The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 18

Chen Qianqian, if you push Han Shuo away, he might become a villain you know? In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 18, things turn for the worse as Chen Qianqian makes a decision.

Without discussing with Han Shuo.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 18 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shuo gets blamed for Su Mu’s disappearance
  • Chen Qianqian pushes Han Shuo away with deceiving words
  • Chen Chuchu finds Han Shuo and offers him an interesting proposition

Oh Chen Qianqian, if you push Han Shuo away, he’s going to end up as a villain that’s out to get you.

This Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 18 is going to be painful to watch.

Especially with the misunderstandings.

Disppearance of Su Mu

A female official sits impatiently as a musician explains to her that Su Mu has been missing.

Ever since he met up with Han Shuo at the tea house. And it seems like something is wrong.

Because there were sounds of quarreling and breaking tea cups.

He believes that Han Shuo has killed Su Mu.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, su mu missing

Then the musicians can’t help gossip amongst themselves because of the love triangle between Han Shuo, Pei Heng and the Crown Princess.

And somehow Su Mu got involved.

The female official only wants facts and not rumors, slamming her hand on the table to get their attention.

So the original musician states that Han Shuo was the last person to see Su Mu before he disappeared.

Making him a suspect.

Then Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian show up.

Chen Qianqian wonders if there’s any evidence to support the claim. And the female official presents a shoe footprint for shoes that are just one-of-a-kind.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, evidence against Han Shuo

Han Shuo comments that he wore the shoes she made for him because he thought it was going to rain.

Since they are waterproof and slip-proof.

The female official asks Chen Qianqian how she should deal with this matter.

So Chen Qianqian asks Han Shuo to go with the official. And uses her honey words to convince him.

She’s surprised when Han Shuo follows her instructions so easily.

And calls out to him for a brief second as if she has something else to say to him.

But he faintly smiles at her to reassure her.

In prison, Han Shuo sips tea from his own tea set. While the female official who’s in charge of this case comments how well the Crown Princess is treating him.

Han Shuo’s Sentence

But then a soldier brings in some new evidence. And it’s the token he gave Chen Qianqian.

Han Shuo tries to get up but the tea was drugged.

When he wakes up, Pei Heng shows up with an edict and narrates it. The sentence is banishment for harming a musician.

Han Shuo refuses to believe this and Pei Heng gives him the chance to see Chen Qianqian.

Wow, things escalated so quickly. Poor Han Shuo! He has nooo idea.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, han shuo's punishment
Ouch, it’s like he’s walking towards his death, the mood is heavy here

Zi Rui tells Han Shuo that the Crown Princess is waiting for him inside.

So Han Shuo shuffles his feet slowly as he enters her room.

After he enters, Zi Rui closes the doors behind him.

In the room, Chen Qianqian faces the window with her back facing Han Shuo.

And Han Shuo asks why. Wondering if there’s something she’s hiding from him.

But Chen Qianqian turns it back on him. Wondering if there’s something he’s hiding from her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, painful conversation

She comments how Han Shuo’s original plans were to infiltrate Huayuan city to obtain the black stone mine.

So she unravels her plans and tricks towards him.

How everything was a lie to capture Han Shuo. So he wouldn’t be a threat to Huayuan city.

And Han Shuo is devastated.

She tells Han Shuo that she has arranged a place for Han Shuo to live out the rest of his days peaceful.

No one will know his location except her.

Ugh, this conversation is painful to watch. Especially since we know Chen Qianqian is trying to save Han Shuo.

Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian

Han Shuo still seems hopeful that this is all a lie when he sees Chen Qianqian holds onto the heart shaped stamp.

But then she throws it onto the ground.

So Han Shuo decides to roughly tear off the copper bracelet from his wrist.

Unable to stand this anymore, Chen Qianqian walks off. But she watches over Han Shuo as he gets escorted by guards out.

Zi Rui wonders why she’s doing all of this. He wants to chase after Han Shuo but Chen Qianqian tells him not to. And she wants some time alone to herself.

The sky rumbles and a downpour of rain follows. As Han Shuo gets escorted out of the city on a carriage, someone who looks like Chen Chuchu secretly follows behind.

Despite it raining harshly, Chen Qianqian cries alone until Pei Heng shows up with an umbrella.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi washes up ashore and wakes up with an arrow in her chest.

After pulling it out, she fumbles in her chest and pulls out the golden token.

That she received from Chen Qianqian.

