The Rebel Princess Episode 6 Recap

And the plot thickens! Prime Minister Wang made his move first but what will happen next? A’wu has some growing up to do in Rebel Princess episode 6!

The Rebel Princess Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Empress Wang announces that the Crown Prince will oversee court while Prime Minister Wang is the regent
  • Noble Consort Xie makes a deal with Empress Wang
  • A’wu realizes she cannot escape the fate of most noblewomen

And we’re getting close to A’wu’s maturity so the actress portraying her can showcase just WHY she was chosen to play the mature parts.

I still think most people are making a big deal out of nothing. I watch dramas for the acting skills, sets, costumes. And I personally don’t care about the ages of the actors/actresses.

Anyways, let’s go on to discuss Rebel Princess episode 6!

Takeover of the Wang’s

After Xiao Qi takes his place, Empress Wang, the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister show up.

Facing the various officials.

Wen Zong Zhen inquires about the Emperor’s health and Empress Wang replies.

the rebel princess episode 6 recap wen zong zheng
Wen Zong Zheng, not sure what his title is

Following the established story.

The Emperor was poisoned but was saved just in the nick of time. However, he needs additional rest and cannot attend court at this period of time.

So she informs the officials that the Crown Prince will be overseeing court from now on.

And the Prime Minister shall be the regent.

Basically most of the political power will be in the hands of the Wang’s

Zilong then sits down on the Emperor’s seat as various officials whisper amongst themselves.

Empress Wang asks for their opinion but everyone agrees.

Wanru hears about her family being imprisoned so she rushes to Zilong for help.

the rebel princess episode 6 recap zilong

Zilong tells her that there’s not much he can do. Because his mother and uncle have been waiting for this opportunity.

Jeez and he’s not suspicious at all? No wonder his father said that he’s very simple-minded

He suggests Wanru stay low for now because she’s also part of the Xie family.

But she doesn’t want to live if her family dies.

At a loss, Zilong tells her that he will visit his royal father. If he wakes, her family may have hope.

Great, some help he is.

Next Steps

Meanwhile, Wang Xu is sitting on the throne. While his brother, Prime Minister Wang asks if he’s looking to die as well.

Wang Xu gets off and tells his brother that he was just trying it out for him.

The latter is not amused because there are still many things to get done. Prime Minister Wang tells Wang Xu to keep a close eye on the officials that were loyal to the Xie family.

the rebel princess episode 6 wang family brothers
I wonder how much Wang Lin trusts his brother, Wang Xu?

Wang Xu nods then wonders why his brother kept the Emperor alive.

So Wang Lin explains, if the Emperor dies then the various princes/lords that helped him fight for the throne would rally their soldiers into the capital.

Under the pretense of enacting justice. And how many soldiers they have in the capital?

Not enough.

So they need the 200,000 soldier army under Xiao Qi.

the rebel princess episode 6 recap zilong's filial piety

Later that night, Zilong stays by his royal father’s bed. Hoping his father will wake up soon.

And Empress Wang checks up on him.

She comments that if the Emperor was awake he would definitely regret how he treated him before.

Zilong asks his mother if Noble Consort Xie was really the culprit because he can’t understand it.

And she tells him that there was poison in the wine.

He then comments that you could never trust human beings by their appearances. It’s their actions that reveal themselves.

Zilong promises to not let his mother down when she says everything will rely on him now.

Including her.

Empress Wang can’t help but recall how her brother forced her hand. So she had him promise that he will no longer use her son in his schemes.

Otherwise, she will show no mercy.

Forced Confession

Zilong oversees court again and Wen Zong Zhen (Counsellor Wen) wants the Empress to procure evidence before sentencing the Xie family.

Because it’s highly suspicious.

Prime Minister Wang agrees and then looks over to Zilong who dismisses the court.

Zilong is basically a puppet while Prime Minister Wang runs the show

Later, Empress Wang heads down to the imperial prison to pay a visit to members of the Xie family.

Xie Yuan (Marquis Xie) vows to bring down the Wang family if he ever gets out of here.

Empress Wang smirks to herself thinking this would never happen. Then she heads over to Noble Consort Xie.

Who gets a scrumptious feast in front of her.

Uh oh, looks like it’s her last meal.

Empress Wang gives her a toast but Nobel Consort Xie knows that she’s here for something.

the rebel princess episode 6 recap last meal

Empress Wang wants Noble Consort Xie to write up a confession about the poison.

And then her life.

In exchange, she will let Zitan live and allow the other Xie family members to keep their lives.

But Empress must swear that she will never harm the Xie family members. Otherwise she will haunt her after she dies.

The two strike palms in agreement.

Then Noble Consort Xie signs a pre-written confession with her thumbprint.

Empress Wang has what she needs and leaves.

Later that night, a maid informs Empress Wang that Noble Consort Xie hanged herself.

Sad life of women fighting for favor in the palace. T_T

Noblewoman’s Fate

Prime Minister Wang shows the confession to the various officials and asks for their opinions.

On what is to be done about the Xie family.

Wang Xu thinks they should all be executed and other officials seem hesitant.

