The Rebel Princess Episode 14 Recap

Sigh and right after some fluffy romantic moments, our favorite pairing must part. What’s coming up next for Rebel Princess episode 14?

The Rebel Princess Episode 14 Recap Highlights:

  • Xiao Qi investigates his servants to see who released his whereabouts
  • Prime Minister Wang and Wang Yisu visit Duke Huan
  • A’wu leaves Xiao Qi to return to the capital

A’wu and Xiao Qi are so cute together! I can’t wait to see them take down their foes as a power couple! ^^

But one step at a time, what happens in Rebel Princess episode 14? Let’s find out!

Investigating the Spy

The next day, soldiers from the Ningshuo army show up to escort Xiao Qi and A’wu back to Ningshuo.

As soon as they return, all the servants are dragged off to the prison. And when A’wu walks through the prison, all the servants cry out to her.

Saying that they’ve been wronged.

Including Madam Lu and Yuxiu.

rebel princess episode 14 recap yuxiu

A’wu sees Yuxiu pleading and swearing that she would never betray her.

So A’wu orders the guards around her to open the cage so she can question Yuxiu.

At the same time, Huaien interrogates Madam Lu. Who points out that it must be Yuxiu.

Unconvinced, Huaien gets closer and intimidates Madam Lu. And the latter continues to rant off.

How she knows the protocols around here and how she would never betray their Lord.

People who talk the most are the most suspicious… hmm….

Then Huaien questions Madam Lu about her husband. Would she reveal the whereabouts to her own husband?

rebel princess episode 14 recap huaien
Huaien is pretty creepy and intimidating here

Madam Lu pales and stutters. While Huaien takes his sword and places it upon her neck.

On the other side, A’wu decides to let Yuxiu go with her. Even though some guards inform here that all servants must be questioned.

Then Huaien reports that Madam Lu confessed.

She had her own reasons.

Later, Xie Yuan’s underling tries to escape Ningshuo but Xiao Qi’s soldiers surround him.

rebel princess episode 14 recap hu guanglie
Hu Guanglie is like… I caught you…. XD

Letter from the Capital

In the evening, A’wu tells her maids to pack up appropriate clothing. Because they won’t be needing certain ones as they head down south.

And Xiao Qi walks in, slowly hugging A’wu from the back.

Then asking her why she’s packing.

She believes she’s coming with him as he heads down south to fight off the rebels.

But he has other news for her.

rebel princess episode 14 recap other news

Xiao Qi doesn’t know how to break it to her and A’wu’s insecurities flare up again.

Will he abandon her again?

But then Xiao Qi presents the letter he mentioned previously (before they took off for their date).

It’s a letter from her father in the capital.

A’wu’s mother is not feeling that well.

Later when it’s just the two of them, Xiao Qi tells A’wu that he doesn’t want her to regret.

Even if the news could be fake.

Ha, A’wu’s views on her father are changing.

So she will go back to the capital.

Then Xiao Qi reveals that they have caught the main instigator of the latest assassination.

Du Meng.

After confronting Du Meng in the jail cell, A’wu wonders who’s possibly behind all this.

Xu Shou, Du Meng.

Putting the pieces together, these two people only move on the Emperor’s orders.

But it’s impossible. Her royal uncle loves her the most.

rebel princess episode 14 recap royal emperor

Xiao Qi then chimes in, commenting that the current Emperor is not in the right state of mind.

So it could be someone else.

And A’wu wants to hang onto this thought.

But Xiao Qi doesn’t want to dwell on this too much because there are a lot of people who want to kill him.

For military power.

A’wu wonders why she’s getting targeted though.

And Xiao Qi chuckles first before explaining. It’s because they are now on the same boat.

Visiting Duke Huan

Prime Minister Wang, Wang Yisu and Huanmi head over to Duke Huan’s residence in the capital.

rebel princess episode 14 recap visiting duke huan

And they brought gifts with them.

As Duke Huan leads the group through his residence, Prime Minister Wang compliments the place.

But then Huanmi interjects to excuse herself. She won’t be drinking with them.

A minor banquet celebration is held within the residence and both Prime Minister Wang and Duke Huan exchange drinks.

While Wang Yisu just enjoys the performance of the dancer in front of them.

Huanmi heads over to a secluded location and Prince Zilu grabs her from behind.

She eagerly greets him.

Seriously girl!??? You are pushing it! You could get caught here!

Meanwhile, Wang Yisu gets so absorbed with watching the dancer that he loses his decorum.

But then asks to be excused so he can check on his wife.

As if he and Huanmi are a loving couple.

So he’s excused.

While Prime Minister Wang and Duke Huan have things to discuss. After Wang Yisu leaves, Duke Huan promises to help his in-laws.

Looking a bit drunk and tipsy, Wang Yisu stumbles along until he finds Huanmi’s maid, Ruoqiu.

Standing guard right in front of a room.

