The Legend of AnLe

Hi everyone! The Legend of Anle looks really good! Featuring Dilraba Dilmurat who is just gorgeous on set and plays a female lead driven by revenge for her fallen family.

It’s not out yet but I hope it gets released sometime this year!

Because it’s been very slim pickings for cdramas ever since the start of the covid pandemic. And everything, across all industries, has been affected.


(image from myDramaList)

Di Zi Yuan seeks revenge after her family was falsely accused of treason ten years ago and beheaded according to the emperor’s edict.

As the sole survivor, she changes her name to Ren An Le and schemes her way into the court. She admires Crown Prince Han Ye’s concern for his people’s welfare. While slowly developing feelings for him, she remains haunted by her past, unable to dismiss the enmity that exists between their two families.

Han Ye, driven by his deep love for Di Zi Yuan, vows to resolve their differences at any cost.

(Source: MyDramaList)



Not going to lie, when I see an upcoming cdrama with a potential strong female lead, it’s like clickbait for me. So will definitely want to check it out when it gets released.

Because I still have yet to find a cdrama that’s as good if not better than the Story of Minglan. There were a few ones out like the Rebel Princess and Song of Glory but still can’t beat my favorite unfortunately.

Thoughts on this upcoming new cdrama?

Leave a comment down below!

PS. Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog (due to real life happenings) but I still aim to keep this blog alive.

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The Legend of Anle
8 months ago

This is the best Chinese drama of Dilireba. The Legend of Anle is my favorite drama at this time.

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