The Rebel Princess Episode 12 Recap

A’wu has no idea what’s going on in the capital as she recuperates in Ningshuo! See how she adjusts to her new environment in Rebel Princess episode 12! Will she decide to stay or leave to head back to the capital?

The Rebel Princess Episode 12 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu recuperates in Ningshuo city and tries to adjust
  • Xiao Qi tells A’wu the honest truth to clear up misunderstandings
  • Zitan makes a big mistake

So many fans of this show are swooning over the male lead and feel like he sets their standards too high!

XD What do you think? Is Xiao Qi your type? Let know in the comments!

Anyways, let’s dive right in and discuss what happened in Rebel Princess episode 12!

A Drunken Mistake

After circling around Jin-er, Wanru tells Jin-er she has a gift for her. A scented satchel.

Telling her it contains the SAME scent that her mistress used to carry.

rebel princess episode 12 recap scented satchel
It’s like I bestow upon you the power to seduce away A’wu’s former love!

And Jin-er takes it into her hands. Knowing that the Third Prince will like it a LOT.

That night, Jin-er puts on some accessories to complete the look before heading over to the Third Prince.

I wonder what is going through this girl’s mind right now?

When Jin-er opens the doors to the Third Prince’s room, she sees him sitting on the floor.

Completely drunk.

So she helps him up while he murmurs she’s back.

A’wu is finally back.

Zitan then topples over Jin-er and the screen fades black.

Implying that they slept together that night.

Well, I hope Jin-er doesn’t regret her choice.

On the next day of court, the Emperor sits in his seat on the throne but he’s barely paying attention.

The Crown Prince, Zilong is overseeing matters of the court.

Zilong approves of a request to repair bridges that were near rivers that were continuously flooded recently.

Then a soldier rushes in to report that the Ningshuo army dealt with Helan Zhen and rescued the Shangyang princess.

And imperial envoy Xu Shou was a casualty of battle.

Oh I see what Xiao Qi did here…

Prince Zilu and Duke Huan share a brief look while Prime Minister Wang looks relieved.

And Zilong comments that he knew A’wu was blessed. Nothing would have happened to her anyway.

Then Zilong announces various gifts to help Lady Yuzhang’s recovery.

rebel princess episode 12 recap thankful

It’s interesting how Prime Minister Wang thanks the Emperor here, does he know he was a part of the kidnapping?

Adapting to Ningshuo

The Emperor suddenly chuckles to himself and Zilong dismisses court.

Everyone continues to believe that the Emperor is not in his right mind.

Two other parties obtain the news as well. Empress Wang and Princess Jinmin.

Empress Wang is relieved because she watched A’wu grow up personally. But comments that she wished A’wu would always remain as that little girl.

Meanwhile, Princess Jinmin gets a personal letter from her daughter.

And it’s like a rock has been lifted off her chest.

rebel princess episode 12 recap letter of good health

Princess Jinmin asks her son for confirmation. Because she cannot believe it.

So her son tells her to double-check the handwriting of the letter. It’s definitely A’wu’s handwriting.

But the penmanship looks weak. She knows that her daughter has suffered. And wishes she could take the burden off of her daughter’s shoulders.

In Ningshuo, a maid asks A’wu to wash her face and get dressed.

So A’wu gets up from her bed. But she wants to take a bath and asks for hot water.

The maid replies that water is usually used for cooking and hot water is only available on the the 5th of each month.

So they bathe only once a month.

A’wu asks if Lord Yuzhang also follows this rule. And the maid replies that if the soldiers get sweaty they will sometimes bathe in the river.

A’wu lets the information sink in. She didn’t know that Ningshuo was like this.

The maids are also very meek when replying as if A’wu would eat them XD

Afterwards, the maids present a set of new clothes for A’wu to wear. But they all look so tacky.

Someone named Xing-er had them sent over.

Learning about Ningshuo

A’wu comments that these clothes would usually be worn by her brother’s maids.

