The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 11

We’re back for Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 11. Just one episode away from the HALFWAY point! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Chen Qianqian is back to her screenwriting tricks to move the plot back on track. Which means Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu will be subject to her manipulation.

Can’t wait!

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian tells Su Ziying to help her put Chen Chuchu and Han Shuo together
  • Su Mu convinces Chen Yuanyuan to start the rehabilitation exercises
  • Chen Qianqian decides to let go of the bandit after capturing him

And as if we don’t have enough fruit characters already, Chen Qianqian adds another one!

Without further adieu, let’s jump into Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 11 recap!

Introducing a New Character

Chen Qianqian highlights a new character: cherry. And explains how cherry is the apple’s strategic advisor.

Because cherry always wanted to repay the apple for helping it.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, cherry intro

One of the storytellers complain that the story is already complex as it is. But Chen Qianqian counters that adding the cherry doesn’t make the story any more complex.

Because the cherry was meant to help clarify the relationships anyways.

The cherry would do anything.

To get the apple and the banana together.

So she can’t wait until the story moves into its final arc.

Chen Qianqian leaves her mansion and before she steps onto the carriage Su Ziying places a coat over her shoulders.

Just before Han Shuo gets to do so.

And helps close the blinds of the carriage before Han Shuo gets to speak with her.

Han Shuo starts to make a comment but Su Ziying drops to his knees and apologizes.

Making Han Shuo look like the bad guy just when Chen Qianqian sticks her head out.

Chen Qianqian wonders why Han Shuo has Su Ziying kneeling but Han Shuo tells her he didn’t.

While Su Ziying explains that he offended Han Shuo.

Su Ziying is so two-faced and the master of causing misunderstandings XD

Chen Qianqian lectures Han Shuo and Han Shuo looks wronged. Off to the side, Su Ziying hides a secret smile.

Then Chen Qianqian asks Su Ziying to sit in the carriage with her while telling Han Shuo to discuss strategies with Chen Chuchu.

Han Shuo jokes about using Su Ziying as the bait to lure the head of the bandits down the mountain.

Meanwhile, Zi Nian presents several tonics to Chen Yuanyuan. And she samples the bird’s nest.

I’ve tried it before and it’s pretty weird to drink T_T

Chen Yuanyuan’s Dreams

While wondering when she would ever get out of her predicament. Zi Nian lectures her for being depressing and downgrading herself.

Then Su Mu shows up.

He greets Chen Yuanyuan and when Chen Yuanyuan asks about her sister, Su Mu explains that Chen Qianqian left to deal with bandits.

But he’s here to help her with rehabilitation.

Chen Yuanyuan ignores him and takes off.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, writing wills

I really wonder how Chen Qianqian wrote this character. Is Chen Yuanyuan a minor character who’s depressed all the time?

When Chen Yuanyuan finishes up writing another will and seals it, Su Mu comes over to check it out.

She wonders why he’s still here.

Instead of answering her, he notices that she writes the wills like pages of a diary.

And helps himself to some of the older ones. So he can read them.

While Chen Yuanyuan nervously grabs a tangerine and starts peeling it. She gives the unpeeled tangerine to Zi Nian.

And to his surprise starts eating the peels. Su Mu finishes reading the first will and concludes that Chen Yuanyuan wants to ice skating.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, yuanyuan's wishes

Another one implies that Chen Yuanyuan wants to go horse riding.

And visit the music theater.

Su Mu can help fulfill all her wishes if she promises to perform the rehabilitation exercises.

While Chen Yuanyuan comments that she just wrote random words.

However, he insists that he will help her so Chen Yuanyuan agrees to perform the exercises.

Zi Nian comments that Su Mu will be an honored guest from here on out.

Journey to Weimeng Mountain

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu leads the soldiers to Weimeng mountain and on the way there, Zi Zhu complains that all their work will be for nothing.

Because the Crown Princess will get all the credit.

Zi Zhu has been like the devil’s whisperer this WHOLE time to Chen Chuchu.

Sure he’s her close aide, but I feel like after telling her how her sister constantly brings trouble to her is working.

If they succeed it’s the Crown Princess’ credit, if they fail, it’s their fault. Which is completely unfair.

