The King’s Avatar Episode 1 Recap

Who is excited to watch the live action of King’s Avatar? I absolutely ADORED the animation and am excited to present this King’s Avatar Episode 1 recap!

Just to throw this out there.

I am a pretty casual gamer but I think anyone who likes gaming and e-sports will appreciate this drama series.

Kings Avatar Episode 1 Recap Highlights:

  • The E-sports gaming industry is introduced
  • Glory’s 4 best professional gaming teams are introduced
  • Ye Qiu is kicked out of his company

There’s a lot of gaming elements in this show and I think the producers did a really good job with it.

It has a virtual reality feel and the in-game characters look pretty similar to the real-life counterparts. Which is a pretty creative way to represent the in-game characters if you ask me.

Anyways, let’s jump right into the King’s Avatar Episode 1 Recap!

The World of Glory

The show starts off introducing the four biggest professional gaming teams for a game called Glory.

Excellent Era – the one that kicked off professional gaming and has been the undefeated champion for 3 years in a row.

Blue Rain – a team that specializes in blades and magic.

Tiny Herb – who has a big focus on mage characters and strategic tactics.

Tyranny – focuses on strength and nothing else.

8th Glory Pro League Competition

It’s the finals and it’s Tiny Herb vs Excellent Herb for the championship cup.

Right off the bat, the announcers introduce the competing teams.

Starting off with some of Excellent Era’s team members.

We have Ye Qiu, leading Excellent Era and a famous figure head in the world of Glory.

Next, we have Su Mu Cheng, one of the greatest players specializing in the launcher class.

Then switching off to Tiny Herb.

Led by Wang Jiexi, a brilliant and creative player who specializes in the magic class.

The announcers also note that Tiny Herb won the championship last year.

Will they win again?

Team Tiny Herb
Team Excellent Era

Tiny Herb vs Excellent Era

After the introductions, the announcers explain the rules of the match.

It’s a team match so whoever has the most health remaining or the most members left over will win.

Then the match begins.

Ye Qiu’s battle mage character takes the initiative by striking first.

While his fellow team mates follow up.

And itt seems like Excellent Era is in the lead.

But then Wang Jiexi tells his team to retreat and one player of his team is much slower than the others.

Ye Qiu thinks this formation is odd as his team chases after them.

So he asks his teammates to be cautious yet one of them rushes forward anyways.

It turned out to be bait.

Tiny Herb used the opportunity to quickly silence the impulsive player.

Excellent Era is the first to lose a player. The odds are now against them.


But Ye Qiu is not discouraged and changes tactics. Su Mu Cheng provides him cover while he pushes forward and attacks.

A little while later, both teams have the same number of characters again.

And time is running out.

Ye Qiu’s character then faces off against a defense heavy character and Ye Qiu accelerates his keyboard typing speed to execute more attacks.

Season 8 Glory Champions

In the last 5 seconds remaining, Ye Qiu was able to take down that player.

The outcome is out.

Excellent Era wins in a beautifully executed match despite the setbacks.

Ye Qiu

After the match, Ye Qiu heads back to Excellent Era’s headquarters without ever taking off his mask or his cap.

It’s apparently his signature look and the public has never seen his true face.

Prompting people to think that Ye Qiu only reveals his face to people he trusts.

Analysis of the Prior Match

Chen Yehui – the guy who almost caused Excellent Era to lose the match

Back at Excellent Era’s headquarters, Ye Qiu is reviewing the match video with his team.

In detail.

Highlighting that Tiny Herb left a bait out on purpose but unfortunately, Chen Yehui took the bait.

When Ye Qiu asked why he rushed ahead, his excuse was that he wanted the first kill for the team.

But Ye Qiu doesn’t buy it.

He knows that Chen Yehui wanted the glory of the first kill for himself.

Ye Qiu then heads out because the meeting is over but doesn’t hesitate to tell Cheng Yehui that he is no longer needed.

Or more specifically, the team doesn’t need him anymore.

Chen Yehui clenches his fists at the announcement. Displeased, but helpless to do anything about it.

So many trophies!

After leaving the room, Ye Qiu heads over to the wall of fame. Maybe reminiscing about how far they’ve come?

But then his thoughts are interrupted when Tao Xuan comes over to speak to him.

Tao Xuan manages Excellent Era and runs the company.

He wants to speak to Ye Qiu.


Ye Qiu is Kicked Out of Excellent Era

On the right: Tao Xuan

In another meeting room, the two of them sit on opposite sides before Tao Xuan brings up another player named Sun Xiang.

Asking Ye Qiu for his opinion.

Ye Qiu comments that Sun Xiang has potential despite being so new.

But then it becomes obvious that Tao Xuan has other plans for Sun Xiang.

Because Sun Xiang happens to come into the same meeting room.

Tao Xuan offers him a seat and then introduces him as the new Excellent Era Team Captain.

Which implies that Ye Qiu is being replaced.

However, Tao Xuan offers Ye Qiu an opportunity to stay as Sun Xiang’s training partner.

Because he doesn’t want to let Ye Qiu’s talents go to waste.

