The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 3

This show is pretty easy to watch and I’m back again for the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 3! When will Han Shuo fall for Chen Qian and derail the plot even further?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shuo believes Chen Qianqian went through all this trouble because she loves him
  • Chen Qianqian continues to work with the storytellers to fix the plot
  • Chen Qianqian returns to school and shows unorthodox poetry

Pei Heng versus Han Shuo. Who will Chen Qianqian like more? As an author of the script, she favors Pei Heng but will her heart sway in another direction?

Guess we’ll need to watch more to find out! Let’s jump right into Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 3!

Chen Qianqian is Different

Pei Heng is surprised to hear Chen Qianqian apologize.

But Chen Qianqian doesn’t notice and continues to explain how she knows how it feels.

To be in a different environment and not know anyone. And have danger come out at them from all sides.

romance of tiger and rose episode 3, apologizing to han shuo

Pretty sure that if someone was noticing the details, they would wonder if this is truly Chen Qianqian.

Chen Qianqian starts to leave but turns around to tell Pei Heng that she’s different now.

He should give her a chance.

So Pei Heng absentmindedly says yes and Chen Qianqian leaves.

Pei Heng’s servant comments that the Third Princess must really love him. Because the very mention of a cancelling an engagement caused the Third Princess to panic.

And show nervousness.

Which is very rare. So maybe Pei Heng should rethink about cancelling the engagement.

romance of tiger and rose episode 3, pei heng is confused

Pei Heng appears confused.

That night, Chen Qianqian gives herself an internal pep talk before she heads into her room where Han Shuo is waiting.

While Bai Ji has archers at the ready and misses the initial timing to shoot.

Chen Qianqian apologizes to Han Shuo but he refuses to believe that she’s serious. So she takes off her outer clothes as payback.

Han Shuo then averts his eyes.

romance of tiger and rose episode 3, payback

And comments that she does whatever she wants without thinking about the consequences.

So Chen Qianqian realizes that he had his clothes taken off in public so it’s not the same.

She turns to head outside but Han Shuo stops her just as she opens the door.

He retorts that she would tarnish his reputation if she went out there looking like that.

Chen Qianqian closes the door and wonders what else she can do to make it up to him. While Bai Ji missed the timing again.

Han Shuo Changes His Mind

She decides to take another piece of clothing off.

I don’t understand her thinking here. If she’s from modern society should she still show some shame?

Or is this Chen Qianqian’s original personality showing through?

Han Shuo grabs a blanket to cover her before she fully takes it off. And the two look down at their proximity with each other.

Chen Qianqian then kicks at him for being a rogue while Han Shuo defends himself.

She gives him a look of accusation and Han Shuo retorts that she’s the one who’s the rogue.

The first day they met, she decided to marry him. And then she dragged him to a brothel (the music theater). Making googly eyes with Su Mu.

Han Shuo wonders if the child is Su Mu’s.

Going on a rant about virtues and such. And Chen Qianqian’s blanket slips off.

He sees her gecko cinnabar mark and his words taper off.

Because if she still has the mark, she cannot be pregnant.

Chen Qianqian explains that she really wanted to save him so she used pregnancy as an excuse.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, wanting to save han shuo

Because her reputation doesn’t matter much anyways.

Chen Qianqian then offers a compromise. In public, Han Shuo listens to her but in private, she’ll listen to him.

That way, they can at least have a harmonious marriage.

She leaves him to think about it as she walks out with her robes on.

Bai Ji and his troop try again and release the arrows. Han Shuo comes just in time and blocks all of them with his blanket.

And pretends to be nonchalant as Chen Qianqian notices that he’s here now.

She doesn’t think anything is wrong until she steps on one of the loose arrows.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, loose arrows

The Supporting Female’s Skills

Chen Qianqian jolts awake in sweat from a nightmare as she recalls how vicious Han Shuo truly is.

And she’s nowhere near the end yet.

On another day, she requests the presence of the storyteller experts again.

To ask for help.

One suggests she kill him off while he’s weak in the story. Rejected.

Another suggests she change the story so he’s changed by love.

I feel like this storyteller is cringing at the most common novel themes, hahaha

Too hard, rejected.

But Chen Qianqian begs them to help her. So they ask if this orange has any special skills.

As Chen Qianqian recite the supporting female’s skills, she gets an idea.

Since the orange knows the whole story, it can help the banana get through tough obstacles.

So the banana will be grateful to the orange.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo gets a secret message that his contact will pass along the defense map of Huayuan tonight.

While Chen Chuchu gets notified that a spy will show up tonight.

Chen Qianqian and Zi Rui go to the arranged meeting spot.

She plans to save Han Shuo when Chen Chuchu confronts Han Shuo for showing up at the assigned location.

But Chen Chuchu shows up early and lies in wait. And the person who arrives next is her sister, Chen Qianqian.

Her sister wonders if she arranged to meet someone here. And Chen Qianqian realizes that she walked into the trap herself.

Zhi Shu in green

Chen Qianqian makes up an excuse and leaves. While Chen Chuchu’s close aid, Zhi Zhu comments that they lost a good opportunity to drag her sister down.

Chen Chuchu doesn’t believe her cowardly sister would plan this.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian returns to her courtyard and she sees Han Shuo waiting for her.

