The Rebel Princess Episode 3 Recap

Woohoo! Xiao Qi formally enters the capital! Will he cross paths with A’wu again? Guess we’ll find out in Rebel Princess episode 3!

The Rebel Princess Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Princess Jinmin enters the palace to visit Noble Consort Xie and the latter bestows a gift with meaning
  • Xiao Qi enters the palace and the Emperor welcomes him with a grand banquet
  • Empress Wang hires help to get what she wants

Will we find out who’s lurking in the dark? The Emperor and his consort seem to think it’s the Empress but that’s too simple.

After all, what’s at stake is the imperial throne. Let’s jump right into Rebel Princess episode 3!

Wanru’s Troubles

Within the palace, Zitan makes his way back to his mother’s residence.

Who wonders if his wound is recovering nicely.

And Zitan reassures her that it is.

Noble Consort Xie then comments that this time was just a flesh wound. The next time it could be his life.

She’s absolutely certain it’s the Empress? With this type of thinking she wouldn’t survive long with the palace schemes

the rebel princess episode 3 recap noble consort xie

Zitan wonders how his mother knows it’s the Empress.

And his mother explains that it’s due to the current power struggle.

He is safe now because of his father, the Emperor’s protection, but once he’s gone…

Moments later, one of the palace maids report that Princess Jinmin has entered the palace.

And it looks like Noble Consort Xie has an appointment with her.

So Zitan excuses himself.

Meanwhile, Wanru is visiting A’wu but her expression isn’t right. She looks dejected about something.

While A’wu mumbles that she wants to visit Zitan to check on him. Even though Wanru has already told her that he’s recovering nicely.

Wanru interrupts her and tells her that everything will be fine between them.

And then teases her for being so shameless to rush her marriage. While the latter counters that if she finds her own fated person, she will also understand what shamelessness is.

But then Wanru clams up.

A’wu feels like something is wrong.

And asks what’s wrong.

the rebel princess episode 3 wanru's troubles

After a moment of silence, Wanru admits that she’s marrying someone.

Two Mothers

Back in the palace, Princess Jinmin and Noble Consort Xie meet face to face.

Discussing what happened recently with their own children.

As Princess Jinmin nods along, Noble Consort Xie takes this chance to mention how their two children are sweethearts. And they are inseparable.

So why not heed their wishes and allow them to marry each other?

Noble Consort Xie then turns to the side and a maid comes over to deliver a special gift.

Wow what timing!

It’s a jade bracelet for Zitan’s future legal wife. Because it was originally from Noble Consort Xie’s own mother.

For entering the palace.

Future main/legal wife (aka Zhengfei), yes princes can have multiple women but the one woman who enters the tomb with the husband is the main wife

She wants Princess Jinmin to pass it along to Princess Shangyang (aka A’wu).

And explains that the males of the Xie family has a custom of marrying just one woman in their lives.

the rebel princess episode 3 recap betrothal gift

Princess Jinmin then states that she entered the palace today for this reason alone.

And Noble Consort Xie agrees to go with her to the Emperor.

Who is Xiao Qi?

Meanwhile, A’wu tries to comfort Wanru about her marriage to Xiao Qi.

Despite his humble beginnings, Xiao Qi has a great future based on his recent success.

Wanru still isn’t thrilled at the thought of marrying a low born general. Then gets an idea.

Since Xiao Qi will be returning, they can get a chance to see what he looks like and the three princes will be present.

Just by mentioning the princes, Wanru has hooked in A’wu XD

A’wu knows just who can help arrange this.

The two of them pay a visit to Wang Yisu at the Wang family mansion.

To see if he can help them out.

But they are interrupted when Prime Minister Wang shows up. Wondering what his children are up to.

A’wu explains that she wants to see what’s the difference between a general who’s has experience in the field versus nobles in the city who just carry their swords.

the rebel princess episode 3 differences in a general

Prime Minister Wang is satisfied with her answer and allows her to go with her brother.

But he also comments that the women in the Wang family are more ambitious than some men in the family.

Wang Yisu knows that his father is directing this to him.

Why does he detest his son so much? I can’t tell. Is it just the hobbies!???

In the palace, Noble Consort Xie and Princess Jinmin kneel in front of the Emperor with their request.

And the Emperor seems reluctant. So he asks if this is also A’wu’s will.

Hearing that it is, he agrees to the request. Noble Consort Xie excuses herself while the Emperor speaks to Princess Jinmin in private.

Ma Jinruo is Princess Jinmin’s name and she humbly addresses herself without her title to thank her brother for his grace

Imperial Family

The Emperor knows that his sister wasn’t too thrilled back then to marry Prime Minister Wang for the sake of politics.

Under the orders of the Empress Dowager.

So he feels that this imperial family has owed her too much. Princess Jinmin tells her brother that she will be satisfied if her children can be happy.

Then the Emperor gets to the real reason why he wanted a private chat with her.

He feels uneasy about the Wang family’s power. And wants to know.

At the end of the day, is she still his sister? Or the Prime Minister’s wife?

Who do you think she will choose? Her family? Or her husband?

Meanwhile, the Empress hears how Noble Consort Xie and Princess Jinmin paid a visit to the Emperor.

From her son.

She doesn’t believe things are set in stone yet. So she will wait.

While her son, Zilong starts to panic. He doesn’t want to lose her.

A’wu receives the jade bracelet from her mother and giggles with happiness.

Because she knows what this gift signifies.

Then Prime Minister Wang strolls in and wonders why his daughter is laughing so loud.

And wants to know the reason for her happiness.

