The Rebel Princess Episode 5 Recap

And we’re back for Rebel Princess episode 5! So glad to see that more people are paying attention to this cdrama series! The pacing is good too so I’m loving every moment of this show!

The Rebel Princess Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Prime Minister Wang seeks out Xiao Qi again for an alliance
  • Wanru and the Crown Prince Zilong have their wedding
  • Zilong presents a very important gift to his royal father

Naive A’wu is starting to realize that life as a daughter of the nobility has its own set of troubles.

And things underneath the surface are not what they seem. Let’s discuss what happens in Rebel Princess episode 5!

Another Attempt at Alliance

After her father leaves, A’wu knits her brows in frustration. Because she’s unhappy with how things turned out with Wanru.

And her maid, Jin-er comments that things worked out in the end. Since now she won’t have any obstacles for her marriage with Zitan.

Hmm, since her maid put it this way, it makes me wonder about the maid’s personality

A’wu doesn’t want to exchange Wanru’s unhappiness for her happiness.

She’s not that kind of person.

Back in the palace, Zitan asks his father if it’s true that he will get to marry A’wu.

The Emperor tells him that it’s true.

Zitan wants his father to pass an imperial decree regarding the marriage so he will have a legitimate reason to stick around A’wu.

To help with her recovery.

And to basically stake his claim on her too, I’m sure.

The Emperor then has a question for Zitan. In this lifetime, will he only love A’wu?

Zitan replies with a resounding “yes.”

Hmmm why was the Emperor asking this???

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi gets a visit from an important guest.

It’s Prime Minister Wang again.

He’s here to propose an alliance with him yet again.

After thanking Xiao Qi for rescuing his daughter the other day.

Sneaky fox.

Xiao Qi tries to dismiss it as a trivial matter but Prime Minister Wang doesn’t believe so.

As he comments how his daughter is like the pearl in his hand.

Then the two sit down for a private chat. And Prime Minister Wang expresses his intent for Xiao Qi to be his son-in-law.

the rebel princess episode 5 recap son-in-law

Marriage Plans

After hearing Zitan’s answer, the Emperor explains that he also married a daughter from the Wang family and so did his ancestors.

That’s why everyone seems to believe that marrying a daughter of the Wang family means you will take ahold of the world.

But he wants to know if Zitan wants A’wu because of the throne. And Zitan replies that A’wu IS his world.

Awwww soooo sweet

Satisfied with his answer, the Emperor promises Zitan that he will announce the marriage on his next birthday.

And Zitan beams with happiness.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi puts up his guard. Instead of answering yes or no, he wonders if his lowly background is suitable.

the rebel princess episode 5 recap xiao qi's guard
Xiao Qi knows there’s probably a catch for this alliance

Then Xiao Qi continues. Commenting that Princess Shangyang already has a childhood sweetheart.

So wouldn’t it be heartless to break up this couple?

Prime Minister dodges the question and instead points out that when Xiao Qi saved his daughter.

He held her in his arms tightly.

Well yeah, she fell from the rooftop. How can you catch someone if you don’t use a strong grip? But the Prime Minister is insinuating that Xiao Qi has already “touched” her so he should take responsibility. As unmarried women and men cannot physically touch each other.

And as if Xiao Qi doesn’t get the point, Prime Minister Wang hints that Xiao Qi should consider his daughter’s reputation.

But Xiao Qi tells him that he’s never thought about his own marriage. As he has always prioritized guarding the border.

Prime Minister Wang gets up to leave since he cannot convince Xiao Qi this time.

But he believes that he can the next time. (A reference to recruiting Zhu Ge Liang from the Three Kingdoms, it took three visits.)

Wanru Accepts Her Fate

After Prime Minister Wang leaves, Huaien doesn’t understand why Xiao Qi would reject this amazing offer.

He gets to marry a beautiful princess and become the son-in-law of a powerful minister.

What’s not to like?

Xiao Qi asks him if he could trust a meat pie that fell from the sky for no reason.

If he doesn’t keep his wits around, he may not know what will kill him. The forces in the capital are unlike those in the battlefield.

Huaien then sighs and says it’s such a pity. Missing out on obtaining a beauty.

Then Xiao Qi gives him a task. To pass out money to the families of the soldiers who died in battle.

This man takes care of his own. What’s NOT to like?

Meanwhile, A’wu is still resting at home. Feel guilty about what happened to Wanru.

Despite Jin-er’s best efforts to convince her that it’s not her fault.

However, A’wu knows that it’s still because of her.

Later, she pays a visit to Wanru.

And Wanru remarks how she’s cried so much that she has no more tears to shed.

She accepts her fate because her mind is clear now.