So she tosses it aside while the maid in front of her pleads for mercy.

Then introduces herself as Yuxiu when asked.

Yuxiu, 16yrs old

She reminds her of Jin-er and A’wu wonders if she’s okay.

Back at Zitan’s residence, Zitan realizes he’s made a grave mistake.

And doesn’t know how to respond to Jin-er.

But then a servant replies that the Shangyang princess has been rescued. And she’s now safe and sound.

Ignoring the woman he had a one-night stand with, Zitan takes off.

Ohhh burnnnn.

After A’wu gets dressed, she walks around the Ningshuo garrison while Yuxiu follows after her.

Commenting how the ladies in the capital would wear such colorful clothing. Making it feel like spring year round.

But Ningshuo is not the same.

Yuxiu tells A’wu that she’s never been in the capital. So A’wu promises to take her with her if she returns.

Then Yuxiu realizes that her lady isn’t that strict after all. Because this whole time, she’s been hanging her head down.

And usually Xing-er calls the shots around here.

A’wu wonders who Xing-er is.

Taking Over as Lady of the House

Xing-er on the right, Yi-er on the left

Some maids from earlier return the clothes back to Xing-er and tell her that Lady Yuzhang thinks they are tacky.

Xing-er scoffs and then decides to wear these clothes and accessories herself.

Ohhh, someone has made themselves home. Who is this girl??

Meanwhile, A’wu continues to stroll around and chats with Yuxiu. Asking questions about Lord Yuzhang.

What he usually does, where he sleeps and his hobbies.

Then hearing the answers, A’wu thinks he’s a boring person.

rebel princess episode 12 xiao qi is boring
Hahaha wifey thinks hubby is boring

Xing-er and her friend stroll over and come across the woman they have yet to meet, Lady Yuzhang.

So the two rush over to greet her.

Yi-er makes a hasty bow while Xing-er does it slow. Trying to prove that she knows the etiquette from the capital.

Ah but Xing-er forgets that women in the capital are used to two-face women and their schemes.

A’wu is unimpressed and notices that Xing-er is wearing the earrings she passed on.

But instead of commenting on that, A’wu wonders why Xing-er was full of smiles and laughter.

When she put a rule up not to do so?

And Xing-er replies that the rule was for the servants.

So A’wu asks about Xing-er’s role here.

When Xing-er replies that she’s in-charge of the miscellaneous tasks, A’wu comments that she’s missing a clever servant.

Who can assist Yuxiu.

But Xing-er then counters that she’s one of the Lord’s maids.

Implying that she’s not hers to command.

And A’wu asks Yuxiu for confirmation.


She tells the two to report to her tomorrow.

Lord Yuzhang’s Stance

Madam Lu bursts into A’wu’s living quarters with Yi-er and Xing-er in tow.

But Yuxiu stops her. Saying that her Lady is currently resting.

Madam Lu warns her that once Lady Yuzhang leaves for the capital, she won’t be able to hold her head high anymore.

A’wu eventually hears them argue and informs Yuxiu to let her guests wait.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi discusses military matters with Huaien and Tang Jing. They’re aware that the various lords are eager to rush into the capital.

Seeing that the Emperor is ill.

Then Madam Lu intrudes. Informing Xiao Qi that his wife wants Yi-er and Xing-er as maids to serve her.

He tells her to do as his wife asks.

Not knowing that this wasn’t the response they wanted.

Madam Lu in the center, she’s like “say what?”

Madam Lu tries to argue but Tang Jing intimidates her to follow the orders. So the group reluctantly takes off.

And Xiao Qi thinks out loud again. He orders Tang Jing and Huaien to put tabs on each of the royal relatives.

Things are starting to get interesting.

Back in the capital, Zilong gets reports that his royal uncle, Lord Jianning is heading towards the capital.

With 150,000 troops. Under the excuse of visiting the ill Emperor.

Zilong doesn’t know what to do.

