The Rebel Princess Episode 4 Recap

Ugh it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I encounter these schemes in historical dramas. Still, there was a victim in Rebel Princess episode 4. It’s not the outcome the Empress wanted but…. SIGH

The Rebel Princess Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • The Crown Prince eagerly waits for A’wu to be delivered into his arms
  • Prime Minister Wang and the Empress have different thoughts on A’wu’s marriage
  • The Emperor’s plans for a power balance gets ruined

Anyways, I hope we find out who is moving things in the dark because there are too many moving pieces.

Let’s discuss what happened in Rebel Princess episode 4!

The Empress’ Scheme

The performers at the banquet are excused when the Emperor makes an announcement regarding Xiao Qi.

He gets a nearby eunuch to start narrating what Xiao Qi has done so far.

the rebel princess episode 4 recap conferring a title to xiao qi

Xiao Qi becomes Lord Yuzhang, the first lord whose title wasn’t inherited.

Xiao Qi thanks the Emperor for his grace.

And in return, the Emperor wishes for his everlasting loyalty.

Then the banquet continues.

Zitan rises up from his seat to give a toast to Xiao Qi. To thank him formally for that day.

Xiao Qi doesn’t drink wine? hmm I wonder if there’s a back story behind this?

And Xiao Qi accepts.

The Crown Prince and the Second Prince share a quick toast. But then the Crown Prince looks antsy in his seat.

The Second Prince wonders what’s wrong but the Crown Prince gets up and leaves.

OMG, so he knows about the plan!? And he’s okay with it!??

The Crown Prince heads to one of the more remote resident halls and tells all of the servants to leave.

As he sits inside and waits.

Someone in the dark places a lit incense that he doesn’t know about.

And I’m guessing that is an aphrodisiac.

Back at the banquet, Xiao Qi feels stuffy and heads outside for some fresh air.

Meanwhile, A’wu notices that the path isn’t right. She’s not heading towards where the Empress typically resides.

And comments about it. The palace maid explains that they are heading over to another hall instead.

Once they get close enough to the hall in question, A’wu goes in while the palace maid quietly closes the doors from behind.

The blinds are closed and the lights are dim.

And there’s no one in sight.

A’wu ventures further in and calls for her aunt, the Empress. But no one answers.

Escape and Rescue

Then she reaches the inner rooms and opens it. There’s a man and a woman on the bed.

And the man reveals himself to be Zilong, the Crown Prince.

Zilong is half naked and chases after A’wu, who bolts away.

While the woman on the bed is Wanru.

How did Wanru get involved? Wasn’t she just with her father in another area?

A’wu heads outside and tries to open the door to exit the residence but it’s locked.

And Zilong catches up to her to explain himself.

A’wu doesn’t want to hear it and escapes to the rooftop.

the rebel princess episode 4 recap escape

She stumbles along carefully on the rooftop and then slips.

As she falls, she’s sees Zitan rushing over to save her.

But it’s actually Xiao Qi.

Before she faints, A’wu wonders why it’s him.

At the banquet, the servant who lead A’wu to the hall earlier reports back to the Empress. The task was done.

But there’s a mishap.

So she heads over to the scene.

Wanru recalls how she got into this situation.

After she was scolded by her father, a palace maid informed her that the Empress was looking for her.

Someone else used the exact same trick. Well I guess if it’s the Empress’ order, you wouldn’t really disobey it…

Wanru was then led to the residence where the Crown Prince was resting.

She didn’t realize something was wrong until she saw the Crown Prince being out of it.

And the door behind her locked.

Back to the present, Noble Consort Xie comforts Wanru as she sobs in her arms after attempting suicide.

Zilong is kneeling in front of them while punishing himself. The Emperor promises to give a reasonable answer to the Xie family.

For this humiliation.

the rebel princess episode 4 recap wanru's attempted suicide

Brother and Sister with Different Views

Zilong tells his royal father that he admits his wrongdoings but didn’t think it would be Wanru.

He thought it would be A’wu.

The Emperor flares up with anger and warns Zilong that he could take away his position as Crown Prince.


Zilong then begs his mother to help him plead for mercy.

How could this incompetent fool be the Crown Prince? Sigh

In the end, the Emperor decides to kill all the servants that were related to this incident. Except for the older palace maid (Xu Momo).

Oh now, they tell us her name. Momo is a term that signifies a more experienced palace maid

That evening, the Empress reprimands her son. But then Prime Minister Wang bursts open the door.

He’s clearly upset about something.

He strolls in and then slaps Zilong in the face.

His sister, the Empress tries to placate his anger. Commenting how Zilong possesses the blood of the Wang family and is crucial for their grand plans.

At this point, I would think Prime Minister Wang would rather be emperor himself instead of supporting a fool like Zilong

Prime Minister Wang warns Zilong not to mess with his plans anymore. Otherwise, he would be abandoned by the Wang family.

And orders him to marry Xie Wanru.

When the Crown Prince leaves his mother’s residence, he bumps into Zitan on the way out.

Who also has words for him. As well as his fists.

the rebel princess episode 4 recap zidan's fists

An Emperor’s Troubles

At the Wang residence, A’wu is still unconscious while her mother watches over her.

