The Rebel Princess Episode 16 Recap

At the time I’m trying to write this recap, there are already 47 episodes out T_T!!!! Jeez how fast time flies! Will A’wu hold out before reinforcements arrive? Let’s find out in Rebel Princess episode 16!

The Rebel Princess Episode 16 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu, Huaien and Mu Lian take charge over Huizhou and makes plans for the upcoming threat
  • Zitan begs his brother, Zilong for assistance and Zilong assigns Duke Huan to the task
  • Xie Yuan’s time is up in Huizhou city

And much thanks to those who leave comments!! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Recapping is really tough but I enjoy helping folks understand more about the Chinese culture showcased in these historical dramas.

Anyways, it’s A’wu’s time to shine!!! Let’s jump right into Rebel Princess episode 16!

General Mu’s Stance

After ordering the soldiers to stop fighting, Huaien tells the rebel soldiers that Lord Yuzhang has already entered the city.

So they better surrender now.

But the opposing soldiers tell their comrades that Governor Wu (Wu Qian) has already issued orders to capture and detain Lady Yuzhang.

The two sides begin to fight again.

While A’wu watches behind closed doors.

With General Mu protecting her.

Moments later, he makes his decision and steps outside. Telling people to stop fighting.

The leader of the rebel soldiers calls Mu Lian a traitor and orders his comrades to detain him.

But no one listens. Then he gets taken down by Mu Lian.

Who announces that although his uncle is a traitor to the Cheng kingdom, he refuses to be one.

Huaien praises him then gives the rest of the soldiers a choice. They can continue to be rebels to the Cheng kingdom or help them fight off the traitors. And be rewarded for meritorious deeds.

The rest of the soldiers decide to drop down their swords and yield.

Afterwards, A’wu rallies up her allies and asks for ideas on next steps.

To secure the city.

rebel princess episode 16 recap securing the city

Huaien believes it’s best to secure the commander’s seal from the governor so they can command the city’s troups.

While Mu Lian secures the city’s gates.

A’wu also reminds Huaien to not harm Madam Wu and her daughter. Madam Wu treated her fairly after all.

Mu Lian thanks A’wu for her kindness.

Meanwhile, Zilong and Zitan visit their royal father.

But the Emperor doesn’t stir awake from his bed.

So they are easily dismissed.

rebel princess episode 16 recap zitan wants troops

On the way out, Zitan begs his brother to lend him some troops to save A’wu.

But Zilong doesn’t agree. Given that Zitan has never led troops before.

Securing the City

However, Zilong promises to discuss this with his uncle.

And yet again, this Crown Prince doesn’t make any decisions on his own. He would rather leave this to his uncle for permission.

He’s basically the perfect puppet. And easily influenced. Sigh.

Since his brother won’t help him, he’ll set off for Huizhou himself. And Zitan takes off.

Back in Huizhou, Pang Kui tells his comrades to spread the news: Lord Yuzhang has made his way into the city.

rebel princess episode 16 recap wu Qian gets news

And the news eventually get to Wu Qian and his wife. But before they can escape, one of Xie Yuan’s secret guards wants to silence them.

Madam Wu protects her husband and gets stabbed instead. The secret guard bolts away just as Huaien and his soldiers arrive on the scene.

Meanwhile, at A’wu’s residence, various soldiers are getting treated with their wounds.

And A’wu helps out with small tasks. Like passing water to the injured soldiers.

A’wu is so awesome! The soldiers would be even more eager to follow her now because of how she takes care of her own

Later, Yuxiu and A’wu get some air outside as they take a break. Yuxiu shares her concerns with A’wu, wondering if their Lord will make it.

A’wu believes he will.

Then as Yuxiu starts to panic and cry about their current situation, A’wu comforts her.

Reminding her that she promised to take her to the capital. So they can enjoy all the delicious food there.

Yuxiu is not that much older than A’wu supposedly but the most recent events have forced A’wu to mature much faster.

Duke Huang Sets Off

In the capital, Crown Prince Zilong assigns Duke Huan to led troops against the rebels in Huizhou.

And Duke Huan receives the order.

Afterwards, Wanru hears about the situation from Zilong and tries to give him some advice.

Subtly hinting that if Zitan got the chance to lead troops against the rebels, it would shift in his favor.

But Zilong reassures her that he assigned Duke Huan to the task.

