The Rebel Princess Episode 19 Recap

Oh wow, July is almost over! And we’re more than halfway through 2021! But I’m not even half way done with these recaps yet. T_T Real life matters just eat up time. But I’m back to share my thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 19!

The Rebel Princess Episode 19 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu returns home but nothing is the same anymore
  • Xiao Qi finds himself in a difficult predicament
  • The Emperor’s aide gets caught for disposing the medicine the Emperor fakes eating

Hope everyone is doing well! Let’s just jump right in!

Su Jin-er Has Other Motives

Yuxiu smiles to herself as she picks the appropriate snacks to go with some tea. And then she notices a tea cup with some spilled water.

It’s the tea cup that Jin-er mixed in the poison in!

And touches it briefly.

Meanwhile, A’wu and Jin-er catch up for a bit. With Jin-er telling her lady that she’s been residing at the Third Prince’s residence.

While the Third Prince rarely goes out since the Emperor is still ill.

Jin-er apologizes for mentioning the Emperor’s illness but then points out that A’wu must be feeling bad about it.

If you know you shouldn’t be mentioning it why bother Jin-er!??

Then Yuxiu returns with tea and snacks.

rebel princess episode 19 recap Jin-er's tea

Yuxiu is just about to serve the tea but Jin-er takes over.

And tells her lady to drink it.

Jin-er’s expression here is soooo obvious. YES please drink it and forget all about the Third Prince

A’wu drinks the tea and nothing happens. When Jin-er glances back at Yuxiu, Yuxiu feels like something was wrong.

But Jin-er fixes her expression. And then asks her lady if it’s okay to continue serving the Third Prince.

After A’wu agrees, Jin-er is dismissed.

Yuxiu also leaves for the night as well.

But after the two leave the room, Yuxiu recalls what happened earlier in the tea room. She tried to pick up the tea cup but it was too hot to the touch.

And ended up dropping it.

Thank goodness A’wu didn’t drink it.

Meanwhile, Jin-er gets pulled aside to speak to one of Wanru’s people. And confirms that the pill was consumed.

Assassination Attempt

While A’wu sleeps soundly, an assassin attempts to kill her.

But before he can get too close, the two female guards Xiao Qi assigned to A’wu fend him off.

Huaien joins the fray after one of them heads back to defend A’wu.

After subduing the assassin, the assassin bites his tongue and kills himself.

Ugh Huaien messed up here again, he’s already let two villains get off the hook. Hesitating while allowing the crooks kill themselves… jeez

Huaien wonders who could be behind this.

The next morning, A’wu is ready to set off for the capital again.

But the citizens of the city want to thank her before she leaves.

rebel princess episode 19 recap citizens' gifts

With a TON of food.

But A’wu only accepts some flowers from a young girl.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his brother wonder why their planted spy at Xiao Qi’s side has no news lately.

They don’t think much about it as A’wu is on her way to the city though.

Back in the emperor’s courts, Xue Daoan catches his disciple (Jin Quan) attempting to sneak some medicine to the king.

And puts him in his place.

Man, even with enunches there’s a power struggle

Then takes over the duty of feeding the elixir pill to the emperor.

When the disciple turns away after getting ordered to grab water, Xue Daoan switches the pill quickly.

And continues along with the emperor’s scheme.

While Xue Daoan’s disciple eagerly watches the emperor consume the pull

This guy is definitely on the Empress’ side.

Finding Out the Truth

Later, Jin Quan follows close behind his master as the latter puts away all of the real pills. He realizes what’s happening.

Made it too obvious! Couldn’t he have hide them somewhere else!???

So Xue Daoan’s disciple rushes over to the Empress’ palace to report the news.

At the military campsite, Xiao Qi gets some news about the upcoming area they need to pass. Various noble families are refusing to open the gates.

And rumor has it that Prince Jianning is bringing his army to purge the villains around the Emperor.

Since the Emperor is still sick.

Xiao Qi feels like he’s in a delicate situation.

Meanwhile, A’wu and her company have reached the capital. A’wu is primarily concerned with her mother’s health so she wants over to the Prime Minister’s mansion.

Notice how she doesn’t say “home” but the title of her father. Sigh. Things are different now.

Butler hard at work, checking off everything

At the Prime Minister’s mansion, various servants are hustling around.

Getting ready with all of A’wu’s favorite pastries.

And various foods.

Prime Minister Wang walks in to make sure Wang An (the butler) remembers to add more ginger in the fish soup because A’wu is sensitive to the fishy taste.

Then a servant rushes over to report that A’wu has arrived.

Returning Home with Different Feelings

Wang An heads out to greet A’wu before inviting her to come in.

When she does, the atmosphere is a bit melancholy.

Things are different now.

This place is no longer her home.

Various servants line up side by side to greet her while her father waits on the other side.

But the feeling is not warm at all.

Prime Minister Wang expects a hug from his favorite daughter but A’wu keeps it formal.

rebel princess episode 19 no hug for prime minister wang
No hug for you dad T_T

Choosing to bow to him instead. Then asks about her mother and brother.

But instead of answering her, Prime Minister Wang asks his daughter to enter first.

And the meal afterwards is pretty awkward.

Hearing that her mother is not here, A’wu wants to leave immediately.

Prime Minister Wang asks Wang An to prepare the pastries.

Meanwhile back at the palace, the Empress calls out Xue Daoan for failing to do his duty properly.

Swapping out the elixir pill that’s suppose to cure the emperor.

Xue Daoan gets kicked out of the palace while Jin Quan takes his place. And the Crown Prince is appalled that such a loyal servant would do this to his master.

Mommy is here so this guy will never grow up sigh

A’wu gets the pastries and returns back to her carriage.

While thinking about the past, how her father always doted on her.

But then she can’t help think about what Xiao Qi told her.

How her father desperately wanted Xiao Qi’s military power.

While Two Armies are Battling, Attack from the Back

Prince Zilu and his father-in-law are discussing the current situation.

The best way to take down Wang Lin (Prime Minister Wang) is to take down Xiao Qi.

Meanwhile, supplies are getting thin for the Ningshuo army.

However Xiao Qi still thinks of his men first. He refuses to take more than is allocated for the rest of his men.

But his men are loyal to him and even offer to roast some game for him.

Looks like roast duck, yummy!

Instead of eating it, he tells his men to split it amongst the soldiers. And they need to retreat.

Because they can’t win on an empty stomach.

A’wu finally arrives at Xiao Qi’s mansion and a servant rushes to report that she has arrived.

Everyone greets her and is excited to have her here. Yuxiu can’t help but comment that this place is alot more grand than the one they have in Ningshuo.

Love the contrast between her old home and Xiao Qi’s mansion. She’s really grown and realizes who actually cares about her.

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Ugh the feels here in Rebel Princess episode 19 hit me in the heart. Seeing how A’wu is cold to her father but can’t help think of the past.

While Wang Lin also shows some regret in his chosen path. Can’t love the guy much but can’t hate on him either. T_T

And poor Xiao Qi! His army is on the brink of collapse if they don’t get supplies. An army can’t fight on an empty stomach.

Meanwhile, the emperor has to keep up his ruse and eat the pill. Knowing it’s poison yet can’t expose himself. Why was Xue Daoan so stupid to get caught?

You would think being the aide of the emperor for sooooo long, he would be clever.

Doesn’t make sense.

And ugh don’t get me started on Su Jin-er. How dare she betray A’wu? Thank goodness Yuxiu didn’t use that cup.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 19? Leave a comment below!

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