The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 12

Chen Qianqian better watch out for this two-faced cherry! In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 12, she knows Su Ziying doesn’t have good intentions, but when did it become her in place of the female lead’s scenes?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 12 Recap Highlights:

  • Su Ziying shifts the blame to Chen Qianqian with clever words
  • Chen Qianqian continues with her plan of captures and releases
  • Su Ziying continues with Chen Qianqian’s plan of pushing Han Shuo to Chen Chuchu

We’re now at the halfway point! Woohooo! I’m enjoying this series too much and not really focusing on my recaps, hahaha. The goal is to finish these recaps by the end of this month. Do you think I can do it?

Without further adieu, let’s jump right into Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 12 recap!

The “True” Culprit

Once soldiers drag in Su Ziying, Chen Qianqian looks at his appearance and gasps.

Wondering why he’s covered in blood.

So Su Ziying tells her that he went though a lot of difficulty to try and protect her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 12, su ziying's difficulties

While sneaking into the enemy’s camp.

Suuure ~ This guy may be the best white lotus I’ve ever seen (white lotus – a character who pretends to be nice and then backstabs you)

Chen Qianqian pities him and suggests that they let him go.

Her sister wonders if they should release him seven times and capture him seven times as well.

While Han Shuo chuckles in the background.

The guards start to drag Su Ziying away and a broken pendant falls out.

Chen Chuchu inquires about it because she found a similar piece near the trap she fell in.

And Su Ziying mentions how it was broken just recently.

romance of tiger and rose episode 12, broken pendant

Chen Chuchu wonders if he was the one who set up the trap.

Su Ziying drops down to his knees. Admitting his fault.

Then hinting that Chen Qianqian had nothing to do with this.

But the way he says it implies otherwise.

Now the target has changed to Chen Qianqian. Who fiercely shakes her head against her sister’s allegations.

However Su Ziying fans the flames more as he explains how the Third Princess wanted to set up Chen Chuchu with Han Shuo.

Han Shuo glares at Chen Qianqian before taking off.

And Chen Qianqian tries to explain herself to her sister. But the latter points out that if she doesn’t want Han Shuo, she’ll gladly take him off her hands.

Oi, this Su Ziying is a REAL piece of work.

Chen Qianqian’s Achievements

Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu makes plans on how to capture Meng Guo. Chen Qianqian leisurely strolls in and greets them.

As if nothing happened.

When they complain that she’s not putting in any effort, she puts a mark on the strategy map. Commenting that they could perform a water attack.

Zi Zhu, Chen Chuchu’s aide retorts that it’s easy for her to issue orders when she’s not the person actually doing the work.

Chen Chuchu orders Zi Zhu to shut up before walking off. Leaving Han Shuo alone with her sister.

Han Shuo later comments that Chen Qianqian may need to eat more nourishing foods.

And asks Bai Ji to recite the menu.

Steamed Pigeon.

Braised Pigeon.

Fried Pigeon.

Roasted Pigeon.

Stewed Pigeon.

Chen Qianqian doesn’t get the hidden meaning so Han Shuo tries to clarify.

Hinting that maybe Pei Heng’s the one who worries that she’s not eating well enough.

Meanwhile, Pei Heng wonders why his messenger pigeons have not yet come back.

At Huayuan City, Minister Yang praises the Crown Princess in front of the City Lord. Because they’ve all heard about Meng Guo’s capture.

And they are celebrating with a banquet.

Then a soldier reports that the Crown Princess just released Meng Guo.

Causing the City Lord to wonder what her daughter’s playing at.

She walks off in anger while Sanqi informs everyone else to enjoy the banquet.

A drunk female official calls out to Su Mu.

And wonders when he will return to the music theater. But Su Mu doesn’t reply.

So the drunk official orders him to drink.

Final Capture

But Chen Yuanyuan comes to his rescue.

Did Chen Qianqian plan for Su Mu and Chen Yuanyuan to get together in her original story? Hmmm

And gifts him a pendant in return for his care. Telling everyone at the banquet that he’s an honored guest of her mansion.

Silencing those who want to ridicule him.

Meanwhile, Meng Guo is captured again and brought in front of Chen Qianqian.

Who agrees to release him yet another time. Chen Chuchu complains because all this capturing and releasing is exhausting.

romance of tiger and rose episode 12, final capture

For the final capture, Chen Qianqian plans on leading her own army while Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu should be together.

And Su Ziying promises to protect the Third Princess on behalf of Pei Heng.

So Han Shuo leaves Chen Qianqian in the military camp.