But A’wu says it’s a secret between just her and her mother.

Then leaves with a smile on her face.

Princess Jinmin tells her husband about the Emperor allowing their daughter to marry Zitan.

And wonders what he thinks.

Prime Minister Wang tells her that if the Emperor permitted it, his opinion won’t matter.

Dangers in the Dark

When the Crown Prince and the Second Prince pay a visit to the Wang family, A’wu and her brother greet them in the main hall.

But A’wu has no interest in the Crown Prince while the latter tries to appeal to her.

And she excuses herself on the premise of not feeling well.

Confused, the Crown Prince wonders what she likes. And the Prime Minister tells him that she is just playing hard to get.

Well if he told him the truth, then the Crown Prince would probably get mad. Not that he would anyway

the rebel princess episode 3 playing hard to get

Before Xiao Qi’s welcoming ceremony, Preceptor Gu is alone in his study.

As he prepares to write a complaint about granting Xiao Qi lordship.

But a maid enters with some tea.

Then all of a sudden, the maid strangles him from behind. And Preceptor Gu passes out.

Who is this maid!??

Xiao Qi Returns

On the day that Xiao Qi returns, A’wu dresses herself up.

Just for Zitan.

And rushes to the viewing spot. With her brother and Wanru lingering behind.

A’wu stares at the back of Zitan’s head until he finally turns around to give her a smile.

And the two exchange smiles while Wanru wonders why Xiao Qi hasn’t shown up yet.

She knows that A’wu’s real motive for being here is not to accompany her.

But to check on Zitan.

Moments later, Xiao Qi and his group of soldiers show up.

With an imposing presence.

As they march towards them in an orderly fashion.

the rebel princess episode 3 xiao qi returns

Then Xiao Qi gets off of his horse as he approaches the Emperor.

Taking off his helmet and his sword.

Zitan recognizes him as the one who saved him from the assassins.

While A’wu can’t see his true face from her spot.

Xiao Qi kneels and the Emperor walks towards him to lift him up.

Wanru complains that this person doesn’t even know the basic etiquette of greeting the Emperor.

Wanru is so superficial and doesn’t know what she is missing out on

The Emperor tells Xiao Qi to walk alongside him as they enter the city. But then, a body is thrown over the main gate.

With a bloody message.

It’s Preceptor Gu.

Bestowing a title to Xiao Qi

Marquis Xie escorts Xiao Qi into his newest residence. Then explains how various nobles are against the thought of him becoming a lord.

However, no matter what he plans on supporting him.

Does Xiao Qi already know that Wanru is getting married to him?

After Marquis Xie leaves, Xiao Qi orders Hu Yao and another solider to make sure the group camped outside the city doesn’t make any sudden moves.

the rebel princess episode 3 recap hu yao
Hu Yao, female soldier!

While the other soldier complains, Hu Yao wonders if this upcoming banquet is actually a Hongmen Yan (aka a ruse to trap a guest during dinner – click the link for more background on this idiom).

Xiao Qi comments that as long as they keep watch outside the city, he will be safe.

He’s a clever general indeed

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Wang is hearing the details of Preceptor Gu’s death from a coroner.

Who tells him that Preceptor Gu was killed first long before he was pushed off.

Prime Minister Wang wonders if Gu Yong (the Preceptor) found something during his investigation.

He feels like strange things have been happening. Someone is definitely in the dark pulling some strings.

But who is it???

Prime Minister Wang tells his brother (who is in charge of the palace guards) to prepare for upcoming waves.

While he has his own plans about Xiao Qi’s marriage with the Xie family.

Meanwhile, the Empress orders an older palace servant a special task. That she is reluctant to perform.

Because the risks are too high.

However, these two don’t know that there’s an eunuch listening in on them.

The Empress is planning something against A’wu…

Celebratory Feast for Xiao Qi

At night, Zitan comforts A’wu in his arms when she sneaks up to the rooftop to meet up with him.

Because he knows that she’s been shocked by the recent event.

And Prime Minister Wang sees them.

The next morning, he orders servants to chop down the tree A’wu usually uses to climb up to the rooftop.

A’wu tries to complain but her father counters her move. And she has no choice but to let it go.

The “thief” that is mentioned is referring to Zitan who showed up at night

The Emperor bestows a celebratory banquet for Xiao Qi.

the rebel princess episode 3 recap banquet

As the banquet is underway, two people have yet to arrive. One is Wanru who refuses to show up because she doesn’t want to marry Xiao Qi.

And the other is A’wu. Who is running late.

She rushes to the location of the banquet but is stopped by an older palace servant.

Telling her that the Empress is looking for her.

To speak to her alone.

So A’wu leaves with the servant.

While her mother wonders what’s taking her so long.

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Gahh! It’s the typical palace schemes of ruining a girl eligible for marriage! If it’s what I think it is. T_T

I can’t believe the Empress would resort to this! A’wu is her niece!

Wanru is the typical noble’s daughter that judges someone based on what they were born with. And doesn’t really care about Xiao Qi’s achievements.

But no matter what she thinks, her father plans on having her marry Xiao Qi anyways.

For his military power. I’m still guessing who’s in the dark.

Is it possibly the second prince? He seems too simple that it’s suspicious. The Crown Prince is a simpleton so can’t see him doing this.

Who else can it be? What do you think?

I love the costumes on A’wu so far. Despite the actress’ real age, the bright colors work well and if you didn’t tell me what her character age is suppose to be, I think she’s doing a great job.

Portraying a younger character that has yet to mature. What are your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 3?

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