The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 15

And we back for the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 15! Chen Chuchu’s starting to become a villainess and wants Han Shuo for herself.

Will it get to a point where Chen Chuchu kills Chen Qianqian?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 15 Recap Highlights:

  • Su Ziying continues to help Chen Chuchu plan Chen Qianqian’s demise
  • Han Shuo makes a difficult choice to stay by Chen Qianqian’s side
  • Chen Qianqian decides to help get Chen Yuanyuan and Su Mu together

If Chen Qianqian continues to push Han Shuo away, what will Han Shuo do to stay by her side? Or will he give up?

Let’s find out in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 15!

Annual Hunting event

Bai Ji and Han Shuo play some chess while having a chat. They wonder why the City Lord issued an order for a divorce.

Was it because envoys of Xuanhu city arrived?

Han Shuo debates about conquering Huayuan city some more.

Huayuan city’s annual hunting event begins.

Within the camp grounds, the City Lord and Chen Qianqian rest underneath the tents. And the City Lord wonders why Chen Qianqian hasn’t divorced Han Shuo yet.

romance of tiger and rose episode 15, not yet divorced

Chen Qianqian wants more time.

While her mother believes Pei Heng is better than Han Shuo in every aspect.

Then Han Shuo shows up to greet the City Lord. And Chen Qianqian leaves.

But then Chen Qianqian bumps into Pei Heng.

And the atmosphere is awkward between them. Pei Heng doesn’t want her to feel that way though.

It’s better if they interact with each other as if nothing had happeneded.

Nope, he doesn’t want to be friend-zoned XD

Pei Heng subtly nods so Chen Qianqian tells Pei Heng that she wants him to tell her mother that he changed his mind.

But he refuses to do so.

Commenting that he will wait, however he will find a suitable time to bring it up to the City Lord.

In the background, Zi Rui is rolling his eyes.

See? Even Zi Rui knows what’s up. I don’t think Pei Heng is actually giving up.

Meanwhile, the City Lord wonders how Han Shuo will demonstrate his love and loyalty to Chen Qianqian. Because the men in Xuanhu city and Huayuan city have different roles.

In Xuanhu city, the men have the authority and the women obey their fathers then husbands and lastly their sons.

While in Huanyuan city, it’s the complete opposite.

So she proposes he wear a bracelet.

Chuchu vs Qianqian

romance of tiger and rose episode 15, city lord

Han Shuo counters that there’s never been a tradition of the husband wearing a copper bracelet.

And in Xuanhu city, only slaves and servants wear a bracelet.

But the City Lord declares that there is one now. And he should consider it carefully.

Later, Chen Yuanyuan shows up and the City Lord shares her concerns about getting old in age.

So she wants to make sure all of her daughters are married. Starting with Chen Yuanyuan and then Chen Chuchu.

Chen Yuanyuan hesitates and offers to let her mother choose a husband for Chen Chuchu first.

But Chen Chuchu already has her eyes on someone. And gives Chen Qianqian the look, reminding her to push Han Shuo back to her side.

Chen Qianqian decides to help sort out the matters between Su Mu and her oldest sister first.

She comments how she will help Su Mu get the ball when her sister throws it.

So they can be together.

But Chen Yuanyuan believes he won’t show up.

Who’s supporting Su Mu and Chen Yuanyuan? XD

Chen Qianqian asks her eldest sister to trust her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 15, embroidered ball
Hook, line and sinker! Really hope Su Mu shows up!

Later in the day, Chen Qianqian goes hunting with her second sister.

And the two of them encounter a rabbit.

Chen Chuchu hunts it down with ease. So Chen Qianqian eagerly retrieves it.

With her back turned to her sister, Chen Chuchu prepares an arrow and shoots it towards Chen Qianqian.

But then Han Shuo repels it with his own arrow.

After Chen Qianqian picks up the rabbit, she notices Han Shuo is in front of her while her sister is still behind her.

Then comments that one rabbit is more than enough before taking off.

She noticed the arrows didn’t she?

Tempting Proposal

Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu face off with each commenting the other’s archery skills.

Then Chen Chuchu comments how the City Lord has already asked Chen Qianqian to divorce him.

So she offers to bring up to the City Lord that she would want to marry Han Shuo.

But Han Shuo tells her that he won’t marry anyone else.

Chen Chuchu tries to convince him but Han Shuo threatens to return the favor if she points her arrows at Chen Qianqian again.

Such devotion, at this rate Chen Chuchu is going to be a villain.

Then Han Shuo takes off.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian slumps down on a tree nearby. She overheard the conversation and has other thoughts.

When she returns back to the campsite, she carries the rabbit in her arms and bumps into Pei Heng and Lin Qi.

With the latter presenting her rabbit to Pei Heng.

But Pei Heng tells her he doesn’t eat rabbit meat. However he changes his tune immediately when he sees Chen Qianqian come over with a rabbit.

romance of tiger and rose episode 15, rabbit

Pei Heng summons Su Mu and Chen Qianqian asks to speak privately with Su Mu.

Chen Qianqian asks Su Mu why he hasn’t been visiting her eldest sister lately.

And Su Mu explains that he’s no longer needed.

Despite Chen Qianqian suggesting he and her sister should interact more often. Because they have such good fate with each other.

But Su Mu doesn’t want Chen Qianqian to say anymore since he’s of a lower status. And then excuses himself.