And Prime Minister Wang isn’t around.

Getting to Know Each Other

Xiao Qi finds some time to check up on A’wu and it’s obvious the two are awkward with each other.

But Xiao Qi takes the initiative and offers A’wu to take a stroll with him.

A’wu goes back to addressing Xiao Qi as “milord” when the two have a brief chat.

Then when the soldiers see their Lady for the first time, they greet her enthusiasm and Xiao Qi apologies for their breach of etiquette.

But A’wu doesn’t mind.

As the two continue to walk around, Xiao Qi tells A’wu about Ningshuo and A’wu recalls her grandmother’s teachings.

About the importance of Ningshuo. It borders Hulan and Liupan.

Outside forces that eye the capital.

But Liupan has already been eradicated by Xiao Qi. And Xiao Qi wonders if A’wu heard that from Helan Zhen.

Xiao Qi tells her that for the past few days he was escorting Helan Zhen back to Hulan.

Because of the current situation.

He clarifies that the Hulan King has no legitimate heir. But there’s Helan Zhen, an illegitimate son and a nephew raised like a son, Helan Tuo.

Helan Tuo had his soldiers pretend to be the Ningshuo army and eliminated Liupan.

A great excuse for retaliating against the Cheng kingdom.

So if Helan Tuo and Helan Zhen were to fight, he can sit on the sidelines.

A’wu realizes her husband is no ordinary person.

And can’t help retort that both she and Helan Zhen are just being played by him.

A’wu finally reveals what she thinks of him. And Xiao Qi counters that she cannot handle the truth.

But A’wu comments that she’s not that weak.

Cold, Hard Truth

That night, Xiao Qi asks for confirmation first before revealing the truth.

The real reason why she was forced to marry him.

After Xiao Qi reveals the truth, A’wu is stunned. She cannot believe that her father would do this to her.

The father who doted on her endlessly would use her as a pawn for military power?

rebel princess episode 12 recap harsh truth

A’wu chokes up and wants some time alone.

So Xiao Qi tells her that he will be right outside before getting up to leave. Just when he reaches the door, A’wu calls his name.

He turns back and gingerly holds her to his chest.

To comfort her.

After wiping away her tears, Xiao Qi tells A’wu that from this moment onwards, she is his wife.

Someone who will live and die with him. So he forbids her from being weak.

rebel princess episode 12 recap showing weakness

Awww, the misunderstanding is cleared up!

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Wang calls out to his son when he sees him leaving from the side courtyard.

Warning him that he must consider his priorities. The first grandson of the Wang family must be born from his legal wife, Huanmi.

Not a concubine.

rebel princess episode 12 recap warning on a son

And besides Duke Huan is in the capital. They cannot risk offending him when there are so many other forces at play.

They need his support.

Lady Yuzhang

Huanmi meets up with Prince Zilu again but this time using a jewelry shop as a cover.

In case anyone investigates. And when she returns to the Wang mansion, Wang Yisu comments that she’s been out of the house lately.

When she counters with a reasonable excuse, Wang Yisu wonders if that’s truly the case.

Because she takes the job of a first wife so seriously.

rebel princess episode 12 recap wang yisu's suspicions

Huanmi’s response angers Wang Yisu and the latter takes off.

Meanwhile, A’wu asks Yuxiu about Madam Lu’s background and the other two girls.

And she finally understands why the girls have been acting as if they own the place.

When Madam Lu visits, A’wu calmly takes ahold of the situation.

She tells Madam Lu to take the girls away.

Madam Lu thanks her for her grace.

But A’wu adds additional context. The girls are to be banished from the garrison.

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Oh Zitan, you bailed again when things got tough. And this time, it’s because you had a one-night stand with Jin-er!

What kind of man are you??

Obviously not a man, but a little boy wearing the skin of a grown man. Meanwhile, A’wu is learning about her husband and seeing how different he is from men in her life.

Her brother, her childhood sweetheart, etc.

