The Rebel Princess Episode 20-25 Mini Recaps

Hi everyone! Here are episode 20-25 mini recaps for the Rebel Princess.

I’ve been meaning to finish these recaps but have lost some of the motivation to do full recaps for this show. So I’ll be doing some mini recaps instead.

Just to highlight what mostly happened in each episode.

Let’s jump right into it!

Episode 20

A’wu returns to the mansion that Xiao Qi originally married her. She remembers how she felt humiliated at her own wedding.

But things are different now.

She’s been through a lot and truly grew up. Her brother, Wang Su comes over and catches up with her.

Telling her how mother moved out and into the temple while she was gone.

A’wu heads over to the temple to visit her mother and hears more about her father’s motive. It seems like her father is out for revenge against the imperial family.

Because his past love was sentenced to death.

A small happy moment

Duke Huan takes off to send supplies to Xiao Qi but before he leaves, he gives Prince Zilu a gift.

It’s golden robe. For an Emperor.

Prince Zilu eagerly waits for needs because if this plan works, they can bring Wang Lin (the Prime Minister) down.

Wang Lin and his brother still don’t know who is lurking in the dark but the more pressing matter is sending supplies to Xiao Qi.

Because he is suppressing the rebels.

Xue Daoan has been demoted to a latrine worker for the palace. But when he bumps into one of his old disciples, he asks for a favor.

Counsellor Wen is suspected of treason and gets put into prison while investigation is underway. And it’s very apparent that the Wang family is taking over everything.

Counsellor Wen

Episode 21

Counsellor Wen refuses to ally himself with the Wang family. Even though the Empress is offering him a way out to survive.

While Xiao Qi gets news that Duke Huan is sending supplies to his army. On behalf of the Prime Minister.

A’wu decides to visit the Emperor and is heartbroken to see him in such a state.

But even more devastated when she hears the truth from his lips.

He was the one who ordered people to attack Xiao Qi and herself.

Then A’wu bumps into Xue Daoan (former aide of the Emperor) who asks for a favor.

He follows her into the Empress’ palace but then tries to assassinate the Empress.

A’wu starts to sort out her feelings towards her paternal family. Should she still stand by them even though they are using her?

Her father used her as a pawn. Her aunt also wanted to use her.

Heck, even the Emperor wanted to kill her off. Despite doting on her for several years.

Who’s really on her side?

Then later on, the Emperor reveals to Zilu that he’s not really insane and plans to use his son’s help to rally up some soldiers.

In preparation to deal with the rising threat of the Wang family.

Episode 22

The Empress wants to get Counsellor Wen on their side but Wang Lin refuses to believe that he could be swayed.

So the latter meets up with Counsellor Wen in prison with a meal. The concerned Empress follows thinking her brother would poison her former love.

But it was a false alarm.

Yu Xiu is still recovering from Xue Daoan’s previous assassination attempt. And A’wu realizes that even though she has lost some things, she’s gained some as well.

People who are loyal to her. Who don’t have their own schemes and tricks.

Meanwhile, Duke Huan’s supplies have arrived to Xiao Qi’s army. The messenger meets up with Xiao Qi and passes him a secret edict.

As well as informing him about Duke Huan’s army as reinforcements.

Xiao Qi thinks it’s suspicious that Duke Huan and Prince Jianning are sandwiching his army in the middle.

But he moves out anyways.

Wang Su randomly meets up with his wife, Huan Mi and nearly catches the message Prince Zilu left her in a pastry.

It was THAT close.

When Yu Xiu recovers enough to return with A’wu, A’wu notices her sister-in-law entering an unknown carriage.

So she orders Pang Gui to follow.

Meanwhile Jin-er returns to A’wu’s service. 

And Pang Gui uncovers a secret underground area and someone’s rebellious intent. 

Episode 23

Crown Prince Zilong proposes Wang Lin to be assigned as the Prince Regent.

The Emperor believes Wang Lin is too eager to become Emperor.

Duke Huan proposes Xiao Qi to station his troops in Guiwu Valley. Which is a place that has a dead end.

But once they arrive, Prince Jiannings’s forces are right at their doorstep. Blocking their way out.

So there’s an internal spy.

At the palace, things are moving quickly. Wang Lin’s brother gets killed while Wang Lin decides to take over.

