The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 20

I don’t think bitter melon juice is that tasty. Especially when I tasted bitter melon before T_T In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 20, Chen Qianqian gets some news that makes her believe she can change the fates of her characters.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 20 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian decides to fix the misunderstandings between her and Han Shuo
  • Han Shuo reveals his plans for the future of Huayuan city
  • Pei Heng wants to acquire power and takes matters in his own hands

Just FOUR more episodes left! Until we get to the end, will Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo get back together with more fluffy moments?

Let’s find out in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 20!

Lin Qi is Still Alive

Chen Qianqian and Pei Heng follow Lin Qi’s servant back to the music academy.

The servant comments how the latest events have drastically changed. With Lin Qi getting caught for framing Han Shuo to now Han Shuo taking over the city.

romance of tiger and rose episode 20, lin family

Chen Qianqian comments that the servant should keep an open mind and let Lin Qi rest in peace.

While the servant continues, although his mistress is already dead, the Lin family owes her a debt for her help.

Because she gave Lin Qi a golden token.

Just then, someone knocks on the door. So Lin Qi’s servants heads over to open the door while Pei Heng stands in front of Chen Qianqian.

To prevent anyone from seeing her.

Lin Qi’s servant receives a box and takes it in. Before quickly closing the doors.

When he opens the box, he sees something surprising. And passes a token to Chen Qianqian.

romance of tiger and rose episode 20, golden token

Chen Qianqian takes a moment to gather her thoughts.

Because if Lin Qi didn’t die that means the characters in this world can have their fates changed.

So she decides to return to Han Shuo’s side. To clear up their misunderstandings.

Pei Heng doesn’t want her to return but Chen Qianqian ignores his wishes and takes off.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo is with the City Lord, discussing the City Owner seal.

She refuses to hand it over even when her life is threatened.

So she counters by mentioning how her daughter Chen Qianqian will cry for three days and nights if she dies.

And leverages the situation to indirectly ask to be protected from others who would attack her.

After Han Shuo leaves, he asks his guards to protect the inhabitants.

Escape Attempt

Chen Qianqian tries to explain when Han Shuo believes that she wanted to escape with Pei Heng.

But Han Shuo refuses to accept her explanation.

Then suggests that they consummate their marriage so she won’t escape from him.

Chen Qianqian takes out the divorce letter she had from before and tears it apart in front of him.

Han Shuo’s expression softens as she does so.

Then Chen Qianqian tosses the pieces up in the air as if they were confetti. Moving to the bed and leisurely lounges on her side.

As if she was offering herself to him.

Han Shuo thinks she’s offering herself for Pei Heng or her mother. Commenting that she’s shameless.

While Chen Qianqian wonders if he’s actually listening to her.

These two are not on the same page…. *face palm*

Han Shuo orders to be his maid from now on and while he leaves he comments that it was close.

He heads over to meet up with Chen Chuchu. Who suggests that it’s not proper for him and Chen Qianqian to live together.

Since they have already divorced.

But instead of continuing with the conversation, he orders Chen Qianqian to come out of hiding.

And to serve them tea.

Han Shuo’s demeanor changes as he addresses Chen Chuchu.

To make Chen Qianqian jealous.

romance of tiger and rose episode 20, jealousy
Oh Chuchu, don’t look at Han Shuo like that, he’s only using you….

Chen Qianqian takes off when she can’t stand how Han Shuo is all intimate with Chen Chuchu.

When Chen Chuchu suggests he move into her mansion, Han Shuo refuses.

So Chen Chuchu realizes that it was all an act.

Placating the Ferocious Tiger

Later, Bai Ji passes an order from Han Shuo to Chen Qianqian. How she must help him get dressed.

And she takes the opportunity to mess with Han Shuo. Tightening his belt too tight on purpose and giving him super hot tea to drink.

Han Shuo orders Chen Qianqian to iron his clothes while he’s gone. And Chen Qianqian complains that throughout history, men have always wanted women to do housework.

Chen Qianqian burns herself when she leaves the iron on the clothes too long and tries to take it away.

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu tries to visit her mother but is blocked by Han Shuo’s guards.

She wants the City Owner seal and if she doesn’t get it, she plans on using her sister to get it from her mother.

