The Rebel Princess Episode 9 Recap

Just when things can’t get any worse, A’wu is kidnapped! How will A’wu fare in the hands of these kidnappers? Find out in Rebel Princess Episode 9!

The Rebel Princess Episode 9 Recap Highlights:

  • A’wu suffers in the hands of her kidnappers
  • Crown Prince Zilong struggles with court matters
  • The Emperor is not what he appears to be

We’re almost at the double-digits! Just a forewarning though, some of the scenes in this episode may be uncomfortable for viewers.

With that said, let’s jump right into Rebel Princess episode 9!

Kidnapper’s Intentions

Xiao Qi tells his soldiers that if the kidnappers are aiming for him, it’s likely that the kidnappers are on their way to Ningshuo City.

The kidnappers who took A’wu suddenly stop at a destination. Then open the carriage’s compartment.

They escort A’wu’s companion then take A’wu to an isolated room.

Then the kidnappers take her to an isolated room. And toss her something to eat.

Before closing the doors.

the rebel princess episode 9 recap a'wu's simple meal

After A’wu is alone by herself, she shuffles over to the fallen bag with food.

And takes out a dry cake.

It’s the first time A’wu suffered like this. Since she has always been treated so preciously.

With ravenous hunger, she tears into it and chews quickly.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi passes down orders to investigate every checkpoint on the way to Ningshuo.

To see if they can find any leads.

Tang Jing on the far left

Huaien then shares some additional insight. It’s been three days since their Lady has been captured but somehow the imperial envoy’s arrival also seems suspicious.

The travel times don’t add up.

Xiao Qi contemplates something then tells Huaien and Tang Jing to “host” their guest with care.

Hahaha Xiao Qi is probably onto something.

Meanwhile, Zitan gets a visitor.

It’s Jin-er.

Jin-er Requests Help

Jin-er asks for Zitan’s assistance to find A’wu. Because she has no one else to turn to.

She could have gone back to the Wang family?

Zitan decides to leave with Jin-er right away. Before he takes off, a servant passes over a warm coat to him.

But instead of wearing it, he places it over Jin-er’s shoulders. Then walks ahead.

And Jin-er feels touched by his action.

Ok, she definitely has feelings for Zitan. I saw hints of it in the earlier episodes and wasn’t too sure, but NOW I am

The kidnappers camp out for the night and gossip amongst themselves.

About A’wu’s beauty and wonder if their young master is enamored by her.

One of the kidnappers is female and isn’t too pleased about those thoughts.

the rebel princess episode 9 recap xiaoye

Looks like Xiaoye is jealous?

Xiaoye interrupts the two men standing guard and asks them to bring over their captive.

The young master wants to see her.

Meanwhile, Wang Yisu visits his mother without revealing how his sister is doing. But hopes she’s doing okay.

Prince of Hulan

Xiaoye drags A’wu towards a small cabin and once they enter, they see a doctor working on a patient.

But the doctor gets dismissed.

A’wu gets thrown to the ground and finally sees who was with her in the carriage earlier.

rebel princess episode 9 recap helan zhen
Helan Zhen, a prince of Hulan (a tribe of nomadic people)

Helan Zhen jerks A’wu closer for a get closer look. And comments that Xiao Qi was very fortunate to have married such a beauty.

He wants her to stick by him to warm him up.

And Xiaoye complains. Stating that this woman is Xiao Qi’s.

But Helan Zhen orders her to get out.

Helan Zhen continues his attempts to humiliate A’wu. Yanking her into his arms.

Whispering words so close to her face.

Justin Yuan seems to always play bad boy characters who have a soft heart. I recall his acting as Yelu Xie from The Young Warriors

A’wu struggles to get up and out of his embrace after commenting that she’s still useful.

rebel princess episode 9 recap unyielding
Even in the face of danger, this girl doesn’t yield!

Helan Zhen threatens to rape A’wu just to see how Xiao Qi would react.

But A’wu is not intimidated.

Then Helan Zhen asks her if she knew how Xiao Qi rose up with his military achievements.

And how many lives Xiao Qi has taken.

Emperor is not…

Back in the palace, the Emperor is playing chess by himself. Wearing simple clothes and having his hair down.

Empress Wang shows up to check up on him and ask about A’wu’s hijacking in Huizhou.

The Emperor appears out of it as he asks her to tell A’wu to come play chess with him.

And continues to mutter nonsense in front of Empress Wang.

Then she tries asking him about Zitan. How he left the Imperial Mausoleum so abruptly.

But the Emperor continues with his crazy talk.

So Empress Wang gives up on him and leaves.

She bumps into Xue Daoan (Emperor’s aide) on the way out and issues a warning.

He better not be assisting the Emperor to play tricks on her.

Xue Daoan reassures her that he isn’t and she leaves.

He heads over to the Emperor’s side and reports that he has already sent people to search for the Third Prince.

So the Emperor isn’t crazy!

Attempted Escape

Helan Zhen continues to talk as though possessed. Asking if A’wu has experienced what it’s like for the old to send off their young.

A’wu tells Helan Zhen that she understands what Xiao Qi had to do. For protecting the Cheng kingdom.

And besides it was his clan that went back on their words first. Helan Zhen roars with anger and starts choking A’wu.

But then this triggers Helan Zhen to cough up blood. He’s still not recovered.

After he collapses to the ground, A’wu takes his knife and wants to take his life.

