The Rebel Princess Episode 15 Recap

Gahh this is what happens when I try to recap a show that’s already streaming! I’m torn between watching and keeping up with the recaps. T_T A’wu starts to take charge in Rebel Princess episode 15!

The Rebel Princess Episode 15 Recap Highlights:

  • Huaien escorts A’wu into Huizhou and Wu Qian greets them but something feels wrong
  • Duke Huan reveals Prince Zilu’s true origins
  • A’wu recruits a valuable ally

We start to see just some more reasons why Prime Minister Wang wished A’wu was a son.

Because she’s just THAT awesome! Without further adieu, let’s jump right into Rebel Princess episode 15!

Arriving at Huizhou

In Ningshuo, the Ningshuo army is ready to set off for the south.

And takes off with Xiao Qi leading in the front.

rebel princess episode 15 recap setting off to the south

Meanwhile, a shadow guard reports to Prince Zilu how Lord Yuzhang has set off to defend the south against Lord Jianning.

After some consideration, Zilu compiles some messages for both Wu Qian and Lord Jianning.

Hmm I wonder what he is up to

A’wu and her group make their way towards Huizhou but A’wu doesn’t look that happy.

She wonders if Jin-er is doing well since they separated. Yuxiu comforts her.

She’s confident that Jin-er is fine.

Moments later, they arrive in front of the gates to Huizhou. And Wu Qian greets them.

rebel princess episode 15 recap huizhou arrival

He apologizes for the kidnapping incident from last time and welcomes A’wu into the city as Lady Yuzhang.

Leading her and her group to their quarters.

After passing through the center of town and encountering a fork in the road, Wu Qian has another guard standby to lead Huaien to another area.

While Wu Qian plans on leading A’wu to another area.

When Huaien gets invited to another direction, he stops the entourage and asks Wu Qian about these arrangements.

Inside the carriage, A’wu feels like this route is wrong.

So she asks Wu Qian to clarify.

He tells her that he didn’t think it would be right for the soldiers to rest at the Lady’s residence.

And has arranged for the soldiers to rest somewhere else. With food and wine.

But A’wu tells Wu Qian that they can all rest at her old residence.

A’wu is already thinking that there is maybe something wrong with Wu Qian. The more Wu Qian makes excuses, the more he seems suspicious.

So the group turns around the other way. Back to A’wu’s old residence.

Wu Qian’s Betrayal

Entering the center of town again. A’wu sees soldiers scuttle in the back ground.

While various citizens bolt for safety.

She then whispers a message to Yuxiu to pass to Huaien.

Yuxiu gets off the carriage then gives Huaien a small signal. Who then walks over to the carriage for instructions.

He gets a token to summon the Wang family’s shadow guards.

But Huaien is reluctant to leave her alone with Wu Qian.

While Yuxiu distracts Wu Qian, telling him that her Lady is tired from the journey.

After receiving the token, Huaien directly confronts Wu Qian for plotting a rebellion.

And a fight breaks out.

But Huaien’s group is outnumbered against Wu Qian’s soldiers and his archers.

rebel princess episode 15 recap fight in huizhou

Moments later, Wu Qian surrounds A’wu’s carriage with soldiers.

While in the south, Xiao Qi discusses military matters with his trusted soldiers.

Lord Jianning’s route and strategy seems odd.

Then his group gets a report that the Governor of an important city, Guanzhou has surrounded to Lord Jianning.

Meanwhile, A’wu strongly urges Huaien to go. And when he doesn’t move, she holds a blade to her throat.

So he reluctantly retreats with his remaining soldiers.

rebel princess episode 15 recap huaien retreats

Outside of the city, Huaien rallies up the remaining soldiers and order them to keep a lookout while he fulfills his task.

After A’wu gets captured, she gets escorted to her old residence. With Wu Qian arrogantly reminding her that he wouldn’t need to resort to this if her father didn’t threaten him.

Then informs her that the Wang family will be doomed once Lord Jianning comes this way.

Love how A’wu is staying calm and taking note of the information even though she’s really nervous. Fiddling with her fingers

But A’wu holds her own against Wu Qian’s instigations.

Even when the news seems grim.

Getting Help

Having enough of Wu Qian’s arrogance, A’wu throws a cup of water at him.

And he tries to retaliate but Yuxiu steps in to shield her Lady.

rebel princess episode 15 recap yuxiu protects awu

So Wu Qian backs off. He calls A’wu a crazy lady and takes off.

Yuxiu comforts A’wu and wonders what they should do now.

Meanwhile, Wu Qian heads back to his own residence stewing in anger.

He couldn’t believe the gall of that woman.

But then after entering his residence, he sees that he has some uninvited guests.

One who holds a blade against his wife’s neck.

Under Xie Yuan’s instructions.

Wu Qian pleads for mercy and Xie Yuan gestures his minion’s to let his wife go.

He wants Wang Xuan (A’wu) dead because leaving her alive would cause more trouble in the future.

Wu Qian hesitates because he originally promised Lord Jianning to keep her alive for now.