And Prince Zilu apprehends the Wang family on behalf of the Emperor. Because the Prime Minister is accused of treason.

But the Emperor didn’t realize that Prince Zilu has plans of his own.

Prince Zilu wants the tiger tally (a token that can rally up soldiers from anywhere within the kingdom) but it’s not in the palace.

A’wu gets summoned into the palace. And Wang Su gets apprehended while Prince Zitan had the chance to leave.

Yet came back for A’wu.

Pang Gui comes back but full of injuries and Huaien gets the bad news. He must inform his lord immediately of the conspiracy.

That Duke Huan is in cohoots with Prince Jianning.

Meanwhile, A’wu finds out that Zilu is rebelling and wants the throne.

Episode 24

Prince Zitan reminisces about the past with A’wu while the latter wants to think of ways to escape.

Prince Zilu continues to do whatever he wants. Hanging up loyal ministers and preparing for his own grand wedding with Huan Mi.

But he still needs one thing from the current Emperor. An edict to formally pass the throne onto him.

The Ningshuo army is still stuck in the valley but there’s a small route in the back to prepare a pincer attack.

Xiao Qi has the patience to carefully plan his attack to reduce losses as much as possible.

Prince Jianning gets news that his son, Zilu has the palace in his grasp so he’s eager to wrap up this battle with Xiao Qi.

A’wu finally forgives the Emperor for the attempts on her life and Xiao Qi. And the Emperor seeks her help to turn things around.

Episode 25

The Emperor reveals a secret passage between his internal palace and the temple that his sister is staying.

Because it’s also where the tiger tally is located.

And A’wu is the only one who can do this. The Emperor grabs more time to delay things a bit by tugging on Zilu’s weakness.

His desire to have a father figure.

But that doesn’t stop him from humiliating Wang Su. Because he tells him about his wedding with Huan Mi.

Meanwhile, Duke Huan tries to poison the Ningshuo army in preparation for the upcoming battle.

A’wu gets the chance to grab the tiger tally and get reinforcements. She needs the help of General Wei and Huaien.

But the former is not convinced as he already received a previous secret edict from Prince Zilu. So he doesn’t believe Zilu is rebelling.

So Old Madam Wei steps in to convince her son.

And Huaien takes off with the tiger tally to gather the outside forces. A’wu decides to put the country in Huaien’s hands.

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These five episodes are a true example of how a third party gets the advantage when two main forces are battling it out.

The mantis stalks the cicada, while oblivious of the bird stalking him.

An Old Chinese saying

The Emperor was too busy dealing with the Wang family (aka Wang Lin and his sister, the Empress) and never realized that Prince Zilu was also eyeing the throne.

He lost the Xie family’s support so he had no choice but to rely on Zilu.

And yet Zilu is now taking matters into his own hands. Sigh.

Zitan is a fool and stuck in the past. He keeps on telling A’wu this and this but A’wu wants to survive and get out. She’s not ready to give up and die.

Thank goodness she didn’t marry Zitan. He can’t handle it when things get tough.

A’wu gets pulled in yet AGAIN. To help the Emperor.

I wonder how many times she will let these folks that keep throwing the word “family” around pull her in for help.

She doesn’t owe them anything.

I guess she will continue to mature and realize who’s truly worth it.

What were your thoughts on these few episodes? Leave a comment below!

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Patti shirai
Patti shirai
2 years ago

I “discovered” this series just recently and finished all 68 episodes a few days ago. I love your recaps with explanations of things like formal titles in Chinese and your summaries made things much clearer since the English subtitles are not very good and many times I have to guess at what is actually being said. I wished you had done even mini recaps for the whole series but I can only guess at how much time and work this takes. Thank you.

Ann M. Adam
2 years ago

Thank you so Very much for your recaps. I just found “Rebel Princess” on one of my two PBS stations and am on episode 22 as of tonight. Your knowing how to recap in American English has allowed me to concentrate on the several names for ONE character plus mentally (sometimes aloud – LOL) pronouncing the character’s names using my remembering to use the Latin & singing version. I immediately know when someone else wrote for you because of syntax and the fact it seems that Chinese language use of gender pronouns doesn’t exist. This is the very reason I… Read more »

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