The Rebel Princess Episode 7 Recap

A mother tries to help secure her daughter’s happiness but fate seems to play tricks on people. Moving right along into Rebel Princess episode 7!

The Rebel Princess Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Marquis Xie gets banished outside of the capital
  • Princess Jinmin arranges for Zidan and A’wu to elope
  • Second Prince Zilu pleads with Counselor Wen to save the kingdom

This show is sooo good and it’s super addicting! It may be too early to say, but I would vote this show as the best historical cdrama for 2021!

And without further adieu, let’s dive into Rebel Princess episode 7!

Cutting Off Loose Ends

Wanru pays a visit to A’wu after hearing the news. She wants to know if she’s truly willing to marry Lord Yuzhang (Xiao Qi).

A’wu replies that she’s always wanted to marry a hero anyways.

But what about Zitan?

A’wu calmly replies that some people are just not fated to wed each other. Even though they love each other.

the rebel princess episode 7 a'wu's acceptance

Wanru feels like A’wu has changed.

Huh, Wanru was the one who changed first and accepted her circumstances.

And bestows her original wedding gift: a hairpin.

But A’wu refuses it and tells her to give it to Zitan’s future wife.

However, Wanru firmly presses it into her hands anyways and leaves.

Addressing her as Lady Yuzhang (aka Yuzhang Wangfei).

Wangfei is the term for a lord’s wife so I thought Lady Yuzhang would be appropriate

Afterwards, Jin-er wonders why A’wu didn’t tell the truth. About her sacrifice to save the third prince.

And A’wu explains that she wants Wanru to pass along her thoughts to Zitan.

How she was willing to betray their relationship. So he could hate her and maybe be able to forget her in the future.

Ah I’m guessing she doesn’t know that the deeper the feelings, the harder it is to forget

Days later, the punishments for the Xie family members are revealed. The third prince, Zitan is sentenced to guard the imperial mausoleum.

To pay for his mother’s sins.

Without an imperial edict, he can no longer return to the capital in his entire lifetime.

Zitan looks so weary, he’s not suited to survive in the imperial family

Marquis Xie is deprived of his title and position. And is exiled.

Zitan and A’wu

Xie Yuan leaves the capital in simple clothes as he is no longer an official.

But he vows to come back.

In the meantime, he tells his contacts to stay low for now.

Meanwhile, Zitan mourns for his mother’s death and Wanru tells him about A’wu’s thoughts.

Commenting how A’wu doesn’t love him at all.

rebel princess episode 7 a'wu doesn't love zitan

Zitan refuses to believe it but Wanru reminds him.

How the Wang family killed his mother.

So I get the sense that Wanru never really supported Zitan and A’wu’s relationship?

At Lord Yuzhang’s residence, Huaien is surprised to see so many betrothal gifts coming in.

And jokes that Xiao Qi must be thinking of how many military provisions they could buy.

Xiao Qi wonders if that’s how he truly sees him. Then tells Huaien that the Shangyang princess is no ordinary woman.

So he cannot disgrace her.

Xiao Qi knows A’wu already has a sweetheart and is probably forced into this marriage. But he still wants to respect her!

Huaien smiles to himself and then comments how Xiao Qi has been in a good mood lately.

A Mother’s Assistance

Princess Jinmin pays a visit to Zitan and bows in front of his mother’s memorial tablet.

Then advising Zitan to restrain his grief.

Before she leaves, she wants to clarify A’wu’s feelings towards him. Because she senses that he doesn’t understand why A’wu would betray his feelings.

Meanwhile, Counselor Wen gets a visit from Zilu.

Who tells him to help save the Ma family’s kingdom.

Where is the second prince going with this? I don’t understand the scheme.

After Princess Jinmin clarifies why A’wu chose to marry Lord Yuzhang, she tells him her plan.

She’s arranged a small boat to carry the two of them out of the city. So they can live free away from here.

The boat leaves at midnight.

He must NOT forget.

rebel princess episode 7 zitan's last chance

Such a great mother, it’s rare for mothers in this period to do this for their daughters. Because elopement is bad for a woman’s reputation

Zitan hesitates because he still has to take revenge for his family. But Princess Jinmin tells him that this is his last chance.

Then Princess Jinmin leaves.

Counselor Wen’s Visit

Counselor Wen pays Xiao Qi a visit. Telling him about Prime Minister Wang’s desire for the throne.

But Xiao Qi surprises him.

What if he has no desire to become Wang Lin’s son-in-law?

rebel princess episode 7 a bet

Counselor Wen wants to know if Xiao Qi is willing to place his bets on one side.

As this situation affects the kingdom itself.

Moments later, Counselor Wen leaves and Huaien wonders if what he said was true.

Xiao Qi comments that the competition for the throne has already started. So he needs to leave.

But what about the Shangyang princess? What will happen to her if he leaves?

Xiao Qi stays silent.

Later that night, he recalls the few times he met her. While he packs up his belongings.

He probably feels guilty leaving her behind.

A’wu Escapes

Empress Wang left some guards to make sure A’wu doesn’t escape. But Princess Jinmin’s trusted maid shows up.

