The Rebel Princess Episode 13 Recap

Love how A’wu showed the wannable concubines their place! She’s not planning on sharing her husband with anyone else. How will Xiao Qi win over her heart though? Let’s find out in Rebel Princess episode 13!

The Rebel Princess Episode 13 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu decides to accept her marriage and move on from Zitan
  • Xiao Qi takes A’wu out on a date
  • Various parties have different thoughts about Lord Jingning’s arrival

After this episode, we switch back to the action and politics. So less time for fluffy romance. T_T

Anyways, onwards to Rebel Princess episode 13!

Panicking Crown Prince

Madam Lu shows up with Li-er and Xing-er kneeling in front of A’wu’s room. But when A’wu leaves her room, she ignores them.

She showed them their place, hahaha

rebel princess episode 13 recap wannabe concubines

Later that night, Yuxiu helps A’wu get ready for the night and notices Xiao Qi standing outside again.

She informs her Lady and then points out that it’s been the 4th night.

A’wu doesn’t know how to face him after hearing the truth.

She needs more time.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Crown Prince Zilong is out of ideas. And desperately needs help against Lord Jianning.

When Prime Minister Wang arrives, Crown Prince Zilong shares his ideas. If they cannot fight off or intimidate Lord Jianning, then he will offer treasures and money.

And if that doesn’t work, then he wants to offer a less powerful regent-like position to his uncle.

And this is why Zilong wouldn’t be a competent Emperor. What makes you think that this uncle wouldn’t ask for more if he was easily satisfied this time?

Prime Minister Wang tells Zilong that this wouldn’t work.

And while Zilong continues to panic, Empress Wang tells him to listen to Prime Minister Wang.

Prime Minister Wang’s main concern is that there are too many coincidences. Xu Shou’s collaboration with the Hulan illegitimate prince, and now Lord Jianning’s “visit.”

Zilong wonders what to do and asks his mother.

Of course, this triggers Prime Minister Wang to get frustrated. Because this is NOT the attitude a Crown Prince should have.

Empress Wang placates her brother then asks him to clarify what he plans to do.

Prime Minister Wang has already ordered Xiao Qi to head over to a town that’s close to the capital.

If they lose that town, Lord Jianning will gain access to the capital easily.

Moving On

Back in Ningshuo, A’wu sees that her latest meal contains some meat dishes. But there’s no wine to go with them.

Yuxiu will find a way to get her Lady some wine.

Later that evening, Xiao Qi practices his swordsmanship, thinking about A’wu and how she appeared in his life.

It looks like something has changed for him.

And he has come to accept it.

While A’wu enjoys the wine Yuxiu has obtained for her.

She also encourages Yuxiu to drink with her as well. But Yuxiu doesn’t even hold a candle to her.

As Yuxiu gets a little tipsy after a few cups.

The two chat for a bit as A’wu gets to learn about Yuxiu. How her mother and father are both gone.

T_T poor Yuxiu

After Yuxiu passes out on the table, A’wu comments to herself that she wishes her father would beat her instead of lying to her.

A’wu continues to drink by herself and recalls the good times with Zitan, not knowing that Xiao Qi has come over to her side.

Hearing her say goodbye to Zitan.

rebel princess episode 13 recap goodbye zitan

Xiao Qi considers something for a moment then carries A’wu back to her room in his arms.

He tries to undress her so she could sleep more comfortably but in a drunken stupor, A’wu tries to fight back.

She wants to know who Xiao Qi is to her.

And Xiao Qi realizes that A’wu is still on guard against him. After letting her vent her frustrations to him, Xiao Qi comforts her like he would a child.

When A’wu asks again what he is to her, she ends up passing out on Xiao Qi’s lap.

While Xiao Qi slowly whispers that he is her husband, whether she accepts him or not.

Because he’s already accepted it.

rebel princess episode 13 recap xiao qi's fated person

Prince Zilu’s Concerns

Prince Zilu heads over to Duke Huan’s residence to discuss the latest changes that are currently happening.

Wondering if Lord Jianning would help or hinder his plans. But Duke Huan reassures him, IF Lord Jianning wins against the Ningshuo army, he will support Prince Zilu on the throne.

Which baffles Prince Zilu.

Why would Lord Jianning do that?

Duke Huan tells Prince Zilu that there is a reason for this. And it’s not time yet.

rebel princess episode 13 recap prince zilu's concerns

Hmm there’s secrets here?

Meanwhile, Xie Yuan’s underling reports that he will make another attempt at Xiao Qi’s life.

Even though the first attempt failed.

Because he has bribed some of the soldiers in the Ningshuo army this time and as long as Xiao Qi leaves the military camp.

He will die.

Uhh, did these guys forget about Xiao Qi’s achievements? He’s not an easy person to kill….

Xie Yuan looks pleased and promises his underling that if they succeed this time, he will be the next general of the Ningshuo army.

Madam Lu changes her tune when she reports to A’wu that both Li-er and Xing-er are placed at their new living arrangements.

Commenting that it’s the servants’ blessing when their mistress is benevolent.

But then Madam Lu points out that A’wu has been sleeping separately from their Lord.

So A’wu subtly warns her of her place.

And Madam Lu backs down.

Later, A’wu heads over to the study room just as Xiao Qi finishes issuing his orders.

Commenting that his soldiers don’t have any etiquette.

While Xiao Qi counters, wondering if she’s picky again because she’s not drunk.

A Date on the Prairie

A’wu allows him to come closer to take a sniff if there’s any alcohol scent on her.

Hmm it’s like A’wu is offering Xiao Qi to get to know her, this playful banter between them is so cute!

Xiao Qi tells A’wu that there’s a letter from her father but he will give it to her later.

He wants to take her somewhere first.

