The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 16

If the show wasn’t sweet enough yet, check out these moments in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 16! You might just get diabetes from all these sweet and adorable moments.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 16 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian make up
  • Chen Qianqian finds out Chen Yuanyuan is now betrothed to Lu Peng
  • The City Lord confronts Chen Chuchu about Han Shuo’s recents events

I love how this show moves pretty quickly! The misunderstandings aren’t dragged out too long.

Let’s discuss what happens next in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 16!

A Pleasant Surprise

While hugging Chen Qianqian in his arms, Han Shuo lights up a nearby fuse.

And Chen Qianqian tries to stop him but fails.

She looks on helplessly as Chen Chuchu leads her mother’s procession.

Then at each of the main target points, soldiers prevent several of Han Shuo’s men from lighting up their own fuses.

However fireworks start to appear in the sky.

romance of tiger and rose episode 16, fireworks

Everyone in the crowd enjoys the fireworks. The person Su Ziying tries to apprehend informs him that he’s under orders to light up fireworks.

So they have no reason to stop him.

And he continues with lighting the fuse. Which causes another round of fireworks.

Back in the parade, the City Lord asks Sanqi to point out the direction of Xuanhu city to her. After he does so, she bows towards that direction.

Because she wants to thank the Xuanhu City Lord for sending a great commander to her.

Then commenting that Han Shuo’s motives have been ruined because of his love for Chen Qianqian.

And he’s no longer a threat to Huanyuan city.

She believes that all her children can make their own decisions when it comes to their marriages.

So it looks like she won’t be interfering anymore?

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian is surprised to see that it was fireworks. And not explosives.

A brief flashback shows how Han Shuo made his decision. He betrayed his original motive because he wants Chen Qianqian’s love.

Back to the present, Han Shuo wants to know if it’s true that Chen Qianqian likes him.

And Chen Qianqian responds with a kiss.

Pei Heng continues to look for Chen Qianqian and sees Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian having an intimate moment.

Realizing that Han Shuo gave up his original goals and motives for Chen Qianqian.

Disheartened, Pei Heng leaves.

Chen Yuanyuan’s Predicament

After breaking away from the kiss, Han Shuo asks if Chen Qianqian still wants to divorce.

And Chen Qianqian replies that she’s changed her mind.

When Chen Qianqian visits Chen Yuanyuan, she feels like she’s let her sister down.

romance of tiger and rose episode 16 recap, chen yuanyuan
They all look so guilty, LOL

Chen Qianqian and her group hang in the background as Chen Yuanyuan writes another will.

Breaking the silence, Meng Guo kicks Zi Rui to the ground and Zi Rui apologizes for failing to protect the embroidered ball.

But then he points out that Meng Guo could have protected it. However, Meng Guo explains that he couldn’t be married to the eldest princess.

Since he’s such a boorish person.

Chen Yuanyuan ignores all of them as she gestures for Zi Nian to push her wheelchair.

romance of tiger and rose episode 16, intentions for lu peng

Zi Nian comments that even though the Third Princess was unreliable, she shouldn’t have to resort to marrying Lu Peng.

It’s like Zi Nian is the inner thoughts of Chen Yuanyuan. Since she doesn’t speak much.

Chen Qianqian gets in front of her sister and tells her that even though it’s completely her fault, she shouldn’t marry Lu Peng.

They do not fit each other.

But Chen Yuanyuan believes that it’s fine as long as Lu Peng obeys her and treats her well.

Then a servant reports that Lu Peng is here to see her.

Speak of the devil…

Lu Peng strolls in and presents some pastries to Chen Yuanyuan but Chen Qianqian grabs the basket.

She tries to get Lu Peng to leave but the servant earlier comments that Lu Peng has brought over his belongings and luggage as well.

Because he’s the future husband after all.

romance of tiger and rose episode 16, lu peng
This guy is moving wayy too quickly and is acting like such a leech

Su Mu’s Stance

Everything he owns will be the eldest princess’ including himself.

Chen Yuanyuan doesn’t appear amused yet orders Zi Nian to help with the living arrangements.

So Lu Peng heads out with him.

Just then, a servant comes over to deliver a box from Su Mu. And Chen Qianqian rushes to take it from his hands and present it to her sister.

With high hopes.

However, instead of sending over a love token, Su Mu returned the pendant Chen Yuanyuan gave him.

Later, Su Mu warns Chen Yuanyuan about marrying Lu Peng.

Chen Yuanyuan tells him that if he marries her, she won’t marry Lu Peng.

But Su Mu believes he’s not good enough for her.

Ugh Su Mu and Chen Yuanyuan will need more work.

When Chen Qianqian returns to her residence, she’s angry about Lu Peng. But seeing Han Shuo puts a smile on her face.

Especially when he’s eager to give her a cup of tea and some pastries.

However, the pastries are the exact same ones Lu Peng brought over to her sister today. So she spits on them.

And lectures the gigolo she saw today.

Bai Ji seems to think that the Third Princess is referring to them.

And as the conversation continues Han Shuo becomes more convinced, she’s referring to him.

Until she comments about capturing the embroidered ball.

So Han Shuo is relieved to hear that she was only complaining about Lu Peng.

