The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 13

Oh the dreaded aphrodisiac poison plot piece, but the show continues with the light hearted theme! In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 13, Chen Qianqian starts to realize the beginning of her feelings.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 13 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian decides to put some distance between her and Han Shuo
  • Su Ziying reports back to Pei Heng, leveraging him to split up Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian
  • Han Shuo and Pei Heng have another confrontation

Chen Qianqian, since you’ve change the story so much already, might as well go with the flow!

Besides, do you really want to go back home?

Let’s hope Han Shuo stubbornly sticks to Chen Qianqian in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 13!

Bai Ji Saves the Day

Han Shuo struggles to get the poison under control while Chen Qianqian tells him that this is the critical moment for him.

As the male lead.

And he can get through this.

But then Han Shuo faints for a moment. Worried, Chen Qianqian inches closer to Han Shuo and gets pulled underneath him.

Han Shuo struggles and fights against his urges while Chen Qianqian looks on helplessly.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, aphrodisiac

He tells her that they didn’t perform any of the pre-marriage ceremonies. The parade in town, the bowing to the earth and sky, etc.

But if he could survive this and return to Huayuan city, he will make it all up to her.

Uh hello? Chen Qianqian was the one who wanted to cancel all these ceremonies so it’s actually her fault

Touched and moved by his words, Chen Qianqian grabs his face and kisses him.

Willing to sacrifice her body to save him.

Then Bai Ji bursts open the door and splashes a whole bucket of cold water at the two of them.

Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian glare at him.

Afterwards, Han Shuo changes his clothes in his room while Bai Ji narrates how he was just in the nick of time.

Rushing over after both Zi Rui and Su Zing told him what happened.

Otherwise… Bai Ji leaves it open-ended. But subtly hints at his lord’s chastity.

Then realizes his mistake.

And kneels for another chance.

Han Shuo tells him that he’s said this statement several times since they’ve arrived at Huayuan city.

Maybe it’s time for Bai Ji to return to Xuanhu city.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian finishes changing and talks to herself. Commenting out loud why she feels somewhat disappointed.

No way. Is she in love with Han Shuo?

Sprouting Feelings of L.O.V.E.

She doesn’t think so and starts listing out the traits of Han Shuo.

Despite telling herself that he’s just a fictitious character.

Rambling off Han Shuo’s good traits with a smile on her face.

But she doesn’t feel her heart race when she’s in his presence.

Then Han Shuo calls out to her from outside her door.

When he opens the door, she feels like he looks different.

And when Chen Qianqian pours him some tea, she can’t take her eyes off of him.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, smitten

Someone is falling in loooove. ~

Han Shuo doesn’t realize what’s wrong with Chen Qianqian. But he comments that he was rash earlier.

While Chen Qianqian plays it off. So what if they touched and kissed?

It’s no big deal.

However, Han Shuo takes this chance to reveal his feelings towards her. Telling her that if she was born in Xuanhu city, he would marry her in with a grand procession.

And take no other wife.

But here in Huayuan, maybe women are just more fickle.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, han shuo's in love

Han Shuo wonders if Chen Qianqian truly understands his feelings.

Chen Qianqian realizes that Han Shuo’s in love with her.

Su Ziying reports to Chen Chuchu that Han Shuo and her sister were trapped in the storage room together.

While being under the influence of an aphrodisiac, but Chen Qianqian appears and comments that it was just an accidence.

Su Ziying believes there’s someone else behind this incidence and comments that he failed to apprehend the person who escaped.

Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo both have their own reasons for letting Su Ziying go. Instead of calling him out.

Chen Qianqian wants to allow him to conspire against her. So her sister and Han Shuo can get together.

While Han Shuo has other reasons.

Chen Chuchu Wants Han Shuo

A servant then reports to Chen Qianqian that her sister wants to invite her to play chess.

As the of them play chess, Chen Chuchu tells her sister that she’s always yielded to her.

So often that one can get used to it. But Chen Qianqian proposes giving back what was originally hers.

Like the Crown Princess position.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, take back

However, Chen Chuchu tells her sister that it’s the not the only thing she wants.

And points out how the storage room incidence sounds so familiar to the pit trap scheme from last time.

If Chen Qianqian doesn’t want Han Shuo, then she wants him.

She doesn’t plan on yielding to her anymore.

Chen Qianqian stumbles a bit but comments that this is great news. Because they were originally suppose to be together.

The heart knows what it wants Chen Qianqian…

Chen Chuchu places her final chess piece and wins the match.

After leaving her sister’s room, Chen Qianqian feels a slight prick in her heart.

While Zi Rui wonders if something is wrong with her.

Before they set off to return home, Chen Chuchu reminds her soldiers to keep a look out. And Han Shuo peeks into Chen Qianqian’s carriage.

There’s an additional person: Meng Guo. And barely any space for him.

So he decides to drag her out and put her on a horse with him.

I’m watching you…

Chen Qianqian gets reminded by her sister on what to do and threatens to jump off the horse.

If Han Shuo doesn’t let her down. So he stops the horse and she gets off.

When they’re both on the ground, Chen Qianqian tells Han Shuo that she doesn’t like him anymore.

Because she’s tired of him now.

Oh here we go…. the typical pushing away plot device

Returning to Huayuan City

But Han Shuo believes she’s lying and tries to kiss her.

