The Bad Kids Episode 9

And the body count goes up by one. In the Bad Kids Episode 9, Zhu Chaoyang discovers that he must lie again. Despite how his father wants him to be a good kid.

When parents are selfish, the kids are the ones who suffer.

The Bad Kids Episode 9 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Li kidnaps Zhu Chaoyang and interrogates him for the truth
  • Pupu reveals everything to Dong Sheng on the drive to save Zhu Chaoyang
  • The police start to investigate Wang Li’s involvement because of an incident

And to think all of these unfortunate events stemmed from just ONE incident. Ouch.

How will the kids navigate this now? Can they survive in one piece? Let’s discuss what happened in the Bad Kids episode 9 recap!


The camera follows an empty corridor and enters a storage area.

Then zooms in on a case of frozen fish. There’s a frozen arm wearing a watch sticking out.

Omigod! Whose body is this!???

Back to the present

Pupu asks Yan Liang if they should escort Zhu Chaoyang because it’s not safe at night.

the bad kids episode 9 escorting zhu chaoyang back

Yan Liang agrees.

Dong Sheng heads back to his car and takes off his hat. As if relieved.

While Chen Guan Sheng continues to search for Yan Liang.

When Yan Liang and Pupu see Zhu Chaoyang struggle against his captor, Yan Liang jumps on Wang Li.

In the scuffle, Yan Liang finds a glass bottle and smashes it on Wang Li’s head.

He shields Pupu and Zhu Chaoyang while Wang Li warns that he is playing with fire.

The broken bottle is in Yan Liang’s hand and he sticks it out in defense.

So Zhu Chaoyang and Pupu reluctantly take off to let Yan Liang deal with this.

But then Wang Li wrestles the bottle out of Yan Liang’s hands. Just as Chen Guan Sheng shows up.

Wang Li and Chen Guan Sheng face off but when Chen Guan Sheng gets distracted trying to get Yan Liang to leave, he gets stabbed by Wang Li.

With the broken bottle.

As Chen Guan Sheng falls to the ground, Yan Liang worries he won’t make it and calls the ambulance with his phone.

Meanwhile, Wang Li catches up with Zhu Chaoyang and shoves him into his car.

Dong Sheng sees this happening in front of him but doesn’t want to get involved.

Pupu runs after the car and is wondering what to do when Dong Sheng shows up to give her a ride.

She doesn’t wonder why he’s here in the first place??


Pupu gets into Dong Sheng’s car as they chase after the person who kidnapped Zhu Chaoyang.

But on the way, Dong Sheng wants to know everything. Like why they need so much money.

the bad kids episode 9 dong sheng wants the truth

If she doesn’t tell him then he will stop the car. And lose sight of the car that Zhu Chaoyang is in.

So Pupu confesses everything.

Yan Liang tells Chen Guan Sheng to hang in there until the ambulance arrives. And complains that he shouldn’t have bothered.

Chen Guan Sheng replies that he is now Yan Liang’s guardian so of course he interfere.

Meanwhile, Dong Sheng and Pupu arrive at where the other car is.

Dong Sheng tells Pupu to stay in the car while he rescues Zhu Chaoyang.

He checks the other car for his money and sees that it’s locked.

So he heads into the factory building.

Zhu Chaoyang is tied up with cold water pouring down on him. Wang Li continues to interrogate him.

the bad kids episode 9, interrogating zhu chaoyang

Zhu Chaoyang confesses that the was there when Jingjing died. But he didn’t push her.

Dong Sheng hears the confession as well.

Then Wang Li asks Zhu Chaoyang to say the same thing over the phone with his dad.

Yan Liang finally gets Chen Guan Sheng to the hospital. And waits anxiously outside in the hallway.

Zhu Chaoyang remains bound and the lights get darker. So Wang Li investigates.

Dong Sheng takes this chance to grab the car keys. And starts to leave, ignoring Zhu Chaoyang’s predicament.

Zhu Chaoyang pleads with him to save him so Dong Sheng reluctantly turns off the cold water.

But leaves him bound as he tries to leave.

Disappearance of Wang Li

Then Wang Li shows up wondering if he is here to help and attacks him.