Chen Chuchu comments that there’s nothing they can do about it.

In the carriage, Chen Qianqian feels cramped. Because Han Shuo and Su Ziying are both in the carriage with her.

With one glaring at the other.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, stuffy

Chen Qianqian comments that the carriage feels stuffy.

And wonders if someone can leave the carriage. Su Ziying offers to leave but then turns back to comment that he can give massages.

So Chen Qianqian suggests Han Shuo to leave. But Han Shuo tells her he can do it too.

And gestures Su Ziying to massage his leg. Explaining that once he gets massaged, he will learn it and massage her afterwards.

While Chen Qianqian tells Han Shuo to stop bulling Yingying (Su Ziying’s nickname).

Someone’s jealous ~

Su Ziying comments that Han Shuo shouldn’t argue with Chen Qianqian because of him.

Han Shuo retorts that they aren’t.

Chen Qianqian starts massaging him too and Han Shuo comments that it’s so comfortable.

While Zi Rui sits outside the carriage and comments that men shouldn’t give other men trouble.

Arranging a Meeting

It turns out another one of Chen Yuanyuan’s wishes is getting married. And Zi Nian hopes her wishes will come true.

Han Shuo makes a pit stop at a local inn.

When the inn worker asks how many rooms he should prepare, Bai Ji suggests three. Implying that Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian won’t be sharing a room.

Han Shuo wonders what he means by that. So when the inn worker leaves, Bai Ji clarifies.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, bai ji understands

Commenting how Han Shuo wants to take this chance to take Meng Guo under his wing.

So they can leverage his trade routes. And he doesn’t want Chen Qianqian to realize his plans.

Han Shuo praises Bai Ji knowing him so well.

Meanwhile, Zi Rui reads off a letter that Chen Qianqian finished writing. While she works on another one.

Each one contains a poem and a message to meet up at the rear mountain.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, poems

And Chen Qianqian recites the other parts of it.

Telling Su Ziying and Zi Rui how to deliver them.

One goes to Han Shuo and the other goes to Chen Chuchu.

She can’t wait to get them together.

Laughing manically.

It’s the boss and the two minions XD

At the arranged location, Chen Qianqian, Zi Rui and Su Ziying hide in secret while Han Shuo arrives first.

And he sees that there are flowers nearby so he picks one up. Just as Chen Chuchu shows up.

Then doves take off and make the scene feel romantic. Chen Chuchu greets Han Shuo and wonders why he asked her to meet him here.

And sees the flowers in his hand.

But she’s surprised to hear him reply that he wants to continue the sword match from before.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, misunderstood

Chen Chuchu wakes up from her stupor and comments that she misunderstood his intentions.

ML and FL

While off to the side, Chen Qianqian facepalms.

This is NOT working the way she imagined.

This was suppose to be an intimate meeting!

And the two begin their friendly match. Chen Qianqian believes this will all work out fine.

Because they are both leads after all. Then Han Shuo catches Chen Chuchu when she’s about to get hurt.

So Chen Qianqian queues the confetti.

Chen Chuchu looks at Han Shuo with a gentle gaze while Han Shuo realizes he’s holding someone other than his wife.

And tosses her aside.

Then continues the match.

Chen Qianqian complains that this is turning out to be a martial arts drama.

When Su Ziying sees Han Shuo is about to deliver a crushing blow to Chen Chuchu, he stomps on Zi Rui’s foot.

Causing him to yell out loud and expose their location.

So Chen Qianqian exposes herself and awkwardly explains how she happened to come by.

Chen Chuchu believes that this was staged to make her look bad. So she walks off.

While Chen Qianqian chases after her, complaining that Han Shuo is too dense.

Su Ziying leaves his thoughts as well.

And Han Shuo believes Chen Qianqian became jealous. Thinking that he was here to meet her sister.

Bwhahaha, your intentions are misunderstood Chen Qianqian

Su Ziying Helps Out

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, su ziying helps out

Chen Qianqian wants Su Ziying to help her push Han Shuo to Chen Chuchu’s side.

Explaining that she’s tired of him.

So Su Ziying agrees to help her.

But wonders how he should approach it.