But Ye Qiu decides to retire and leave Excellent Era, reluctantly passing the account card to Sun Xiang on his way out.

With some advice.

“If you like playing Glory, then treat this opportunity as an honor and not as a chance to show off.”

Sun Xiang in the middle.

Then leaves without looking back.

As Ye Qiu returns to his room to pack up and leave, he bumps into Chen Yehui who gives him a hard time.

Chen Yehui found out very quickly that Ye Qiu is leaving Excellent Era so he wants him to take off his uniform.

Because he is no longer part of Excellent Era.

Ye Qiu takes off his uniform and passes it to Chen Yehui on his way out.

Then makes a stop by the trophies and the wall of fame.

Leaving his badge there and taking one final glance.

Before leaving the building.

Su Mu Cheng Finds Out

With nowhere to go, Ye Qiu stops by a convenience store first and bumps into Su Mu Cheng who is in the snack aisle.

Su Mu Cheng

Ye Qiu finds it difficult to tell her about his situation until he escorts her back to Excellent Era’s headquarters.

Su Mu Cheng walks in through the glass doors before noticing that Ye Qiu didn’t follow her.

Something is terribly wrong and she finds out Ye Qiu is retiring AND leaving Excellent Era.

The bags Su Mu Cheng held in her arms drop to the floor as she declares she’s leaving with him.

But Ye Qiu prevents her from leaving the building because he wants her to stay.

For the sake of THEIR Excellent Era and the 10 years they put into this team.

Ye Qiu then takes off into the night.

When Tao Xuan finds Su Mu Cheng gazing at the wall of fame, he attempts to comfort her about Ye Qiu’s retirement.

Explaining that his hands were tied because he has to think about the bigger picture. For the sake of the company.

But when he hears that Su Mu Cheng won’t leave, he’s relieved and expresses his concern over Ye Qiu’s retirement.

Su Mu Cheng doesn’t believe him because she thinks he did something to force Ye Qiu’s retirement.

So she tells him that Ye Qiu will come back. Because you won’t find anyone more dedicated and devoted to Glory than Ye Qiu.

Because Glory is Ye Qiu’s reason for living. When he gets back up again, he will be stronger than ever.

Starting Over Again

Ye Qiu ends up wandering into an internet cafe called Happy Internet Cafe.

And notices that it’s very lively.

He overhears that the 10th server is coming out tonight.

And sees several people rushing in, scrambling to get a spot at the computers to get ready.

Ye Qiu grabs a spot as well, pulling out his game card while having a flashback to his earlier days.

The countdown to the new server begins.

Once it opens, everyone rushes to create their accounts and login.

The 10th server

Once Ye Qiu inserts his game card, he’s prompted to transfer his account, Lord Grim from the 1st to the 10th server.

After logging in, he heads towards an old shack that contains a big chest.

Inside lies the weapon called Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.

But before Ye Qiu controls his character to pick it up, he recalls a memory from the past.

Two young kids showing expressions of excitement as they discuss the capabilities of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.

How it can change into various forms and utilize 120 skills from different classes with no cool-down period.

His character then picks up the weapon with a window popping up detailing the stats.

Remembering his old friend who was also great at playing Glory, Ye Qiu decides to start over again.

What does Glory Mean to You?

Glory, PK arena

A female launcher class is in a PK (player versus player) match with another launcher class.

And she’s losing.

It turns out this player is also associated with Happy Internet cafe.

We find out she’s the manager when Ye Qiu wants to check out.

And he notices that she’s currently preoccupied with an intense PK match.

So he advises her a move to use but she refuses to and ends up losing.

When she steps away to fix a customer’s computer, another match starts and Ye Qiu helps her play it.

And he ends up winning for her to her surprise.

Because she was concerned that he would steal items from her account.

While waiting for her to check him out, Ye Qiu admires the atmosphere of the internet cafe and asks the receptionist what Glory means to her.

Because earlier she said that Glory was not just a PK match to her.

She then comments that they all met through Glory so Glory is a world that belongs to everyone.

Ye Qiu can’t help but smile when hearing that answer.

Then the manager realizes that she’s forgotten to check him out.

Then the manager realizes that she’s forgotten to check him out.

But Ye Qiu surprises her by holding up the sign that the internet cafe is hiring.

Telling her he’s here to apply for the job.

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Ahhhhh! This first episode is amazing! I love the animation of the in-game fight scenes and the first impressions I get from Yang Yang playing as Ye Qiu. He’s playful, mysterious and hints at a sad past.

The girl playing as Su Mu Cheng is pretty on point too and even though it’s my first time seeing her act, I think I will watch out for her future roles!

The producers did a great job introducing the audience into the world of Glory and showing the e-sports industry.

And the overall feel is very similar to the animation but with more of a focus on friendships and the e-sports gaming industry.

We can already see some villians: Tao Xuan, Sun Xiang and Cheng Yehui. I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

What did YOU think of this first episode of King’s Avatar? Does Yang Yang portraying Ye Qiu meet your expectations?

Leave your thoughts below!

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