The Bad Kids

The Bad Kids is a crime based cdrama (Chinese drama) that may keep you on the edge of your seat.

It’s rumored to be just THAT good. Based on a bestselling novel, this is not a complete adaptation (because of China’s censorship).

But a really good one nonetheless.

Check out the synopsis below!

the bad kids cdrama
Image from myDramaList


In a coastal town, three children unintentionally film a murder scene.

As the kids become involved with the suspect, it opens up a case that is far more complicated than it looks.

Entrapping several families into an unpredictable outcome.

Here’s the raw trailer from iQiyi but apparently it’s Eng subbed (the whole show) in the app.

The cdrama is only 12 episodes long but it doesn’t follow the typical format. Where each episode is the same length.

And according to AvenueX (love her videos by the way), it was done on purpose.

To show that cdramas can be good. When done right. Because this cdrama was made with such high production cost that it’s not going to be profitable.

Well if it tries to be, it will be VERY difficult.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I watched the trailer, it was INTENSE.

And captured my attention immediately.

This cdrama is not a walk in the park by the way, it’s suppose to be dark. And supposedly the novel it’s based on is much darker?

I think I’m going to be watching this cdrama next after I finish up The Romance of Tiger and Rose. (** Update 7/7/20 – Already started watching it and it’s super ADDICTING!)

You might think I’m crazy (going from a funny, romantic comedy to a crime based cdrama XD).

I do like to watch CSI, Law & Order like shows so maybe I’ll enjoy this a lot.

Has anyone watched the show yet? Any thoughts about it?

You can stream online with ENG subs here.

Leave a comment below!

The Bad Kids Episode Recaps

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3 years ago

Many people compare this drama with “Don’t Respond To Strangers” (不要和陌生人说话), which is a 23-episode drama on domestic violence 19 years ago. A popular joke says that one might have missed An Jiahe (the main character in “Don’t respond”), but could not escape (being scared by) Zhang Dongsheng. Maybe you want to watch it.

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