The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 17

Ooooh are things getting serious now? In the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 17, Chen Qianqian realizes something very important.

And decides to change the story (yet again) in her favor. Will things work out like she wants them too?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 17 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Chuchu gets rid of Lu Peng but Lin Qi gets framed
  • Chen Yuanyuan tries to make her intentions clear for Su Mu
  • Han Shuo decides to give up something very important for Chen Qianqian

7 more episodes until the end of the show! Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 17 recap!

Lu Peng vs Su Mu

Lu Peng strolls back into the music theater and asks for Su Mu.

With arrogance.

He’s not even married yet and he’s like this? Jeez.

Then Su Mu shows up and it’s obvious he’s drunk.

Lu Peng looks at him with disdain and comments that musicians are such lowly creatures. But someone nearby retorts that Lu Peng is also a musician.

romance of tiger and rose episode 17, lu peng's arrogance

So Lu Peng proudly shows off his copper bracelet while Su Mu comments that the eldest princess won’t marry him.

Lu Peng’s response is that she has no choice because she’s a cripple.

And Su Mu lashes out at him in anger, asking him to repeat that statement again.

Lu Peng refuses to do so and mocks Su Mu.

So Su Mu punches him in the face.

Nice one Su Mu! Show this arrogant prick his place!

That night, Lu Peng grumbles on his way home. He believes he will show “him” one day.

But then Su Ziying grabs him off to the side and slices his neck. Killing him instantly.

Commenting that all those who get in the way of the second princess must die.

This cherry is so dark. Was this his original character?

Then tosses his body off to the side.

Lu Peng’s Death

In the early morning, Chen Qianqian is busy going through several official documents.

With Han Shuo by her side.

It’s repetitive and tiring so Han Shuo carves out a custom stamp for her that says “I got it.”

And Chen Qianqian uses this to stamp all of the documents. She comments that there’s just too much to do while she must worry about Xuanhu city’s intentions.

But Han Shuo reassures her that they won’t attack with him here.

Han Shuo’s a very willing human hostage

Bai Ji then rushes in to report that Lu Peng has died.

And Chen Qianqian is worried that the plot continues.

So she seeks the advice of her storyteller advisors.

The advisors wonder what the end result is for the banana. And Chen Qianqian reveals that the banana dies in the end.

Because he is killed by the apple.

Despite the events not following the original plot, some events still happened. So she’s worried that the banana will still end up with the tragic ending.

Then she remembers something.

romance of tiger and rose episode 17, han shuo's ending

Lin Qi will attempt to frame Han Shuo for Lu Peng’s death.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi plans to do exactly this. Her servant has arranged the murder weapon and the evidence.

But Chen Qianqian barges in just then.

Telling Lin Qi that she’s here to investigate Lu Peng’s death.

They find the evidence and Chen Qianqian has everything she needs to arrest Lin Qi.

LOL everything she arranged to frame Han Shuo was used to frame herself for Lu Peng’s death. Such great timing.

Chen Qianqian’s Worries

Su Ziying reports to Chen Chuchu that Lin Qi was apprehended for Lu Peng’s death.

And suggests that they get rid of Lin Qi to avoid a deeper investigation.

So when Chen Qianqian considers Lin Qi’s sentence, her sister shows up and pleads with Chen Qianqian to sentence Lin Qi to death.

Explaining that she’s willing to consider the greater good, otherwise “someone” would use this as an excuse to take her down.

Then Chen Chuchu leaves while Minister Yang comments that Chen Qianqian should make up her mind about Lin Qi’s punishment.

Later, Chen Qianqian visits Lin Qi in the cells.

Lin Qi thought it would be Chen Chuchu who visits her and when she realizes who it is, her smile falters.

Chen Qianqian wants to know why Lin Qi hates her so much. And the latter tells her that it’s because she keeps taking what is Chen Chuchu’s.

Not knowing what to do with her, Chen Qianqian sarcastically remarks that it was Chen Chuchu who asked her to spare Lin Qi’s life.

And of course, Lin Qi believes it.

Her life is spared but she’s banished to Xuanhu city.

Chen Qianqian then gives her a golden pass too but Lin Qi refuses to take it.

That night Chen Qianqian continues to stamp documents, thinking that everything should be fine now.