Chen Qianqian comments that when facing off bandits, you must go through hardships. And a relationship is based off of mutual trust.

Su Ziying gets an idea and takes off. While Chen Qianqian wonders how he will hand this.

This guy is smarter than he looks. He’s not that innocent after all.

Later, Chen Chuchu gets a report that Han Shuo was ambushed by bandits. So she sends Zi Zhu to go over to help him.

And explores on foot.

Accidentally landing in a pit trap.

She sprains her ankle and believes her mother will surely lecture her if she hears how she fell into a trap so easily.

She sets high standards for herself T_T

Chen Chuchu tries to climb out but with a sprained ankle, she can’t put too much weight on it and falls back down.

Han Shuo comes down to save her, believing the bandits setup a trap.

He helps fix her ankle and offers to carry her out.

A seed has been planted ~

Chen Chuchu is touched by his gestures.

That night Su Ziying reports that Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu must be having a good time together.

Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu find some shelter and spend the night together. Chen Chuchu comments that if she knew he was going to be like this, she shouldn’t have let her sister have him.

Because originally she was meant to marry Han Shuo.

Then you would be poisoned by his wine and he would plot your demise.

So Han Shuo remarks that fate plays with people.

Capturing Meng Guo

Chen Chuchu wonders if he would make the same choice with a second chance.

But Han Shuo tells her that he would still choose Chen Qianqian.

The next morning, Chen Qianqian lectures Su Ziying for taking her words literally.

And putting Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu in danger.

Su Ziying admits he was wrong. Then Zi Rui comes over with some piping hot congee.

Chen Qianqian wonders where the fire came from and Su Ziying comments how she hasn’t been eating well.

So he made a fire. But it’s absolutely forbidden to make a fire on a march.

As it gives away your presence to the enemy.

romance of tiger and rose episode 11, enemy soldiers

Then a soldier reports that the bandits are attacking.

Chen Qianqian decides to run for it. And Su Ziying follows right behind her. His words and actions contradict his intentions.

And all the bandits aim for her.

When she falls onto the ground and looks up, she’s happy to see Han Shuo arrive.

But her smile falters a bit when she sees Chen Chuchu right behind him.

Someone is starting to have second thoughts….

The two get off their horse and join the fray. Easily beating their enemies.

When they capture Meng Guo, Bai Ji wonders what should be the bandit leader’s punishment.

OMG, it’s the same actor who plays Shitou from Story of Minglan! Meng Guo

Chen Qianqian doesn’t want to kill this bandit because in the original story, he was suppose to be Han Shuo’s right hand man.

Both Bai Ji and Chen Qianqian want Han Shuo to take this guy under his wing.

But Han Shuo wants to kill him because he originally wanted to take Chen Qianqian as his wife.

A Vision

Chen Qianqian decides to let him go, telling everyone she had a vision.

And Han Shuo relents.

After Meng Guo leaves, Chen Chuchu wants to know who revealed their location.

And Han Shuo summons Su Ziying.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 11, we see Chen Qianqian start to waver a bit. When it comes to her own feelings about Han Shuo.

Yes, she wants to move the story back to its original plot, but she’s living as Chen Qianqian now.

And after interacting with Han Shuo for so long, can she really resist his charms? After all, he’s not that cold towards her.

But warm and caring.

Even her sister wants him. Because she originally thought he was cold and heartless. And wouldn’t live past 20 (like everyone thought would happen).

And that Su Ziying… man he’s such a crafty fellow. He definitely has other intentions.

Like Chen Qianqian mentioned in the beginning, he was loyal to Chen Chuchu.

So why is she foolish enough to use him?


What were your thoughts on the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 11? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Xiaoqian definitely knows how to write very pretty scenes, complete with the flower confetti XD. The whole scene was pure gold, if only her perceived lead characters cooperated…

And the pit Su Ziying allegedly dug?! Totally looks unreal, like a stage set! I love how this drama presents a real-looking world that, however, actually works as if it would in a drama (people can “fly” as they do in martial art dramas, lucky coincidences happen on daily basis…)

And SHITOU!!! It’s lovely to see this actor again! Did you know he’s only 25 years old? So young!!!

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