The Rebel Princess Episode 10 Recap

Woohoo! Made it to Rebel Princess episode 10! The situation so far seems like the setup of various crucial chess pieces. But who are all the main players? All I know is that everyone is fighting for the throne.

The Rebel Princess Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Princess Jinmin finds out about A’wu’s disappearance
  • A’wu attempts another escape
  • Duke Huan invites the governor of Huizhou to collude with Prince Zilu

A’wu has great adaptation skills and is very clever. No wonder her father wishes she was a man.

I bet if she was, her father would immediately make her the heir instead of her brother.

This show continues to catch my attention, let’s discuss what happens in Rebel Princess episode 10!

Investigation for Leads in Huizhou

Jin-er and Zitan finally arrive in Huizhou.

Zitan uses his authority to rally up some soldiers to help with the investigation.

But there’s no leads.

I think it’s kinda late now? He should have stayed put.

However, Zitan doesn’t want to give up and continues to lead the search.

Meanwhile, Xie Yuan (former Marquis Xie) hears about it and comments that Zitan shares the same weakness as his mother.

Being unable to free away from the shackles of the heart.

Later, Zitan gets escorted to Xie Yuan by some unknown guards in masks and dark clothing.

He’s not sure why he’s here until he sees his maternal uncle, Xie Yuan.

The Chinese term is Jiu Fu, if you haven’t heard Chinese terms when it comes to relatives are very complicated. Because the terms represent how they are related to you. Maternal and paternal sides have different words T_T

Zitan wonders why his uncle is here while the latter wonders the same thing.

rebel princess episode 10 recap xie yuan

Zitan comments that he hasn’t forgotten about his maternal family. But Xie Yuan is not convinced.

Countering that Zitan has been so focused on the daughter from the Wang family.

Well he’s not wrong.

Zitan argues back saying A’wu is not like her father. But Xie Yuan drives the nail home.

A’wu shares the Wang family name after all. That is an undeniable FACT.

Zitan looks like a defeated puppy

AND she is now Lord Yuzhang’s wife.

Implying that Zitan should give up on her now.

But he feels like he owes her because he let her down. And he can’t rest easy until he knows that she’s safe and sound.

Xie Yuan thinks Zitan is hopeless and reveals a secret edict from the Emperor.

It’s not up to Zitan anymore.

Huan Mi and Wang Yisu

Helan Zhen and his group arrive at an output on the outskirts of Ningshuo.

And they see that there are wanted posters for A’wu.

But Helan Zhen comments that the posters don’t do A’wu justice.

rebel princess episode 10 recap zitan

And the two proceed to their new living arrangements. While the rest stand guard.

At the imperial palace, Prime Minister Wang gets out from his carriage and is greeted by Wu Qian.

The governor of Huizhou city.

Wu Qian

Wu Qian explains that he tried everything he could to help find Princess Shangyang.

As he’s always been loyal and devoted to the Wang family.

But Prime Minister Wang refuses to accept his excuses. And warns Wu Qian that if anything happens to his daughter, he will have his entire family pay the price.

Wu Qian tries a different approach and heads towards the Wang family.

Hoping to get Princess Jinmin’s assistance.

But he’s blocked at the gates.

Meanwhile, Huanmi and her maid head towards the main courtyard.

Ruoqiu in green

Her maid, Ruoqiu, complains that her husband doesn’t treat her that well. And this marriage was never what she wished.

Because she was already in love with…

And Huanmi prevents her from completing that sentence.

So Ruoqiu changes the topic to more important things. She has yet to be pregnant while her husband is expecting a child from a concubine.

That will threaten Huanmi’s position as the legal wife.

But Huanmi thinks it’s fine because she didn’t expect much from this marriage anyways.

Ah so Duke Huan is Huanmi’s father

Is Huanmi aware that her father is working with Prince Zilu?

Then another maid delivers some snacks and complains about a disturbance at the front gates.