Ugh, Chen Qianqian is changing things by pointing them out. So the characters are acting differently now.

Back at the prisons, a guard notices that Su Ziying has escaped.

Chen Chuchu returns to her residence and notices a window is open.

Assisting Chen Chuchu

She tells whomever is here to come out. And Su Ziying presents himself to Chen Chuchu.

Telling her that he’s here to assist her. Because he doesn’t believe Chen Qianqian deserves to be the Crown Princess.

So he will help her snatch back what belongs to her.

Chen Chuchu refuses to believe that he’s capable of this. And Su Ziying reveals that his network has informed him the Xuanhu envoys have set up explosives throughout the city.

And passes over a note.

They could use this opportunity to drag Chen Qianqian down with Han Shuo.

Chen Chuchu hesitates for a brief moment while Su Ziying comments that they could easily turn the tables.

So she then wonders how she can assemble some soldiers without her mother’s notice.

And Su Ziying proposes they use Pei Heng’s soldiers.

Chen Chuchu visits Pei Heng and informs him what she’s heard.

She needs his guards to capture Han Shuo and his accomplices. And when Pei Heng hesitates, she urges him using Chen Qianqian as an excuse.

Telling him that if they joined forces, Chen Qianqian will wake up from her stupor and realize Pei Heng’s feelings towards her are sincere.

Pei Heng wants to know if Chen Chuchu can guarantee her success of capturing Han Shuo.

And Chen Chuchu smiles.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo agrees to put on the copper bracelet. It’s a painful process.

Later that night, Chen Qianqian briskly passes by Han Shuo. Even though he wants to speak to her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 15, feelings

Chen Qianqian continues to push him away and Han Shuo grips his other arm.

This is why communication is so key in a relationship. Because Han Shuo didn’t even tell Chen Qianqian how much he sacrificed for her! Jeez….


Then the festival arrives. And whole Huayuan city is bursting with excitement.

Right outside the music theater, several ladies gossip how the eldest princess is going to throw an embroidered ball to determine who she will marry.

Whoever catches it will become her husband.

And Lu Peng hears about it.

Lu Peng appears to have his own ideas…

Chen Qianqian rushes over to wear Chen Yuanyuan is hosting her ball throwing event.

And Su Mu hasn’t come at all.

But there’s still time.

Chen Qianqian describes how Chen Yuanyuan is suppose to pretend like she threw the ball. While she secretly passes an identical copy to Su Mu.

Chen Yuanyuan agrees to do so.

As more time passes, Su Mu eventually shows up. But while he waits in the crowd, he hears people around him talking about his lowly background.

Before Chen Qianqian can get to him, Su Mu faces Chen Yuanyuan and slowly shakes his head.

Then turns away.

Poor Chen Yuanyuan. She didn’t know what he heard. So she thinks he rejected her.

While Chen Qianqian makes her way towards Su Mu, she overhears some men mention how Han Shuo volunteered to wear a copper bracelet.

She didn’t write this part in her script.

Oh now, she realizes that things are changing!?

So she needs to find Han Shuo but Zi Rui tells her to rest for a bit.

As she comments how she needs to find Han Shuo because he volunteered to wear a bracelet on her behalf, Zi Rui reveals how he saw him and Bai Ji.

During the day. While moving some large boxes.

There’s a surprise waiting for her.

Night Time Surprise

She believes Han Shuo will bomb Huayuan city tonight and rushes to find him.

While telling Zi Rui to guard the embroidered ball for Chen Yuanyuan.

Chen Qianqian ends up going to her second sister, and asks for her help.

But realizes that she knew about this all along.

And Pei Heng is her accomplice.

Meanwhile, Chen Yuanyuan decides to throw the embroidered ball anyways. Even though Meng Guo is able to catch it to prevent anyone from getting it, he throws it away.

Because he doesn’t want to marry Chen Yuanyuan.

And Lu Peng catches it.

romance of tiger and rose episode 15, lu peng

Chen Qianqian searches for Han Shuo in the crowd on horseback.

And Pei Heng is helping her again.

She gets off because this isn’t working and finds Han Shuo.

Who tells her that he’s been working on some grand event.

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu is escorting her mother throughout the city. As she parades through.

Han Shuo pulls her aside and wants her to see something interesting.

Realizing this is the crucial moment, Chen Qianqian stops Han Shuo for a moment and apologizes for how she’s treated him lately.

Han Shuo is touched and lights up the nearby fuse.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 15, Han Shuo makes an analogy that matches the other theme of this story.

If he’s the tiger then Chen Qianqian is the thorny rose! But he doesn’t mind being pricked by her. Awwww, how cute!

And it looks like Chen Qianqian has decided to stay here for him. So she won’t try to change the story anymore? Not that it has worked out right.

But I have a feeling that Chen Qianqian will try to move things again. Especially since her sister is not her original self anymore.

Poor Chen Yuanyuan, she wants to make her own decisions despite being disabled. But it looks like she won’t get what she wants for now.

Su Mu, how could you go away like that? You didn’t even ask if Chen Yuanyuan would mind. Sigh.

What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 15? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Sigh, episode 15 is not an easy one to watch: the leads are not communicating, everyone is struggling and it seems that all is slowly going to hell…

I feel sorry for Yuanyuan and Su Mu, it seems that they are both so shy and insecure that you barely see them communicating at all for the (nearly) whole course of the show.

At least Orange and Banana are finally getting somewhere <3.

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