The Rebel Princess Episode 8 Recap

Goodbye Zitan and hello powerful general! A’wu gets decked out in beautiful wedding robes but this is not the wedding she wanted. How will she deal with it in Rebel Princess episode 8? Let’s find out.

The Rebel Princess Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Xiao Qi leaves on the night of the wedding for urgent military business
  • Empress Wang wonders if the Emperor is truly crazy
  • Wanru shows Zilong her kind and virtuous side

The costumes in this episode are sooooo pretty! I’m sure Xiao Qi couldn’t take his eyes off of his new wife. Hahaha

Anyways, let’s discuss what happened in Rebel Princess episode 8!

Wedding Day

Several maids are lined up in a row holding up trays of wedding accessories.

It’s A’wu’s wedding day.

Jin-er helps A’wu with her hair as A’wu faces a mirror. This was not the wedding she wanted.

rebel princess episode 8 recap unwanted marriage

Moments later, A’wu walks out dressed in her beautiful wedding robes. She needs to pay respects to her parents and ancestors before leaving.

A’wu heads over to the ancestral hall where her parents are waiting. Under an experienced servant’s guidance, she first offers incense to her ancestors.

Then bows.

Her father comes over and informs the ancestral tablets that his daughter is getting married today.

He asks them to watch over her marriage and bless her and her husband with everlasting love.

Prime Minister Wang also mentions the six marriage rites were performed. In very traditional weddings, there’s a TON to do before the actual wedding

Then it’s time to say goodbye to her parents.

A’wu ignores her father as he offers words of advice and addresses her mother.

rebel princess episode 8 recap farewell to mother

To say goodbye and pay her respects.

Because it will be awhile before she sees her again.

A’wu can visit her maiden family after the wedding but only on certain days and occasions.

Princess Jinmin tears up and tells her daughter that she’s let her down. A’wu doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Afterwards, Princess Jinmin glares at her husband with tears in her eyes. Then leaves the ancestral hall herself.

While Prime Minister Wang looks guilty.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi leads a wedding procession dressed in red robes. And Huaien comments that he looks nice.

But Xiao Qi surprises him. Telling him that he has his armor underneath.

Looks like someone is all prepared….

The procession ends at Xiao Qi’s residence and everyone is prepared to receive the couple.

Wedding Ceremony

The doors open into a hall where everyone is waiting. And Xiao Qi leads his wife down the aisle by a red cloth.

With him holding on one end and A’wu the other end.

the rebel princess episode 8 recap wedding thread

The guests look at the couple with smiles on their faces.

When Xiao Qi and A’wu get to the end, Xiao Qi makes a formal bow towards his new wife and attempts to lead her by the hand.

But she doesn’t budge.

Xiao Qi lets go and lets one of the wedding assistants escort her to his side.

So the two can perform the rest of the wedding ceremony.

One bow towards the heaven and the earth.

Another bow to seal their marriage together.

And lastly, one bow towards each other.

The words and phrases were different in this show than others I have watched. Interesting.

Then the two light up a candle together to seal the deal.

The guests congratulate the two with their marriage.

Before A’wu gets escorted to the bedroom.

Xiao Qi has to drink with the guests. After a few cups, a military soldier rushes in with urgent news from the border.

Meanwhile, Jin-er is waiting patiently with A’wu in the bedroom. She wonders what’s taking so long.

Moments later, A’wu gets a report that Xiao Qi has to leave urgently for the border.

She’s furious that her husband would disrespect her so on their first night.

Later, A’wu faces the guests from a second floor and takes off her ceremonial crown.

Then drops it to the ground.

Three Months Later

Within the garrison walls of Ningshuo, Huaien reports that his wife has refused all of the gifts sent over in the last three months.

Then comments that the Lady is hard to console.

Xiao Qi tells him to keep sending the gifts.

He feels bad about the wedding I’m sure. So there really was urgent military news?

Meanwhile, at the Imperial Mausoleum, Zitan plays chess with himself. It’s been 4 hours and he should rest. But instead, he asks a servant about news from Huzhou.

rebel princess episode 8 recap news from

There aren’t any.

So Zitan focuses back on his chess game, commenting that his father’s chess skill was the best.

And he taught both him and A’wu.

Diverting the topic, the servant tells Zitan to stay warm as the weather around here can get quite cold.

But then Zitan comments that even though he can warm his physical body, his heart will still be cold.