When Huanmi comes over to visit, Wang Yisu tells her to return after a brief exchange of greetings.

Making his mother wonder why he treats her so. Because she’s hoping for a grandchild soon.

Is it just me? Or Huanmi seems kind of suspicious?

Instead of answering the question, Yisu redirects his mother’s attention back to A’wu.

On another side of the city, Xiao Qi plays a tune with a leaf near his lips as he recalls the lady he saved.

And Huaien remarks that the song is a little different today.

the rebel princess episode 4 recap huaien

Xiao Qi thinks he’s full of nonsense so Huaien changes the topic to this residence.

How it’s so empty.

So Xiao Qi decides to fill up the courtyard with weapons and the study with military books.

Huaien accepts the order and then asks Xiao Qi if he was thinking about the lady he saved earlier today.

Hahaha I have a feeling Huaien will ship A’wu with Xiao Qi XD

Instead of answering, Xiao Qi tells Huaien that if he’s not sleepy, he can run 100 laps.

So Huaien excuses himself.

Meanwhile, the Emperor shares his troubles with a priest who believes in taoism.

No one knows that an Emperor is a very lonely being

Because the priest is deaf and mute. Making him the perfect person to share his troubles.

He comments that he regrets utilizing the Wang family to achieve the throne.

And how everyone seems to think he doesn’t favor the Crown Prince. But how would he neglect his first son?

After speaking for awhile, the priest hands over a pill and the Emperor consumes it with no hesitation.

Didn’t he eat this before? What is it?

Prime Minister Wang Makes His Decision

After consuming the pill, the Emperor leaves and sighs that the counterbalance he had in mind was destroyed by Zilong’s hands.

At the Wang family residence, the Prime Minister’s brother shares his latest findings.

How there was an aphrodisiac involved with the Crown Prince’s matter.

And Prime Minister Wang can’t help but recall the latest events.

He really wants to know who is behind all this.

But now he has seen the Emperor’s intentions, he’s not going to hold back.

Suddenly, his brother senses a presence and wonders who it is. Princess Jinmin reveals herself.

Telling them that she stopped by.

She was eavesdropping and instead of running away, she revealed herself. I guess the best defense is the greatest offense? Who’s side is she on?

Prime Minister Wang is suspicious but he can’t confirm whether or not she was eavesdropping.

And Princess Jinmin doesn’t sleep that well that night. She prays to the ancestors for help.

Make Zitan the Crown Prince?

When the Emperor and Marquis Xie discuss in private, the Emperor tells him that the Crown Prince will take Wanru as his legal wife.

And Marquis Xie is not satisfied.

He wants the Emperor to take this chance to dispose Zilong and have Zitan as the Crown Prince.

But the Emperor is reluctant to do so. Until everything is aligned.

No matter what the throne won’t be in the hands in the Ma family anymore because the descendants are tied to the other noble families

Later, the Emperor heads over to the Empress’ residence to pass down the orders.

Zilong is to marry Wanru as his Crown Princess.

And he is not allowed to refute it.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Wang checks up on A’wu and informs her that Wanru will be marrying the Crown Prince.

Because she has already lost her integrity and reputation.

It’s either that or become a nun.

A’wu then wonders what will happen with Lord Yuzhang’s marriage. And her father brings up how Xiao Qi rescued her.

So he will thank him on her behalf.

He tells A’wu to continue to rest while he leaves to take care of things.

Meanwhile, Zitan meets with his royal father.

He has a request.

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The Empress is just despicable! Using such a lowly underhanded tactic to have her son marry A’wu!

And the Crown Prince was fine with it! ಠ_ಠ

But it looks like the Prime Minister has his own spies on his sister. And I can’t read him too well.

I’m guessing he does care for his daughter in a way. But he would still use his daughter as a political pawn?

Not sure. What do you think?

On another note, it looks like Xiao Qi has already fallen for A’wu? Because that was a powerful first impression.

It was like the goddess landed into his arms? hahaha XD

What did you think about Rebel Princess episode 4? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

thanks for doing this recap, I came in about episode 22 and was pretty much lost between all the family relationships!!

3 years ago

Well I am now officially going to surpass your recaps lol. I just finished episode 4. This is my MLK binge and I’m going to be devastated when I get to I think it’s episode 14 and then I have to wait for the next episode. The credits are gorgeous. I agree that 2nd prince is a bit of a dark horse right now, dismissed and not looked at as a player so he could definitely be the figure in the shadows. I wonder about the emperor and what soured the relationship between him and the Wang clan should be… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Krystal
3 years ago

Enjoying this drama and your recap style. I like it when recaps include cultural background like explaining titles etc. The leads (A’wu and the General) are both appealing and I agree that there is a similar feel to Ming Dynasty…good production values especially the art direction here. The General’s quarters are partially aligned to his role. I’m already up to ep 10 so I am looking forward to some of your clarifications. Thanks.

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Realized I meant the Story of Ming Lan, not Dynasty. Both are dramas I enjoyed, Ming Lan has the edge overall for me – but – Zhu Ya Wen is a favorite. Wishing the Lion and The Lazy Cat were available in the US.

Chris Cross
Chris Cross
3 years ago

Thank you! I really enjoy ur recap. Keep on doing it please

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