With some hot tea for the guards to enjoy.

rebel princess episode 7 ginger tea

The guards and the eunuch in charge help themselves. After they pass out, the maid rushes in and tells A’wu to change her clothes.

They are escaping.

On their way out, Princess Jinmin tells A’wu to find a safe place with Zitan. To live the rest of their lives.

And gifts a golden leaf to her.

It’s not labeled and will secure her financially for life..

A’wu worries that her mother will get in trouble for this. But her mother reassures her that she will be fine.

Princess Jinmin pushes her to leave quickly before it’s too late. And A’wu quickly kneels before she does.

Usually it’s three bows to show filial piety for raising her. But she’s in a rush to leave?

The rain comes down hard as A’wu and the maid make their way to the boat.

But Zitan isn’t here yet. So she wants to wait for him.

Zitan kneels in front of his mother’s memorial tablet and recalls his mother’s words.

You coward! How dare you hesitate!!!

How A’wu is special to the Wang family. Her marriage affects the kingdom itself.

So it’s best if he stays away from her.

Zitan continues to hesitate while A’wu continues to wait for him in the rain.

Two hours have already passed but A’wu believes he will come.

Ma Jinru and Wang Lin

At the Wang family residence, Princess Jinmin confront her husband as he kneels in front of the ancestral tablets.

She wants the truth.

Was he responsible for her brother’s poisoning incident?

Wang Lin explains using the Xie family as an excuse. But his wife sees through him.

So he admits it.

Then she raises a hidden knife before her husband. Minutes pass as she hesitates.

She cannot kill her husband. Even after everything he’s done.

So she tries to kill her self but that doesn’t work either.

Wang Lin tries to comfort his wife but then a servant reports that A’wu is missing.

Princess Jinmin says that she’s stuck in a loveless marriage but I think her husband cares for her in his own way. He just can’t show it maybe?

Wang Lin lets the information sink in and looks at his wife.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi continues to pack his belongings. The sooner he can get out of the capital, the better.

But Huaien wonders if the Shangyang princess will let him leave.

Xiao Qi tells him that there’s no point for him to stay because of the internal politics.

And he doesn’t want to cruelly separate the princess and her lover.

Huaien sighs and thinks it’s such a pity.

Huaien ships his general and the princess so hard XD

Meanwhile, Zitan finally snaps out of his indecision and heads for the meeting location.

Telling A’wu to wait for him.

Zitan is a Coward

At the meeting location, A’wu shivers and waits but a carriage shows up with soldiers.

rebel princess episode 7 recap wang lin finds a'wu

It’s Prime Minister Wang.

He tells her to come home but she tries to flee.

So her father orders her to stop. Telling her that if Zitan wanted to come he would have already.

Instead of making her wait this long, out in the cold rain.

Every sentence that comes out of her father’s mouth carve deep into A’wu’s heart.

And her deepest fears.

Zitan didn’t want to come.

He sees her as his enemy.

A’wu holds the hairpin that Zitan gave her in her hands.

Then harshly throws it to the ground after her father asks “how much longer will you deceive yourself?”

Poor A’wu T_T

The jade hairpin snaps and breaks into pieces.

Just like A’wu’s heart.

Prime Minister Wang gets closer to his daughter and gives her a brief hug.

They should return home.

The next day, Zitan shows up at the meeting location.

But he’s already too late.

A’wu is gone.

Zitan finds the broken jade hairpin and realizes he’s missed his chance.

He let her down.

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Oh Zitan, Princess Jinmin already warned you. And now you’ll regret it forever.

If you didn’t have the conviction to be with her despite your family being enemies with her family then why?

I guess he thought that his family would be supportive in the end? If he knew they wouldn’t support this relationship, would he have acted sooner?

Maybe not, because he’s been sheltered and raised kindly in the palace?

Sigh. Well Zitan reminded me too much of Yuanruo from Story of Minglan so I didn’t like him much anyways. He doesn’t suit A’wu.

Now I’m looking forward to the romance between our general and A’wu!

But Zilu has schemes in the dark. What is he planning next?

Seeing how Prime Minister Wang fetched his daughter, I think he DOES care for her.

In his own way. But he also shoulders the burdens and responsibilities of the Wang family.

So if he had to choose I think he would prioritize the Wang family over his daughter’s happiness. Which is why he’s trying to obtain Xiao Qi’s army.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 7? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I agree with your thoughts about Papa Wang. It’s part of why I have such a hard time getting a good read on him. He does such scheming things then his actions and comments make it apparent that he does truly love and care about his family and truthfully with everything that’s going on in the capital Awu’s marriage isn’t just a good alliance for the Wang family it’s a good marriage for her. He’s securing his daughter a strong husband who has been tested in battle, we’ve been told numerous times that the Wang family has military background along… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Lol very true and I also think Papa Wang knows Yitan pretty well to and knows that while he might be a good husband when times are good he has the back bone of a wet noodle so when times are hard or chaotic he wouldn’t be a very good husband.

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