gets up from where he’s sitting and comes over for a look.

Asking what’s wrong with the kid. Chen Guan Sheng replies that he’s a rebel and shows the picture to Dong Sheng.

Who shakes his head saying that he hasn’t seen him either.

the bad kids episode 8, chen guan sheng asks dong sheng

But wait, Dong Sheng knows what Yan Liang looks like, is he pretending not to recognize the kid? Because he doesn’t want to make his life even more messy?

The two have a brief chat about how kids nowadays don’t listen to their parents.

And it’s up to the parents to teach the kids so they don’t end up suffering in society. So if the kids are up to bad things, they must be reprimanded now so they can reflect and learn.

Dong Sheng agrees.

Then suggests Chen Guan Sheng head over to a certain direction to search for this kid.

When Dong Sheng gets back in his car, he calls Yan Liang and asks when they should meet. Because he has already prepared the money.

Yan Liang tells him to meet at the Xihua bookstore at 2pm.

In the meantime, Chen Guan Sheng continues to search for Yan Liang.

Reason for Caring

Yan Liang encounters the older kids from the docks. Who bullied Pupu and beat him up.

And they still hold a grudge.

So they attack him.

Chen Guan Sheng rests for a moment then decides to head off in a different direction and sees Yan Liang fighting with other kids.

When Yan Liang is about to stab one of them, he interferes and tells them to get lost.

But Yan Liang and Chen Guan Sheng get into a heated argument afterwards. With Yan Liang yelling at Chen Guan Sheng.

the bad kids episode 8, reason for caring

What makes Chen Guan Sheng think he has the right to interfere? Or to lecture him?

Chen Guan Sheng cares for Yan Liang in his own way. Whether it’s from guilt or truly wanting to repay Yan Liang for what he owes him. I think Yan Liang does want someone to care for him or at least a father figure in his life.

Chen Guan Sheng is speechless and Yan Liang walks away.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng heads to meet up with a private lender. To borrow some money.

The interest is 10% of the borrowed money or 24,000 yuan (4k USD) a month.

Dong Sheng tells the madam that there’s no problem and says he only needs the money for a few days.

While the madam comments that she usually loans money if the borrower plans on repaying it in 3 months or more.

Lenders make money on interest after all.

But she’ll make an exception for him. He will need to pay back the principal within the few days and a month’s worth of interest.

4k of interest a month, jeeez no wonder it’s only for desperate people, that type of interest can drown you in debt.

Dong Sheng agrees to the deal.

The End is Almost Here

At night, Yan Liang, Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang celebrate their success with sodas. Because they are almost there.

They will get the money for Yue Xin’s (Pupu’s brother) surgery and save his life.

Zhu Chaoyang seems to be sad about something but when both Pupu and Yan Liang thank him for all he has done, he gives a faint smile.

Then commenting that it wasn’t much. At the end of this, he will gain another friend as well.

When he meets Pupu’s brother in person.

The three children clink her soda bottles together again.

Anyone try the sugar cane coke in bottled form? I heard it’s reaaaally good, much better than the canned coke version.

Meanwhile, Zhu Yong Ping (Zhu Chaoyang’s father) is playing poker with his buddies.

the bad kids episode 8, zhu yong ping poker night

But then Wang Yao shows up.

She looks like she has something to discuss with her husband and subtly hints to each one of the friends to leave.

Using their households as an excuse.

After all the friends leave, Wang Yao confronts Zhu Yong Ping about his son.

Zhu Yong Ping refuses to believe that his son was involved with his daughter’s life.

But Wang Yao warns him that whoever was involved will pay with their life.

the bad kids episode 8, couple gap

Zhu Yong Ping slams his hands on the table and warns her.

To not touch his son.

On another day, Yan Liang purchases tickets to Ha city where Pupu’s brother lives.

And Dong Sheng stalks from a distance. Then purchases the same ticket.

Pupu gets the tickets from Yan Liang and smiles with excitement. She can’t wait to see her brother.

Will she get to see her brother? It seems too good to be true. But Pupu’s bright eager eyes makes me not want to dash her hopes T_T

Wang Li is Wang Yao’s Brother

Chen Guan Sheng’s wife shows off what she’s been learning at dancing lessons and her husband applauds her performance.

Then offers her some water.