She changes her mind and decides to escape instead. Using the knife to cut her bindings.

And escape through the backdoor.

A’wu grabs a horse but the horse makes such a loud sound that she gets caught.

And Xiaoye whacks her unconscious with a large piece of wood.

In the palace, Prime Minister Wang reports his investigations about A’wu’s disappearance to Empress Wang.

The kidnappers were very clever. Using an edict that was already made for a deceased nobleman to escape Huizhou.

It looks like these kidnappers are aiming for Lord Yuzhang. So he’s already arranged people to try to rescue A’wu before she gets to Ningshuo.

And Empress Wang recalls that the imperial envoy heading to Ningshuo was originally under Marquis Xie.

But since Marquis Xie is gone, this imperial envoy shouldn’t start anything.

Meanwhile, Duke Huan and Zilu meet up again for a discussion. Duke Huan reports that this time Marquis Xie and Helan Zhen are aiming for Xiao Qi.

Because of the Ningshuo army.

Underlying Currents

Once the imperial envoy deals with Xiao Qi, he will secure the army for himself and Marquis Xie.

But Zilu worries that this will backfire on them. Because then the army will fall into another’s hands.

Duke Huan reassures him that Wang Lin won’t let that happen.

So many moving pieces! Now Xie Yuan is targeting Xiao Qi!?? No wonder Xiao Qi didn’t want to get pulled in, there’s so many political powers working against each other.

After being caught, A’wu is thrown back to her prior arrangements. But Xiaoye was tasked with bringing her some water in a bucket.

Just so she could wash up.

A’wu wipes off blood from her face then starts scrubbing the cloth in the water.

She can’t help but adapt to the current situation that she’s in.

Imperial Envoy

In Ningshuo, the imperial envoy burns a secret message before Xiao Qi comes over to visit him.

rebel princess episode 9 recap imperial envoy Xu
Imperial envoy Xu Shou

When Xiao Qi enters the room, he notices the remains of a burnt letter.

But he masks his reaction.

Xu Shou invites Xiao Qi a seat and some special tea he brought from the capital.

And the two chat for a bit.

Afterwards Xiao Qi tells Xu Shou to rest for the upcoming military performance parade.

A’wu gets summoned to Helan Zhen again after she’s washed up.

Helan Zhen tells A’wu that he will make her regret not killing him when she had the chance.

A’wu holds her own against Helan Zhen as he attempts to rape her. Using whatever she has on hand. The hairpin in her hair and her words to trigger his emotions.

The final blow was when A’wu mentioned Helan Zhen’s mother.

When Helan Zhen let down his guard, A’wu stabs him with her hairpin.

Then threatens to kill herself if he tries to humiliate her again.

And Helan Zhen backs off.

At the imperial palace, the Emperor tells his aide that he’s already made his decision.

Between Zitan and A’wu, only ONE can live.

But then he wonders if he’s too cruel.

Xue Daoan comforts him. Telling him that he knows where he’s coming from.

And then escorts the Emperor to rest.

No one can play chess with me anymore…

Oh to be an Emperor….

A Change of Heart?

A messenger shows up and informs Helan Zhen to go along with the original plan as planned.

And Helan Zhen nods his agreement but wants to add an additional condition.

He wants A’wu after this.

However, the messenger states that his lord doesn’t want any members of the Wang family to remain.

Helan Zhen drops the matter and his group continue their journey to Ningshuo.

It only takes about 2 days from their current destination to arrive at Ningshuo.

Meanwhile, Jin-er and Zitan are still traveling together and slowly make their way to Huizhou.

A few days later, Helan Zhen’s group arrive at the outskirts of Ningshuo.

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So am I suppose to pity Helan Zhen for being a casualty of war? Enough to justify his attempted rape of A’wu?


It’s unfortunate yes but he could face off Xiao Qi fair and square. Instead of following someone’s orders to leverage A’wu.

So many subtle hints here in this episode! We have the Emperor telling his aide that A’wu cannot live.

And Prime Minister Wang telling his sister that Marquis Xie and the envoy who used to work for him wouldn’t move without the Emperor’s orders.

So is the lord that the messenger working for Marquis Xie? He must be! Since Duke Huan revealed that already to the second Prince.

Oh my gosh, does the Wang family know that the Emperor is a few steps ahead of them?

Sometimes clever people are defeated by being too arrogant. I hope Prime Minister Wang has a backup.

Because if he’s brought down, it will affect A’wu. Or will Xiao Qi protect A’wu no matter what?

Crown Prince Zilong is starting to rely on Wanru more. Treating her like a close confidant. I’m sure this will be his undoing?

Everything is starting to build up, where will this take us?

Any thoughts on Rebel Princess episode 9? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Also you are getting close to one of my favorite episodes (so far at least and it’s one of several). Episode 13 is epic.

3 years ago

Yes things are starting to heat up on the show. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned that the duke of Huan is Huan Mi’s father yet, Wang Su’s father in law but is working against the Wang family, unless I missed that part of your review. I’ve watched through episode 25 and it’s so hard to wait for the next episode. Your reviews are awesome. They give me something to read and some times points to think about or go back and rewatch for or discuss.

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Oh oops. This is what happens when I start skipping around and why I should not watch shows till they are completely released. Still episode 13 is amazing and you are almost there. There are some good moments coming up where Awu shines too but episode 13 has everything going for it.

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