The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 10

Now that Chen Qianqian won the martial arts contest, what’s next? In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 10, we find out that the story went off in a different direction again.

And Chen Qianqian gets angry at Han Shuo for interfering.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian becomes the Crown Princess and incurs her second sister’s anger
  • Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian have a dispute out in the public
  • Pei Heng decides to send a servant to assist Chen Qianqian and Chen Qianqian eagerly accepts

How does Chen Qianqian not know that she’s changing the plot even further!??? It’s like she has survival on her mind and then gets pulled in different directions.

Sigh. Well it’s definitely entertaining so far. Let’s see what happens next in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 10 recap!

Lin Qi’s Punishment

Lin Qi is bounded by ropes and dumped into a storage room.

Then rats sneak in and she tries to put some distance between her and the rats.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, lin qi hates rates

But there’s nowhere to hide.

And she screams in terror as the rats climb all over here. No one can hear her because her mouth is stuffed with cloth.

While Chen Qianqian is right outside. She tells Han Shuo that Lin Qi is afraid of rats.

So this is the best possible way to torture her.

Chen Qianqian wonders if Han Shuo is happy with this. While he complains that he just wanted to take revenge for her.

Off to the side, Bai Ji comments that these two are so similar. One’s ruthless and the other is mean.

And Zi Rui believes they are a match made in heaven.

Chen Qianqian thinks it’s time they leave but there’s a stray rat. So she jumps into Han Shuo’s arms.

While Bai Ji captures the stray rat.

Chen Qianqian then jumps out from Han Shuo’s arms and takes off.

Bai Ji asks his lord for forgiveness but Han Shuo wants to reward him instead.

Which baffles Bai Ji.

Crown Princess

The City Lord wants to hear everyone’s thoughts on how to increase the city’s tax revenue.

And Chen Qianqian has an idea.

Proposing they increase the head of household tax. Each adult should pay this tax and if they cannot pay, they can substitute with grain.

Either way, the city would benefit.

Minister Yang praises Chen Qianqian for her insight and comments that the Third Princess has talent with governing.

But the logic has a gap so the City Lord dismisses it to hear Chen Chuchu’s suggestion.

After finishing with speech and debate, Chen Qianqian is eager to see the results.

And tells her second sister that she’s already prepared gifts for her.

Chen Chuchu smiles at her sister’s thoughtfulness.

Moments later, everyone reconvenes back at court and Sanqi announces the results.

Chen Qianqian has passed the literacy test with flying colors and won the martial arts competition.

Chen Chuchu is devastated while Chen Qianqian is shocked to hear this.

Mr. Smiley helped me win the literacy test!???

Because she remembers that she only drew a smiley face on the exam papers.

Then Sanqi announces that Chen Qianqian is the Crown Princess.

The person in question kneels and tells her mother to give the position to Chen Chuchu.

But Chen Chuchu kneels and comments that she will support her sister.

Ugh Chen Qianqian you could have done the complaining in secret. Now your second sister thinks this is all an act.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, disbelief

So it’s settled.

The City Lord dismisses them and Chen Chuchu walks off in anger while Chen Qianqian calls out to her with no luck.

Lost Fortune

Chen Qianqian realizes she bet everything on her second sister so her fortune is gone.

She complains to the storytellers and notices that they are wearing all worn out clothing.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, storytellers

Chen Qianqian doesn’t want to pay them anymore and takes off.

Meanwhile, Pei Heng pays a visit to Chen Chuchu. Who’s having a hard time accepting her loss.

She’s worked hard her entire life to become the Crown Princess.

And her younger sister gets the title without any effort at all.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, biaseness

Uh oh, Chen Chuchu’s entering the dark side.

After Pei Heng leaves, Zi Zhu, her aide, reports that Han Shuo bet all his money on Chen Qianqian winning.

So it was all a show for Chen Chuchu. One was acting as the good cop while the other was the bad cop.

Chen Chuchu looks at Zi Zhu with disbelief and then remarks that she will never trust her sister again.

Bai Ji leads Chen Qianqian back to her residence where several chests of silver are waiting for her.

She realizes that it was Han Shuo who helped her win the literacy test.

Chen Qianqian gets angry at him because he gave her a gift that she didn’t want.

But they must attend the coronation together anyway.

And the cold war begins.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, parade

While Zi Rui and Bai Ji bicker back and forth.

Then when they parade into the city, Han Shuo gets so frustrated that he walks off the carriage.

And Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo bicker in public.

But when he walks off, his shoe gets caught on a piece of Chen Qianqian’s clothing.

So when he walks away, her clothing starts to rip and unravel.

Making a scene.

Duties of a Crown Princess

And two other people share their own thoughts. Pei Heng believes Han Shuo doesn’t know how to care for Chen Qianqian at all.

While Chen Chuchu believes her sister is just playing with Han Shuo’s feelings.