Telling A’wu that all daughters need to marry someone one day anyways. And marrying the Crown Prince would mean she would become the future Empress.

Which is every noblewoman’s dream.

the rebel princess episode 5 recap noblewoman's fate

After attempting suicide and surviving, Wanru realizes that most noblewoman are bound to marry someone they don’t love to live the rest of their lives.

And every noblewoman won’t be able to escape this face, including her.

Sigh, knowing this, who would want to be a noblewoman?

A’wu stays silent as she considers her words.

A Verbal Promise

That evening, Jin-er tells A’wu that there’s a paper lantern lit up in the sky from the third prince.

Zitan is here to visit.

And A’wu rushes over to the outskirts of her courtyard. The tree that used to allow her to escape has been chopped.

So she has no choice but shuffle closer to the wall to speak quietly with Zitan.

Zitan shares the good news. They will get their marriage announced by the Emperor’s next birthday.

Instead of being happy, A’wu admits that she’s afraid.

Seeing and hearing about Wanru’s situation probably makes her feel that her own situation is too good to be true. To be able to marry her love.

A’wu lists out the woman she’s known in her life.

Her aunt, her mother, Wanru and Zitan’s mother. They all didn’t lead happy lives.

So she wonders what their future would be like. Zitan tells her that after their marriage, she won’t be the Wang’s family daughter anymore.

And he no longer the third prince.

Then they will roam around the world together.

the rebel princess episode 5 recap wander the world

To have a free and pleasant life.

Then after sharing a smile that each other can’t see, Zitan promises to protect her and stay by her side.

But she didn’t foresee it was actually the calm before the storm.

Wanru and Zilong’s Wedding

The Crown Prince’s wedding with Wanru occurred 10 days later. As it was calculated to be a lucky day.

On the evening of the wedding, the Emperor is woken up from his dreams in a daze. It looks like he’s been having strange dreams.

Is it related to the pill he eats?

When he tells his aide (Xue Daoan) about it, the latter thinks it’s a blessing of good things to come.

As the meaning of dreams is opposite of what is shown.

the rebel princess episode 5 recap xue daoan
Xue Daoan on the right

The Emperor tells his aide that he dreamt himself already dead and in a coffin. While his sons and officials celebrate with joy.

Sounds ominous

He looks concerned about what his dream means but then his aide tells him that dreams and their meanings are opposite of each other.

The Emperor looks reluctant but accepts his explanation.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince enters his bedroom and sees Wanru waiting for him.

the rebel princess episode 5 wanru's wedding
It’s suppose to be the happiest day of her life but sigh, daughters of noble families…

He tells her that he won’t sleep in the same room as her tonight as he knows she is still angry with her.

But this decision would hurt Wanru’s reputation so Wanru asks if he dislikes her now.

The husband’s side of the family would think there’s something wrong with the bride if the husband decides not to spend the wedding night with her. Especially the husband’s mother.

Zilong explains that he just feels sorry for her because she’s just as powerless in this situation as he is.

Even though he’s the Crown Prince.

They have a heart to heart chat and Zilong promises to treat her well from now on.

The Person in the Shadows

A simple horse drawn carriage rushes over to a remote location. And the Second Prince, Zilu steps out.

Before entering a residence in the middle of nowhere.

Duke Huan on the left

Zilu meets up with Duke Huan and the two play some chess. The latter comments that the two old foxes would have never thought they are being played by the Second Prince.

The two foxes are Marquis Xie and Prime Minister Wang (Wang Lin).

Zilu comments that it’s all due to his royal father for ignoring him all these years.

Even the two most powerful families treat him as if he was nothing.

So now it’s payback. Duke Huan wonders what’s the next move. But Zilu says he’s not in a rush.

Let the two foxes fight amongst themselves first.

Oh wow, so the second prince was only pretending to be a wastrel and a coward. The Emperor underestimates this son…

Back at the Wang family ancestral hall, Prime Minister Wang is paying his respect to his ancestors while a household servant asks him if he has forgotten the family’s ancestral goals.

And Prime Minister Wang replies that he’s never forgotten.

After getting up, his brother reports that everything is ready.

Late in the evening, within the palace walls, a taoist meets up with Prime Minister Wang in secret.

Telling him that the prescription has already been prepared.

I knew there was something wrong with the pill the Emperor takes!

The taoist pretended to be dumb and mute all these years to help support the Wang family.

And the time has finally come.

Long Lost Imperial Seal

General Wang (Prime Minister Wang’s brother, Wang Xu) commands his soldiers to secure the city gates.

While Prime Minister Wang reveals the long lost imperial seal to Zilong.

the rebel princess episode 5 recap imperial seal

It’s been lost for years and Zilong is in awe of his uncle’s capabilities for finding it.

