The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 21-24

And we’re back for Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 21-24!

If Han Shuo really wants to consummate the marriage (aka turn raw rice into cooked rice) then Chen Qianqian is all for it. ^^ Han Shuo thinks she’s using her body to exchange for something but can’t he see that she likes him??


Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 21-24 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Chuchu gets betrayed by Han Shuo
  • Chen Qianqian fakes her death and leaves with Han Shuo but her sister finds out
  • Lin Qi shows up to help out Chen Qianqian
  • Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian return to Xuanhu city
  • Chen Chuchu discovers her real identity but vows to take what she believes is hers
  • Pei Heng becomes the first male minister of defense
  • Han Shuo gets injured
  • All princesses participate in the ceremony of succession

Ready for another episode? Let’s jump into the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 21-24!

I decided to wrap up the summary of the last three episodes together because I’ve lost interest in recapping each episode by itself.

The show was funny and hilarious but after finishing it, I’m done.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 21 Recap

Switching Sides

Chen Chuchu unravels a scroll that she wants her mother to sign. To abdicate the position to her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 21, abdication

The City Lord reminisces about the past but Chen Chuchu fails to turn back. And tries to force her to hand over the seal.

Then Su Ziying announces that Han Shuo has betrayed them.

A battle ensues.

But Pei Heng arrives with Chen Qianqian. And they try to apprehend Han Shuo.

Eventually Pei Heng asks the City Lord to place all the blame on Han Shuo. Including Chen Chuchu’s betrayal.

For the Sake of Happiness

At Han Shuo’s execution, Chen Qianqian kills herself.

But it’s all fake. She planned on leaving Huayuan city with Han Shuo.

So her sister can rule Huayuan city in peace. However, Chen Chuchu wants her fake death to become real and orders Su Ziying to kill her.

Pei Heng literally gave it away. It was a bad idea to let Pei Heng know about this fake death. But the City Lord was really good with her acting.

At the last minute, Lin Qi shows up to help Chen Qianqian.

It’s like they’re best buddies now.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 22 Recap

Su Ziying was Captured

Chen Chuchu receives a report from her men that Su Ziying failed to kill Chen Qianqian.

And Lin Qi is still alive.

romance of tiger and rose episode 22, pei heng's warning

When Chen Qianqian wanted to stay goodbye to her storyteller advisors, she finds out that they know the truth.

And Han Shuo overhears how she wrote this story.

So Chen Qianqian reveals the truth. While Han Shuo is satisfied that he’s finally confirmed her feelings for him.

Then when they arrive at Xuanhu city, everyone notices how different Han Shuo is with his wife.

Giving Advice

Chen Qianqian enters the courtyard where the rest of the ladies await for the City Lord’s wife.

She struggles with adapting but Han Shuo continues with serving her needs.

Han Shuo’s father hears about it and thinks it’s outrageous. But the other court ladies want Chen Qianqian’s advice.

Because they are envious of how Han Shuo treats his wife.

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu finds out about her real identity and takes back her flower token.

To resume control of the defense soldiers.

romance of tiger and rose episode 22, chen qianqian's argument

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 23 Recap

Chen Chuchu’s Downfall

After discovering her real identity Chen Chuchu feels like everyone knew except for her.

And they were all mocking her. So she wants revenge and plans on attacking Xuanhu city.

Unless they hand over her sister.

The City Lord’s wife resumes her original position of Minister Hua. Because she’s fed up with her husband’s antics.

Chen Qianqian decides to release Su Ziying and advises him to stay in Xuanhu so he could leverage his talents.

Because Chen Chuchu has changed the rules in Huayuan such that men cannot do anything.

Chen Qianqian, Han Shuo and Han Shuo’s mother set off to fight Huayuan.

Plan to Take Down Chen Chuchu

Su Ziying offers to pretend to take Chen Qianqian to Chen Chuchu. As if he captured her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 23, plan of attack

It’s risky but Chen Qianqian accepts Su Ziying’s help.

While that happens, Minister Hua and her husband attempt to rescue Chen Qianqian’s mother.

But they get caught.

The conversation becomes awkward so Sanqi proposes discussing about the future grandchildren.

Which is what asian parents always wish for XD

During the struggle, Chen Chuchu gets apprehended and the soldiers decide to follow Pei Heng instead.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 24 Recap

Han Shuo gets Injured

Chen Chuchu tries to stab Chen Qianqian but ends up stabbing Han Shuo in the lungs.

Barely missing the heart.

Chen Yuanyuan takes a look at the damage and reports grave news. Han Shuo doesn’t have much time to live.

romance of tiger and rose episode 24, han shuo's injury

Chen Qianqian announces that men and women can be equal in Huayuan city.

Crown Princess Ceremony

The City Lord decides to give each princess a chance to walk the succession ceremony.

Because of a previous tradition, whoever is the true heir, will cause the weather to reveal a favorable sign.

So Chen Chuchu walks first and the weather becomes dark and gloomy.

Chen Chuchu doesn’t believe the signs so Chen Yuanyuan goes next. She walks with Su Mu at her side.

Slow and steady, Chen Yuanyuan reaches the end and the weather doesn’t change.

Chen Qianqian doesn’t want to go through the ceremony because she may get sent home.

But Han Shuo doesn’t want her to stay here alone if he’s gone.

So he arrives and tells Chen Qianqian to walk towards him.

When she refuses, he spits up blood so she dashes towards him. And sky glows yellow.

romance of tiger and episode 24, auspicious clouds

So Chen Qianqian gets sent back to her world.

Returning to her World

When Chen Xiaoqian(Chen Qianqian) wakes up, she’s back in her room. And it’s daytime.

It feels like a dream but she checks her messages.

And then calls back her editor.

Who informs her that the actor, Mr. Han has been in an accident. And got admitted to the hospital.

Because he injured his lungs. Chen Xiaoqian pays a visit, but he’s not her Han Shuo.

Mr. Han looks very confused

During their conversation, Mr. Han brushes her off, calling her Ms. Orange. but Chen Xiaoqian returns.

Thinking that it’s strange.

It turns out Mr. Han has memories of a previous life. So she jumps into his embrace.

Just before the paparazzi arrive. With their own questions.

Chen Xiaoqian fixes her story to mention how Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo have a happy ending.

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And that’s a wrap for Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 21-25! I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted CDrama!

Chen Qianqian graciously yielded to her sister by faking her death yet Chen Chuchu couldn’t let go. She was already out to destroy her sister.

Because she believes she took everything that was hers. Sigh.

The very start was probably how the City Lord was so biased when it comes to raising both daughters. So the rumor was true but it was quickly silenced.

Pei Heng had a brief moment to shine. Becoming the first MALE minister of defense and paving the way for the men in Huayuan to be eligible for government positions.

Su Ziying is such a fickle character. He originally thought Chen Chuchu was the benevolent one until he saw the law Chen Chuchu passed down.

And then Han Shuo getting injured! T_T So that destroys any hope of him and Chen Qianqian having children in that world?

Or did Chen Xiaoqian fix it? By changing the ending? There’s also a couple of theories about how Mr. Han had memories of Han Shuo.

One is that since Mr. Han had an accident, he lived his entire previous lifetime as Han Shuo.

Because Chen Xiaoqian was gone for a few hours and lived a few months as Chen Qianqian. So time in this world and the world of the novel are different.

But anyways, glad to see the happy ending! For our favorite and adorable couple!

What were your thoughts on the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 21-24? Leave a comment below!

What CDrama do you plan on watching next? P.S. Don’t forget to check out some merch over at the merch store!

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