Meanwhile, second Prince Zilu meets up with Duke Huan again. For a discussion.

Duke Huan believes Prime Minister’s latest political maneuver was brilliant.

Prevented the third prince from marrying his daughter, brought down the Xie family and has the potential to secure a son-in-law with a powerful army.

But Zilu believes he can prevent this marriage. Since he was able to prevent Lord Yuzhang from marrying Xie Wanru.

A’wu waits for her father so she can plead for the Xie family’s mercy. But he doesn’t show up at home even late at the evening.

Then her brother comes back and passes along a message from the Empress: if she wants to save Zitan, she must marry Lord Yuzhang.

Refusing to believe it, she borrows his horse and rushes over to the palace.

She’s a girl that takes action!

A’wu checks on the Emperor first and pleads with him to wake up. Because he’s the only one who can save Zitan.

But the Emperor doesn’t respond.

And Empress Wang shows up. Telling A’wu that she’s the only one who can save Zitan.

As Empress Wang explains to her how she’s now old enough to take on some responsibility, A’wu is deep in thought.

I wonder if she’s realizing how her father and her aunt have been planning this all along? She’s always been a clever girl, I’m sure she could put the pieces together.

How she must accept her fate.

Marriage for the Wang Family

With a sigh of resignation, A’wu wonders if there’s another way. And the Empress Wang starts to mention how if she doesn’t agree, something will happen to Zitan.

So A’wu agrees.

And then leaves.

A’wu realizes that Wanru was right. No noblewoman can escape the fate of marrying someone they don’t love.

She returns home to see her parents argue about her marriage.

the rebel princess episode 6 recap wang family's marriage

How the Wang family needs to pull in Xiao Qi to secure their position. How the noble families are not as powerful as before.

The Wang family got this far because of sacrifices. And Wang Lin tells his wife how his sisters married into powerful families.

Just to secure the Wang family’s position and glory.

When Princess Jinmin complains that her husband is forcing their daughter to marry a low-born general, he laughs.

Because without the generals and soldiers shedding their blood for their kingdom, external forces would create an even bigger mess.

Even the Emperor recognizes the might of military power, and if he had a princess he would probably marry her off to Xiao Qi.

Wang Yisu bursts into the conversation, commenting that it’s not right.

How could they exchange his sister’s happiness for the stability of the family?

He would gladly volunteer to join the army. Prime Minister Wang praises his son for having ambition.

However, if he had a child so that the Wang family has descendants, he could go.

But it’s too late now.

Pointing out that if he only realized his responsibilities earlier, would he have to force A’wu to marry?

Hmm did he ever explain this to his son? Or did he expect his son to know that the noble families have been declining?

Blessing or Pity?

A’wu can’t bear to see her family keep fighting and strolls in.

Telling them that she’s willing to marry Lord Yuzhang.

Besides it’s always been her wish to marry a hero.

And she asks for their blessing.

Meanwhile, at Xiao Qi’s residence, Huaien doesn’t know whether to congratulate or pity him.

Because the events leading up to this marriage are too strange.

If it was him, Huaien comments that he would just ignore Prime Minister Wang and just sleep and eat.

Nothing else is important.

Xiao Qi smiles and gives him a strong pat.

How well do you know Wang Lin?

Princess Jinmin pays a visit to the Empress.

And asks to speak to her in private.

Meanwhile, Duke Huan proposes a plan to make it seem like Xiao Qi is already under Wang Lin’s orders. By having Xiao Qi under house arrest.

I think Zilu has built his own throne in this underground area

That way, Xiao Qi’s soldiers won’t respect Xiao Qi.

Zilu thinks this is a brilliant move. They just need one important person.

Back at the Empress’ residence.

Princess Jinmin asks her a similar question that the Emperor proposed to her. Wondering how well the Empress knows her brother.

Empress Wang doesn’t believe her brother would want the throne. Because the Crown Prince is the Prime Minister’s nephew.

However, Princess Jinmin mentions that he was even willing to use his own daughter.

Empress Wang doesn’t want to agree and pretends that Princess Jinmin never came today.

But after Princess Jinmin leaves, the seeds of doubt have already spread.

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Guess I wasn’t the only one. Even Princess Jinmin sees her husband’s ambition for the throne!

Will Empress Wang start to guard up against her own brother? If she’s smart as she is, she should.

Otherwise, her brother will really take over. It’s already apparent that even though he’s regent, he makes the decisions. Not Zilong.

Ugh and the forced confession!

I can’t believe no one check the validity of the confession before making judgement. But I guess since Noble Consort Xie took her own life, they assumed she wanted to pay for her sins.


And A’wu grows up a little more as she realizes the reality of her situation. I can’t wait to see how powerful she becomes!

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 6? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Gah this show is so good and it’s just going to get better just wait till the next episode. 😉. Gah I hate being at work when I know episode 13 has been released and I can’t watch it and it’s gonna be like this every M-F till the show is over. I’m flailing and the screen caps I’ve seen on Tumblr for eps 13 and 14 just make me flail more but you are there yet. Like I said shit is getting ready to hit the proverbial fan coming up here. Papa Wang may think he’s got his ducks… Read more »

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