The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 2

And I’m back for the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 2! The show is off to a great start. The visuals are beautiful and the comedy is pretty funny.

Will this pace continue?

The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian (Chen Xiaoqian) decides to survive until the end of the script
  • Han Shuo gets saved by Chen Qianqian in a particular way
  • Chen Qianqian meets Pei Heng

OMG the guy playing Han Shuo is soooo cute! I just want to pinch his cheeks.

Does anyone think he’s adorable? Ahem, back to business.

Let’s jump into the recap. Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 2!

Not a Dream

Chen Qiangqian continues to sleep as Zi Rui and and an older lady chat for a bit.

It turns out she was just drunk.

But Zi Rui retorts that it’s impossible. Because the Third Princess has a high tolerance for alcohol.

Chen Qianqian reluctantly wakes up from bed and the first thing she sees is Zi Rui.

She blinks for a moment then tugs Zi Rui’s ear. Not believing that she’s still here.

Zi Rui yelps in pain which confirms that this is no longer a dream.

So Chen Qianqian complains and flops back in bed.

She really wants to go back.

Later she wonders what went wrong. And considers other ways to die. Thinking that if she dies, she can return to her world.

So she tries the dagger but changes her mind. Too painful.

Next, she tries choking herself with cloth. Too ugly.

Then she tries ramming her head into a pillar.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, not a dream

These three ways are essentially how female characters die before another character transmigrates into their bodies. In popular web novels, hahaha

But fails.

Chen Qianqian comments to herself that everyone must die eventually.

However, she’s worried that she won’t be able to turn in her script on time.

And tries again.

But gives up. So she thinks about another way to return home.

Recalling in her script that when Chen Chuchu ascends her rightful place, the heaven’s gate opens.

Which means she’ll have to stay alive until the end.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, survive until the end

Then she recalls that Chen Chuchu can’t get to the end without Han Shuo.

So where’s Han Shuo?

Zi Rui tells her that he’s in prison for attempting to kill her with poison.

And her mother plans to execute him.

Saving Han Shuo

In prison, Han Shuo decides to light the beacon so his soldiers can infiltrate the city. But Bai Ji wants him to reconsider.

Since this will mean they lose out on his medicine.

Han Shuo doesn’t care because at this rate, Chen Qianqian will irritate him to death.

So he plans on executing Chen Qianqian once he gains control of the city.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian rushes to her mother’s place. Asking her to free Han Shuo.

Her mother’s close aide explains the situation but there’s no time to waste. When Chen Qianqian thinks it’s a waste of time to ask about her alcohol tolerance, her mother retorts that of course it’s important.

So we have a fierce but protective mother.

Chen Qianqian’s mother explains that it’s suspicious how the Lord of Xuanhu city sent over a son to marry over.

Yet eyed their treasure long beforehand. Chen Qianqian doesn’t respond and her mother sighs.

If only she could help ease her worries.

But instead she stole the groom.

Who was originally suppose to marry Chen Chuchu. Chen Qianqian comments that she understands but hints that the child in her stomach doesn’t.

Then pretends to crave sour fruits.

Because pregnant women are suppose to crave something sour.

Her mother then understands that she’s pregnant. And wonders who the father is. So Chen Qianqian uses this excuse to free Han Shuo.

He may not be the real father but at least he could cover up her pregnancy. And her mother reluctantly agrees.

Being a mother is so difficult

Chen Qianqian’s mother orders Sanqi, her close aide, to ask Han Shuo.

If he accepts the child, he can be freed.

Green Hat

Sanqi recites the gifts bestowed on Han Shuo for successfully impregnating Chen Qianqian.

But each gift is green colored.

Including a green hat.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, green hat

Making her husband wear a green hat means he’s been cuckold. LOL

Han Shuo glares at Chen Qianqian in response.

Chen Qianqian observes until the gift giving is over. Then struts over while protruding her belly.

She then comments that Han Shuo may not the father of her “child” but the wife is his.

And when he still feels frustrated, she drives her point home. She asks who owns all of the assets he’s currently living in and using.

Bai Ji answers for Han Shuo.

It’s all from the Third Princess.

So the Third Princess calls the shots.

That settles it then.

Han Shuo glares at his aide but there’s no point arguing now. Nothing has changed, the plans should still continue.

When he walks outside, he sees several servants deliver food on plates, Bai Ji tells him that the plan is already in motion.

One of the foods served on a colored plate is poisoned.

Chen Qianqian should die by noon after tasting one of these dishes.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, colored plated dishes
Is that Tonkatsu? I didn’t think they would have fried food back then, hahaha

But later, Han Shuo and Bai Ji realize that all of the plates are colored. And none of them contain the poison.

As Chen Qianqian enjoys the initial dishes with fervor, she notices strange looks on Han Shuo and Bai Ji.

Then wonders if the dishes contain poison. So she offers Han Shuo some.

The plate goes back and forth before Han Shuo helps Chen Qianqian turn over the table. And flings all of the dishes on the ground.