Even suggesting that she cut off a finger off of Chen Qianqian’s hands until the seal is hers.

Han Shuo comments that Chen Chuchu is such a good sister.

Which causes Chen Chuchu to realize that Han Shuo has gotten soft towards Chen Qianqian.

So she warns Han Shuo to not forget their promise.

Later that night, Pei Heng rushes to Chen Qianqian’s mansion. After hearing that she got burned.

And he gets blocked by Han Shuo again.

Sigh Pei Heng, you can’t do anything at this point.

Han Shuo points out that Pei Heng is powerless to do anything.

Pei Heng’s Decision

Before leaving to check up on Chen Qianqian in her room.

When he sees her burned hand, Han Shuo gingerly checks her hand.

And asks if it hurts.

Chen Qianqian asks Han Shuo to stay with her. So he spends the night with her but takes the bed.

While she gets the floor. In the middle of the night, Chen Qianqian checks if Han Shuo is asleep before speaking out loud.

Apologizing for lying to him and she hopes that he’s lying to her now.

With his back facing towards her, Han Shuo is actually awake and hears her words.

But he has mixed feelings.

Meanwhile, Pei Heng is frustrated that he can’t do anything about Chen Qianqian’s predicament.

When he sees his mother’s painting, he recalls the flower token (which can used to summon the soldiers under the Minister of Defense).

In the morning, Han Shuo sees Chen Qianqian sprawled all over him.

Looks like Han Shuo is going to forgive her.

And tries to lift her off of him. But when he does, Chen Qianqian hugs him and unconsciously comments how she’s glad he’s back.

Because she missed him.

As Han Shuo gingerly helps Chen Qianqian with her burn wounds, Zi Rui believes the two are now back together.

romance of tiger and rose episode 20, getting back together
Gotta love these two sidekicks XD

Bai Ji agrees.

But Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian end up arguing over who will take over the ruling of Huayuan city.

Because Han Shuo wants Chen Qianqian to return to Xuanhu city with him.

And just when we think these two have resolved everything, another minor conflict shows up T_T

He wants to know if Chen Qianqian would chose him over her mother.

She refuses to answer and wants to see her mother.

Getting the Flower Token

But Han Shuo orders the guards to block her path.

romance of tiger and rose episode 20, blocked path

Afterwards Zi Rui and Bai Ji debate about who’s more ruthless.

And Zi Rui refuses to leave from his spot. Guarding the entrance to Chen Qianqian’s room.

Meanwhile, Pei Heng decides to steal the flower token. So he meets up with a servant who assisted his mother.

And hears that Minister Pei regarded both him and Chen Chuchu equally important.

The servant leads him to Chen Chuchu’s room and prepares him for the plan.

Pei Heng enters Chen Chuchu’s room and hides when he sees Han Shuo and Chen Chuchu.

romance of tiger and rose episode 20, feelings towards Han Shuo

He finds the flower token after Chen Chuchu checks up on it when the servant reports a thief stole it.

Then he heads over the garrison where the soldiers reside. Telling them that they should follow his orders because he has the flower token.

But they laugh at him because in the history of Huayuan city, no man has ever held an official position.

Pei Heng pulls out a sword and kills the first one who opposes him.

The rest submit to him and follow his orders.

Pei Heng arrives to save Chen Qianqian and kills a guard who prevents her from going out.

Chen Qianqian tries to comfort him after seeing his arm shake.

From killing a person.

But Pei Heng tells her that he must obtain power.

So he can protect her.

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Oh Pei Heng. In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 20, he learned that he must have power and strength to protect the girl he loves.

Despite the odds. Except that it’s too late for him and Chen Qianqian.

Well, at least Chen Qianqian has figured out now that the characters in this world can have an alternative ending.

And she believes that as long as she clears up the misunderstanding, she and Han Shuo can go back to how they were before.

But Chen Chuchu may be a lost cause. She hates Chen Qianqian so much that she’s become a villainess.

I thought it was so cute how Chen Qianqian offered herself on a silver platter to Han Shuo. However, he ruined the moment with his own assumptions.


At least he reverted back to his normal, white clothes again. So can we assume he’s not going dark anymore?

Or is he at a turning point? And anything can tip him?

What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 20? Leave a comment below!

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