The King’s Avatar Episode 2 Recap

Welcome back to another episode of King’s Avatar! In King’s Avatar Episode 2, we see Ye Qiu working as an internet cafe manager.

To make ends meet.

Plus he can play Glory as much as he wants, a winning situation!

Can he adjust? Let’s find out!

King’s Avatar Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Ye Xiu starts a new job as an internet cafe manager
  • Ye Xiu’s in-game character, Lord Grim joins a party full of newbies
  • Tao Xuan announces Ye Qiu’s retirement and introduces Sun Xiang

Adjusting to His New Job

The cafe manager interviews Ye Qiu for the network manager job and asks a series of questions.

Before doing so she notices that his identification shows the name “Ye Xiu” and wonders why his name is so similar to the Battle God, Ye Qiu.

Who’s renown in the world of Glory.

However, the cafe manager is baffled when Ye Qiu answers “no” to each one of her questions.

So she asks him if there’s anything he can actually do.

And he answers that he can play Glory very well.

He’s hired.

The job includes housing too (or maybe the cafe manager pities him) so she shows him his room.

It’s the bare minimum but it will do.

Ye Qiu dreams about being back at Excellent Era and wakes up with a jolt.

Realizing he’s late on the first day of the job.

But when he heads downstairs to the cafe, the manager doesn’t yell at him but tells him to change a light bulb.

So Ye Qiu changes the light bulb with pride but the light doesn’t turn on so he heads over to check the power switches.


But he accidentally turns the circuit breaker off.

And all of the computers turn off.

The manager then talks to Ye Qiu about the losses for the day and negotiates with him.

Ye Qiu will handle all tasks and will receive free room and board in return.

But he won’t get any pay.

New Players Party?

Back at Excellent Era headquarters, the security shoves someone out the door, labeling him as a crazy fan.

The fan heads over to Happy Internet Cafe instead and asks Ye Qiu to book him a computer spot.

But the fan sees that he’s having difficult so he does it himself.

Ye Qiu is amazed and asks if he’s done work in the same industry.

He wants to know if the fan’s internet cafe is currently hiring.

The “fan” shrugs him off and heads to his computer. He starts working on typing up a document but then logs into Glory to play for a bit.

He wants to round up some new players and mess around with them.

When he logs in, he finds 3 new players and asks them to go hunt the Midnight Phantom Cat with him.

Because there are good drops with this mini boss.

Three new players (Left to Right classes): Ninja/Assassin, Gunslinger, Paladin

The only problem is that they’re missing another player.

Ye Qiu happens to login around this time and joins them as “healer” support.

Because he remembered that the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella requires specific materials to get upgraded.

Then their party enters the forest map to battle the Midnight Phantom Cat boss.

As soon as the battle starts, the new players are the first ones to lose their health. Because the party leader who promised to taunt the boss failed to do so.

Then it’s just Lord Grim, the party leader and the boss.

Lord Grim (Ye Qiu) explains that he saw through the party leader’s plan of letting the new players get killed by the boss and taking the loot for himself.

First Kill of the 10th Server

So the party leader proposes teaming up to beat the boss. But Lord Grim lets that player die and tackles the boss himself.

Ye Qiu controls his character with such finesse, dodging the boss’ attacks with ease while finding opportunities to counterattack.

Then the boss enters its frenzy zone when its’ health becomes low but Lord Grim presses on.


Until the boss is defeated.

The server automatically announces the first kill and everyone within the game are praising Lord Grim.

While the “fan” who played the party leader, is furious. Because he didn’t believe this would happen.

He then gets a call from his boss and bails because he has to write a news article.

So he’s not a crazy fan but a news reporter.

Xiao Chang

Xiao Chang (the news reporter) explains to his boss that he’ll get right to it.

And leaves the cafe, promising to get his revenge on Lord Grim later.

Meanwhile, Ye Qiu uses the loot from the boss earlier to upgrade his weapon from level 5 to level 15.

Recalling a friend (?) in the past who created this weapon, promising that he will make this weapon the strongest. And then taking it with him to the heights of Glory.

Excellent Era’s Conference

Sun Xiang is worried that the fans won’t accept him replacing Ye Qiu.

But Tao Xuan reassures him that as long as he performs well, no one will care for players that retire.

At the conference, Tao Xuan greets everyone in the audience, both off-line and online.

After thanking everyone for their support of Excellent Era, he shares the bad news.

Explaining that Ye Qiu retired from Excellent Era a few days ago.

Meanwhile, Su Mu Cheng helps Ye Qiu pack his belongings and seeing the empty room, the idea settles in.

That Ye Qiu has left Excellent Era.

At Happy Internet cafe, the cafe manager is watching the Excellent Era with disappointment.

She doesn’t see Ye Qiu spill the water but her comments towards the television makes it seem like she’s yelling at him.

He then realizes the television behind him.


Sun Xiang shows up and tells the audience that it was his honor to take over the One Autumn Leaf account from Ye Qiu.

And reveals his intent to make Excellent Era the best team ever.

But arrogantly proclaims that old players will always be replaced.

Ye Qiu believes that there are no distinctions between old and new players in Glory.

Even the cafe manager agrees.

Because in Glory, what’s actually important is passion.

Another First Kill?

Later in the day, Xiao Chang logs into Glory and starts spreading rumors of Lord Grim.

Because Lord Grim rubs in the wrong way just like Sun Xiang.

New players who don’t represent their elders.

Lord Grim asks Xiao Chang’s game character to add him to his team.

Because no one else would accept him.

Xiao Chang agrees with the condition that Lord Grim will taunt the boss.

The group then heads into a cave filled with cobwebs and monster eggs.

The boss is a spider and Lord Grim takes the initiative to taunt it first.

Pulling it’s aggression towards him.


But then his character falls straight to the ground because the internet manager yanked the mouse out of his hands.

She wants him to do her a favor and display the contents of a USB drive.

Then changes her mind because she wants to make sure the USB drive contains everything she needs.

In the meantime, Ye Qiu is worried that his character will die from the boss.

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I really like the game element animations in this show and I think they did a really good job.

The characters look realistic to the real life counterparts. And the action scenes are amazing. You really feel like you’re in the game.

In King’s Avatar Episode 2, we see Ye Qiu a complete klutz when it comes to handling everything else besides playing Glory.

It’s like he was just born to play Glory and do nothing else. But thank goodness he met the internet cafe manager. Who takes pity on him.

Su Mu Cheng is such a cheerful girl and she brightens up Ye Qiu’s life. She’s just so adorable.

Sun Xiang is an arrogant jerk and Tao Xuan seems to think he can manipulate Sun Xiang into doing what he asks.

Any thoughts on King’s Avatar Episode 2? Leave a comment below!

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