Chen Qianqian then leaves to eat at an outside restuarant.

Not Really Pregnant

Chen Qianqian ends up having a meal with her mother. And her mother prevents her from eating spicy or cold dishes.

Because she’s “pregnant” and she ends up revealing her gecko cinnabar mark.

So she hasn’t lost her virginity yet. How can she be pregnant?

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, cinnabar mark

Her mother becomes furious while Sanqi advises Chen Qianqian to explain. So Chen Qianqian kneels and tells her mother that she fell in love with Han Shuo at first sight.

Her mother relents but warns her daughter to watch closely over him. If anything happens, she will punish both of them.

Chen Qianqian then bolts away.

Later, Chen Qianqian’s mother tells servants to take away all the baby toys she bought for Chen Qianqian. While her aide thinks it’s too early to get rid of them.

Later, Chen Qianqian asks Zi Rui to help her find some storytellers.

Because she needs to push the plot along. So she could return home.

Zi Rui ends up finding her three experts: one who works at a tea house, one who narrates plays under a bridge and one who owns his own theater.

Chen Qianqian then shares her troubles with them.

Using an orange, a banana and an apple as placeholders for the characters.

The male lead is the banana.

The female lead is the apple.

And finally, the supporting female is the orange.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, explaining the script

After explaining the situation, the experts propose killing off the supporting character.

To get the story back on track.

But she’d rather not. And suggests using a hero saving the beauty to fix the plot.

Battle of Talented Men

Chen Qianqian ends up dragging Han Shuo to the theater after confirming with Zi Rui that Chen Chuchu will be in the area.

Lin Qi in green

Chen Qianqian proposes to have a talents competition. With her husband, Han Shuo versus the most talented person in this theater.

Su Mu.

Su Mu on the right

Guess in this city, feminine guys are reaaally popular.

Once Su Mu shows up, Chen Qianqian is smitten. And Lin Qi scoffs on the side.

While Han Shuo rolls his eyes.

And the competition begins with Su Mu playing the Chinese traditional musical instrument.

The qin.

A crowd has already gathered and comments that the men from Xuanhu city aren’t good at musical instruments.

So Han Shuo unsheathes a sword and takes to the field.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, Han Shuo's sword dance

Performing a sword dance.

The crowd then changes tune and remarks that Han Shuo isn’t bad either.

Except for having a heart disease.

Chen Qianqian wonders why Chen Chuchu hasn’t shown up yet. If she doesn’t her plan was for nothing.

When Han Shuo decides to aim his sword at Chen Qianqian and attempts to stab her, Chen Chuchu shows up to block the attack.

And the two of them cross swords.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, chen chuchu
Chen Chuchu

Han Shuo pulls back when Bai Ji tells him that this is Chen Chuchu. The target he was aiming for.

And Chen Qianqian explains to her second sister that this was all her fault. But Chen Chuchu decides to punish him for her.

Not going by her plans again, hahaha

And it looks like Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu will start a fight again.

Pei Heng Interferes

Chen Chuchu gains the upper hand when Han Shuo’s illness rises up. And she takes off his outer clothes.

Men in Huayuan city value their reputation.

While Chen Qianqian wonders who’s going to help the situation, Pei Heng shows up.

And tells them to stop.

Looks like Chen Chuchu has eyes for Pei Heng too. Hmmm

Chen Qianqian admits that everything was her fault, and tells the crowd to disperse.

Some in the audience comment that it’s new love versus old love. And smile at the upcoming drama.

But they leave with the rest of the crowd.

Then Chen Qianqian tries to do damage control with her second sister and Han Shuo but she’s called away by Pei Heng.

After she leaves, Chen Chuchu leaves as well.

While Han Shuo orders Bai Ji to arrange some archers. They must kill Chen Qianqian tonight.

Meanwhile, Pei Heng lectures Chen Qianqian for being unruly.

Going off to explain that Han Shuo is all alone in this city.

And she made it worse.

When Pei Heng sees Chen Qianqian crying, he stops. Chen Qianqian explains that she’s in the same situation too.

So he should stop lecturing her. Because she likes him a lot.

And she apologizes for the trouble.

Pei Heng is surprised to hear her apologize.

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In the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 2, we see Chen Qianqian (Chen Xiaoqian) doing her best to fix the plot.

So she could return home. None of the characters think her personality is odd except what she carelessly mentions here and there.

Can we assume she’s already assimilated with the original Chen Qianqian then? Without negative repercussions?

Because in the first episode, Chen Xiaoqian already explained that the original Chen Qianqian is unruly, willful, and sleeps with men left and right.

How come no one noticed her drastic change?

Love the subtle jokes on Chinese web novels though. Female characters usually transmigrate after the original body died through suicide, hanging or hitting their head on a pillar.

How hard must you hit yourself on the head before you kill yourself with the pillar? Which explains the revving noise.

Han Shuo is determined to kill Chen Qianqian, how will she escape? Guess we’ll have to watch the next episode to find out!

What were your thoughts on the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 2? Leave a comment below!

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