The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 19

Hey Everyone! I didn’t forget about this show! I just got momentarily sidetracked with The Bad Kids XD. Now back to the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 19!

Chen Qianqian has pushed Han Shuo away for his safety. But he thinks of it as a betrayal.


Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 19 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shuo takes his own revenge against Chen Qianqian
  • Chen Chuchu decides to take over the City Lord position
  • Su Mu comes to terms with his own feelings for Chen Yuanyuan

So how will Han Shuo get his revenge? Let’s find out in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 19!

Taking Over the City Lord’s Mansion

Chen Chuchu and Han Shuo discuss their plans in Chen Chuchu’s place. But then Zi Zhu reports that Chen Qianqian is coming over.

So Han Shuo and Su Ziying hide. While they are hiding, Han Shuo comments that Su Ziying was always working for Chen Chuchu.

And Su Ziying remarks that Chen Qianqian does not deserve to be the Crown Princess.

romance of tiger and rose episode 19 hiding

Chen Qianqian arrives and asks if her sister knows why she is here.

But Chen Chuchu admits she doesn’t know.

So Chen Qianqian gets right to the point. Asking her if she killed Lu Peng.

Instead of answering, Chen Chuchu counters that Chen Qianqian has always thought Lu Peng was a poor match for Chen Yuanyuan. Suggesting that she also has a motive for getting rid of him.

And with this statement, Chen Qianqian knows.

But then, Chen Chuchu takes this chance to point out how her sister broke Han Shuo’s heart.

Suggesting she’s crueler than her. But Chen Qianqian wonders why she randomly decided to bring up Han Shuo.

Chen Chuchu continues as if she didn’t hear her. Commenting how if she became tired of Han Shuo, she still has Pei Heng.

Chuchu made all of these remarks because she knows Han Shuo is listening. However, Chen Qianqian didn’t admit anything.

Chen Qianqian storms out and Han Shuo comes out from hiding.

She orders the guards to not let Chen Chuchu leave the premises. But she doesn’t know that the guards have been changed.

Meanwhile Chen Chuchu tells Han Shuo that her sister never cared for him.

Is that to convince Han Shuo or yourself, Chen Chuchu?

Chen Qianqian heads back to her place and starts drinking again.

Murmuring how the heroine has turned into a villainess. And the plot has gone off on a tangent.

Who Loves the City More

There’s no wifi here, no phones so how will she live the rest of her days?

She may have stopped Xuanhu city from taking over Huayuan city but her story has stopped as well.

Servants deliver more wine and wonder if their city is doomed. But Pei Heng shows up.

He sees how disheartened Chen Qianqian is and suggests she pardon Han Shuo and bring him back.

romance of tiger and rose episode 19, melancholy

But Chen Qianqian counters that she will no longer see Han Shuo in this lifetime.

And Han Shuo happens to come by.

Watching how Pei Heng takes care of a drunk but asleep Chen Qianqian.

Jeez, the timing here! Han Shuo missed the good part!

Meanwhile, the City Lord and Sanqi are outside discussing how Chen Qianqian and Chen Chuchu are so different.

And she believes Chen Chuchu would make a better ruler. Pointing how that ever since Han Shuo left, Chen Qianqian has been so spiritless.

Not caring about the city anymore.

romance of tiger and rose episode 19, chen chuchu is not her real child

Sanqi comments that the two can work hand in hand to support the city. Then the City Lord points out that Chen Chuchu still has potential despite talking back to her last time.

And she will mature with time. As long as she treats the people in Huayuan city well, she doesn’t care if Chen Chuchu is filial towards her.

Because she’s not her real mother.

The truth is finally out! So Chen Chuchu is not her real daughter, no wonder she’s always biased towards Chen Qianqian.

The City Lord decides to lift Chen Chuchu’s confinement.

But then a servant reports that the mansion has been completely surrounded.

The City Lord asks Sanqi if Chen Qianqian took back the flower token but Chen Qianqian never did.

Suggesting that Chen Chuchu is involved.

Han Shuo’s Revenge

In the morning, Chen Qianqian wakes up with a hangover and someone passes a letter to her.

So she takes it and starts to read. Without realizing who gave it to her.

One of the letters state that Meng Guo lost track of Han Shuo’s location. And Chen Qianqian turns around to comment that Han Shuo is here.

Before realizing what she just said.

Chen Qianqian’s surprised to see him here. And wants to go back to sleep.

Thinking this is all a dream. But Han Shuo tells her he can wait as long as it takes for her to wake.

Then a soldier reports that they have surrounded the City Lord’s mansion.

Before excusing himself.

Han Shuo tells Chen Qianqian that on his way here, he planned on forgiving her if she regretted her actions. Even if it was the slightest bit.

But instead he saw something else. So Chen Qianqian tries to explain herself.