This guy, he’s such a coward and caught between two powerful parties… But I don’t feel sorry for him at all

So Xie Yuan warns him that all his men are under his orders now. He better not play any tricks.

Meanwhile, Huaien heads over to a remote courtyard and gets attacked by various assailants.

He dodges a few strikes before getting a chance to reveal a special token.

New character here, I’m guessing he’s the leader of the secret guards

On another day of A’wu’s house arrest, Madam Wu and a young man in military attire come to visit.

The young man (addressed as General Mu) stands guard while Madam Wu enters to apologize to A’wu.

For her foolish husband and his actions.

She feels guilty that she couldn’t prevent him from going on this path. Then warns A’wu that someone is planning to kill her.

Prince Zilu and Lord Jianning

After some time, General Mu tells his aunt that it’s getting late so they must leave before his uncle finds out.

And Madam Wu informs A’wu of her nephew, Mu Lian.

rebel princess episode 15 recap general mu
Mu Lian aka General Mu

Madam Wu has to leave while Mu Lian stays to help guard A’wu on behalf of his aunt.

And A’wu invites him inside for a brief chat. She tries to convince him that his uncle is doing something wrong.

So he should pick a side.

Meanwhile, Prince Zilu and Duke Huan arrange to meet again. With the former worrying about Lord Jianning’s role in the upcoming situation.

Is he on his side?

Duke Huan reassures him and says he will bet his life that Lord Jianning won’t betray him.

Zilu is unconvinced until Duke Huan makes another comment.

What father won’t trust his son?

Dun dun dunnnn

In the middle of the night, an army marches on without rest.

It’s Lord Jianning’s army.

rebel princess episode 15 lord jianning
Lord Jianning, brother to the current Emperor

His assistant general wonders if they should rest but Lord Jianning wants to continue.

In his youth, he made the mistake of missing a great opportunity. So he doesn’t want to do that again.

They must get to Huizhou this evening. His soldiers march on and start to jog.

Meanwhile, Zilu is in disbelief.

How could he be Lord Jianning’s son? So Duke Huan clarifies how was a long term plan.

Because Lord Jianning did not want to give up this throne. Prince Zilu’s mother was pregnant before entering the palace as a lowly maid.

And then schemed her way into the Emperor’s bed, making the Emperor believe she was carrying his child.

I’m sure there was more work involved as the Emperor’s visits are usually recorded

Oh poor Zilu

Assassination Attempt

Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, two assassins attempt to take A’wu’s life.

Yuxiu struggles with one while Mu Lian takes care of the other.

Afterwards, Mu Lian swears to protect A’wu with his life. Then Huaien and his soldiers charge into the city.

Their goal is to free their Lady.

After they charge into the residence where A’wu is held under house arrest, Pang Kui introduces himself to A’wu.

rebel princess episode 15 recao oabg jyu
Pang Kui

As one of the secret guards. Then returns the token back to A’wu.

And just in case she is doubtful, performs the secret knocking sequence.

He wants to escort her to a safe place as time is of the essence. But then another secret guard reports that more rebel soldiers are charging in.

A’wu wants Pang Kui to support Huaien while Mu Lian guards her in the meantime.

Outside the fight is fierce and it looks like Huaien is on the losing side.

After fighting off another rebel soldier, Huaien orders everyone to stop fighting.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Or single awareness today XD

I wish I could write as fast as I watch but apparently not. T_T Anyways I knew there was something suspicious about Lord Jianning and Zilu.

But is this really true? Even if it’s not, there’s really no DNA testing back then to determine parentage.

In some historical cdramas, they would use a bowl of water as a test. Where two individuals would let out a drop of blood to determine parentage, thinking if the blood mixes, the two are related.

Of course, with modern day knowledge of blood and blood types, this would produce false results. Anyways, I got chills hearing Zilu’s anguish after he complained about the woes of his childhood troubles and looked up on his self-made throne.

It’s like when he thought he couldn’t have sacrificed anymore for this fight to get power, he realizes that there’s even more.

On another note, loving A’wu and her inner strength in her current situation. She’s surrounded by enemies and even if she’s afraid she cannot show it.

Trying to do what she can and recruit people who can help her. I’m sure no one else from the palace could act like this in her shoes.

Also, loving how loyal and protective Yuxiu is.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 15? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

This was a good episode. It’s hard to believe all that happened in on episode though. I mean she’s kidnapped and the rescue happens in the same episode, sure it doesn’t finish in that episode but it starts that like never happens. We start to see how much of a BAMF Awu is and how well she is matched to Xiao Qi. I feel you on the episodes though. I took a short break from watching to read a C-Novel Rebirth of the Malicious Empress which was really good. I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s rumored that the novel is… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

It was once I started it I couldn’t stop. I was obsessed wanting to find out how she was gonna set up her next enemy avoid traps set for her. She reminded me a lot Minglan especially the whole setting up situations to let people basically get themselves in trouble. I also loved her interactions with Xie Jing Xing and his with her and the transition from antagonists, to allies to paired up. I especially liked that he got there first. I know the novel kept emphasizing his prettiness but I hope they don’t cast someone too pretty to play… Read more »

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