The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 14

Ohohoho, Chen Qianqian eagerly waits for Su Ziying to scheme against her. But she has no idea that Han Shuo has her back. In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 14, Pei Heng becomes a casualty.

And tries to make his intentions clear. The love triangle has now become a love square?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 14 Recap Highlights:

  • Su Ziying frames Chen Qianqian for hiding a defense map of Huayuan city
  • Pei Heng confesses to Chen Qianqian
  • Han Shuo gets a visit from his acquaintances from Xuanhu City

Will Han Shuo follow the original plot or will he change because of Chen Qianqian’s influence?

Let’s find out in this Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 14 recap!

The “Defense” Map

At night, Zi Rui is snoring away while standing guard in front of Chen Qianqian’s study room.

Su Ziying sneaks in and puts a folded piece of cloth into a chest. Then closes it before sneaking back out.

It turns out Zi Rui wasn’t really asleep. He heads into the study room and pulls out what Su Ziying placed inside the chest.

And shows it to Chen Qianqian later. Who notices that it’s a map of Huayuan city’s defenses.

romance of tiger and rose episode 14, defense map

After contemplating for a moment, she realizes that Su Ziying wants to frame her for colluding with the enemy.

So she tells Zi Rui to put it back and hopes that Su Ziying won’t let her down.

Because she’s tired of being the Crown Princess. If the plan succeeds she won’t be the Crown Princess anymore.

But has she thought about being imprisoned for this? Or maybe being put to death?

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu gets a secret message that implies her sister has a hidden copy of Huayuan’s defense map.

And she decides to act on it.

But Chen Chuchu’s soldiers cannot find the evidence. Then Su Ziying shows up because he wants to report that the Third Princess plans on harming the city.

So he leads Chen Chuchu to Chen Qianqian’s study room.

Su Ziying pulls out the chest that contains the “defense map.” While Chen Qianqian praises him for finally doing something right.

Zi Zhu checks the map and shakes his head.

Outside, Bai Ji reports to Han Shuo that he switched the defense map with something else.

Chen Chuchu also checks it herself. It’s something that will ruin Chen Qianqian’s reputation but not enough to drag her from the Crown Princess position.

And the person in question is confused.

Pei Heng Arrives

So she checks the map herself and sees that it’s portraits of indecent behavior.

Well tame by western standards, hahaha.

Su Ziying kneels in front of Chen Chuchu and tries to explain that it wasn’t his intention to fool her.

And Pei Heng arrives just in time to hear Su Ziying saying that he believes the Third Princess withheld a copy of Huayuan city’s defense map.

Pei Heng sees the “map” in question.

romance of tiger and rose episode 14, pei heng's embarassment
Pei Heng’s reaction is HILARIOUS

And becomes embarrased.

Chen Qianqian tries to explain herself but her sister isn’t surprised to see this kind of portrait in her study room.

Su Ziying retorts that the Third Princess set him up. While Chen Qianqian wonders what grudge he has with her.

Meng Guo wonders if Su Ziying colluded with Chen Chuchu for this scheme.

And Su Ziying tells everyone it was him. Nothing to do with the Second Princess.

Of course, he wouldn’t drag Chen Chuchu into this.

Chen Chuchu settles the matter by having guards take Su Ziying away. Then everyone disperses. Leaving Pei Heng with Chen Qianqian.

Then Chen Qianqian apologizes to Pei Heng for getting him involved.

Now Pei Heng’s reputation as a virtuous man is ruined XD

She promises to help make it right to him.

Once Chen Qianqian is all alone, she wonders who could have possibly done this.

Then Han Shuo shows up. Telling Chen Qianqian that he knew Su Ziying was aiming for her.

So he asked Bai Ji to swap the map. Chen Qianqian throws the map back at Han Shuo.

Who realizes that it’s inappropriate.

And blames Bai Ji for shaming her.

But Bai Ji explains that he got the painting from the bottom of the chest.

romance of tiger and rose episode 14, bottom of box

And the tables turn.

Lovesickness Rumors

Han Shuo comments that if this was his city, she would be divorced immediately.

So Chen Qianqian tells him that they should divorce then.

But Han Shuo comes up with an excuse to let her off this time.

Chen Qianqian wonders why he’s so generous this time.

In Huayuan city, various females gossip how the Crown Princess still holds a torch for Minister Pei.

And Chen Qianqian visits Pei Heng to apologize. But he doesn’t mind.

Because this means they hold the same feelings for one another.

romance of tiger and rose episode 14, mutual feelings

Chen Qianqian feels a headache coming on.

While Pei Heng grabs her hand and tells her that he’s already told the City Lord he wants to marry her.

So she could divorce Han Shuo.

Chen Qianqian rushes to meet her mother and sees that she’s already looked at those portraits.

I thought Chen Qianqian said she burnt them?