As long as Lin Qi is still alive then Han Shuo should be fine too.

romance of tiger and rose episode 17, stamp

Han Shuo then comes in and wonders what Chen Qianqian is worried about.

She knows that he’s stuck in the middle. But Han Shuo reassures her that he will inform the Xuanhu envoys to return back.

They try to enjoy some time to themselves but keep on getting interrupted.

First by Zi Rui, then Bai Ji and lastly, Meng Guo.


Lin Qi’s Assassination

Two guards escort Lin Qi to Xuanhu city but Lin Qi complains that she wants to rest.

And the guards reluctantly take a break with her. Complaining that if weren’t for the higher ups then they wouldn’t be going through this trouble.

Lin Qi believes they are treating her well because of Chen Chuchu.

But the guards correct her. Telling her it’s actually the Crown Princess before one gets shot in the chest with an arrow.

Then the other gets shot down too and assassins show up to attack Lin Qi.

romance of tiger and rose episode 17, lin qi finds out

Lin Qi defends and fights against the attackers. And ends up unraveling the face of one of them.

Realizing that it’s one of Chen Chuchu’s men.

But then another takes this chance to launch an attack against Lin Qi. Shooting an arrow into her chest.

Lin Qi gets propelled into the water and appears to be dead.

Meanwhile, Chen Yuanyuan pays a visit to the music theater. And asks for Su Mu.

When Su Mu shows up, he tells her that he’s willing to accompany anyone but her.

Then tells Zi Nian to lead her out. But Chen Yuanyuan comments that she will visit him again.

If he refuses to be with her, then she will marry another musician.

A Special Stamp

At night, Han Shuo notices that Chen Qianqian’s been worrying about something lately.

And gives her a gift.

He places his head in her hand, telling her the gift is him. Before passing over a new stamp.

It’s a heart. Chen Qianqian smiles at Han Shuo in return.

Han Shuo wonders what’s on Chen Qianqian’s mind lately and wants her to promise that she won’t keep anything from him.

romance of tiger and rose episode 17, qianqian's promise

In return she wants Han Shuo to never keep any secrets from her either.

And they share an intimate moment before getting interrupted by Meng Guo.

Who announces that Lin Qi is dead.

When Chen Qianqian discusses the matter with her storyteller advisors, she realizes what she must do.

To save the banana’s life.

But one of them warns her that the story won’t become a comedy anymore. It will start to become a tragedy.

romance of tiger and rose episode 17, harsh decision

Chen Qianqian makes a harsh decision.

When Han Shuo squeezes some fresh orange and Chen Qianqian asks him for help.

She tells him that she arranged to meet with Su Mu.

So Han Shuo decides to go on her behalf.

After he leaves, Chen Qianqian tells Zi Rui that they are going to visit Pei Heng.

And Zi Rui believes she’s going behind Han Shuo’s back for no good reason.

Zi Rui’s pout is so cute!

When Chen Qianqian meets up with Pei Heng, she asks for a favor and whispers into his ear.

While Su Mu and Han Shuo meet up as well.

Later, Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo meet back up again. Chen Qianqian shares her worries.

About how she’s worried for her own safety.

Because she has no soldiers of her own.

Special Token

So Han Shuo decides to give her a token that can summon his own personal troops.

Bai Ji wants Han Shuo to reconsider.

However, Han Shuo gives it to Chen Qianqian without much hesitation.

Chen Qianqian wonders if she deserves it.

Han Shuo believes she does.

In return he wonders if she could call him “hubby”.

And Chen Qianqian responds to his request.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 17, at least we got rid of an annoying characters so easily. Yes, I’m referring to you, Lu Peng.

And that escalated quickly. Su Ziying is such a shady character, yes he’s loyal to Chen Chuchu but he’s willing to do anything to help her get the position she wants.

Whatever happened to his release? Does Chen Qianqian know that Su Ziying escaped from jail?

Or is that another plot hole again? At this point, anytime there’s a plot hole, I’ve just accepted it because this world is supposedly created through the original story.

So Xiaoqian’s writing is the cause of this. Chen Qianqian is back at it again. To prevent Han Shuo from his death.

But honestly at this point, I highly doubt he’s going to get killed because of all the plot changes.

Yet, Chen Qianqian believes the story is running its usual course. Sigh, things are not going to go the way she think it will. When will she learn!?

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