Wanru is just one of those characters you don’t want on your bad side. Even she thinks Zilu is someone to watch out for

In Huizhou, Mu Lian successfully secures all city gates and A’wu gets escorted to the governor’s residence.

Because it’s safer there.

But unfortunately, Madam Wu passed away. A’wu tells Mu Lian that she will help make arrangements for Huixin (Madam Wu’s daughter).

After the chaos in the city settles for a bit, Xie Yuan attempts to leave Huizhou.

Hiding his face with some cloth, but when Mu Lian makes his rounds, he feels like Xie Yuan is suspicious.

So he tries to detain him. And Huaien arrives to the scene to help as well.

But Xie Yuan refuses to become a prisoner and kills himself.

Guards Loyal to Lady Yuzhang

Huaien reports to A’wu that he didn’t get a chance to interrogate Xie Yuan before he killed himself.

She thinks it’s odd but doesn’t have much time to consider it further before telling Huaien to tell someone to escort the body back to the capital for the proper funeral rites.

Then Pang Kui comes over with his entourage of secret guards. And pledges allegiance to A’wu.

Notice how Pang Kui originally wanted to pledge allegiance to the Wang family first but then A’wu asked him for allegiance just to herself. It’s like she’s already started to separate herself from the Wang family

rebel princess episode 16 recap a'wu's secret guards

In the evening, Lord Jianning finally arrives just on the outskirts of Huizhou and sees the Ningshuo army flags on the outside gates.

They wonder how Lord Yuzhang foresaw their move and plan to surround the city.

Meanwhile, Duke Huan gets a report that Lord Jianning has arrived at Huizhou. He doesn’t plan on going against him because he has a prior arrangement with Lord Jianning.

Besides, his troops won’t be able to cross over to Huizhou if the nearby bridge isn’t repaired.

Mhmm right, one bridge is holding up the army for several days? I guess the tools at that time are slow and insufficient…

Wanru Assigns Jin-er a task

Wanru finds out that her father is dead and believes A’wu had a part in it. So she refuses to let her cousin help that woman.

She summons Jin-er for a task.

When Jin-er arrives, she kneels in front of Wanru and informs her that she’s already done what she’s asked.

But Prince Zitan continues to ignore her and treat her even more coldly.

If you think a one-night stand was going to help you win the way to Zitan’s heart, then you don’t know Zitan that well Jin-er

Jin-er comments that the feelings between the Third Prince and her former mistress are quite deep. She believes it’s impossible for him to forget about her.

But Wanru tells Jin-er that she may have a way.

Jin-er’s expression is like… GASP, please tell me

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A’wu is quite fortunate to have capable men at her side. Huaien, Mu Lian, and Pang Kui are very resourceful and loyal.

I’m sure the outcome of Huizhou would have been different if she didn’t have these men by her side.

The pacing in this episode and the last episode was kinda fast. In the last episode, A’wu was kidnapped and rescued within the same episode.

While in this one, she and her allies were able to secure the city JUST before Lord Jianning arrives.

Wow, such a coincidence. I wonder if this played out differently in the light novel.

Zilong is still a simpleton while slowly getting influenced by his wife. And Zitan is trying to get help for A’wu with no luck.

I don’t know what Zitan is thinking. He and his mother stayed low-key and out of the way for YEARS and he thinks he can rally some troops out of nowhere? He needs another reality check.

Meanwhile, Zilu has already made his decision. Whether or not, Lord Jianning is his real father, he still wants the throne.

Do you think the Emperor revealed his clarity on purpose to Zilu on the side? I mean he was speaking in coherent sentences to his aide while Zilu was hiding in the corner.

And here we go with Jin-er again. She’s going to be used by Wanru so easily. Sigh.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 16? Leave a comment below!

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1 month ago

Thank you so much for the recaps!

3 years ago

Thank you for the recaps. I am loving this drama! Awu is such an interesting character and I lovw seeing her using her brains to ‘hold the fort’!

3 years ago

Yeah these two episodes were fast paced but I think they didn’t want to waste time with these events. I know the drama was originally slated for 80 episodes and the final episode count is 68 so that means that along the way 12 episodes were cut. I imagine some eps were cut here as the events/info wasn’t as important and they were able to condense it all into those two episodes. I notice you haven’t mentioned Xiao Qi in a while. I haven’t watched these episodes in a while right now I just go back and rewatch my favorite… Read more »

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