Later, Chen Qianqian sees that Meng Guo’s mercenaries rush in and they end up capturing her.

When she wakes up, she’s in an unfamiliar room and starts to look around.

And sees Meng Guo’s goals in life.

romance of tiger and rose episode 12, meng guo's goals
Meng Guo has KPIs??? Key Performance Indicators?

Chen Qianqian then hears Meng Guo’s voice and peers through a hole on the door.

And sees various things being prepared.

Someone mentions a bowing ceremony so Chen Qianqian believes that Meng Guo wants to forcibly marry her.

She turns around to grab a weapon, but all of the weapons are too heavy for her.

Then Meng Guo walks in and approaches her so Chen Qianqian rambles off to distract him.

Meng Guo takes the weapon she dropped and holds it in his hands. Kneeling to pledge his alliance to her.

And explains that the ceremony being organized outside is to become sworn brothers.


So Chen Qianqian and Meng Guo perform the ceremony and become sworn sister and brother.

And participate in the feast.

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu and Han Shuo are at the outskirts of where Chen Qianqian was captured.

A captured bandit comments that they are having a celebration and Zi Rui believes Meng Guo is forcibly marrying his mistress.

Chen Qianqian drinks wine with her brothers and sets down some rules.

LOL she’s having so much fun while everyone else is worrying about her.

Chen Qianqian becomes so drunk and confronts Han Shuo with her brothers.

But she doesn’t recognize him.


So she flirts with Han Shuo until she collapses onto him and honestly speaks to him.

Everyone else is ordered to turn around.

But they can still hear though? And Chen Chuchu watches with jealousy. Sigh.

After spilling out all her frustrations, she faints into Han Shuo’s arms. So he carries her back home.

Meng Guo and his brothers can come with too as long as they swear allegiance to the Third Princess.

The next morning, Chen Qianqian wakes up with a massive headache. And vaguely remembers what happens.

Then reminds herself not to drink wine ever again. Zi Rui comes in to give her some sobering soup.

Pointing out that it was made by Su Ziying. Chen Qianqian refuses to drink it and reminds Zi Rui to keep an eye on him.

Zi Rui is like say whaaaa?

It’s about time she remembers Su Ziying is NOT on her side.

Zi Rui acknowledges the order and takes the soup away.

Meanwhile, Su Ziying presents some nourishing soup for Chen Chuchu. Thinking that she will remember him once he helps her obtain the Crown Princess position.

Reconciling with Han Shuo

Chen Qianqian sneaks around and looks randomly around. She finds Bai Ji and wonders if Han Shuo is around.

But in reality, she wants to avoid him for now.

However Bai Ji tells Han Shuo that the Third Princess is looking for him.

And Han Shuo chases after her. Even preventing her from returning to her room.

Han Shuo admits that he’s wrong which causes Chen Qianqian to admit that it wasn’t entirely his fault.

And Han Shuo takes this opportunity to tell Chen Qianqian to take responsibility for snatching him.

Because even though he was originally meant to be with Chen Chuchu, he’s hers now.

Chen Chuchu looks fondly at Han Shuo from a distance and Su Ziying promises to help her get Han Shuo.

Later, the inn worker tells Han Shuo that the Crown Princess wants to meet with him at the storage room.

Afterwards, Su Ziying tells the inn worker to hide himself when two individuals head into the storage room. Once a man and a woman enter, he should lock the door.

romance of tiger and rose episode 12, storage

Zi Rui overhears this conversation and reports it to Chen Qianqian.

Who decides to save Han Shuo.

But the inn worker locks Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian inside the storage room.

Han Shuo is poisoned by the aphrodisiac and tries to control himself.

However, it’s too difficult to do so and he chases Chen Qianqian around the storage room.

She fights him off several times. Then Han Shuo injures himself to keep himself sane.

While Su Ziying enters the storage room and realizes the plan has gone wrong.

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Han Shuo is shaping out to be such a decent and caring guy. Did Chen Qianqian write him that way?

Or was it due to her influence on his innate traits?

I’d like to think it’s the latter. Because Chen Xiaoqian, the original script writer, was still a newbie when it came to storytelling.

In this Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 12, again we see Chen Qianqian being swept up in the story’s events. Even though she should know them ahead of time.

Because it’s hard to remember each and EVERY single event in the story you’ve written. While being involved in the story.

Can you blame her?

Then I just thought it was just hilarious how Chen Qianqian took Han Shuo’s words seriously. On how Meng Guo was planning on taking her as his bandit wife.

Oh that Su Ziying is causing trouble again, let’s hope Chen Qianqian gets rid of him quickly.

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