It saved her life.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, lin qi is alive
Lin Qi’s alive!

While Han Shuo is being escorted to his final destination, Chen Qianqian reverts to her original character.

Drinking and summoning various male musicians at her leisure.

But Zi Rui knows that she’s pretending to be happy. When she’s actually worried about Han Shuo.

Chen Qianqian tries to deny it but Zi Rui knows better.

After Zi Rui leaves, the musicians beg Chen Qianqian to let them go. It’s been like this for days.

And she faintly nods.

So they all quickly leave.

Chen Qianqian’s Melancholy

Chen Qianqian sits there quietly to herself while reminiscing her memories with Han Shuo.

Then servants come over to clean things up and she refuses to let them touch her broken heart stamp.

Pei Heng comes over as well to check on her. Seeing her so heartbroken, volunteers to help her fix the broken stamp.

Even though he ends up cutting his finger from the sharp edges, he hides his wound and passes the loosely glued stamp back to Chen Qianqian.

Pei Heng then comments that he doesn’t mind if she views him as Han Shuo.

But Chen Qianqian refuses to do that.

Meanwhile, Su Mu says goodbye to Chen Yuanyuan.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, su mu leaves

And then tells Chen Yuanyuan that she was the only person who treated him as a person.

Not as a plaything. So he doesn’t want to repay her by being with her. Because then, her reputation would get hurt.

While Chen Yuanyuan tells him that she doesn’t care.

These two are such a headache. No wonder Chen Qianqian wants to get involved. Jeezus.

Su Mu wishes she get a blessed marriage soon and leaves.

Shocked, Chen Yuanyuan stands up from her wheelchair and tries to grab him but fails.

But it looked like she was able to grab him? Hmm, were my eyes playing tricks on me?

Chen Qianqian pays a visit to her unconscious mother and comments how she believes whatever she’s doing will keep Han Shuo safe.

After Chen Qianqian rambles some more, her mother wakes up.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, city lord wakes up

Her mother wonders why Chen Qianqian has sent Han Shuo away.

After taking in some liquids, Sanqi comments that Chen Qianqian’s filial piety woke her mother up from her slumber.

But the City Lord disagrees. She woke up because her plans were ruined.

A Negotiation

She went through so much effort to test Han Shuo’s intentions and loyalty.

Yet Chen Qianqian sent him away.

The City Lord wants to hear what else has been happening. Then Chen Qianqian realizes that Lu Peng must have overheard a conversation between the City Lord and Chen Chuchu.

So she wonders what her second sister has been up to. When Sanqi reports that the second princess has been copying the filial piety scriptures everyday, Chen Qianqian believes something is wrong.

It turns out that Zi Zhu has been doing it on Chen Chuchu’s behalf.

Chen Chuchu and Su Ziying have been following Han Shuo’s carriage carefully.

Because they want to recruit him.

When Han Shuo and his group make a pit spot at a local restaurant, everyone collapses from eating the food.

Other people show up and free Han Shuo from his chains.

Han Shuo meets up with Chen Chuchu and thanks her for helping him out. While Chen Chuchu hopes that he knows what Chen Qianqian is truly like now.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, negotiation

So she wishes for them to join forces to take down Chen Qianqian.

Han Shuo doesn’t mind helping out Chen Chuchu in return for something he wants.

And he wants the black water mine.

Chen Chuchu reluctantly agrees.

Afterwards, Bai Ji wonders if this is a good idea but Han Shuo reassures him that he won’t trust any woman from Huayuan city again.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian is mapping out the character’s relationships and trying to figure out what went wrong.

romance of tiger and rose episode 18, mapping out relationships

Later that night, Chen Chuchu and Han Shuo make their way into the city gates.

With their soldiers getting rid of anyone in the way.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 18, we see the typical female lead pushes away the male lead to save him plot device.

And the female lead believes this is for the best while the male lead feels betrayed. Sigh.

In any other drama that this plot device is used to move forward the story, the misunderstands drag on for soooooo long. But in this drama, not so much.

Or at least I hope not.

I wonder how Chen Qianqian convinced Pei Heng and Su Mu to help her out. We saw the moment with Chen Qianqian asking Pei Heng. But when did she ask Su Mu?

Han Shuo in full black clothing at the episode was not a surprise. He still looks hot though. Will he enact revenge on Chen Qianqian?

Guess we’ll find out in the next episode! What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 18?

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