When the two finally clear up the misunderstanding between them, I can see A’wu starting to warm up to him a bit. It’s a start.

The soldiers were so cute to welcome her like that. The greeting in Chinese is “Wangfei weiwu” and I would translate that as “Milady is almighty.”

I’m sure the soldiers know that their Lord doesn’t associate himself with women much so the one he chooses must be special.

Love how A’wu is showing her authority! Madam Lu and company don’t know who they’re dealing with. A’wu is no pushover!

I’m surprised Huanmi isn’t caught yet. We don’t know how long the affair has been going on. Assume it’s been awhile?

How does Yisu NOT know?? I guess it’s because he doesn’t care?

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 12? Leave a comment below!

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Karla Camarillo
Karla Camarillo
3 years ago

2nd night of binge watching this drama of my queen Zhan Ziyi. First time seeing one of her Dramas. Can you guys recommend more of her dramas? I’ve only seen every movie of her. Michelle Yao too please.

Karla Camarillo
Karla Camarillo
3 years ago

I think he’s turning a blind eye so she can dig her own grave and take 2nd Prince with her.

3 years ago

Drunk me hopes sober me has something to read in the morning. Happy Saturday!

3 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Drunk me should not have access to the internet.😅😅😅😅. Sorry bout that hope you had a great weekend regardless of my weird ramblings. I thought I kept them to tumblr but apparently not.

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Lol cards with my cousins. The fact that I live across the street, ergo I don’t have to drive means I can drink as much as I want. It was a good time. Of course I was also a good girl who drank lots of water so other than a slightly sour stomach I was good. I’m a happy drunk but I probably should have had someone confiscate my tech. At least I didn’t drunk text or call anyone.

Chris Cross
Chris Cross
3 years ago

One of my fave “early” eps : the cold hard truth spoken by the seemingly cold – but very warm & perceptive – general. Since then I ship this couple, especially the mature guy here, Xiao Qi. Two thumbs up!

3 years ago

Guess what struck again lol. I was having a good couple of days too. Oh well.

I live for Awu’s culture shock, she’s very much pampered city girl exposed to rustic country living for the first time and it just kills me. Initially she’s all about how bleak and different it is there compared to the capital but then later when she’s able to look out from her window it’s like she’s seeing it from a different angle a different light. The thing is Awu will likely thrive in the more unrestrained setting of the country given what we’ve seen of her personality which can only help in getting her to warm up to her “boring” husband. Wannabe concubines don’t have anything on Awu and she saw that play coming from a mile away and axed that in its tracks which is awesome.

Xiao Qi is definitely more my type than the typical almost ethereally handsome leads that Chinese dramas cast. He’s more rugged and it’s easier for me to picture him as a general than say the actor who played Yang Jian in Queen Dugu, he was a bit too pretty for my tastes and probably why I didn’t enjoy that drama as much as others.

Zitan is a little boy who doesn’t want to face reality. He’d rather live in dreams than acknowledge the real world or the dirty things people need to do to get what they want in life. I mean I’m no fan of Zilu but when faced with the woman he loved being married off to someone else he started planning how to effectively get her back and revenge in the process, decided the best way was to become emperor himself and began working towards that goal. Zitan like Yuanruo in Minglan has never had to work for anything in his life and folded like a deck of cards at his first crisis and doesn’t seem to be able to come out of it.

As for Huanmi I think a part of the reason why she hasn’t been found out is in part because YiSu doesn’t care but also because she times things well when the house is messy and busy with other things. It’s mentioned in earlier episode I think that she’s not around when there’s a crisis or comes late. We actually see her create a mess in the house by allowing Jinmin to find out about Awu’s kidnapping so she can slip away unnoticed.

Next episode our OTP finally comes full circle in a way. I can’t wait to see your reaction to that episode especially since

They are getting ready to go their separate ways again for a couple of episodes, will reunite for one measly episode then spend several more episodes apart up to episode 28. The separation angst gah 😫

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