Princess Jinmin Finds Out

Someone from Huizhou wants to see Princess Jinmin. And Huanmi tells her maid to find a way to get her mother-in-law’s aide to see the person at the gates.

So Huanmi is also a white lotus too?

Later, Princess Jinmin and her aide see Wu Qian in person.

This guy just made the situation worse

She doesn’t know about A’wu’s disappearance and faints from the shock.

Meanwhile, A’wu sits across Xiaoye as Xiaoye eats her meal.

And Xiaoye wants to make it difficult for A’wu.

When Xiaoye’s colleague comes in with some soup, Xiaoye feels jealous when she hears it’s for their captive.

Then when Xiaoye decides to toss away the soup, A’wu locks the door behind her. And sets the place on fire.

Using this chance to escape.

Prime Minister Wang hears about his wife’s collapse and asks his son about it.

Then blames himself for letting Wu Qian go easily.

Wang Yisu asks if there’s any updates on A’wu and Prime Minister Wang shares that A’wu has been sent to Ningshuo.

So he’s already contacted Lord Yuzhang to save her.

But Wang Yisu wonders if he would do that. Since he left on the night of the wedding (implying he wants nothing to do with the Wang family).

His father clarifies that Lord Yuzhang has no choice now.

He’s on the same boat as them.

Later, Wang Yisu checks on his wife. But Ruoqiu reports that his wife is out visiting her family.

rebel princess episode 10 recap huanmi's disappearance

Suspicious…. why does Huanmi visit her family so often? She happened to come back when she heard that A’wu fell off the rooftop.

Decisions Made

It turns out Huanmi is having an affair with Zilu. Because she was originally in love with him before getting married to the Wang family.

Zilu promises Huanmi to wait for him. Because in a few days, she will be able to legitimately stand by his side.

And she believes him!???

Meanwhile, Zitan makes up his decision. He leaves for the capital because he needs more power to help A’wu.

And Jin-er follows him.

After escaping the room, A’wu hides near the outer walls of the outpost. Until someone sneaks up on her from behind. But turns around to two new faces.

I’m guessing these two are brother and sister?

Hu Guanglie and Hu Yao introduce themselves to A’wu. Then tell her that they are here to rescue her.

Under Lord Yuzhang’s orders.

However, it’s tough to move forward from their current location.

As their opponents have closed the gates and are planning to check out the situation from a higher viewpoint.

rebel princess episode 10 recap hu guanglie
Hu Guanglie on the left

So A’wu makes a tough decision, she tells Hu Guanglie and Hu Yao to report back to Lord Yuzhang.

About a plan that is directly aiming for his life.

Hu Guanglie and Hu Yao are reluctant to leave since they got this far. But A’wu leaves them no choice as she rushes back to her captors to distract them.

Hu Yao decides to stay while Hu Guanglie heads back to report to their lord.

Helan Zhen holds Xiaoye accountable for A’wu’s attempted escape. And orders someone to cut off one of her arms.

But A’wu steps in and takes responsibility for her own actions.

Convincing Helan Zhen to change his mind.

Changing Sides

In the evening, Wu Qian tells his wife that he’s made the situation worse. So he’s worried about keeping their lives.

Then all of a sudden, he hears a knock on his doors. And asks his wife to open it.

Ruoqiu shows up and offers a way out.

rebel princess episode 10 recap ruoqiu's offer

This guy is such a coward! He asked his wife to open the door, what if it was an assassin!???

So Wu Qian accepts and meets up with Duke Huan. Who introduces him to Prince Zilu.

Wu Qian promises to do anything if Prince Zilu can help him keep his life.

Meanwhile, Helan Zhen shares his backstory with A’wu.

How he was an illegitimate son ignored for most of his life until his birth father needed an heir.

And recalled his atrocious act that lead to Helan Zhen’s birth.

Sigh, Helan Zhen didn’t have it easy either.

Back in the palace, Xue Daoan tells the Emperor that Marquis Xie has weaved a trap for Xiao Qi.

If he succeeds, Xiao Qi will be dead and the Ningshuo army will fall into Xu Shou’s (the imperial envoy) hands.

