The Rebel Princess Episode 18 Recap

It’s been soooo long since we’ve seen Xiao Qi and he’s back to rescue his wife finally! I’m sure A’wu is extremely happy to see him in Rebel Princess episode 18. Because she’s been holding on as best as she could.

The Rebel Princess Episode 18 Recap Highlights:

  • Huizhou’s seige comes to an end as the hero, Xiao Qi arrives
  • Zitan congratulates Xiao Qi and forces him to drink alcohol
  • Jin-er conveniently returns to A’wu

I can’t wait to see Xiao Qi and A’wu reunite! Without further adieu, let’s jump into Rebel Princess episode 18!

Enemy has Broken Through

The morning after the fierce battle from the previous night leaves everyone stressed and worried.

But A’wu continues helping out as best as she can. Then a military soldier rushes forward and brings bad news.

The West gate of the city has fallen.

And the South gate may fall at any moment.

Nearby Zitan is already thinking of ways to get A’wu out of here. Because he believes the city will fall.

Meanwhile, A’wu orders Pang Kui to lead the citizens out of the city through the back gate.

And when Zitan tries to get her to leave, she roughly shoves his hand away.

She tells him that she doesn’t plan on leaving and then lectures him on his own duty. He’s a prince of great Cheng kingdom and should remain here, protecting his citizens.

But Zitan gets offended.

He believes that he should protect the (former) love of his life away from the battlefield.

Such a delusional Zitan. She doesn’t NEED your help.

rebel princess episode 18 recap delusional zitan
Yep, very delusional

A’wu then puts it more bluntly. She doesn’t need him to just save her life. She wants him to save all the citizens here.

And if that’s not clear enough, she compares him to what Xiao Qi is doing right now.

The former is out on the battlefield defending the kingdom while Zitan is here harping about former relationships.

Ohhhh burn. That’s gotta sting.

The Tide turns

Meanwhile, at the southern gate, Huaien and his comrades are pushing back the rebel soldiers as best as they can.

But they are outnumbered and exhausted from the previous night’s fight.

Just when they can’t hold on any longer. The rebel army blows a horn to recall their soldiers.

The Ningshuo army has arrived.

rebel princess episode 18 xiao qi returns
Xiao Qi is wearing the cape A’wu embroidered for him! Pretty sure it’s hard to fight wearing that…

Seeing his lord, Huaien rallies his comrades to charge.

And nearby the situation isn’t looking so good for Lord Jiangning. He retreats.

Back in the city, there are still several rebel soldiers fighting with the few defenders of the city. And the numbers favor the rebels.

The battle starts inching closer to the governor’s mansion where A’wu currently resides.

Citizens continue to run for their safety while A’wu continues to observe and make sure everyone escapes okay.

But now the rebels are at the front door.

A’wu heads towards the main courtyard thinking she can help bide some time. And the rebels continue to bang on the gates.

Pang Kui stands by her and offers to escort her to safety. But A’wu doesn’t want to leave nor does she plan on becoming a hostage.

Xiao Qi would be so proud! ^^

And just when it seems like the rebel soldiers will break through the doors, other soldiers attack and the sounds stop.

A’wu tells her men to open the doors.

It’s Xiao Qi and his soldiers.

She’s so glad to see him and rushes over to him.

The hubby is here to save the day!

Look at how relieved and happy she is!

The two share an embrace.

Celebrating the Victory

Afterwards, the two head over to the city walls where Mu Lian is overseeing.

The soldiers roar with joy knowing that they have successfully repelled the enemy soldiers.

Mu Lian greets Xiao Qi and reports that the rebels have retreated.

It’s their victory. Xiao Qi then turns around to tell his soldiers that they’ve all work hard.

While Hu Guanglie praises A’wu for her courage and bravery. She’s just like a female commander.

rebel princess episode 18 female zhuge liang

Xiao Qi tells A’wu that he didn’t realize he had a female version of Zhuge Liang at his side. Zhuge Liang was a famous military strategist from the Three Kingdoms. Such high praise for his wife!

