The Rebel Princess Episode 17 Recap

Phew 1/4 of the way there! Must march on with these recaps! And we’re back for another episode, the Rebel Princess episode 17!

The Rebel Princess Episode 17 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu starts preparing the city for the upcoming battle
  • Third Prince, Zitan shows up to escort A’wu away from the city, but she refuses to leave
  • Huizhou city’s seige begins

It’s also been awhile since I’ve written recaps! I got pulled away watching another drama and then there was a home improvement project that ate up my time….

But anyways, I’m back to finish this show! Let’s discuss what happened in the Rebel Princess episode 17!

Xie Wanru’s Task

When A’wu walks by the makeshift military council room, Huaien comes out to greet her.

Then comments that they will need to prepare for the upcoming battle.

Because it doesn’t look like the Ningshuo army will get here in time.

But at least Lord Jianning doesn’t have his internal contact, Wu Qian anymore.

So he won’t know when is the best time to attack.

The best they can do is help stall for time. Until reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, back in the palace, Xie Wanru tells Jin-er that it’s best if Zitan wakes up from his current obsession with A’wu.

And Jin-er eagerly awaits her advice.

Xie Wanru presents her a jar of medicine. Telling her that she’s already asked Zitan to drink one as well.

The purpose of this medicine is to help forget previous feelings.

rebel princess episode 17 recap special medicine
Lol, how convenient, is the medicine called forget-me?

As if there’s such a convenient medicine in the world, come on, Jin-er. Really? How naive can you be?

Jin-er hesitates, asking if this medicine is harmful to the body. And Xie Wanru’s face almost fails to keep a smiling expression.

But she calmly reassures Jin-er, telling her that this medicine will only affect feelings not the body.

Jin-er decides to accept it.

Because as long as this helps Zitan be safe and well, she can do anything.

The Art of War

Outside of Huizhou, Lord Jianniang and his rebel army are camped just around the outskirts.

His aide wonders if Lord Yuzhang has already the city and if they should attack.

Unfazed, Lord Jianning recites a passage from the Art of War, “What is real is fake and what is fake can be real.”

Because the art of war always involves deception.

rebel princess episode 17 lord jianning's plan

So they MUST attack the city to understand the current situation.

Preparing for Battle

A’wu gets a report of the granary from Mu Lian’s wife. And it doesn’t look good.

An army cannot fight on an empty stomach.

Most of the available grain is rotten and they are likely to run out of food soon. But A’wu doesn’t want the people to starve.

If they have the means to do so, then they will not let the people in the city starve.

So Mu Lian takes off to pass down those orders. Meanwhile, Huaien and Mu Lian have other news.

Lord Jianning is planning on attacking the city.

rebel princess episode 17 recap sentry reports

A’wu wants Huaien to tell her how long they can hold on with their current soldiers.

Not liking the odds, she wants to convince Lord Jianning that Lord Yuzhang is in the city.

Later in the day, A’wu gets a surprise visitor.

It’s Prince Zitan.

You can feel the underlying feelings between these two. But it’s already too late.

Regrets of the Past

A’wu and Zitan head over to a private room to chat.

She wants to know why he’s here in Huizhou.

Indeed, and I don’t think Zitan has changed much

Evading the question, Zitan comments that she’s gotten thinner.

While A’wu responds that these 6 months felt like a lifetime.

Considering what she’s been through…

Then Zitan tells her that she should leave with him as Lord Jianning is coming towards the city with full force.

There’s no hope to win. It’s best that she leaves.

With him, even if her current identity will make it difficult.

A’wu lectures him for even suggesting this. Because she cannot do that. She is now Lady Yuzhang.

Then Zitan tells her that he’s been working hard to “find” the A’wu that he let down in the past.

Trying to find her after her kidnapping and then now trying to get her away from here.

So they could travel together like they promised.

But everything changed after that night.

The night he let her down.

rebel princess episode 17 recap zitan's regrets
Mhmmm, sure buddy

Zitan pulls out another jade hair pin that looks exactly like the one she broke that rainy night.

But A’wu has had enough, what’s in the past cannot be made up.

And she puts the hair pin down on a nearby table.

Telling Zitan that she and Lord Yuzhang are of one mind and heart.

But Zitan refuses to believe that she’s moved on. Until A’wu puts the hammer down.

She is no longer “his” A’wu. And he is no longer her Zitan gege.

In Chinese “gege” means brother but it’s an endearing term for friends

Zitan takes her by the hand and tries to get her to leave with him but A’wu turns the tables on him.

A’wu Negotiates

Announcing to everyone that he’s here to support the city. With him here, they can definitely protect the city.