Han Shuo then tells her that they shouldn’t ruin this night thinking about Lu Peng.

And he decides to escort her back to her room.

They are reluctant to part away when they arrive at Chen Qianqian’s room.

And Han Shuo comments that he will call her Xiaoqian from now on.

Spending the Night

Chen Qianqian returns the favor and proposes a nickname for Han Shuo: Shuoshuo.

And in the background Bai Ji and Zi Rui echo similar nicknames.

Before gagging.

So Chen Qianqian decides to go back to how she usually addresses him.

romance of tiger and rose episode 16, pda
I can relate to Bai Ji in the background. It’s like too much PDA right now XD

PDA = Public Display of affection ahahaha

Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo stall out even further, so much that Zi Rui and Bai Ji must drag apart their individual masters.

But before Chen Qianqian can go to bed, Han Shuo sneaks in through the window.

She wonders they are moving too quickly to the next step. And sprinkles herself with some perfume.

It’s too much that when Han Shuo pulls her close, he sneezes on her.


Then he starts to pull apart his clothes and Chen Qianqian wonders what’s he’s up to.

Until he pulls out a midnight snack for her.

What is up with these ancient Chinese people hiding away food in their clothes!? Secret pockets???

romance of tiger and rose episode 16, midnight snack

Then he attempts to leave. But Zi Rui is guarding the front door.

So Chen Qianqian allows him to spend the night with her.

On her bed.

And Han Shuo takes this opportunity to hold her in his arms.

The next morning, Bai Ji rushes over to tell Zi Rui that he can’t find his lord anywhere.

While Zi Rui thinks it’s impossible for Han Shuo to be at the Third Princess’ room.

Since he stood guard all night. But then Han Shuo comes out. Surprising Zi Rui and Bai Ji.

These two are HILARIOUS XD

Su Mu Returns to the Music Theater

After Han Shuo leaves, Bai Ji and Zi Rui confront each other, each warning the other to not spread word of this.

Because it will hurt Han Shuo/Chen Qianqian’s reputation.

At the academy, some girls gossip that Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo consummated their marriage the other night.

And Chen Chuchu is clearly displeased at the news.

While Lin Qi believes they should teach Chen Qianqian a lesson.

Before class begins, Pei Heng announces that there will be another person to teach them.

Because he is resigning.

Su Mu also decides to return where he belongs so he doesn’t try to get what is out of his reach.

All the girls go wild when they find out that Su Mu is back at the music theater.

But Su Mu shows up for a brief moment before heading back to his room.

Lin Qi wants to whip him for his insolence but her servant reminds her that she needs him to make money.

So she mutters that at least he’s better than Lu Peng.

Because Lu Peng constantly makes trips to the City Lord’s mansion.

Meanwhile, Lu Peng makes another trip to the City Lord’s mansion. And plans on showing off the copper bracelet he decided to put on himself.

With the help of a blacksmith.

While waiting to visit the City Lord, he overhears Chen Chuchu and the City Lord’s conversation.

How the City Lord knew all about Han Shuo’s plans and let it go. Because he decided to give up his original plan.

Chen Chuchu lashes out because she can’t stand her mother being biased towards her younger sister again.

The City Lord’s Illness

The City Lord becomes so frustrated and angry that when Chen Chuchu leaves, she faints.

But Chen Chuchu discovers Lu Peng hiding right outside the door. Lu Peng comments that he heard nothing.

Later, Chen Yuanyuan checks up on her mother. And it’s not looking that good.

Because the City Lord’s health hasn’t been the greatest lately.

Chen Qianqian decides to confront her sister.

But Chen Chuchu doesn’t want to listen to anymore of Chen Qianqian’s words.

Because they are just empty promises. And she tells her sister to get out.

Chen Qianqian realizes that Chen Chuchu has changed so she takes charge.

Issuing the order to prevent news of her mother’s illness from getting out.

And punishing Chen Chuchu to write 100 copies of filial piety.

When Sanqi delivers the order, Chen Chuchu stews with hatred. Because to her, it’s just another example of how the situation’s not in her favor.

If Chen Qianqian riles up her mother’s anger, it’s fine. But when she does it, it’s seen as unfilial.

Sanqi shakes his head and leaves.

Su Ziying then shows up and believes they should first take care of anyone who knows that she made the City Lord ill.

And Chen Chuchu thinks of Lu Peng.

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And the original FL has become the villainess. Dun Dun Dunnnn.

Does Chen Qianqian really believe asking her stubborn sister to copy the filial piety 100 hundred times will keep her at bay?

Once again, Chen Qianqian has forgotten what Chen Chuchu’s really like.

And then in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 16, we see Lu Peng trying to force his way into Chen Yuanyuan’s life.

Which wasn’t suppose to happen but because Su Mu’s own insecurities, he failed to stay and try to catch Chen Yuanyuan’s embroidered ball.

By returning to the music theater and selling himself again, Su Mu is just running away from his feelings.

I think he needs a wakeup call before he can act on his feelings. Whether it’s through Chen Yuanyuan or someone attempting to harm Chen Yuanyuan.

Will Chen Qianqian continue to try to change the story of will she sit along for the ride? What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 16?

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