The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 4

Are you enjoying Romance of Tiger and Rose so far? Well we’re back for Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 4! How far will Chen Qianqian go to amend the plot so she can push Han Shuo towards Chen Chuchu?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shuo decides to help Chen Qianqian rescue the men from the music theater
  • Chen Qianqian asks Pei Heng for a favor
  • Han Shuo gets a surprise birthday celebration

Ah the tale of the orange, banana and the apple. Will Chen Qianqian get the banana and the apple together?

Let’s jump into the Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 4 recap!

Helping out Su Mu

Chen Qianqian retorts that by whipping Su Mu, Lin Qi is directly targeting her.

Su Mu doesn’t mind. Because he’s more concerned about Chen Qianqian.

Then grabs her hand and places it above his heart.

Su Mu’s flirty actions make me cringe. Is it because he’s a guy?

romance of tiger and rose episode 4 flirty su mu

He doesn’t want her to stress over this.

But he can’t accept her gifts.

Chen Qianqian decides to have a chat with Lin Qi because she can’t let her treat him like this.

So she heads out.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo wonders if Bai Ji’s decision about a gift is right.

They stop by Chen Qianqian’s courtyard but they hear she went back to the music theater with Su Mu.

Han Shuo gets irritated and comments that women who misbehave need to be punished.

He heads over to the music theater too.

Just in time to hear Chen Qianqian answer Lin Qi’s question. About why she’s so adamant to buy Su Mu’s freedom.

Chen Qianqian explains that she wants Su Mu to be free. Then tells Lin Qi not to put down Han Shou so much.

He’s just disadvantaged because he has a heart disease but otherwise he’s good in everything else.

But back to the topic of freeing Su Mu, Su Mu doesn’t have anywhere else to go after being freed. Chen Qianqian retorts that she does.

Han Shuo secretly walks back and comments that Chen Qianqian is nothing like the rumours.

He plans on helping his wife.

So he begs the City Lord to send all the men from the music theater to the Third Princess’ manor.

Because he’s so sickly and feels sorry for his wife. It’s best if his wife doesn’t feel lonely.

The City Lord agrees with his request.

Accommodating all the Musicians

And on another day, Lin Qi delivers all of the music theater men to the Third Princess’ courtyard.

But vows to remember this debt of anger.

But Chen Qianqian tells Lin Qi that she only wants Su Mu, then rest can return with her.

However, Lin Qi tells her that it was Han Shuo who requested the rest of them.

So they might as well keep all of the musicians.

Because one lowered himself to ask so the other should accept.

Chen Qianqian wonders if that’s really the case, but Han Shuo walks off instead of answering.

Yep, he’s definitely a tsundere. Cold on the outside but actually wants attention. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

So she then wonders how to accommodate all these new people.

While the City Lord is writing her will, Sanqi, her close aide, reports that the Second Princess accepted the musicians into her manor.

romance of tiger and rose episode 4, city lord's will

The City Lord drops her brush and comments that Chen Chuchu has been lax lately.

Despite her spending so much effort to cultivate Chen Chuchu into the ideal heir.

Then Sanqi reports that the Third Princess has been improving in contrast.

Hmm so will the City Lord change her will then?

Meanwhile, Bai Ji wonders why his lord sent all the musicians over to the Second Princess. Thinking that his lord wanted to make his wife look good.

But the real reason was to send over some spies to Chen Chuchu.

romance of tiger and rose episode 4, sending spies to chuchu

Bai Ji then reports that he heard the Third Princess spent a lot of money to buy a guqin (traditional Chinese piano) for him.

So Han Shuo informs he that they must act surprised.

Convincing Pei Heng

Then Chen Qianqian shows up with Zi Rui lugging a big container behind him.

And heads off in the wrong direction until Bai Ji reminds her that Han Shuo is over here.

While Han Shuo tides his clothes and looks with expectation.

But the present is actually for Pei Heng.

So Han Shuo directs his anger towards Bai Ji. Who yet again requests a chance to atone for his mistakes.

Chen Qianqian gives the guqin to Pei Heng and advises him to do the things he likes.

Without worrying about what others think of him.

And chimes in that Su Mu shares the same difficulties as him. Leaving the gift behind as she leaves.

Moments later, sounds of the guqin echo into Pei Heng’s courtyard.

So it’s settled. Su Mu can stay with Pei Heng. But Lin Qi strides in and believes she forced Pei Heng to play the guqin.