Zi Zhu believes his mistress and Han Shuo are a better match. And Chen Chuchu considers his words.

Later, Chen Qianqian changes her clothes and remarks how Han Shuo stripped her in public.

Humiliating her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, duties

Zi Rui tells her to calm down and offers her some fruits. So Chen Qianqian peels a banana in frustration.

Then throws it on the ground. Moments later, a servant comes in with various reports for her to look over.

Because she’s now the Crown Princess. Chen Qianqian stews with anger after reading one of them.

That describes how she was stripped in public. And ends up slipping on the banana and Han Shuo catches her.

But Chen Qianqian somehow causes him to tumble down with her. And they both land with an awkward kiss.

The two stare at each other and Chen Qianqian breaks away first. Grabbing ahold of another report that landed on the ground.

She takes it as an excuse to ignore what just happened earlier.

The request is to have the Crown Princess take care of the bandits at nearby mountain.

Chen Qianqian refuses to go and tells Han Shuo to go instead. And then she wants him to get out of her room.


After discussing with Bai Ji, Han Shuo makes a plan to apologize to Chen Qianqian.

And the next day he wears a loosely fitted robe and offers Chen Qianqian the opportunity to unravel his clothes.

Using the same way he unraveled hers.

Mischievousness activated!

So she takes it and runs around him in a circle. Unraveling his clothes as quick as possible.

But it’s short-lived when Zi Rui leads Pei Heng to meet up with her.

And he sees that Han Shuo is indecently dressed. Chen Qianqian is having fun.

While Pei Heng lectures Han Shuo for not behaving like the men in Huayuan city.

And offers him a book.

It’s probably the virtues of men, hahaha

Later that night, Pei Heng helps Chen Qianqian look over some court documents.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10 male god

She reads one where a husband ends up beating his wife. According to the law, the husband should be pulled apart by horses.

As punishment.

Chen Qianqian thinks that’s too cruel because there’s no equality for men and women.

While Pei Heng comments that in Huayuan, it’s always been this way.

She believes all men should be like him.

Since he’s handsome and capable.

Just like a male god.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, male god

But Pei Heng gets the wrong idea.

Heading off to Weimeng Mountain

At court, Minister Yang proposes they have the Crown Princess take care of the bandits at Weimeng mountain.

But another official counters that they should send Chen Chuchu instead.

The City Lord decides to send the Crown Princess to gain some experience. With the assistance of Han Shuo.

When Chen Qianqian gets the imperial order from Sanqi, she decides to take Chen Chuchu along as well. So she can push the characters back on their original path.

Ohhh boy. This is going to get messy.

Chen Qianqian checks over her luggage and Han Shuo is happy to see that she’s enjoying this.

Wondering if she’s that happy to go with him on this assignment.

But then a servant reports that Pei Heng is here to send her off. And is gifting her an attendant.

romance of tiger and rose episode 10, giving an attendant
Han Shuo: How DARE you accept another man when I’m yours!

Later, Han Shuo and Pei Heng throw verbal jabs at each other. And Chen Qianqian feels like she’s witnessing a domestic dispute.

Chen Qianqian comments that she won’t accept the attendant. But then the attendant introduces himself.

And Chen Qianqian recalls how this character helped Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu get together.

So she eagerly accepts him.

Han Shuo tries to complain but no words come out. And Pei Heng smirks with his victory.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 10, we have our second kiss! Omg!

But I’m sure Chen Qianqian didn’t expect that and was disturbed to have that happen to her. She wants to return to her original world after all.

So many cute moments between Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian! But why is she so dense? I guess it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise?

Han Shuo is soooo smitten with her. He just needs to keep fighting for her heart I guess. While Pei Heng is just getting started.

Chen Qianqian should just go with the flow, the more she tries to fix things, the more the story diverges.

It’s like she’s forgotten the original personality of the characters she’s written. Because can’t she leverage that as well to sort of predict what other changes could happen?

Sigh. What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 10? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

One has to wonder whether Lin Qi’s fear of rats wasn’t inspired by Xiaoqian’s own fear of them XD. Another thing that I find interesting is, whether Chuchu ever actually cared for Qianqian. I think that she did, in a way, she liked Qianqian because in comparison with her, she was always perceived as the kinder and more responsible princess. But when Qianqian started to behave more humane and achieved some minor victories, Chuchu was very quick to label her as a traitor who is trying to “steal” everything from her. She doesn’t even blame her mother (who failed to… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Exactly. We could say that everything that Xiaoqian explicitly wrote/showed in her screenplay is true in the “drama world” as well.

And all the underdeveloped backstories, character motivations, plot holes – well, the drama world just filled the gaps somehow – without paying heed to the writer’s unsaid intentions.

And since Chuchu’s goodness was not explicit in the writing, the drama world instead “recognized” Qianqian as the heroine of the story (which explains how some things magically turn out in her favor without her direct intentions).

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