Then seeing how Chen Qianqian doesn’t try to push him away proves that she has feelings for him.

So Chen Qianqian uses another excuse. How they can’t be together because of the conflicts between the two cities.

A soldier reports to the City Lord in Huayuan that the Crown Princess has succeeded in enlisting Meng Guo.

And the City Lord comments that her daughter has finally done something right.

So the group will be returning soon.

When Su Ziying reports back to Pei Heng as soon as he returns, Pei Heng wonders if Chen Qianqian was alright.

Su Ziying kneels as if he did something wrong and reports how Han Shuo misunderstood his intentions.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, su ziying's report

Causing discord between him and the Third Princess.

Pei Heng comments that Han Shuo is just like this.

While Su Ziying goes further to highlight how the Third Princess was put into danger many times.

Flagging Pei Heng’s attention immediately.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, pei heng's attention

Su Ziying is at it again, causing misunderstandings

After explaining the situation (making Han Shuo the bad guy), Su Ziying pleads with Pei Heng to help him stay at Chen Qianqian’s side.

And Pei Heng reassures him.

Back at the academy, Pei Heng starts his lesson while Chen Qianqian wonders how she can refuse Han Shuo.

Then plans to use Pei Heng as a shield for now.

But this action riles up Lin Qi.

Who tells her that she already has Han Shuo.

Poor Chen Yuayuan, she just wants to enjoy her studies…

Pei Heng and Han Shuo end up throwing verbal jabs at each other.

Chen Qianqian tries to sneak away but both Pei Heng and Han Shuo ask her if she understood the implications of the poem she recited.

She ends up bolting.

Han Shuo vs Pei Heng

In the city, Chen Qianqian overhears how a story teller describes the Crown Princess’ tale of suppressing Meng Guo.

Chen Chuchu is in the area as well. Zi Zhu retorts that all the credit went to the Crown Princess.

But all the work was done by her and Han Shuo.

Su Ziying rushes over to Chen Qianqian and reports that Han Shuo and Pei Heng are at each other’s throats.

Because of the poem she recited.

In reality, it’s just a peaceful discussion. Pei Heng tells Han Shuo that he plans on confessing to Chen Qianqian.

And addresses the Third Princess by her nickname “Qianqian”.

Just then the play below recites lines that make the present situation look like a domestic dispute.

Pei Heng and Han Shuo don’t need to talk further because the play continues.

Putting words in their mouth.

Before Pei Heng leaves, Han Shuo wants to know if he understands Su Ziying’s background.

And Pei Heng retorts that if he didn’t know he wouldn’t have sent Su Ziying over to help Chen Qianqian.

Then leaves.

But then Chen Qianqian shows up.

She asks what Han Shuo told Pei Heng. And he replies that he said nothing.

Then Chen Qianqian can’t help but see that the current play revolves around the unfaithful woman.

And believes Han Shuo was bullying Pei Heng when she wasn’t here.

Han Shuo complains that Chen Qianqian is biased towards Pei Heng. And before Chen Qianqian can respond the play below them continues with the woman commenting that “he” is a jealous man.

Can’t he be generous for once?

Chen Qianqian doesn’t want to deal with Han Shuo anymore and takes off.

A Night Meal

At night, Chen Qianqian gets invited to some food and wine. And Han Shuo is already there waiting for her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 13, night time meal

She wonders what he is up to.

And then Meng Guo shows up. Telling Chen Qianqian that he was invited here by Han Shuo.

Su Ziying also shows up and comments that Pei Heng is on his way as well.

Surprised, Chen Qianqian asks Han Shuo what he’s up to.

Han Shuo replies that he invited everyone here so he could hear their opinions.

Because he recalls that in Huayuan city, men must be virtuous.

Instead of having women virtuous, I see. I see. So if women want more than 1 man, the husband must accept or be labeled as a jealous husband?

Meng Guo clarifies that he doesn’t have any other intentions towards the Crown Princess.

Or at least not anymore.

So then it gets down to Chen Qianqian. And she downs some wine before answering his questions.

Han Shuo tells Zi Rui to escort Chen Qianqian back to her room. But reminds her that the questions aren’t over.

So Chen Qianqian narrowly escapes by pretending to be drunk.

And Zi Rui reports that Su Ziying has been acting odd lately.

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Well, at least one part of Chen Qianqian’s schemes went well. Because in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 13, we see that Chen Chuchu wants Han Shuo back.

But the fact that she wants him back like an object you can give and take means her character personality is changing. Was the original Chuchu like this?

Can’t tell because we followed Chen Qianqian once she transmigrated over.

And of course Chen Qianqian doesn’t understand her true feelings and probably won’t until something bad happens.

I have a feeling this show isn’t that complicated and the plot is pretty predictable. But it’s still enjoyable nonetheless.

A pouty, jealous Han Shuo is just adorable. He just wants Chen Qianqian to return his feelings instead of trying to shove him off to Chen Chuchu.

I’m surprised to see him fall so deeply in love with her. Was it because she was nothing like the rumors? And she saved his life?

It’s cute to see him chase after her though. What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 13?

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3 years ago

Aaand Chen Qianqian is finally falling in love <3. Or more like, properly realizing her feelings.

I laughed so hard when her heart was beating so loudly that Han Shuo could physically hear it 😀 And the scene in the theater that consisted of all the usual lines the rivals say to each other in dramas? The pure meta of this scene!!!

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