The wife thinks it’s odd that he’s being more considerate than usual. Fanning her to cool down and then handing over a napkin for her to wipe her sweat.

Chen Guan Sheng defends himself but he’s actually buttering her up.

Because he wants to apply for Yan Liang’s guardianship.

Meanwhile, the new person who shows up on the boat turns out to be Wang Yao’s younger brother.

He’s a former gang member and partially the reason why the local gang people don’t mess with Zhu Yong Ping.

And probably why Jingjing is so spoiled. Her father, mother and uncle all spoil her. While Zhu Chaoyang gets no one.

Wang Yao informs her brother how she suspects Zhu Chaoyang being involved with her daughter’s death.

But no one believes her.

And the police don’t have any leads.

Wang Li smokes as he looks over Jingjing’s photo.

He has his own plans.

Dong Sheng pumps the gas out of his wife’s car into various containers.

What is he going to do with this?

Zhu Chaoyang and his father are at the pool again. With the father teaching his son how to hold his breath for long periods of time.

Zhu Chaoyang continues to practice while his father buys him a soda.

But he doesn’t notice that someone else is holding his head. And he struggles to breathe.

It’s Wang Li and he wants answers.

He continues to dunk Zhu Chaoyang’s head into the water as he questions him each time he comes up for air.

But Zhu Chaoyang hollers for his dad to rescue him.

Who rushes over and gives Wang Li a right hook.

the bad kids episode 8 mad dog

Money Exchange

Calling him a mad dog.

After the pool incident, Zhu Yong Ping drives his son to the bookstore. Where the money exchange will happen.

Pupu stands as the watch guard and waits for Dong Sheng to show up.

Pupu’s standing next to the story of the fox and the three chickens O.o

She gestures silently to him that it’s the next floor.

So Dong Sheng heads up to the next floor and sees Yan Liang and Zhu Chaoyang waiting for him.

As the exchange happens upstairs, Officer Ye and his daughter show up.

Ye Chimin wants to go upstairs to take a look and Pupu takes action to distract them.

Grabbing a book and bolting through the security sensor. Triggering the alarm.

So Officer Ye chases after Pupu. And finds the book she dropped on purpose.

Meanwhile, Yan Liang takes the memory card out of the camera and gives it to Dong Sheng.

Who wonders if they’ve already made their decision.

Yan Liang doesn’t get what he means but maybe Zhu Chaoyang does?

Dong Sheng comments that it’s finally over and leaves.

But sees Officer Ye and Ye Chimin are here.

He greets them but when he sees that they are about to head upstairs, he suggests getting more practice books for them.

While upstairs, Zhu Chaoyang and Yan Liang duck for cover.

Until it’s safe to leave.

Wang Yao meets up with her younger brother and tells him to stay at the fish factory until her husband’s anger fades.

Because he’s looking for him.

And gives the key to her car.

Chen Guan Sheng receives the approved documents to become Yan Liang’s guardian.

Wang Li Takes Action

That night, Yan Liang gives the money to Zhu Chaoyang to take home which is safer than the boat.

And Zhu Chaoyang promises to bring it back before they leave for Ha city.

Moments later, Pupu catches up to Zhu Chaoyang and hands over a letter she’s written.

It’s best if he reads it after they leave for Ha city. And Zhu Chaoyang promises.

the bad kids episode 8 wishing for zhu chaoyang's happiness

Then Zhu Chaoyang heads back home, not knowing he’s being followed by Dong Sheng.

Who plans to attack him.

But out of nowhere, Wang Li takes the first strike.

And Dong Sheng hides instead.

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In the Bad Kids episode 8, just when it can’t get any worse, another character shows up!

And he’s out for Zhu Chaoyang’s blood.

Wang Li is different in the sense that he won’t hesitate to take the law into his own hands. If he believes Zhu Chaoyang was involved with his niece’s death, he’s going to get to the bottom of it.

In his OWN way.

Dong Sheng lets out a sigh of relief, thinking it’s all over. And the three kids share the same sentiment as well.

But is it truly over? Not really. Dong Sheng tries to attack Zhu Chaoyang to get his money back.

And his meticulous planning for the boat was disregarded. I had some idea of where he was going with this.

Oh the possibilities. But that would be another indicator of how cold blooded he is.

What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 8? Leave a comment below!

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