The Rebel Princess Episode 11 Recap

Princess Shangyang (aka Lady Yuzhang aka A’wu) rescue operation! In Rebel Princess episode 11! How does Xiao Qi plan on countering two different individuals colluding against him?

The Rebel Princess Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Xiao Qi sets off his counter measures when Xu Shou shows his true colors
  • Helan Zhen fails and A’wu gets rescued
  • Wanru sees Jin-er returning with Zitan and has her own plans

We finally get to see some action scenes! Which is a nice change of pace.

The action scenes look pretty good and I’m pleasantly surprised. Let’s discuss what happened in Rebel Princess episode 11!

Military Performance Parade

Hu Yao perches on a nearby cliff as she observes the situation. Helan Zhen and his group are setting off.

She sees Helan Zhen place a cap over “Princess Shangyang’s” shoulders. (But we know that’s Xiaoye).

rebel princess episode 11 recap hu yao guards
I don’t think we’ve seen Hu Yao fight yet T_T

Back in Ningshuo, Tang Jing reports to Xiao Qi that they are ready to set off.

I’m guessing the military field is some ways away from the city?

Just as the sun rises for the beginning of the day, Helan Zhen and his group get into position.

Right near the military compound where the performance is held.

A’wu blends in along with the group as she is wearing dark clothes as well.

Meanwhile, the Ningshuo army marches right into the compound and is ready to show off their might.

rebel princess episode 11 recap ningshuo army

Xiao Qi and his entourage arrive in tow as well. With the imperial envoy right beside him.

Back in the palace, Zitan kneels in front of the Emperor’s study hall. But the Emperor refuses to see him.

Empress Wang’s aide reports that the Emperor’s hysteria may be real. As he refused to see his favorite son.

But Empress Wang feels even more worried lately. Because she believes there’s someone else to be worried about.

Besides the Xie family and the Emperor.

rebel princess episode 11 empress wang's worries

At the military compound, Xiao Qi orders his soldiers to show off their might to repay the Emperor’s grace.

And they get into formation.

Showing off various strikes and different tactical battle formations.

When the soldiers pause for a bit, Xiao Qi invites the imperial envoy to ride on through.

Then once Xiao Qi gets a signal, the formation changes and encircles the envoy and his guards.

Helan Zhen Attacks

Imperial envoy Xu Shou tries to reason with the soldiers using his authority but it falls on deaf ears.

And he meets his end when bombs are thrown at him.

Just right outside, Helan Zhen tells his group to put the plan into action.

Black robed assassins burst out from the ground and from various other locations in the military compound.

Most of them target Xiao Qi but he easily puts them down.

But then someone calls out to Xiao Qi with a hostage. Claiming they have his wife.

It’s Xiaoye’s companion (who also has a crush on her).

He asks Xiao Qi if he dares to have a one-on-one match with him. So Xiao Qi inches closer.

While A’wu is struggling against Helan Zhen. She wants to tell Xiao Qi that it’s a trap but she can’t.

Both sides exchange arrows then Hu Yao attacks from the back. And stabs the captor.

And the hostage falls backward. So Xiao Qi dashes to catch her.

At the last moment, Hu Yao tells Xiao Qi the woman is a fraud and Xiao Qi tosses her to the side.

Xiaoye suffers an injury as she lands harshly on the ground. She’s surrounded and doesn’t want to be held captive.

So she pulls the cord and explodes instantly.

Xiao Qi looks stunned for a moment.

Was he relieved that it wasn’t her?

Before Helan Zhen arrives.

With his actual wife.

Helan Zhen wants Xiao Qi to open the gates to the other side. And he’s welcome to come after them.

But he must be alone.

So Xiao Qi issues the orders and Helan Zhen’s group takes off through the gates.

Pursuit and Rescue

After Helan Zhen’s group leaves, Xiao Qi takes off in pursuit alone. Despite Hu Yao, Huaien and many others warning him not to.

But Xiao Qi asks them to trust him.

Helan Zhen and his group keep moving forward until they reach a cliff with a narrow bridge.