And Zitan is on his way back to the capital.

Xue Daoan wonders when will this end. The Emperor comments that no matter how tough it is, he must see this to the end.

What does the Emperor consider the end game? Zitan taking over as Emperor? Eradication of the Wang family? Hmmm

Later in the evening, Xiaoye brings new clothes for A’wu to wear and offers to help fulfill her wishes.

As she owes her one.

rebel princess episode 10 recap xiaoye owes A'wu

A’wu chats with Xiaoye and sees how Xiaoye’s feelings towards Helan Zhen are unreciprocated.

And warns her that women cannot give away their feelings so easily. That makes them feel like their love is so cheap.

Xiaoye’s Role

Xiaoye doesn’t understand as she’s fine with how it is.

Later, she changes into A’wu’s clothes and styles her hair differently.

It turns out she will be pretend to be A’wu and when Xiao Qi rescues her, she will trigger the explosives on her belt.

When A’wu meets with Helan Zhen after changing clothes, she gets a belt as well.

As backup.

After helping A’wu put on the belt, he promises to bring her with him if they both survive tomorrow.

A’wu counters that he won’t be bringing back anything.

In Ningshuo, Xiao Qi’s soldiers wonder if they should assign more soldiers to protect their Lady.

Because Hu Yao might need more help.

But Xiao Qi stays quiet as Huaien and another soldier debate about it.

Meanwhile, Helan Zhen and his group are ready to set off.

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I wonder why Wang Yisu treats his wife so coldly. Does he know about her affair with Prince Zilu? Or know that she has an affair behind his back?

Because his mother has mentioned he’s been married to her for a few years now.

Hmm but if that was true, what would hold him back from divorcing her? And as for Huanmi, I wonder if she’s truly clever because she seems to accept Zilu’s promise so easily.

Has she forgotten that legally she’s Wang Yisu’s wife? How will Prince Zilu justify marrying her?

Wu Qian is such a cowardly person. I would have thought Prime Minister Wang chose his allies carefully.

Or does he think he’s outsmarted everyone? A’wu continues to hold out on her own in an unknown place with enemies at every corner.

From someone who was spoiled and pampered from birth, she adapted so well. I don’t think Wanru could do the same.

Loved how A’wu prioritized Xiao Qi’s safety first and asked Hu Guanglie and Hu Yao to report back about a scheme against him.

Her mind must have calculated the risks and rewards in that moment. Since the chances of escaping were slim.

As for Helan Zhen, I already expected a sad background story. It’s the bad boy with a soft heart who gets attracted to a woman who doesn’t fear him trope? I’ve seen it quite often XD

Can’t wait for the rescue operation in the next episode! What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 10?

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3 years ago

Oh man finally. I couldn’t remember which episode the affair got revealed in and kept feeling like I was biting my tongue waiting for you to say something.

So small theory. There’s generally parallel stories in literature, movies and shows and I think we are seeing one here with Huan Mi, Ma Yilu, and Wang Su as they compare to Awu, Ma Zitan, and Xiao Qi. The daughter of an official in love with a prince but forced to marry someone else. The husband who treats his wife coldly, at least at first in Awu’s case leaving her on their wedding, and the prince who doesn’t want to let them go. How said daughter chooses to adapt to the marriage or not adapt in Huan Mi’s case. The more we find out in the future about Huan Mi and Wang Su’s marriage the more it does mirror Awu and Xiao Qi’s marriage minus kidnappings at least the initial parts of it.
gah this show. I know this is still setting up pieces but next episode is going to be action before it slows down a bit again.

I also love how all of Xiao Qi’s generals are already protective of Awu even though they don’t know her yet. I’m starting to think Huiaen Song might be nursing a slight crush on his Prince’s woman though.

also I hate insomnia it sucks majorly. This is the second night in a row I’ve woken up at 2:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep at least I had your review to read. Episode 26 hasn’t dropped yet on the YouTube channel so I can’t watch that.

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