Moments later, Han Shuo claps his hands to summon Bai Ji. Who presents a small case of various medicine bottles.

Han Shuo wants Chen Qianqian to drink a bottle a day. Most of the bottles are honeyed water but there’s one bottle that is poison.

If she doesn’t drink them, her mother won’t get the medicine she needs.

Because her mother is in his hands nows.

Chen Qianqian reluctantly picks one to drink and tries to spit it out. But she reluctantly swallows seeing Han Shuo’s glare.

It turns out to be bitter melon juice.

Hahaha so this is Han Shuo’s way of telling Chen Qianqian how upset he is with her.

Han Shuo leaves and orders the Crown Princess to be confined.

Su Mu’s Choice

Su Mu was on his way out of the city but hears the city guards announce that the gates will be sealed.

So he changes his mind and rushes back. Meanwhile, soldiers mock Chen Yuanyuan for writing so many wills yet being unable to kill herself.

To execute them.

Then they toss the wills into the fire as they leave. Chen Yuanyuan gets up from her wheelchair and tries to save those letters.

But her servant pulls her back.

romance of tiger and rose episode 19, yuanyuan's letters

Su Mu shows up and takes the letters away from the fire.

And gently examines Chen Yuanyuan’s hands for burns. While Chen Yuanyuan comments that Su Mu is full of himself.

Originally he said he didn’t have any feelings for her and now he claims to be concerned.

Su Mu tells her that things have changed now. So he likes her now.

And he promises to never leave her.

Chen Yuanyuan smiles in response.

Zi Nian checks through the wills that were saved and comments that most were burnt except for one.

And it reads to win over someone’s heart.

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu reports to her mother that Han Shuo is retaliating in revenge against Chen Qianqian.

But she has already placed guards around the premises to protect her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 19, protection
Thanks dearie (with a look that says I don’t trust her….)

The City Lord praises Chen Chuchu for doing such a great job. And Chen Chuchu excuses herself.

Then the City Lord inquires about Chen Qianqian’s status. As long as she is within Han Shuo’s jurisdiction, she will be safe.

Because she knows Han Shuo won’t harm her.

Chen Chuchu’s Self Declaration

Chen Chuchu helps herself to the City Lord’s seat as her servant reads off an imperial edict.

Describing how the City Lord is bedridden so the Second Princess has been tasked with taking care of matters in her place.

Some officials think it’s odd and question why Chen Chuchu is stepping in. If the City Lord is bedridden, they still have the Crown Princess.

But then Chen Chuchu gives Zi Zhu a signal to summon the soldiers. Who knock the naysayers unconscious.

Before dragging them off. No one else speaks up so it’s unanimously agreed that Chen Chuchu will be handling matters from now on.

Later, Pei Heng shows up and warns Chen Chuchu that it’s not too late to turn back.

Chen Chuchu ignores his warnings and comments that what was originally hers would be hers eventually.

So it doesn’t matter if she snatches it now. Pei Heng can’t help but think that the late Minister of Defense would be disappointed in her.

Pei Heng then leaves, believing he cannot stop her now.

romance of tiger and rose episode 19, pei heng leaves

Is that a hint on Chen Chuchu’s real mother? hmmm

Pei Heng heads over to Chen Qianqian residence, thinking he needs to rescue Chen Qianqian.

But Han Shuo prevents him from doing so. And drags Chen Qianqian inside when he sees her run to Pei Heng’s side.

He forces himself on her but stops when he sees Chen Qianqian crying.

Han Shuo realizes that Chen Qianqian never recovered her martial arts but berates himself for going through that.

Ugh, this is painful, can’t wait until these misunderstandings are over.

Attempted Rescue

Pei Heng devises a plan to rescue Chen Qianqian, using the disguise of a musician and successfully sneaks Chen Qianqian out.

But she decides to return, believing it’s her fault that Han Shuo ended up this way.

Nearby, Lin Qi’s servant calls out to her.

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In the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 19, I didn’t get the feeling that Han Shuo was really out for revenge.

He knows Chen Chuchu is at odds with Chen Qianqian and is leveraging the situation.

But he doesn’t really want to harm Chen Qianqian. Because he still loves her. However, he can protect her from her sister if he claims he wants revenge.

Which supports the City Lord’s theory that Chen Qianqian is better off in the hands of Han Shuo than her sister.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Chen Qianqian drank a bottle of the bitter melon juice. Han Shuo’s bitterness is displayed for her to see (and drink).

Is there really a bottle of poison hiding in that box? Not sure.

Han Shuo tested Chen Qianqian’s martial arts skills and realizes that she doesn’t have any.

So he believes she’s still lying to him. Doesn’t mean he won’t stop paying her back for the heartache she caused him though.

On another note, I think the misunderstandings will be resolved pretty soon.

It’s a short CDrama after all. What were your thoughts on the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 19?

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