Dong Sheng meekly yields until he finds a small weapon. And stabs Wang Li in defense.

Then stabs a few more times to make sure he’s dead.

Zhu Chaoyang watches as Dong Sheng drags Wang Li’s body off to the side.

Meanwhile, Zhu Yong Ping is on his way to the fish factory and yells at his wife. To contact Wang Li.

In case he tries to do something to his son. But Wang Li isn’t answering.

It turns out Dong Sheng has Wang Li’s phone.

“We’re almost there at the factory, don’t do anything stupid!” – Big Sis

Then Zhu Yong Ping and Wang Yao arrive at the factory looking for Zhu Chaoyang.

And find him bound near some water pipes.

While Dong Sheng grabs his money from the car Wang Li drove.

He then returns to his own car and tells Pupu that everything is fine now.

Zhu Yong Ping places his son into his car and leaves his wife to deal with this mess. He wants her to find Wang Li ASAP and give him an explanation.

Before driving off to the hospital.

Officer Ye and his colleague check up on Chen Guan Sheng. Because it turns out they are acquainted.

And they find out that some kid helped Chen Guan Sheng get to the hospital on time.

Chun Hong finds out that her son is in the hospital and vows to get the police involved.

While Wang Yao wants her husband to help her convince Zhu Chaoyang to not report her younger brother.

When Zhu Chaoyang is resting in bed, his father takes good care of him. And requests his son to not report Wang Li.

the bad kids episode 9, being a good kid

Being Honest or Being a Good Kid

Zhu Chaoyang thought his father always wanted him to be an honest kid.

Yet he wants him to lie?

Zhu Yong Ping looks downcast and someone knocks on the door.

It’s Dong Sheng.

He introduces himself as a math teacher to Zhu Yong Ping and tells him that he’s here about the upcoming math competition.

But Zhu Chaoyang can tell there’s something else. So he comments that he’s hungry. Causing his dad to leave to buy food.

Such a smart kid, too smart…

Dong Sheng needs the key to the storage room to deal with the body. But Zhu Chaoyang doesn’t have it.

It’s in their best interests to deal with this.

So they can return to their normal lives and not lose anything else.

But Yan Liang and Pupu can’t get on the boat because the weather is very bad.

And they can’t return to the docks either so they decide to go to a motel.

Pupu’s not feeling that well.

When Yan Liang leaves the motel room to get hot water, police officers arrive to check the records. And wonder why someone didn’t list their identification number.

So Yan Liang tells Pupu they must leave.

When Dong Sheng heads to his apartment to open his door, Yan Liang and Pupu show up.

Pupu calls out to him addressing him as Uncle Zhang.

And Dong Sheng is surprised to see them here.

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In the Bad Kids episode 9, we start to see that Zhang Dong Sheng is not a completely heartless person. Because he decides to help Pupu rescue Zhu Chaoyang.

And we don’t really know the reason until the episode credits where Dong Sheng and Xu Jing (his wife) have a conversation about having kids.

If given a choice, Dong Sheng would want a girl first. One with big bright eyes and hair with neatly cut bangs.

Just like a doll. And it just so happens that Pupu has that appearance so Dong Sheng can’t help but have a fondness for her.

Then when he originally planned to take the car keys and go, he helps Zhu Chaoyang. Even though Zhu Chaoyang and his friends basically messed up his life.

So he can relate to how Zhu Chaoyang wants to help Pupu and Yan Liang resolve their issues and move on with his own normal life.

Zhu Chaoyang and Zhang Dong Sheng are essentially mirrors of each other.

They both have similar personalities and interests. Zhang Dong Sheng may be the future version of Zhu Chaoyang.

And when you see him commenting about his father’s request, you can’t help but feel him tip a little closer to the darkness. His father wanted him to grow up as an honest kid.

But when it comes to personal matters, he wants him to lie as a personal favor. Sigh.

With just three episodes left, how will this show end? Will the kids accomplish their mission?

Will Zhu Chaoyang get his normal life back? Guess we’ll find out! What were your thoughts on the Bad Kids episode 9?

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