The Kings Avatar C-Drama First Impressions

I was super excited to hear that The Kings Avatar c-drama was coming out this summer!

I absolutely ADORED the animation and was eager to see the live action drama of this very popular gaming web-novel.

So is the Kings Avatar c-drama worth watching?


Yang Yang depicts Ye Qiu really well and I was pleasantly surprised!

I loved his acting in Love O2O so I had high expectations for him.

So far, the show is a great mix of the gaming elements AND living in real life.

The gaming elements look like a virtual reality gaming and I think they did this part really well.

The first episode showcases the glory of Excellent Era and Ye Qiu’s fame as the Battle God.

And master of battle tactics.

So far, the first episode contains similar elements compared to the animation and there has been rumors that the show will follow the novel fairly well.

I have NOT read the novel so I’m just basing my judgements on the live action versus the animation.

And so far, I am liking it.

There’s CG for sure, but doesn’t feel out of place.

I feel like I’ve been given a glimpse of the professional gaming world and the show is going to take it’s time to reveal the dynamics.

Because professional gaming has its difficulties as well.

Starting with Ye Qiu being forced to give up his account to Sun Xiang, a rising newbie.

What were your thoughts about the show? Are you planning on watching it to the end?

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