The Rebel Princess Episode 2 Recap

And we’re back for the Rebel Princess episode 2!

I’ve been reading rumors that the romance between A’wu and Xiao Qi is similar to the romance between Gu Tingye and Minglan XD

If that’s the case, I will eagerly watch this cdrama till the very end!!! Even if it’s not, I’m enjoying the costumes and beautiful backdrops of each scene.

The Rebel Princess Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu sneaks out at night to spend an evening with her childhood sweetheart, Zitan
  • Empress Wang pays a visit to A’wu for marriage prospects
  • The Emperor investigates an assassination attempt on Zitan

Not sure why there are so many people complaining about Zhang Zi Yi’s age (actress for A’wu), I think she does a phenomenal job in her role.

So what if she’s older? If she can perform well, then her performance will make up for it.

Anyways, enough ranting from me. Let’s discuss what happened in the Rebel Princess episode 2!

Xie Wanru

A’wu fumbles around blindfolded while her maids goad her into catching them.

But she misses several times.

At the same time, a young lady sneaks in and hides behind one of the maids. Minutes later, A’wu gives up and takes off her blindfold. Complaining that this game is no fun.

Then notices she has a guest.

It’s Xie Wanru.

the rebel princess episode 2 recap xie wanru
Xie Wanru, cousin of Zitan and technically A’wu’s cousin as well (more like second cousins)

And she brought some pastries!

The two head over to a nearby table to eat and chat.

Wanru’s maid opens a pastry basket and A’wu notices that there’s a LOT of them.

And Wanru explains that she’s brought enough for A’wu’s 100 days of being grounded.

A’wu knows Wanru is teasing her and pouts in response while taking a bite of a pastry.

Wanru believes that even though A’wu is grounded, she obtained what she needed to secure her happiness.

So it should be worth it. However, A’wu complains that the person she had in mind hasn’t visited her in awhile.

And she wonders if “he” knows just how much effort she’s putting in.

Wanru doesn’t have any news from Zitan, her cousin and changes the topic.

Inviting A’wu to head outside to enjoy the Lantern festival.

A’wu counters that she’s grounded but Wanru then hints of how they used to sneak out.

So of course, A’wu is in. She’s been so bored lately.

The Emperor’s Plan

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi and his soldiers setup an encampment just outside of the city.

So they can be well rested prior to reporting in.

Then a guest arrives.

Who claims that his “master” wants to meet with Xiao Qi in private tonight.

Within the city.

Hmm, I wonder who this “master” is?

the rebel princess episode 2 recap invitation to xiao qi

Xiao Qi opens the message and knows that he must go.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Wang has guests who complain about Xiao Qi’s potential rise as a lord.

He lets them debate while he says a few words. Subtly implying that the matter is out of his hands.

And that they must heed the wishes of the emperor.

But that’s complete BS because the Wang family has enough power that the emperor needs to consider his moves carefully

Then Prime Minister Wang turns to his son, Wang Yisu, for his opinion.

On a possible reason why the Xie family would support Xiao Qi on becoming a lord.

Wang Yisu is put on the spot and stumbles in his speech. And gets cut off by Preceptor Gu, who is one of the guests.

So Wang Yisu steps back and goes back to organizing scrolls.

Looks like no one regards Wang Yisu at all, his station in the family (despite being a male) is quite low

Prime Minister Wang finally points out the critical piece in this scenario. The Emperor wants the Xie family to borrow Xiao Qi’s military might to boost their power.

So they can balance out the Wang’s.

He then chuckles. Wondering if the Emperor can sit securely on his throne without the support of the Wang family.

Ooooh is that a subtle threat I hear? The Emperor wants to balance your family’s power for that exact reason!

Lantern Festival

Night falls and A’wu sees paper lantern floating in the sky.

It’s a signal from Wanru.

So A’wu borrows the help of her maid (Jin-er) and climbs up a tree that gives her access to the roof.

A’wu beams with a smile when she successfully perches on the rooftop but then slips.

And gets caught by Zitan on the other side.

He was actually the one who invited her out.

But Wanru was the middleman.

And WHY couldn’t he be upfront about this?

Zitan explains that he wanted to give A’wu a surprise. So he went about this a roundabout way.

awww such cute puppy love

A’wu takes off with Zitan but before she does, she tells Jin-er that she’s fine. So she should hurry back so no one would notice that she’s gone.

In the city, it’s vibrant and festive.

With paper lanterns decorated all over.

Zitan and A’wu explore the various booths and festivities until they stop by a small puppet play theater.

Then Jin-er calls out to them.

She has been holding onto a fur coat all this time.

And just where did she come from!???

the rebel princess episode 2 recap fur coat

Zitan puts the coat on A’wu while the latter tells Jin-er to hurry back to the mansion.

Then these two bump into some nobles who recognize them.

So they grab some animal masks.

A fox for Zitan and a bunny for A’wu.

When these two head back into the streets, they accidentally bump into Xiao Qi and his colleague (Huaien).

Who continue to head to their destination: a local bar restaurant.

Zitan tells A’wu to ignore them as they continue along their way.

Inside the restaurant, Xiao Qi waits for his guest.

And someone enters wearing a black hooded cape.

Until he reveals his face.

It’s Prime Minister Wang.