And uses her whip to shove her into a door.

romance of tiger and rose episode 4, broken arm

You would think Chen Qianqian would know the original body’s martial arts, but I guess it’s lost now?

Chen Qianqian returns to her own courtyard to get treated.

Her eldest sister diagnoses her injury and notes that Chen Qianqian’s arm is dislocated.

Fixing it would be painful but Zi Rui points out his mistress isn’t afraid of pain.

But Han Shuo could tell his wife is just pretending so he tells everyone to get out and fixes her arm for her.

Later, Han Shuo smacks an orange and grins stupidly to himself. While Bai Ji reports the latest news.

romance of tiger and rose episode 4, tsundere moment

He believes his wife is utterly adorable.

Someone is smitten. That was quite fast.

A spy comes in to report to Han Shuo that Chen Chuchu is not the City Lord’s real daughter.

Gift for Han Shuo

Which means Chen Qianqian is the mostly likely heir.

So if they poisoned Chen Qianqian, the City Lord may take out the dragon bone medicine to save her daughter.

And then they could take that opportunity to grab the medicine.

But Han Shuo wants more time to think about it.

Meanwhile, Pei Heng chats with Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo observes from a distance.

When Pei Heng leaves, Zi Rui notices Han Shuo from a distance. And reports to Chen Qianqian that Han Shuo was feeling jealous.

She wonders if they should make Han Shuo feel at home. By planning a birthday celebration.

When they are in the market, Chen Qianqian wonders what to get for Han Shuo. And Zi Rui reports that back in Xuanhu city, women frequently make shoes and socks for their husbands.

So Chen Qianqian plans on making shoes for Han Shuo.

Later that day, she sneaks into his room and measures Han Shuo’s shoe size. But Han Shuo discovers her.

She tells him to cover his eyes while she measures his neck. Then hugs him fiercely to measure his chest and waist.

Before leaving him.

Han Shuo’s expression was priceless!

In the evening, Han Shuo wanders around in Chen Qianqian’s courtyard and finds a box near a cart full of tasty food.

With a label that says “open me”.

romance of tiger and rose episode 4, birthday celebration

Han Shuo initially refuses but ends up opening it.

And sees custom clothes and shoes for him. Then realizes that all of Chen Qianqian’s earlier actions today were to get his measurements.

Chen Qianqian shows up and wishes him happy birthday. While reciting what she knows about him.

And encourages him to keep fighting on. Because one day someone will cure him.

Then Chen Qianqian tells him how hotpot can cure anyone’s troubles.

Han Shuo’s Decision

Because she’s been noticing that he’s been unhappy lately.

So they eat hotpot and drink fruit wine.

But Chen Qianqian ends up drinking too much fruit wine and gets drunk.

She murmurs that she will definitely cure him.

While Han Shuo looks at how defenseless Chen Qianqian is.

He already knows how to cure his disease but doesn’t want to use that method.

And appears lost in thought.

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In this Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 4, Han Shuo has already fallen for Chen Qianqian.

That was pretty quick. And I wonder if that’s because this world is based off the script that has plot holes? Well it’s cute to see the tsundere, ahem, Han Shuo fall for Chen Qianqian.

Han Shuo is just. so. freaking. adorable!

I also really like the actor playing as Pei Heng. Ughhhh I have a feeling the second lead syndrome is strong in this show.

We start to see hints of how men are treated in Huayuan city while subtle hints of how Xuanhu city is. So will the show be able to share equal insights on both and elaborate?

Because right now, it looks like Chen Qianqian acts how a modern person would act.

And doesn’t blend in with the rest of the folks in Huayuan city. Does no one notice she’s not really Chen Qianqian? It’s like she merged completely already with a few hints that she’s from the modern world.

Despite that, the show is still cute to watch. I will continue just for the chemistry between Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian. What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 4?

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3 years ago

What strikes me as strange is that Qianqian doesn’t seem to take into account the intentions and thoughts of the side characters. She cannot predict their actions anymore – she has already changed the story too much, but can’t she use her knowledge of their characters to her advantage anyway? Lin Qi cannot stand a chance against the writer who created her!   It’s also strange how she doesn’t seem to want to get closer to “her” sisters: Yuanyuan seems depressed and she hinted that Qianqian used to bully her, why not get her on her side and cheer her… Read more »

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