The Rebel Princess (Monarch Industry)

Apparently, the Rebel Princess was a cdrama that was originally called the Monarch Industry.

This cdrama highlights the budding romance of a spoiled princess and a general from humble beginnings.

With a historical backdrop of politics and intrigue. There’s also a novel that the show is loosely based off of.

Check out the synopsis below!

the rebel princess cdrama
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One is a spoiled noblewoman because of her birth and background.

The other is a powerful but low-born general.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, the two form a tight bond as they attempt to navigate power struggles.

During the Cheng dynasty as internal and external forces are at work to bring the realm to its knees.

How will this power couple fare when they also realize the Imperial family has no plans of letting them rise to power?


A few more new faces that I don’t recognize! But I’m interested in the growth of the princess character.

I have heard various rumors that various netizens are upset by the casting of the main female lead.

Zhang Zi Yi.

Because she’s too old to be playing the 15yr princess? However, there’s also potential issues if you change actresses when the characters grow and mature in the story.

Based on the trailer and the vibes I got from Zhang Zi Yi, I don’t think she’s too old to play the youthful character part.

As the makeup artist did their job really well.

I think Zhang Zi Yi’s skills will shine when she plays the mature princess. And that’s when people will judge if the director chose correctly.


The costumes and backdrop look really good and keeps reminding me why I prefer historical cdramas! ^^

I bet this was a high budget production.

And at 68 episodes, I hope we are in for a treat! (It’s been a while since I’ve watched something good around this length, The Story of Minglan was one).

Would you be interested in checking out the Rebel Princess?

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EpisodesAiring Dates
68Jan 9, 2021 – Feb 25, 2021

The Rebel Princess Episode Recaps:

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