Zilong, you are such a simpleton! Why don’t you ask yourself why your uncle has never brought it out until now!???

Prime Minister Wang wants Zilong to present it to the Emperor tonight. To make amends for his wrongdoings.

At first Zilong think it’s too hasty but agrees to do so anyways.

He rushes over to where his royal father is staying at tonight: Noble Consort Xie’s residence.

And presents a gift.

The Emperor thinks it’s suspicious but has his aide open the box.

And the Emperor is thrilled with the gift.

Zilong leaves without asking for a reward and the Emperor wants to celebrate with wine.

After a few cups, something goes wrong.

And the Emperor collapses.

What do you think caused the Emperor’s collapse? Was it the wine? The pill?

The next morning, Huaien rushes over to Xiao Qi to tell him how the Emperor collapsed.

Back in the palace, an imperial doctor reports his findings on the Emperor’s illness.

He’s been poisoned by a pill that he’s been taking.

Even though his life is not at risk, there’s no telling when the Emperor will wake up.

the rebel princess episode 5 imperial doctor

Empress Wang wonders if the poison was in the wine. But the imperial doctor explains that it wasn’t the wine but a powder on the imperial seal.

However, Prime Minister Wang cuts him off before he could explain further.

And gives him a warning look.

Prime Minister Wang’s Ultimatum

The imperial doctor knows that he has no choice but to go along with the Prime Minister.

He changes his tune and tells both Empress Wang and the Prime Minister that the wine has a colorless and tasteless poison.

Before getting dismissed.

Prime Minister Wang gives his sister two choices. She can put the blame on Noble Consort Xie or admit that it was her son who passed the imperial seal to the Emperor.

Causing his collapse.

Moments later, the decision is made.

A’wu rushes to her royal uncle’s side and wonders what’s wrong with him.

But then the Prime Minister strolls in. And announces that the Emperor was barely saved from a poison he drank.

From Noble Consort Xie.

A’wu doesn’t believe it. But Empress Wang is there too. And makes the decision to detain the Xie family.

A’wu begs her father and then Empress Wang for mercy.

But her pleas fall on deaf ears. And Prime Minister Wang asks soldiers to take his daughter home.

A’wu and Zitan get forcefully separated.

Then Xiao Qi makes his appearance wearing his armor.

As he and Prime Minister Wang exchange comments, the tension is thick in the air.

The Xie family members will be put into the imperial prison for now.

During morning assembly, various officials gossip amongst themselves wondering what happened.

And the Second Prince is just as clueless.

But of course, we know that he’s just pretending

Then Xiao Qi shows up for the assembly.

Before Empress Wang and the Crown Prince arrive.

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Oh wow, so the second Prince was in the dark putting things in motion. Fanning the conflicts between the Wang family and the Xie family.

I’m sure the Prime Minister would have found out eventually but he’s pressed for time. To set his plans in motion?

I think it has to do with the pill he arranged for the Emperor to eat. It was slowly killing him.

Which means Prime Minister Wang is patient and very clever. If I was Empress Wang I would watch out.

A’wu and Zitan weren’t even going to work out. If you’ve watched Story of Minglan, Zitan reminds me of Yuanruo.

Because of his naivety. But Zitan’s mother is a very gentle woman, I’m pretty sure she didn’t have to scheme much.

So Zitan doesn’t know how cruel the people within the imperial palace can be.

I liked the tension between Prime Minister Wang and Xiao Qi. The latter knows the former has something to do with the Emperor’s collapse.

But even though he has no evidence, he subtly exerted pressure to warn Prime Minister Wang not to go too far?

At least that’s how I read it. I put in a link to explain the reference to Zhu Ge Liang when Prime Minister Wang quoted it in front of Xiao Qi.

He believes he can bring him over by the third visit. Because he values Xiao Qi as an important piece in his plans.

And the other piece of it is I think the show is hinting that Prime Minister Wang wants to be the Emperor. As Zhu Ge Liang was a strategist for Liu Bei.

From the Three Kingdoms.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 5?

Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I’ve officially completed all 12 currently available on Viki episodes and now I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode. I knew it would be a bad idea to get into a show that’s not fully out yet and ai yi yi the ride in those 12 episodes.

going with the Minglan references Papa Wang kind of reminds me of a more ruthless Sheng Hong who maybe has more care for his kids, not necessarily their happiness but maybe their safety at least Awu’s. I don’t know I still get mixed vibes from him and even if he is going for the

Emperor position
why would he do that when he considers his son such a useless person.
It’s not like he could make Awu empress after his death absolutely no one would go for it and you can tell that she’s his favorite.

im really looking forward to how things play out from here,

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