It looks like they might be safe now.

rebel princess episode 11 recap narrow bridge
Don’t put your guard down….

But Helan Zhen looks around to be sure.

Seeing no one, he’s disappointed and tells A’wu that he didn’t think Xiao Qi was a coward.

If Xiao Qi doesn’t want her, he will gladly have her.

But A’wu warns him that if Xiao Qi doesn’t kill him, she will.

With her own two hands.

Suddenly, an arrow shoots down one of Helan Zhen’s companions.

Everyone else is alert and on their guard again.

More arrows fly and Helan Zhen grabs A’wu towards the bridge. As they make their way across it, Xiao Qi shows up on the opposite end.

Two of Helan Zhen’s companions rush over to fight Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi fights valiantly and takes them down.

While his soldiers take care the rest of Helan Zhen’s group.

It’s just Helan Zhen left.

But he hangs onto A’wu. Threatening to pull the cord for the explosives.

As Xiao Qi walks closer towards them. Helan Zhen makes up his mind to pull the trigger.

It’s interesting how he says he will grant the wishes of these two ill-fated lovers…

And fling himself and A’wu over the bridge.

But Xiao Qi moves quickly and slices off Helan Zhen’s arm so the cord remains with A’wu.

Stopping the potential explosion.

Helan Zhen falls into the chasm while Xiao Qi grabs A’wu by the hand. Saving her just in time.

Wanru discovers Jin-er’s Secret

Back in the capital, Wanru pays Zitan a visit. Because Zitan hasn’t been doing much other than being stuck at home and drinking.

Wanru complains that Zitan has yet to get revenge but he spends most of his time pining for the daughter of his enemy.

Then she hears a woman’s voice.

It’s Su Jin-er.

rebel princess episode 11 recap wanru visits

Wanru hears from the house servant, that Jin-er has followed Zitan this whole time.

Despite being a loyal servant of the Wang family.

Wanru tells the house servant to summon Jin-er. She wants to speak to her personally.

The wheels are turning in Wanru’s head….

When Jin-er and Wanru are all alone with each other, Wanru subtly pressures Jin-er to give her a good reason to stay.

Using the grudge between the Xie and Wang families as an excuse.

So Jin-er confesses that she’s wanted to stay by Zitan’s side. Ever since she was 15 years old.

To serve him forever.

rebel princess episode 11 recap jin-er's secret

Because she knows that her lowly background would prevent her from being anything else.

And since her mistress was going to marry the Third Prince anyways, she could continue to hold onto that dream.

But then things changed.

So she hopes Wanru could allow her to remain here. Just so she could stay by the Third Prince’s side.

The look on Wanru’s face tells me she’s going to use this Jin-er in her plans.

Recuperating in Ningshuo

Meanwhile, A’wu stirs awake. She winces in pain as she tries to move around and observe her surroundings.

In the back, Xiao Qi asks the doctor about her condition.

Then Xiao Qi notices that A’wu is awake and comes over.

Telling her that he owes her and if she’s willing, he would do everything he can to make it up to her.


But if she wants to leave, he will escort her back to the capital once she’s recovered.

Then Xiao Qi leaves to allow A’wu to rest.

But she calls him back to ask where she is. Xiao Qi replies and then a maid comes over with the medicine.

And Xiao Qi feeds it to her. Even though A’wu wanted to sit up and drink it herself.

He’s so patient with her!!!!

But she’s too weak to do so. So she opens her mouth to drink the medicine.

And Xiao Qi carefully feeds her with the spoon.

Until A’wu has had enough and closes her eyes to rest.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Wanru receives another gift from the Crown Prince.

But it doesn’t erase the fact that he did nothing when her family was in danger.

This girl holds grudges… Zilong you better watch out!

Her aide then brings up another topic. Wondering why she decided to help out Jin-er.

Wanru comments that this Jin-er wants what her mistress can’t have so she already disregards her mistress’ authority.

So she does plan on using her as a knife against A’wu!