Her mother wants to hear her thoughts about Pei Heng. Afterwards, Chen Qianqian wonders why her mother allowed her to marry Han Shuo.

And her mother retorts that she didn’t think Han Shuo would live that long.

Either way, Chen Qianqian should divorce Han Shuo. The sooner the better.

Chen Qianqian wants to discuss it with Han Shuo before her mother sends out the edict.

When her mother doesn’t understand, Chen Qianqian becomes frustrated and walks off.

Just while Sanqi comes in with some medicine for the City Lord.

He reports that it was Chen Chuchu who decided to search the Crown Princess’ residence based on the rumors.

Breaking the News to Han Shuo

Chen Qianqian wonders how she will break the news to Han Shuo. And starts practicing.

Later Han Shuo strolls in and wonders what Chen Qianqian is doing. She plays it off and Zi Rui comes in with Pei Heng’s servant.

Who brings a gift with him.

It’s a box of red beans. Which implies Pei Heng’s feelings for Chen Qianqian.

And as a final touch, the servant reveals that the City Lord will soon issue an order to have Chen Qianqian divorce Han Shuo.

Han Shuo looks like he’s eyeing his prey

Han Shuo warns Chen Qianqian that even though he may look docile, he can be dangerous at any moment.

When pushed to his limits. And he leans in to kiss Chen Qianqian, who responds by closing her eyes.

Seeing her reaction, Han Shuo ends up kissing her forehead and coaxes her as a good girl.

Chen Qianqian appears to be out of it when she meets up with her storyteller advisors.

One of the advisors wonders if she has something on her mind. And she comments that the banana has been acting weird.

So she picks up a peach.

While another advisor complains that she’s adding another character again.

Chen Qianqian explains that the peach confessed to the orange. But the orange doesn’t like the peach in that way.

romance of tiger and rose episode 14, fallen in love
Someone gets it!

Meanwhile, Han Shuo meets up with some people from Xuanhu city. Who were sent here by his father to setup explosives for the upcoming festival.

Since Han Shuo’s been cured, he should send the order to bomb Huayuan city.

That way, they can get their hands on the black stone.

But Han Shuo wants them to wait.

Chen Qianqian plays host to the guests from Xuanhu city.

Delegates from Xuanhu City

While Han Shuo helps a drunk Chen Chuchu get back to her room.

romance of tiger and rose episode 14, drunk chuchu

Chen Chuchu tells Han Shuo her feelings but Han Shuo rejects them. After he leaves, Chen Chuchu wonders why it’s always Chen Qianqian.

Uh-oh, Chen Chuchu is heading over to the dark side…

Back at the banquet, the delegates try to give Chen Qianqian a hard time. So Pei Heng comes to her rescue.

But Chen Qianqian handles it just fine.

At her own residence, the City Lord hears the report from Sanqi and smiles at how her daughter is handling things.

Then complains how the delegates from Xuanhu came half a month early. It’s obvious that they are planning something.

So she decides to test Han Shuo.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo hears how Chen Qianqian was almost humiliated.

The delegates believe Han Shuo is hesitating because of a woman. And plead with Han Shuo to remember their original motive.

Bai Ji rushes over to report that the City Lord issued an order for the Crown Princess to divorce Han Shuo.

And Han Shuo sees Chen Qianqian walking with Pei Heng side by side.

He becomes frustrated and debates on the issue some more. While the delegates comment that once they take down Huayuan city, Chen Qianqian will be his.

Han Shuo thinks about it some more.

On another day, Chen Qianqian visits her older sister and sees Su Mu instead.

Chen Yuanyuan’s Fate w/ Su Mu

It turns out Chen Yuanyuan is following the rehabilitation exercises she prescribed.

Chen Qianqian believes this is the only place she can rest at ease.

Then she tells Su Mu to comfort Pei Heng because she told him some uncomfortable words.

But Su Mu comments that Pei Heng is actually a strong person.

Chen Qianqian thinks he wouldn’t understand because he’s luckier at love.

Considering his fate with her eldest sister.

And Chen Yuanyuan shows up to stop her from spouting nonsense.

Instead of answering, Chen Qianqian takes off.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 14, Chen Qianqian admits that the characters have become a huge mess.

But the advisors bring up a good point. Since it’s a mess, the characters wouldn’t proceed along their original script.

Yet, Chen Qianqian still believes Han Shuo will detonate the city.

Sigh. And Su Ziying was just wiped out by Han Shuo, so can he still help Chen Chuchu get the City Lord’s position?

Hmm…. Gotta hand to the ML for being so overpowered! XD

Oh Pei Heng, you have no chance at this point. You only fell in love afterwards.

While Han Shuo was chasing the whole time. Chen Chuchu keeps reminding her sister to push Han Shuo towards her.

But I think subconsciously, Chen Qianqian knows she has feelings for Han Shuo. Will she keep pushing him away?

What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 14? Leave a comment below!

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