That evening, all the soldiers celebrate.

With food and wine.

But then Zitan shows up to the party. Looking like he’s had a few drinks.

Meanwhile, Pang Kui reports to A’wu that he found someone carrying military news about Huizhou with the Wang family’s emblem.

And this person is supposedly one of Xiao Qi’s men.

One of her father’s spies!??

rebel princess episode 18 wang family's spy

A’wu reviews the letter and then is deep in thought.

Back at the celebration, Zitan praises Xiao Qi for always being right on the nick of time.

And brings forth a special type of wine. He MUST drink this with him.

But Xiao Qi explains that he never drinks wine while one of his lieutenants offers to drink it on behalf of Xiao Qi.

Zitan wrestles with Hu Guanglie and ends up falling to the ground. So Xiao Qi orders someone to escort Zitan to his quarters to rest.

Afterwards, the celebration continues.

Later, Xiao Qi returns to A’wu’s side and escorts her back to her room.

He then tells A’wu that if she could attend the celebration she would hear how he praised her.

Because she had the most merit.

Brief Reunion

And A’wu can’t help but pout that she used to be a delicate young woman. Now she’s basically a coarse female warrior.

Jokes asides, she then wonders how long Xiao Qi will stay.

Unfortunately, Xiao Qi has to deal with the main rebel army. As this time, they only defeated the vanguard.

Xiao Qi promises to reunite with A’wu back in the capital once this task is accomplished.

In the palace, Xie Wanru orders someone to keep an eye on Jin-er and the medicine. The medicine is actually extremely poisonous.

If Jin-er succeeds, she must be killed. To get rid of all the evidence.

And if Jin-er doesn’t succeed, find a way to kill Wang Xuan (A’wu) anyways.

Back in Huizhou, Xiao Qi gifts a sharp blade to A’wu and introduces her to two female spies. Dressed as maids.

Basically bodyguards because things from now on may become more dangerous.

rebel princess episode 18 female bodyguards
A’wu’s new bodyguards

After eating breakfast with A’wu, Xiao Qi and his army take off.

Su Jin-er Returns

Moments later, Huaien tells A’wu that someone named Su Jin-er has returned. A’wu rushes to the front gates to meet her and hugs Jin-er in her embrace.

She’s so glad to see her.

While Jin-er catches up with A’wu, Yuxiu wakes up in the middle of the night. She has sobered up from the alcohol earlier that day.

Yuxiu heads over to her lady and finally gets to meet Jin-er in person. When Jin-er excuses herself to prepare some tea, Yuxiu comments that she seems off.

While A’wu believes that she’s just jealous.

Then Yuxiu follows after Jin-er and tells her she can take over while she catches up with their lady. And Jin-er quickly places the medicine in a nearby tea cup.

Jin-er leaves while Yuxiu prepares the snacks to go with the tea.

And the tea cup that contains the “medicine” is still sitting on tabletop counter.

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I couldn’t helping grinning when Xiao Qi finally arrived. I’ve missed him as well! It’s been so long and yet he’s gone again. T_T

Such is the life of a powerful and capable general. Zitan was being an immature jerk and I’m getting the sense that Huaien is possibly crushing on his Lord’s wife? While Yuxiu admits to A’wu that she really really likes General Song (aka Huaien).

And of course, the “medicine” is not a medicine but poison. I knew it! There’s no way a simple pill could help A’wu forget about Zitan. I can’t believe Jin-er would believe that.

Anyways, when she was catching up with A’wu I wonder if she got the sense that A’wu has moved on? Because she commented that A’wu has changed.

I hope Yuxiu discovers Jin-er’s true nature soon and reports it to A’wu. But then A’wu will lose another person she can trust.

As she’s starting to realize the people around her have their own motives. Including her father. She’s already debating who’s side to take if her husband and her father were on opposite sides.

It’s already a re-occurring theme and her aunt, and her mother have already made their choices.

What will be hers? What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 18? Leave a comment below!

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