Then Huaien hurries over to report that Lord Jianning is just outside the city gates.

With his army.

A’wu decides to head outside the city gates to chat with Lord Jianning.

Omigawd, girl power!

She gets close enough to chat with Lord Jianning face to face.

And greets her uncle.

While Lord Jianning wonders why her husband is not here personally, she bluffs that it was she who wanted to block potential bloodshed.

In front of her husband.

Her royal uncle comments that her cheap tricks won’t work on him. So she tries a different approach (but without revealing that Xiao Qi is not here) and asks for time to vacate the innocent people out of the city.

When her uncle refuses, she tells them to step over her dead body.

Later she returns to the city walls and orders Yuxiu and Mu Lian’s wife to help escort the people who cannot leave into the governor’s mansion.

The two set off immediately to accomplish the task.

While Zitan wonders what’s the use. It’s just one extra day.

Love how A’wu just walked past him and ignored his pessimistic comment

A’wu heads up to the top platform to tell her soldiers that even though she’s just a woman, she’s willing to defend the city to death.

And Huaien follows up with asking how should they respond.

Every single one of those soldiers yell that they will defend Huizhou to the death.

True Purpose of the Elixir Pill

When Xu Daoan visits the taoist, he is also accompanied by a younger eunuch.

They are here for another supply of the elixir pills. That the Emperor consumes.

The taoist is deaf and mute so Xu Daoan pats his hand on a nearby table a few times to get his attention.

And the taoist passes over a box of pills.

rebel princess episode 17 taoist

But later that night, this same taoist secretly meets up with Prime Minister Wang.

It turns out the taoist works for the Wang family. And he is not deaf nor mute.

Prime Minister Wang is here to check on the status of the poisoning through the pills.

At the current rate, the Emperor may die within 6 months. But Prime Minister Wang wants to accelerate the plans.

The Emperor must die within 3.

Because Lord Jianning is almost at their doorstep. He doesn’t want to lose everything they worked so hard for.

Ah so he DOES want the throne? Guess his wife does know him well

Meanwhile, Xu Daoan delivers the elixir pill to the Emperor but the Emperor gives him a look.

So Xu Daoan tells his younger assistant to grab water and takes this opportunity to hide the pill the Emperor spat out in his robes.

This younger eunuch is suspicious. Is he on Empress Wang’s side?

Seige on Huizhou Begins

Lord Jianning shows up in front of Huizhou’s gates again. The time he gave is up.

He starts attacking with his catapults.

Huaien and Mu Lian tell everyone to crouch down and watch out for the impact.

After several shots are blasted towards the gate, soldiers from the rebel army charge forward.

While Huaien and Mu Lian get archers prepared to rain down arrows.

Then when the rebels attempt to set up ladders to climb the gate walls, they get solders to throw down rocks and hot oil.

The struggle continues until late in the evening. When the gate gets busted through.

Huaien leads his fellow comrades to push the enemies back.

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Lots of things happening in Rebel Princess episode 17. We have whiny Zitan complaining that it wasn’t HIS fault that she couldn’t wait for him.

Because he didn’t break his promise. Right. I bet that’s what he keeps telling himself so he can sleep better at night.

He seriously needs to grow up. And he doesn’t tell A’wu that he’s already been involved with her maid? Guess that wasn’t important enough either for him.

What does Jin-er see in this guy? Well at least A’wu is moving on.

Lord Jianning seems like a pretty smart guy and considering he’s brothers with the current Emperor, I’m guessing cleverness runs in the family?

I mean he KNOWS that there’s issues with the elixir pill yet he puts on an act to keep taking them.

So does he know that Prime Minister Wang is behind it? And the fake deaf/mute taoist?

He probably does while Prime Minister Wang doesn’t realize that he’s being outsmarted.

Since he doesn’t even know that Duke Huan is working with Prince Zilu, I’m thinking Prime Minister Wang is too cocky for his own good.

A’wu is just so awesome in this episode. Facing off against her uncle to buy some time. While dreaming of Xiao Qi at night.

She probably misses her hubby. Let’s hope he comes to the rescue soon!

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 17? Leave a comment below!

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Amanda Nisson
Amanda Nisson
2 years ago

Just found your site awhile ago and used it for another show (you are my glory) and saw you have covered this show. Love the recaps!! It really helps to have another perspective of what’s going on. I understand most of what’s going on but sometimes little things like the meaning of “gege” just gives a little more insight. I see that you only have some of the episodes recapped, I hope you continue!! It helps a lot and helps put things into focus for the story as a whole! Keep up the good work!

3 years ago

love your recaps! hope you will continue with them soon!

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