So the two of them head to the stables. A’wu can pick her horse.

She uses a special whistle technique to pick a horse.

The horse is like m’lady you called? XD

And a white horse turns its head.

She will take that one.

Xiao Qi is surprised A’wu knows how to whistle like that.

While A’wu counters that she can probably do almost anything he can. Minus fighting and leading soldiers.

Hahaha a match made in heaven!

The two take off riding their horses in the wide, unrestrained prairie.

Enjoying the scenery and the open grasslands.

rebel princess episode 13 recap prairie date

In the distance, there are the mountains where the snow falls year land. It’s said that God lives on the top of the mountain.

A’wu challenges Xiao Qi a race and takes off with Xiao Qi following close behind.

After being cooped up in the palace, I’m sure A’wu enjoys this experience.

Xiao Qi ends up winning because A’wu gets winded.

And Xiao Qi takes her by the hand and leads her somewhere. Because they will need to spend the night out on the prairie.

He takes her to a nomadic festival. And the nomads warmly welcome them to enjoy the festival.

rebel princess episode 13 recap hulan festival

Assassination Attempt

The two help themselves to a seat and enjoy the food served to them. Then a young woman comes over in front of Xiao Qi with a bowl of wine.

Asking him for a dance. But Xiao Qi tells the young woman to ask A’wu for permission.

And A’wu denies he request. Telling the young woman that this man is her husband.

She praises A’wu for being open about it and then gets up to leave. But a nomadic man stops her to drink the wine and grabs her hand to dance.

So Xiao Qi explains the custom. If a man on the prairie accepts a woman’s invitation to dance, they become lovers.

A’wu takes Xiao Qi to go dance.


And the two spend the night there.

The next day, Xiao Qi and A’wu ride on Xiao Qi’s black horse and talk about future travels.

But then they get pursued by assassins.

Once they reach some dense trees in a small forest, Xiao Qi temporarily leaves A’wu in a corner while he fends off the attackers.

rebel princess episode 13 recap a'wu hides

Xiao Qi takes down the first group of assassins but more are on the way, so he gives instructions to his horse to take off.

While he takes A’wu to hide.

The second group of assassins follow the horses and take off in a different direction.

Later, Xiao Qi takes A’wu to a nearby camping area. He starts to make the fire but A’wu has a lighter with her.

And where was she hiding it!???

rebel princess episode 13 recap campfire

After the fire is made, Xiao Qi stares a A’wu with gaze full of yearning.

Then tugs her close while rubbing her hand. As if asking permission.

Seeing no rejection, Xiao Qi goes in for a passionate kiss.

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Oh my gawd, great moments in this episode! I can’t help but grin widely at the kiss at the end of the episode!

Xiao Qi being such a gentleman, slowly wooing A’wu’s heart. A’wu moving on from Zitan knowing that she’s a married woman now.

The flirting on the prairie. XD Love how A’wu asked about wolves on the prairie and when Xiao Qi replied that there weren’t any except for this one man.


When A’wu said that she was so happy out here, she probably realizes that being away from the capital has it’s own perks.

I mean I got hints of how she felt trapped as a daughter of a noble family. She had similar plans with Zitan of wanting to travel the world with him. And away from the capital politics.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Zilong is showing Prime Minister Wang again and again why he should NOT be the emperor.

He wanted to give his royal uncle who is about to storm the capital money and riches? Just to send him away?

What’s to stop this uncle from using the funds to build an even bigger army?

I wanted to smack Zilong right then and there (I’m sure the Prime Minister wanted to do so too).

Duke Huan tells Zilu that his uncle would support him? Strange, something is up there.

Guess we’ll find out soon what the secret is. What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 13?

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rebel princess fan
rebel princess fan
6 months ago

The white horse that Awu picked is an important note because later on in the biggest battle with the imperial army, Yuzhang almost dies and somehow the horse is left alone in the stable and senses something is wrong and then breaks free and gallops all the way to the mountains to help him win the battle. There was a cute scene between Yuzhang’s horse and Awu’s. I think if I remember the horses kiss each other lol

Chris Cross
Chris Cross
3 years ago

Great scenes, great ep! 😁

3 years ago

Yes! I loved this episode. Just gah all the flirting and the yearning. Awu wanting reassurance from Xiao Qi because after finding out the truth poor baby has been pretty much been betrayed by everyone what’s to say Xiao Qi won’t betray her too. Xiao Qi not initially realizing it until Awu keeps coming back to him abandoning her on their wedding night, I think that’s when it started to click that she wasn’t being stand offish just because she sees him as some beast who conspired with her father but because he’s now just one more person in a long line of people who left her behind. The next episode Awu is going to come out and basically call him on abandoning her but still the light is starting to come on which is part of the reason why I think he changes his approach.

Zilong how absolutely useless you are, then again Zitan isn’t going to prove to be much better and while Zilu will likely prove he has what it takes there will be reasons to show that he’s not only wouldn’t be a good emperor either but can’t be emperor. I feel for the poor emperor. I mean

I know I should be mad at him because he’s behind the attacks on Awu and Xiao Qi, but that’s because he thinks he has no choice. Quite honestly I would love to see a story where someone has him make the choice to back Awu and Xiao Qi instead as it would help him greatly in later episodes but still at the time he doesn’t know how loyal Xiao Qi and Awu herself are to him and the empire. He’s going on the assumption that when the chips are down they’ll side with Wang Lin and in order to protect the throne for he thinks Zitan at this point, idiot boy will screw that pooch royally later showing that while Zilong is an epic failure he’d be just as bad if not worse, he needs to get rid of them. He thinks he needs to make a choice Zitan or Awu.

next episode we find out just how thorough the general is when it comes to hunting for a traitor, more cute moments between our couple which I adored, and then separation.

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