Ruoqiu, in case you forgot what she looks like

Moving Out of the Wang Residence

Ruoqiu greets Wang Yisu loud enough so Prince Zilu and Huanmi inside are aware that Wang Yisu is just outside.

Huanmi begs Prince Zilu to hide so the affair will be hidden. But the latter is reluctant.

He’s still a prince after all.

When Wang Yisu decides to barge in, Prince Zilu hides under the bed. Even when Wang Yisu attempts to r*pe Huanmi.

Prince Zilu has his own issues…

Prince Zilu grits his teeth and continues to stay hidden even though it’s utterly shameful to do so while his woman is being attacked.

Huanmi struggles and slaps some sense into Wang Yisu.

Who then leaves in frustration.

Meanwhile Princess Jinmin visits the local temple, praying for sins. But this isn’t just a one-time visit.

She plans on staying.

Her aide complains that her mistress has never suffered so. This temple is so simple and lacks the necessities she’s used to.

rebel princess episode 14 recap princess jinmin moves out

Princess Jinmin doesn’t believe so and doesn’t mind.

This is all for the best.

Prime Minister Wang gets informed that his wife won’t be returning for a while.

Meanwhile, A’wu stays up late with needle and thread. She decides to embroider something for Xiao Qi.

The next morning, A’wu helps Xiao Qi put it on.

Pretty sure it’s dangerous to be fighting with a flowy cape

He comments that this is the first time anyone has ever embroidered anything for him. So A’wu promises that this won’t be the last time.

So cute!

The two share a smile before Xiao Qi makes a promise of his own. What they currently have now will be forever.

Basically re-assuring A’wu that he would never abandon her and forsake her?

A’wu repeats his promise and the two share a kiss.

Setting Off to the Capital

Prime Minister Wang makes a late night visit to the temple and visits his wife.

But she refuses to see him in person.

So they chat with a wall between them.

Princess Jinmin refuses to go back with her husband because she knows his ambition and yet feels like she’s betrayed her maternal family.

rebel princess episode 14 recap princess jinmin's sins

Prime Minister Wang believes his wife will understand him one day and he leaves.

Back in Ningshuo, Xiao Qi escorts A’wu to her carriage. She will be escorted by Huaien back to the capital.

And Yuxiu is accompanying her.

A’wu confesses to Xiao Qi that she will miss this place and him even more.

The two share a brief hug before A’wu steps onto the carriage.

Then the Ningshuo army salute their Lady.

Gahhh these soldiers are so cute! Sending off their Lady

And A’wu is truly touched.

This place has become her home.

Guilt from the Past

Back in the palace, the Crown Prince reports to his mother that Zitan has yet to show up.

For a family dinner. Despite several invitations.

Moments later, Zitan shows up late and Zilong reprimands him.

While the Emperor speaks to someone off to the side, as if someone is there.

But there’s no one.

Empress Wang looks a little nervous and wonders who the Emperor is speaking to.

So the Emperor responds that it’s Zitan’s mother, Noble Consort Xie.

Empress Wang can’t help but look over as well and sees her image pointing at her.

She screams and then throws something over to the empty seat before leaving in a frenzy.

Some mind games here….

Everyone else has such odd expressions while the dinner continues.

That night, a storm rages while Empress Wang seeks counsel with her brother.

Confessing that she saw Noble Consort Xie today.

Prime Minister Wang tells Empress Wang not to scare herself because they are so CLOSE.

And the Emperor is not a threat because he has gone mad.

But Empress Wang feels like there’s something off, she’s known her husband for a long time. It doesn’t feel like the Emperor is truly crazy.

It doesn’t matter because Prime Minister Wang will finish him off in the future. They still need him to deal with Lord Jianning.

That night, Empress Wang struggles to sleep while the Emperor gets notified that his brother, Lord Jianning is heading towards the capital.

At first he wonders who it is before his aide clarifies, and he shows no reaction.

While sitting right in front of the mute and deaf taoist.

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The Emperor is playing such a difficult game of Chess, pretending to be crazy while making his own plans.

Empress Wang has a hunch as she has known her husband for years yet her brother constantly reminds her that the Emperor has gone crazy.

Prime Minister Wang’s cleverness may be his own downfall.

A’wu is jumping back into the fray again but I think she would rather stay away from the capital IF she knew what was going on.

It’s such a mess in the capital and all the various forces are starting to move. To take advantage of the situation.

And so our couple has to be apart for awhile, sigh.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 14? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I really enjoyed this episode because it was so domestic. Her sleeping on his lap, him comforting her about the letter from her father, them laughing together over the assassination attempt, her sewing him a cloak, them making vows to each other then kissing, and then the goodbye scene. I cherish these episodes that are so domestic and heartwarming. I just have this feeling we are heading for a more bittersweet ending then the happy ever after we got with Minglan. I hope I’m wrong but the way the last few episodes have played out well no spoilers but there… Read more »

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