In Ningshuo, Xiao Qi helps A’wu put medicine on her wounds. Again, he reminds her that she has a choice to stay or leave.

If she wants to leave, she must recover first.

Wanru’s Assistance

Wanru gives Jin-er a new set of clothes to bring out her beauty.

Commenting that Jin-er was a hidden beauty all along.

Then circles around her for another look.

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And she’s rescued! Hope A’wu can warm up to Xiao Qi after she gets to know him more.

He’s just so gentle with her! As if she could break in his rough hands that have wielded swords and killed enemies.

And this white lotus…

Wanru has been friends with A’wu for a loooong time. Has she been hiding her true personality the whole entire time? Or it was brought on after she got married to the Crown Prince?

Hmm, I feel like she was already shallow in the beginning so it didn’t take much. Besides was she truly rooting for Zitan and A’wu to be together?

Jin-er has no idea what Wanru is truly like and she’s basically getting used.

Sigh. This naive girl.

Any thoughts or comments about Rebel Princess episode 11? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

This was a good episode. I really loved how after he bombed the imperial envoy he’s just sitting there calm as you please talking about how dare some assassin come in and murder the imperial envoy and how they will hunt down all the assassins until they’ve found every last one. I’ll admit the first time I watched this episode his dry humor flew way over my head I was sitting there like dude your men killed the envoy what are you doing talking about assassins the Helan Zhen’s men showed up and I forgot about it.

I also loved Xiao Qi’s micro expressions and how they were able to convey so much without really changing a whole lot. From his worry for fake Awu’s safety, to fear that after Xiaoye killed herself Awu might already be dead, relief when he saw her alive with Helan Zhen’s lackey then harden with purpose when given those orders.

Also I’m gonna hide this under spoiler it’s not one more of a conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theory
I’ve watched the scene where Xiaoye falls over the side of the wall so many times and the thing that gets me is that there were only two fighters up there and they were sufficiently concerned enough about her to hopefully be conscious of her location to not accidentally knock her off and it looks like they were a fair distance from her when Hu Zhao ends the fight. Yet she still goes over the side. We also only see her falling backwards we don’t really see what led to her falling backwards. We hear her scream from the ground look up and see her fall backwards over the side of the tower. I have 2 theories. 1 Xiaoye deliberately does it which kind of makes sense given her mission was to kill Xiao Qi even if it meant her death. My second theory is where the conspiracy theory comes in. We get a lot of odd camera angles and shots of Hu Zhao that don’t appear to make sense and to my mind kind of make her look a little suspicious even though she hasn’t done anything suspicious yet. Long glances between siblings when Xiao Qi isn’t around but Awu is discussed, focusing on her reaction when Xiao Qi responds to her etc. it could be nothing or it could be she’s in love with him and jealous of Awu and perhaps deliberately pushed Xiaoye off the tower before she realized it was a fake Awu in hopes of killing her. She’s one of the few soldiers that has a name and is mentioned in the scant Wiki article talking about the show and listing main and supporting characters. Even by episode 30 she really hasn’t done much or talked much for me to consider her much of a supporting character which makes me think her role will evolve into more later in the series.

I absolutely love how different Xiao Qi is with Awu compared to their wedding. When their wedding happed he allowed her to shrug off his touch and have the maids help her through the ceremony rather than helping her himself. Now he’s insisting on being the one who helps her firmly but gently, feeding her, putting the medicine on her shoulder. Something has definitely changed for him and he wants it to change for her too. Don’t worry Awu is adaptable Xiao Qi just give her time.

Next episode is going to be more recovery but they will definitely clear the air between them in regards to the wedding. The truth will finallly be out then. Then it’s on to on of my favorite episodes 13 which will have yearning Xiao Qi, drunk Awu, flirting, assassins and 💕💕💕

Jin’er is such a silly little girl and Wanru is definitely going to take advantage of the naivety to attempt to hurt Awu. Zitan is such a silly little boy sometimes as well. I would say he gets better but as of episode 31 yeah not so much. Can’t wait to see what you think of the next episode.

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