A Proposal

GASP! This sneaky fox!

After sitting down, Prime Minister Wang gets right to the point. He tells Xiao Qi that the Emperor wants to elevate Xiao Qi as a lord to reduce his power.

Then continues on.

Describing how Xiao Qi worked his way up in the military. But this military power is a threat to the Emperor.

the rebel princess episode 2 recap proposal to xiao qi

His approach is good, giving Xiao Qi a reason to be wary of the Emperor and then appealing to him

Preventing him sleeping at night.

Xiao Qi finally speaks up and counters Prime Minister Wang. Asking if he can’t sleep at night either.

Unfazed, Prime Minister praises Xiao Qi for his cleverness and then proposes to ally with him.

Because court politics are nothing like the battlefield.

Blood is shed without swords.

Meanwhile, Zitan and A’wu come across a play of General Xiao Qi and his latest battle against the Hulan king.

The puppeteer portrays the general with three heads and six arms. To make his character appear more intimidating.

Xiao Qi and his colleague bump into Zitan and A’wu again after exiting the restaurant.

Just when various commoners are gossiping how the general may marry the Shangyang Princess.

Zitan pulls A’wu away before she gets into more trouble.

And just before she leaves, A’wu sticks out a tongue at them.

A’wu and Zitan head over to a lake to release their lanterns on the lake for wishes.

The Empress heads over to the Wang family mansion and Jin-er is worried about the repercussions.

After joking around for a bit, A’wu gasps in shock when assassins emerge from the lake right in front of them.

Assassination Attempt

Zitan jerks A’wu towards him as he leads her away from the assassins.

But then another group shows up in front of them.

Zitan tries to fight them off.

While A’wu hides behind a nearby tree.

Zitan tries his best but he’s no match for the assassins.

And he gets kicked to the ground.

A’wu rushes to his side and just when it seems like A’wu is going to take the hit for Zitan.

Xiao Qi rushes in and blocks the attack. Then counters.

The assassins are no match for Xiao Qi and Huaien.

Moments later, the assassins flee knowing their attempt was a failure.

Zitan recognizes Xiao Qi and Huaien from earlier and thanks them for their help.

Xiao Qi and Huaien then leave.

It’s just a scratch but I’m going to milk all the pity I can get XD

Zitan escorts A’wu back to the Wang family residence and presents a gift before he leaves.

It’s a jade hair ornament.

A’wu feels like this night was very fruitful but then when she returns to her room, she sees that she has a guest.

The Empress has come to visit.

She’s sitting in the main seat while Jin-er is kneeling on the floor with a guilty look.

The Empress is here to convince A’wu to marry the Crown Prince.

the rebel princess episode 2 recap sneaking out

A household servant reports to Princess Jinmin (A’wu’s mother) that the Empress is here to visit A’wu.

And no one is allowed to interrupt.

Meanwhile, the Empress tells A’wu that it’s her fate to marry the future Emperor, the current Crown Prince.

Just like her and her grandmother.

But A’wu wants to marry her childhood sweetheart.

The Empress thinks it’s ridiculous because they will end up as enemies.

And just when she wants to slap some sense into A’wu….

The Wang Family’s Plans

Princess Jinmin shows up to protect her daughter.

So the Empress has no choice but to back down for now.

She leaves and bumps into her brother, Prime Minister Wang.

These two are brother and sister indeed, both are crafty foxes…

The Empress shares her concerns with her brother while the latter stays silent lighting the ancestral candles.

Then comments that this is the Emperor’s move of chess. To allow A’wu to marry Zitan.

So he tells his sister to follow the path of this move. Because he will start playing this game with the Emperor.

I think the brother and sister have different ideas with a similar goal though

Later, Noble Consort Xie (her title is Guifei in Chinese) reports to the Emperor about Zitan’s assassination attempt.

And he promises to investigate the matter.

After assigning someone to investigate the matter, the Emperor believes the only one who has motive is someone from the Wang family.

Because he only has three sons.

Second Prince Zilu is weak and cowardly plus his mother died early. So the two main contenders for the throne are Zitan and Zilong.

Marquis Xie is then reminded by the Emperor to ask his daughter, Wanru about a marriage to Xiao Qi.

But when she hears about it she laments at the irony of it. If it was already decided by the Emperor, why bother asking her?

She refuses to marry a low born general.

For the sake of politics.

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Oh the irony. Both Wanru and A’wu don’t have much control over her marriages because they are both born into noble families.

The only difference is that A’wu’s family pampers her enough to let her do what she wishes. But can she truly escape from a political marriage?

Based on the synopsis we know she cannot.

I wonder who’s lurking in the dark behind these recent events. It feels like it would be the Prime Minister targeting Zitan but it also doesn’t seem like his style.

I get the feeling that he’s very patient and wouldn’t do anything that obvious because the Emperor is already plotting against the Wang’s.

Even the Emperor suspects his Empress because she’s from the Wang family.


Oh and poor Wang Yisu, it looks like his father thinks very lowly of him. Because he likes more literary arts? Like drawing and such?

He seems playful. I wonder if this is an act of his.

Xiao Qi and A’wu met just briefly and her first impression of him is that he’s uncouth and boorish. XD

I look forward to seeing more of their interactions.

Any thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 2? Leave a comment below!

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