Defrosting the Tsundere

Han Shuo interrogates her but Chen Qianqian tells him that she wanted to save him.

So she went there but ended up being his scapegoat.

Han Shuo wonders if that’s really true and leans in close to lock eyes with her.

And ends up seeing the cut on her neck.

She tells him she got this wound trying to cover for him.

And Han Shuo wonders why she’s doing all this.

She wants him to be happy and this statement catches him offguard.

Chen Qianqian promises to demonstrate her sincerity one day. And bolts off.

Bai Ji wonders if they could trust her words. Han Shuo believes they can because Chen Qianqian is actually very simpleminded.

She fell in love with him at first sight because he saved her.

Han Shuo has fallen HARD, LOL

So Han Shuo changes his mind. He wants to manipulate Chen Qianqian to get the Dragon bone.

Because with his help, Chen Qianqian will eventually succeed to be the city lord.

Bai Ji can’t refute his arguments.

When Chen Chuchu reports to her mother about missing out on the opportunity to capture the spy, she gets lectured for being too anxious.

After she leaves, Sanqi believes Chen Chuchu is already doing well enough. All she needs is time.

While the City Lord comments that her eldest child is sick and her youngest is too playful.

So the heir must be Chen Chuchu.

Chen Chuchu is not even the real daughter!? Was this part of Xiaoqian’s script?

A Sickly Elder Sister

Chen Qianqian’s older sister, Chen Yuanyuan

In a remote courtyard, a male servant passes a heater to Chen Yuanyuan. Who comments that her youngest sister will start attending school again.

So she wants to request for leave.

Her servants believes it’s best if she continues to interact with people.

Chen Yuanyuan finishes writing and passes it to her servant for safekeeping.

It’s the 10th version of her will.

Then she notices that she’s losing hair and recites several medicine ingredients.

Ordering Zi Nian, the servant to bring them over.

Chen Qianqian complains about attending school even in her dreams. But at least Han Shuo isn’t conspiring to kill her anymore.

Chen Qianqian makes Han Shuo sit in her place, next to Chen Chuchu.

While she sits closer in front. But Lin Qi complains that this is all a ruse so she could make a move on Pei Heng.

So Han Shuo gets up to put Chen Qianqian back in her seat.

That expression Chen Qianqian had was priceless!

Moments later, Pei Heng shows up. And he grabs the attention of all the main ladies.

He announces that the rules states: all potential candidates for the Crown Princess must take the exam.

Which involves a literacy portion as well as politics.

So they will play a game today to practice. With poem verses.

Using wind, flower, snow and the moon as themes.

The most important thing is the rhythm.

Chen Chuchu begins and chooses wind. Reciting a poem that Pei Heng analyzes as her having ambitions.

Then Chen Yuanyuan goes next. Reciting a poem that hints at her own despair.

While Lin Qi goes next and states that she doesn’t know any. And Chen Qianqian laughs.

So Lin Qi makes a bet.

Chen Qianqian’s Poems

Han Shuo accepts the bet on her behalf. Whoever loses has to wash the toilets.

Chen Qianqian gets up and chooses wind. And recites different types of meat.

Ham, salted fish, sausage, suckling pigs, baked pancakes and whole lamb.

Lin Qi laughs in her face. While Pei Heng states that this passes.

So Chen Qianqian laughs right back at her.

Han Shuo explains that ham, salted fish, sausage all have to be air-dried while the latter are made using wisps of wind.

Lin Qi complains that Chen Qianqian’s verses are odd. So Chen Qianqian makes a more normal one.

Then concludes with staring at Pei Heng’s handsome face.

While Pei Heng praises Chen Qianqian for improving on her studies.

When Lin Qi returns to her residence after cleaning the toilets, she lashes out when the men complain that she’s smelly.

And her servant wonders why she bothers with Chen Qianqian so much. Eventually Chen Chuchu will be the City Lord so she doesn’t need to defend her friend.

Su Mu overhears and drops some paintings.

Lin Qi wants to take her anger on Su Mu so she whips him.

And Chen Qianqian finds out about it when Su Mu pays a visit to return the painting gifts.

romance of tiger and rose episode 2, su mu gets punished

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 3, we see Han Shuo showing signs of softening for Chen Qianqian. He’s just a big tsundere.

Cold and unfeeling but deep down has a fragile heart. But he’s melting a bit too fast don’t you think?

I wonder if it’s because this world is based off of Chen Xiaoqian’s original script that already has plot holes. So lots of things don’t make sense.

Chen Qianqian’s poem verses are hilarious and I couldn’t help burst out laughing. So food could be in verses hmm? I’m okay with that ^^

We got some hints that Chen Chuchu may not be the City Lord’s biological daughter so what’s her backstory? Will the show reveal it?

When Chen Qianqian looked at her eldest sister, she appeared to be feeling sorry for her character. Because she knows that she’s sickly. So will she push her towards happiness?

Or let the script run its course?

I just can’t get over how gorgeous Pei Heng and Han Shuo are! Omigosh! They are such eye-candy! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

What were your thoughts on the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 3? Leave a comment below!

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4 years ago

It’s adorable that Han Shuo is projecting his own feelings into Qianqian, thinking that she must have fallen for him so hard when it’s the other way around :D.

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