It’s too late to regret now Zitan.

the rebel princess episode 8 recap a'wu in huizhou
Someone’s living comfortably after a ruined wedding

In another part of the Cheng kingdom, A’wu sleeps well into the afternoon.

She starts to stir awake as Jin-er strolls over. Then asks her about the time.

It turns out she slept basically half the day away.

After getting drunk off of some plum wine Wang Yisu gifted to her about a month ago.

A’wu’s love of sweet wine reminds me of Minglan as well!

A’wu basically finished the wine already and asks Jin-er to help her get some more.

But Jin-er feels stumped as they can only get this wine in the capital.

And they’re not in the capital anymore.

They’ve been in Huizhou for a few months now.

Festivities in Huizhou

A’wu and Jin-er take a stroll and Jin-er asks if she wants to send a reply to the letters Lord Yuzhang has sent.

But A’wu tells her to reply for her.

She hasn’t forgiven him yet for running away on their wedding night.

Then Jin-er also mentions that the Third Prince has also sent her some letters.

A’wu wants Jin-er to burn them.

It’s already over between them.

In the evening, there’s a paper lantern festival in Huizhou.

It was originally scheduled for later, but Madam Wu arranged it to happen earlier.

Just to please A’wu.

A’wu and Jin-er meet up with Madam Wu in the streets of Huizhou. And the latter greets A’wu with a bow.

Madam Wu and her entourage lead A’wu to a nearby performance.

Not knowing that there are a few figures hidden in the crowd.

Aiming for A’wu.

A’wu’s attention is focused on several paper lanterns floating in the sky and she doesn’t notice enemies that creep up beside her.

Moments later, a person with a kite descends from the sky and kidnaps A’wu away.

While Jin-er and Madam Wu call out to her.

Late in the evening, various soldiers put up wanted posters for A’wu as they search for her.

And the gates to leave the city are blocked as well.

A’wu is bounded and gagged in a dark moving carriage. She’s not alone but her companion warns her to stay quiet.

The carriage moves quickly and moving with it are people dressed in white mourning robes.

Until they are forced to stop right in front of the gates. The soldiers guarding it want to check if Princess Shangyang is hiding in the coffin (that’s on top of the carriage).

The Emperor’s Condition

But one of them pulls out a scroll describing the situation.

The deceased died from smallpox and his corpse must be dealt with outside of the city.

So they need to leave.

The guards still want to check and they find the corpse. So the story checks out.

They are free to leave.

The carriage rushes out of the city with the individuals right alongside it.

Not looking back.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Empress Wang heads over to the Emperor’s residence.

She wants to check on the Emperor.

A younger eunuch stops her briefly but then falters when she displays her authority.

Wanru greets Empress Wang after she enters. And humbles herself when Empress Wang verbally jabs at her.

Then explains that the Crown Prince wanted her to take care of the Emperor on his behalf.

Empress Wang then goes over to the Emperor’s side to feed him some medicine.

But the Emperor surprises her by asking who she is. Then flings her away.

Some medicine splashes onto Empress Wang.

While Empress Wang is in disbelief, the Emperor’s aide explains that the Emperor is still ill.

the rebel princess episode 8 recap emperor is ill

Empress Wang leaves abruptly.

Afterwards, Wanru returns to the Crown Prince’s residence and Zilong comes looking for her.

He comforts her because he heard that she got bullied by his mother.

I didn’t think Wanru would be a white lotus? (aka someone who pretends to be innocent on the outside but is the opposite inside)

Wanru tells Zilong that she didn’t mind and promises to take good care of the Emperor.

the rebel princess episode 8 recap wanru a white lotus

Zilong praises Wanru for her compassion and virtuousness.

News About A’wu

Empress Wang returns to her residence after the incident from earlier. She doesn’t care if the Emperor is really crazy or not.

What matters is that the current political situation is tipped in favor of the Wang’s.

Then her aide reports that Lord Yuzhang has been sending gifts to A’wu ever since she left for Huizhou.

So it looks like Lord Yuzhang has fallen for A’wu.

Empress Wang comments that A’wu was personally cultivated by her. And it’s no surprise that Lord Yuzhang has fallen for her.

Moments later, a palace maid rushes over to report.

A’wu was kidnapped in Huizhou.

Over at the Wang family residence, Prime Minister Wang and his son get the news as well.

Wang Yisu plans on setting out to rescue his sister. But his father denies him.

Princess Jinmin hasn’t heard about the news yet and he plans to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi and his soldiers hear about it.

Two hot-headed soldiers argue back and forth on the matter. While Xiao Qi contemplates.

These soldiers are so loyal to Xiao Qi. I’m sure they would be loyal to A’wu too!

There’s an imperial envoy coming in a few days who requires Xiao Qi’s presence.

But at the same time, it’s been a few days since Lady Yuzhang has been captured.

They must save her.

Xiao Qi gets up and starts thinking out loud. Wondering who would benefit the most from this.

The kidnappers could target either Prime Minister Wang or himself.

Who would it be?

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The wedding scenes were sooooo gorgeous!! I wonder how much it cost to film those scenes?

A’wu reluctantly participated in her marriage but I could tell that Xiao Qi was treating it seriously.

Or is it just me looking at it with rose-colored lenses?

Xiao Qi has seen A’wu twice? Once during the lantern festival in the city and then he saved her in the palace.

It’s unfortunate that the wedding night had to end that way though. A’wu is definitely humiliated and furious about it.

But I’m glad to see that she’s starting to move on from Zitan. Putting some boundaries between them. A’wu may not like her marriage but she’s not going to hang onto Zitan after what he did to her.

Who are her kidnappers? And what do they want with her?

I guess we’ll find out in the next episode!

Ah Zilong, you poor naive fool. You have no idea that Wanru is manipulating you. Was Wanru originally like this or did she change?

If she ever becomes the Empress I would be worried. She’s already planning to pit Zilong against his own mother.

What were your thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 8? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

Xiao Qi I felt was feeling out the situation. I mean he’s wearing his armor under his wedding robe. He knows Awu isn’t happy to say the least. He knows this is all a show and just left Awu and the whole show the wedding was. 1- When he looks at her he’s summing her up. This is a militantly man here. 2- He wonders about this turn of events will bring. 3- Of course she’s easy on the eyes too. It wasn’t his intention to humiliate her. The wedding was a show and it was time to stop the… Read more »

2 years ago

Daddy Wang actually loves his family. He is one of the best people readers on a tv show. He knows not one of the princes will make a good husband. He also knows the emperor was going to tip the power in Xie’s favor. 1- The way he retrieved his daughter. That was a strangely sweet gesture. He gave a pep talk. 2- He told his wife if you aren’t going to stab me put the knife down line. Seriously, he even stopped her from harming herself. 3- The emperor really is the problem. His sons are vying for power.… Read more »

3 years ago

Awu was definitely left behind to be humiliated by all the audiences, but I also felt she did not give him any face as well. When he held out his hand she did not budge at all and he had to call for the servant, because as much as she didn’t want to marry him we can say the same as well from him ( he had his armor underneath). I’m sure if she wasn’t so cold he would of taken her with him or at lease come back. Hence, I don’t believe he took it that serious in the… Read more »

3 years ago

Come on kidnapping by kite was epic. Also I loved Awu standing up for herself when Huaien came to tell her about Xiao Qi leaving and how he didn’t even have the courtesy to come and tell her himself. Poor girl has some abandonment issues now. Our general gave himself quite a road block to get over when it comes to winning her heart oh look kidnapping that he can rescue her from to help soften her heart lol?

Seriously though I don’t think Xiao Qi is in love with Awu yet, definitely attracted and given what we already know about him, he takes care of the families of the soldiers who die under his command he likely feels a little guilty as well that she’s caught up in her father’s political scheme for power when he knew she wanted Zitan. Of course he doesn’t know Zitan screwed the pooch either, hence the gifts being sent to her though I wonder if she knows he’s sending gifts. It sounds like Jin’er has been screening her mail so to speak and she’s told her to respond to Xiao Qi so was it really Awu who sent the gifts back or Jin’er? Of course this kidnapping is going to change things on so many levels.

Wanru the white lotus, honey we haven’t even scratched the surface of white lotus characters in this show yet. I was thinking about it the other day. This show is a lot about the under currents, everything seems calm on the surface but there’s strong currents you can’t see happening that change the direction of the story and the thought process of what happened in earlier events.

Here’s looking at you Huan Mi. Remember in the earlier episode when imperial tutor Gu found second prince in the harem yeah I think we are gonna find out the real reason he was killed soon that has nothing to do with creating chaos.

loved the review as always. I can’t wait to see your thoughts on the upcoming episodes and Helan Zhen who will be introduced next episode.

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